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  1. wow , Old post, found it looking for answers myself , thanks for the tip off Jim, I will replace my harness tube and get the hydraulic steer to come out from the top area or seal it with a rubber sleeve or something like that. This is a one year old Trident that I have and was wondering why the under floor was getting water inside it.
  2. Basil D

    Members Boats.

    I have to fold down the Bimini to fit it under the 3 meter high carport, I could not get the hard top as it wouldn't fit LOL I am stoked with the boat and the soft top. Also the rocker launcher is folded down and strapped to the roof so I can get in and out
  3. Basil D

    Members Boats.

    Finally an Upgrade
  4. Call me please, you are not going to believe what I have to tell you

  5. Basil D

    More Pearlies

    nice catch Boys, great read up. I recently went back to my country and I can tell you yes they still do swim out with lines, catch their fish and swim back. I even went for a night spear fish dive it was fun
  6. Basil D

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!
  7. Basil D

    Port Stephens-Snapper Fishraider record

    you got one from me whether you like it or not hahahha, It deserves one
  8. Basil D

    Port Stephens-Snapper Fishraider record

    Just wow and congratulations Scratchie, what a buzz to land such a beautiful fish, a catch of a lifetime for some people, A catch to be proud of, a catch to make everyone and applaud .?
  9. Basil D

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!

    Ive been very active, ringing hundreds of people, sharing dates and urging people to join, sharing these messages on every facebook page I could find.
  10. Basil D

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!

    you couldn't keep me away even if you tried.
  11. Basil D


    thats Bull Pigs , did well on the Black fish gear
  12. Basil D

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    thats a nice fish