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  1. I keep track of all my detail in excell - mostly just a record of boat usage- Location trip hours, engine hrs, kms, average speed fuel used how many on board sea & swell total caught for the day. also add any repairs service cost & other expenses related to boat & trailer starting a new page for each year I can look to see how many outings each year & total expenses Also have pages for years to come with reminders as per when flares are out of date & life jackets need servicing etc etc. Brett
  2. dial 1800 SEASICK they will take your order & post them out. They are very good!
  3. LIKE Ha Ha Im sure we had this chat about 3 years back Cheers Brett
  4. oz_brett

    Spare Prop

    I dont think many people bother with a spare prop these days, to be honest there's more chance of having contaminated fuel, are going to carry a second tank of fresh fuel & fuel line with you every trip? However the guys from Solace certainly know there stuff and are extremely helpful , you tell hem your boat & motor they will advise the right prop. then ask your Merc dealer if they have that prop for you to try. Brett
  5. this will become a very long & dragged out thread. My Choice = Aluminium Reason = Fibreglass is quieter & smoother but keep in mind this is because the fibreglass flexes more then they alloy is this a good thing Im not so sure, in the alloy I slow down when its gets rough, looking after the boat & my body. I can say I took a Formaosa for a run when I was in the market & I was impressed with the ride & handling also well made boats only there design didn't suit our needs. The whitley Ive never been in one but I do like them I always eye off the whitley weekender
  6. If you end up anywhere close to Sydney Call me I'm sure I can take you some where to get over the blues. You know I wont stay inside an estuary though, there's plenty of variety offshore during winter. Brett
  7. Thank you for the tips there Croydon, We actually started searching contour lines Last Monday only to find a school of young Mako Sharks around the 95cm mark in 500m. I was happy with the sounder on the day it was holding bottom & showing fish up to 305m pretty good for a stock transducer I am still yet to buy a 1kw but keep putting it off its a lot of money to spend when your having fun doing things the hard way, One of these days I will get to do a report with a decent brag photo! Cheers; Brett
  8. Nice haul much better then the Sydney reports at the moment, Brett
  9. Ive just read your post Croydon looks like your having a great time down there! Ive been trying my luck around Wollongong area with hope to find a deep drop location there but no such luck as yet, Previous years Ive been fishing Browns but its over populated & further from home is making me sway towards Wollongong. Brett
  10. G'day Guys I've not been out to try my luck this year but I have heard along the grape vine that there's nothing at all out in the deep, I thought this was a bit strange so just thought I would confirm if its just a rumour. Has any one heard of Gems or blue eye being caught lately? Brett
  11. oz_brett


    Thanks for the info guys, seems the rules are a lot harder here. When we were in S.A. the rules were max 300 per person with of course a size limit but was still with in reason. We only took 30 between us & didn't spare any for bait they were great eating! Brett
  12. oz_brett


    Hi Guys We had trip to South Australia in January & the highlight of the holiday was getting pipis. Now that we are home the wife is at me to go get pipis but where can I get them around Sydney & is there a time of year for them or are they all year round? Ive heard you can get them at Stockton beach is there somewhere closer? Brett
  13. What happened there Neil? Sorry I dont check F/R very often just stumbled on to this post, i would have taken you for a fish, I still owe you for a days fishing! Next time make sure you call or sms my phone! Brett
  14. Hi Neil we didn't do any good when we were there but I'm sure you could see that happening with a camp full of the most relaxed fisho's that didn't really care for fishing. Actually in the short time that you were there you fished more then all of us put together. On the way home I stopped at the Darling river at Wilcannia we didn't bother casting a line but the amount of carp in that river was amazing it was like being at a fish farm. Then we stopped for a break at Nyngan I dropped a line in there for an hour or 2 with no results. Was good to see you again! Brett
  15. All them Cod, sounds like I should be there Neil! unfortunately I wont get there until Easter once I settle on the bank I will send you an sms of our location. Until then you just make sure you throw all the legal ones back so there for Craig_Horner, Brudus & myself. Cheers; Brett
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