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  1. Well, we fished for 7 days the waters of Yamba and NOTHING!!!! Fished Brown Rocks, anchored and drifted Fished Oyster bridge and channel, anchored and drifted Fished Middle wall, anchored and drifted Fished Turkey Nest, Learns Corner....nothing. put the boat in at Harwood bridge and drifted along the bank, nothing. Moved over to the north side of the back and under the bridge toward the sugar mill anchored and drifted....nothing we were using pillies, prawns, chicken, pudding and squid.......... Oh, well, just one of those weeks..............
  2. Hi Fello Raiders , Can any one help this chap who has had his boat stolen from Swansea?? Brad Woolford Hoping you might be able to assist, the following boat was stolen last night from Belmont Pines Caravan Park, near Swansea NSW. Details for our stolen boat: White Quintrex 400 Hornet... Rego: IBR138N Boat code: AUTRX561073505 Chassis:6B913VR0142AU4962 - 30 Horse power Yamaha Cheers
  3. and another webby http://www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/wh/lifejacket_reforms_faqs.html Lifejacket Reforms - Frequently Asked Questions
  4. 1st November 2010 http://www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/wh/lifejacket_reforms.html suggest you go to this link and have a read, enjoy
  5. just read this on the NSW Maritime web page; When will it be a requirement to wear a lifejacket? Situation New Requirement from 1 November 2010 Children under 12 years of age • on a vessel less than 4.8 metres at all times • on a vessel less than 8 metres and in the open area of a vessel when underway Heightened risk boating situations in vessels less than 4.8m All persons wear a lifejacket: • at night • on open (ocean) waters • on alpine waters • when boating alone • when the boat is used as a tender more than 400 metres from shore Heightened risk situations in all vessels When the master judges a heightened risk exists and requires passengers to put on their lifejacket. For example in deteriorating weather, in rough seas, at night, if a passenger can’t swim, or when a vessel is broken down Water sports involving towing All persons wear a lifejacket when being towed on the water, for example wakeboarding or water-skiing Canoe/kayak When greater than 100 metres from an accessible shore in sheltered waters, and at all times in ocean waters Off the beach sailing vessels, for example centreboard boats and catamarans When used in open (ocean) waters Kitesurfing When greater than 400 metres from shore when kiting alone To read more the web page is http://www.maritime.nsw.gov.au/wh/lifejacket_reforms.html click the link and down load the PDF, 12 pages.
  6. Hi read the same ad or article and have also searched the web page of maritime, there is no news of any one having to wear a PFD when in a boat under 4.8 metres, except when crossing a bar as Huey stated, so I am starting t think the way you are and that Mercury are false advertising. Fishing Monthly should investigate this and if un-true should get Mercury to apologies. We all know that PFDs save lives and that one should be worn, however, just because the mexicans have to does not mean we have to.
  7. Try this webby so as to check out the weather http://www.willyweather.com.au/:1fishing1:
  8. webby is http://www.msq.qld.gov.au/Licensing/Recreational.aspx have a look see, oh, and these folk get it added to their licence as you would if you obtained a motorbike licence You do not need to take any action to have the indicator added to your licence. The marine licence indicator will be automatically added to your driver licence when you renew or obtain a new licence at a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre or licence issuing agency.
  9. I was holidaying at Yamba a few weeks ago, and a friend of the family came down from Queensland and we got talking about boating etc and he was telling me that in QLD they only pay for their boating licence once!!!, so I did a bit of search and here is the proof. quote from the Queensland government web page Queensland's boat licensing fee is A$39.85 for a life-time recreational marine driver licence. read....LIFE TIME......... i pay 100+ for 3 years......licence, so we are getting bent over and tobleroned!!!!!!!!, and they want to charge us more, sorry folks but I may have to sell up and head north.........
  10. From the Sydney Morning Herald, (hope this is the right place to post this........) Boaties furious about tinny tax cash grab HEATH ASTON May 16, 2010 EXCLUSIVE Wake up... tinny owner George hopkins, on Lake Macquarie yesterday, is sick of the "money grubbing". Photo: Brock Perks The NSW Government has been accused of a cash grab over a new tax on all boat users to fund marine rescue services that don't cover large areas of the state. Boat owners are furious that all 450,000 NSW licence holders will be hit with the levy regardless of whether they use coastal waterways covered by the newly formed Marine Rescue NSW or inland waterways such as the Murray and Nepean rivers and Snowy Mountains dams that have no volunteer rescue services. Boat licences will rise from $43 to $50.50 a year as a result of the levy and registering ''tinnies'' - boats shorter than six metres, which make up 92 per cent of all water craft in NSW - will rise from $92 to $99.50 if the plan by Ports Minister Paul McLeay is adopted. The new charges will raise more than $6 million a year in extra revenue for NSW Treasury. The Boat Owners' Association of NSW (BOA) is concerned that not all of the money will fund rescue operations. Marine Rescue and its 2500 members currently survive on $1.4 million in funding from the state government. BOA president Michael Chapman said boat owners should not be forced to pay extra until Marine Rescue NSW has had its membership and operating model brought up to the standard of successful organisations such as the Surf Lifesaving Service or the Rural Fire Service. Marine Rescue, which is the amalgamation of three volunteer rescue services, has an ageing membership and few plans to transform itself. ''The model [for the levy] is based on false premises, it hasn't been well thought out. It's like the state government taking over NRMA but only serving vehicles in coastal areas,'' Mr Chapman said. ''It's too early, there's no transparency and no accountability. There's only one reason it's being pushed through so early: money.'' Cardiff resident George Hopkins, who fishes from his 3.6-metre tinny on Lake Macquarie every weekend, said the new levy was more ''money grubbing'' by the state government. ''In my experience, if there's any trouble the MSB will give you a tow. This is just another tax right when electricity and everything else is going up,'' he said. Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner said boaties should make their voices heard. ''Whether it's the monstrous tax on car registrations, the sneaky new tax on home buyers or the skyrocketing power prices, people are sick of having to foot the bill for state Labor's failures,'' Mr Stoner said.
  11. went fishing at Yamba, lovlely place to fish, fish and relax.....................carnt wait till next hollidays