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  1. bread n butter fish, cant go wrong
  2. awesome, wish I was going back already, next year is too long to wait.
  3. peak, 12 mile, kurnel , long reef, this is the time of year for them
  4. Bellambie can be hot and cold and boy when its hot hang on
  5. Snapper seem to be coming back in Sydney. Or are there a few guys out there getting better at catching them
  6. you have to go back, dont deny yourself
  7. yeah first time up and didnt know exactly how much i needed and also we may have wanted to cruise another 100km north but decided against it
  8. Having my Brother over from Tasmania and my Long time fishraider mate Pongrass 18 foter Chris, we had Jokes, avoided Kangaroos only Just , too much Maccas and putting on 5kg in two weeks, yeah I have many strories lol. Now back to my diet
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