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  1. ron.c

    Fish ID. (Red Rock Cod)

    if you ever try one mate you will never call them rubbish again. pure white firm flesh and very tasty.
  2. ron.c

    Changing water pump impeller

    is this a gee up or what?
  3. ron.c

    Boat Trailer Hub swap

    you can buy hubs with toyota wheel pattern with holden or ford bearings.
  4. ron.c


    I would have backed it right in that it was you.
  5. ron.c


    G,day raiders maybe somebody can id the guy in this pic.The bloke holding the marlin is Scott Mitchell.His first off the rocks. does anybody know the other fella .
  6. ron.c

    Outboard won't idle after day out on the water

    it wont idle when you got it on full choke like that.
  7. ron.c

    Alvey advice

    thanks mate I will pm you my phone number.
  8. ron.c

    Alvey advice

    I would be more than happy to buy the spare spool.
  9. ron.c

    Spinning reel with no drag? Why?

    it's a bloody old reel you will be very lucky to get any parts for it now. and yes it does have a front drag. have a look here.
  10. ron.c

    Johnson 60hp Four stroke

    are they not a rebadged suzuki
  11. ron.c

    Old Wooden Reel - Maybe predates Alvey?

    It looks like an ajax to me.
  12. ron.c

    Mobile Boat/Trailer Mechanic

    I have a light board you can borrow so you can tow your boat to the shop if you like.
  13. ron.c

    Watersnake to Minn Kota Quick release bracket

    you can use the watersnake quick release bracket for the minkota.
  14. ron.c

    fishing enquiries?

    I thought there was one already. "fishing chat"