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  1. Basil D

    Bellambi first time 15/09

    Bellambie can be hot and cold and boy when its hot hang on
  2. Basil D

    Snapper Off sydney

    Snapper seem to be coming back in Sydney. Or are there a few guys out there getting better at catching them
  3. Basil D

    Central QLD Just WOW

    you have to go back, dont deny yourself
  4. Basil D

    Central QLD Just WOW

    yeah first time up and didnt know exactly how much i needed and also we may have wanted to cruise another 100km north but decided against it
  5. Basil D

    Central QLD Just WOW

    Having my Brother over from Tasmania and my Long time fishraider mate Pongrass 18 foter Chris, we had Jokes, avoided Kangaroos only Just , too much Maccas and putting on 5kg in two weeks, yeah I have many strories lol. Now back to my diet
  6. Basil D

    Central QLD Just WOW

  7. Basil D

    Central QLD Just WOW

  8. Basil D

    Central QLD Just WOW

  9. Basil D

    Central QLD Just WOW

    well where do I start. I got an Invite to take my new boat to central QLD to fish and stay Overnight around the Islands. Plan was to stay Local for two weeks, Pick the best weather to go out fish and stay on the reefs. Once we got there I went out to sus the ground out for half day and the next day it was on. we fished the Islands for Spangled Emperor , Red Throat , Coral Trout, Tusk fish, Red Emperor . Day one we landed all species and Trevally, also an amberjack before the sharks moved in. second day was the same and the third day on the way back to land Chris landed a Legal red emperor , we tried for hours after that but we couldnt find anymore. we headed back to land for a good rest and I was happy for my mate to land one and frustrated not to have landed one myself . We had a break in the weather next day and yep 5 days fishing in a row we fished . we had a really go break after that and the following looked bleak wind wise. we had other activities like taking the boat into the creek and exploring Agnes water and Gladstone. Our 3rd last day we had a break and headed out for an overnighter again but that night anchored 75km away from land was windy and looked like we where heading home with tails between our legs but someone was looking out over us as the morning was amazing so we went to the surrounding reefs for trout then turn of the tide we went for reds. Didnt take Long before I got my Dream fish, A Red Emperor , Man was I Jumping for Joy. we got another before the sharks moved in and I was onto an Amberjack of approx 25kg and was savaged, I would have loved to have landed that but wow what a fight and Only 5 meters near the boat before I lost most of the fish, Only the head remaining . we got back that night and cleaned up, slept, got up sat morning to clean the house and the Long drive home to tall this amazing story Today. Hope you Enjoy the Photos
  10. That was the easy part, the hard part was stacking all the foam back in LOL cant believe that it wasn't I have padded them nicely
  11. ok so I removed everything out of the back, foam and all and took her out, found minor droplets from the trim tabs and a split hose from the return hose of the live bait tank, also washed the deck and found water leaking from behind the funnels that drain the water to the back scuppers , all minor stuff but annoying, resealed the lot and replaced hoses with high pressure hoses, I know they wont split
  12. Hi Mate, Just a quick question, the Gemfish I caught and put forward for a fishraider record, its been weeks now, could you please check it for me, the last record holder 110cm was pongrass18 footer he was with me.

    Pretty please

  13. Basil D

    Quick Flathead sesh

    Thanks Mate, hey Im heading up to hill1770 in two weeks time , watch this space, hopefully some nice fish pics to post
  14. Basil D

    Gemfish at Browns

    3 of us on board and took 5 fish Thanks Mate Hey mate yeah full of Roe, No didnt eat them, we too have seals and sharks, always fun sharks on electric reel LOL, there wasnt any of them last time I was out thank goodness
  15. Basil D

    Early morning king surprise

    thats what I love about fishing, always surprises