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  1. WIERD Never heard of them before. Are they found in the same areas as other flatties? Do they taste the same?
  2. Gary at seriously stainless might be able to help mate, maybe a little out of the way for you but he's a site sponsor so will look after you. Here's a link to his website. http://seriouslystainless.com.au/index.php...usly-stainless#
  3. From my understanding, you can drive any boat you like without a licence (except commercial vessels), you're just not allowed to exceed 10 knots. Also only boats with up to 6hp or above 6hp (not sure which way that goes) require registration, regardless of length. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I also agree it's a great idea, there's too many idiots with good enough comprehension skills to pass the current testing.
  4. I'm with you wahcat, my brother has snakes, I bloody hate 'em. He has a little fun with me and the snakes but I've told him I wont hesitate to stomp on one should the need/oppertunity arise.
  5. Well done fellas, shame the jew wasn't legal, next time.
  6. Found this on ninemsn: A Queensland government taskforce says it's possible chemical sprays were behind deformed, two-headed fish larvae at a Sunshine Coast hatchery. The taskforce, which includes government agencies and independent experts, has been testing the area around the Noosa River Sunland Freshwater Fish Hatchery on the Sunshine Coast, where dead, deformed and abnormal fish larvae have alarmed locals. The locals have linked the deaths and deformities to five recent cancer cases in people from the area, blaming chemicals from nearby macadamia nut plantations. Primary industries min
  7. Mate if you're very carefull with the weather and sea conditions you go out in and got all the right safety gear etc you'll be fine. I've been out around the 5 islands and out off the beach at Port Kembla in a 3.8m punt with a 15hp, a number of times and seen other boats similar out there. Just have to be extra cautious about weathe etc, and we are rarely more than 1 mile from land. I see people out there in kayaks and canoes, you will see reports on here of peope out there in yaks etc aswell. Would probably be a good idea to go out with someone expierenced a few times if you can. Good
  8. A big well done to Little Slinky on a nice flatty and good report. Also well done to snr Slinky for being gracious in defeat. Who better to beat you hey! Looks like you may have taught her a little too well.
  9. It was a good win in the end but don't get too carried away, the score didn't reflect the type of game it was. And you can't forget the last few weeks the Broncos have had. No I'm not a Brisbane fan.
  10. G'day mate. I've never seen or heard of any blackfish being caught at night. Nor have I heard of bread being used for anything in luderick fishing. I've only ever used greenweed, for bait and berley (chopped finely and mixed with sand for the berley), but you can get them on worms aswell. Here's a link to a good thread about fishing for blackies. http://fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=23679 Good luck P.S. It's at the top of the page in the pinned topics part of this sub section, Fishing Chat.
  11. Just wondering, (not that I'm buying a new boat and need to make a decision) why would you opt for the twin outboard instead of single. Apart from the fact you've got a 2nd motor if 1 breaks down, what are the advantages/disadvantage of each. For example, I was just looking (dreaming) at the haines Hunter 720 Patriot. It's available in the single or twin configeration. Why would you choose twin 150hp instead of a single 300hp. Is top speed the same? I suppose with the twin set up the motors are working 1/2 as hard, but do twin 150's have the same or better holeshot, top speed, troll speed
  12. In the interview just say: "I believe the crims are all guilty or the cops wouldn't have charged them in the 1st place, so why are we waisting time with the court process, just lock 'em up" or something along those lines and they probably take you anyway. Good luck.
  13. Don't know how that would go. I do know I certainly wouldn't want to bet against them doing it, they're savage mongrels. Go for a swim next time you come across a school and let us know the answers to your questions.
  14. G'day mate Not much good on the SP myself but Hodgey done a "how to" guide for flathead on plastics, it was even specifically for winter. Good luck. Found the thread for ya mate, here's a link to it. http://fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.ph...c=32909&hl=
  15. Personally I've always targeted blackfish in winter. They always seem to be there in good numbers in the lake I fish, Lake Illawarra. Even though most other species (except crabs) have been pretty scarce the last few years the blackies always seem to turn up in numbers, just finding good weed is the challange. Good luck with what ever you decide to target.
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