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  1. ginko

    Close call rock fishing!

    that is very scary - I had a small rockfall come down near me - but I was on a very wide platform at the time, and not near the rockface. that was scary enough for me! I think rockfalls on the cliffs are probably more common that we'd like to believe; there is also the huge rockfall at north head that came down last year. I wonder whether dry weather is more of a cause than wet?
  2. ginko

    Northern Beaches

    def loads of bronzies on northern beaches - I caught 3 or 4 in one night when targetting jewies with yakkas. Fly fishos, who really look forward to the arrival of salmon, have also noted that the salmon haven't shown up yet. My calendar has them coming in thick by the end of August.
  3. ginko

    Northern Beaches

    I got out on the northern beaches on Friday at the evening high tide for about 2 hours - went ok with 2 tailor and a flathead, and one solid run that was pulling some serious drag when my knot broke. I think the line was too old and getting a bit weak. fishing was on pilchards and gang hooks, and surf was fairly small, maybe 2 foot.
  4. ginko

    Sydney Harbour Kingfish

    beware squidding near manly: apparently fisheries have been occasionally enforcing the (somewhat mysterious) ban on squiding within this area.
  5. ginko

    Pyrmont Luderick

    great pic of the luderick there! I love the technique of finding a promising location by spotting the greybeards in action.
  6. ginko

    No fish but enough blue swimmers

    I've also been out in Pittwater, chasing the kings for nothin'. Recently, I had some marks show up down about 10m on the west side about 100m off of a drop-off, and my slimey was bitten super-cleanly in half down there by something - I assume a big tailor or shark. My fishin' diary from previous years has the kingies back in Pittwater at this time of year, but so far, I have had absolutely no success raising them: with slimies, yakkas, squid, and even on a fly that was a damn fine imitation of the eyes that are around in Pittwater atm. In fact, I've found all fish life to be in extra short supply up there this summer, apart from the pinkies and leatherjackets. Were there still loads of jelly blubbers in Pittwater when you were out?
  7. ginko

    Saturday 4/2/17

    I fish some areas where charters are frequent visitors - and they are much more mobile than me (I am usually in a kayak). My experience is that if I'm catching fish (or, more likely, I am not catching but all of the other fisho's nearby are catching fish), then the charter boats seem to notice, and seem to stay in the area until the fish go off the bite. If it is quiet at the spot, the charters seem to move on. So I think the charterboats observe your catch at least as much as you observe theirs. From your report, it seems like you might have some good info for them!
  8. I headed out on Wednesday, hoping for a king... but it was not to be. I was a bit late out (9am) - and didn't find any yakkas over my usual wrecks - in fact, I couldn't find them anywhere. I did see some bonnies having a bust-up at the surface (on a prominent headland, and covered heavily by the gulls), and managed to land two (Watson's leaping bonito). One of the bonnies was used for bait. In spite of covering more than 20km in the yak with good bait, I didn't see any evidence at all of kings on the sounder. There were heaps of very aggressive leatherjackets around all the headlands, and I managed a small bream and multiple snapper when investigating some of the deeper markings on the sounder. I haven't really seen much kingie action in Pittwater yet this summer - and my fishing diary shows the same pattern last year at this time. Has anyone been bringing in any? If so, any tips you can share?
  9. ginko

    Long Reef / Fisherman Beach

    agree with Neilm - anywhere close to the cleaning tables is covered with banjo sharks - really big and heavy, they just suck themselves onto the bottom with no fight at all, and no fun of losing rigs and sticking them into rays' faces. On the other hand, there are definitely blackfish and bream out along the northern side of the spit there. Just go out past the big rock shelf into the little bays and cast alongside the edges of the rock. Cunje is definitely a no-no there, as it is a no take zone, and I think even weed may not be allowed.
  10. ginko

