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  1. Basil D

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    thats a nice fish
  2. Basil D

    Big Broughton Snapper

    Cracking Reds
  3. Basil D

    Port Stephens- Snapping good fun!

    Like that with every spot, Only the experienced know that. I ended up going on a charter when I was up there, seen the ad next to the Indian restaurant, they had a spare spot, Only one spot, the missus was left behind. we got Trag and snapper
  4. Basil D

    Port Stephens- Snapping good fun!

    seal rocks is a magic snapper ground, I was Lucky enough to make friends with the Local beach boat pros about 9 years ago and they took me out one evening, 20 fish in 2 hours
  5. Basil D

    Long weekend at Forster

    Great effort mate, Nice Jewie too
  6. Basil D

    Port Stephens- snaps are chewing!

    Nice fish boys
  7. Basil D

    That time of year again Snapper

    well done, would love to hook up to a long tail
  8. Basil D

    That time of year again Snapper

    dont ever stop trying, Put the hours in down south or even Longy, it will happen. yeah mate, pigs and a bonito
  9. Basil D

    Micro jigs

    Thats a Lovely fish
  10. Basil D

    That time of year again Snapper

    Hope the weather gets better for you mate, Fishing withdrawal symptoms can be bad lol will keep an eye out for your report
  11. Basil D

    That time of year again Snapper

    Thanks Welster Thanks my wife and boys all eat fish now days, this will be gone in a few days lol Thanks Scratchie, first night will be at the local Drinking hole watching the state of origin Thanks
  12. Still a bit early but they are on, headed out of bellambie this morning, Tired 2 spots for zero. I then headed north towards the humps and found a patch, stuck with them most of the day and had a ball. Most fish caught on Pillies and the the two Larger fish on plastics, gulp jerkshad 5 inch in white . go get them Boys
  13. Basil D

    Jindabyne Trout trip

    wow, mouth watering report
  14. Hey Scratchie, My mate keeps telling we are going to his house in port Stephens, so far hasn't kept his word, thats ok lol.

    I have booked myself and my wife in at shoal  bay caravan park in one of those cabins from the 6th July and depart 11th July, Im bringing my own boat up and really hope you can put me on some snapper, I know where all the squid is though lol , if your to busy thats ok, hope we can catch for a bear.



  15. Basil D

    Only One Red

    and a good one at that