    First serious attempt since injury

    Nice one! at least you remembered to pull in the sea anchor before heading back in. I wonder if hammerheads often feed at the surface: I had an experience with one that took squid off the surface. I'd had a yellow-tail out as bait for kingies, and notice it was getting munched on by a nice big calamari - I'd reeled in a bit to make sure it was a squid, and the yellow-tail/squid was now right at the surface. Before I could get a squid jig tied onto my other rod, a ~1.5m (?) hammerhead came up and over the squid and yellow-tail, and headed for the deep, taking my 30lb line about 2 meters before it snapped with a terrific recoil on the rod in the rod-holder. From the many times I've hooked them, I can say that they just go and go - very high stamina.
  11. ginko

    Fishing in The Shire on a Cold Windy Night

    Sounds like Wally's Wharf is holding a few squid - was the guy catching them with a very slow retrieve? at this time, when the water's cold and clear, slow and deep is probably the better technique for the squid. I also heard a good tip on jig size: in late winter, small jigs, and then increasing size until early winter.
  12. ginko

    Pittwater bagel factory

    Went out this morning, and within 5 minutes had a big beautiful calamari for kingie bait. Put it (in strips) on the downrigger, and spent the next 4 hours trolling all around the barges, out front of scotland island, and morning bay for nothing-zip-zilsch. As far as I could tell, no one else got anything there today. Loads of yakkas, down deep at 8-15m down, and the surface was totally filled with jellies. I wonder if the kings have header out of the estuaries?
  13. ginko

    New Boat

    Hmm, if I can get away with it, I'd prefer a boat under 5m due to storage constraints. If you advise this is unwise to even consider, please say so. I'd also like to stay under $15k, ideally closer to $10K.. The Seaquell is a Haines Signature, and they come in a range of sizes +- around the 5m mark. I think they were later just called by their length, I note v similar boats called "Haines Signature 460" on various used boat sites. I had a look at some V-Seas - superficially at least, they resemble the Seaquell, with similar bows, freeboard, and the shape of the v at the bow. There seems to be a bit of an overhaul on the upper part of the boat around 2000? Are the pre-2000 boats any good? For storage I think I'd prefer a cuddy cabin - and my guests will be fishing, not sitting inside, and I can't really see sleeping on such a small boat. Previously I had a small (15hp) tinnie which was great for the estuaries, and on really flat days, at the inside of the heads. The only major issue was fitting in guests. I loved the speed to launch/retrieve, ease of use, and total lack of expense. While l'd like to get outside the heads sometimes, if this involves a +$15K boat +5m boat, I will just stick to the estuaries where a good tinnie is all I need.
  14. ginko

    New Boat

    Raiders, I'm looking to buy a replacement boat, used, mainly for estuary, but on ok days, also for inshore (outside the heads) fishing in Sydney. Mainly I fish alone, but occasionally would like to have the family (the Mrs & 3 boys) or a mate or two aboard. I'm considering purchasing a Haines Seaquell 460 - does anyone have experience with these boats for the uses above? I notice many have 50hp motors, is that a bit too little grunt for a boat of this size? While I don't intend to venture outside the heads in any sort of bad weather, I know how fast bad weather can come in... so also any info on how these boats handle the conditions off Sydney would be appreciated. Any pointers on alternative boats and or things to look for on the used seaquells? thanks, Bill
  15. ginko

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    Raiders, I recently had the necessity of activating my manual inflatable in an emergency, and discovered something not in the instructions: when you test your lifejacket (by blowing into the red tube to inflate it), put the life-jacket on, blow it up, and adjust the waist strap so that it is snug, but not killer-tight. I had my waist strap on fairly tight (and I am skinny, and was wearing only a t-shirt at the time). When I needed to pull the rip cord, the inflation was VERY RAPID! This sudden inflation really over-tightened the waist-strap and also meant that the life-jacket itself blasted into my chest. This was a pretty unpleasant sensation as I'd just broken some ribs. So better to set the waist-strap so it is snug, not holding you in a death-grip.