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  1. When I did my lap back in 1983, I only took one rod (a 7ft rod I built on a Butterworth Super Barra blank)... but then I was hitchhiking it most of the way (or taking Ansett Pioneer buses)! When I took off again in ‘84, I took the same rod but I bought a 12ft beach/rock rod and 650 Alvey when I settled in for a while at Noosa. Now, I take 6-8 rods just in the boat for a day trip fishing solo! 😂 Things were simpler back in the 80s! 😎
  2. I love my 4.5m side console. Perfect for me fishing solo or 2 or 3 up but those cold days where I’m copping spray all over me while I’m punching to or from Broughton Island, I sometimes wish I had a cabin. I know the missus would appreciate one with a portable loo in it! If I had a cabin I might overnight at Broughton... 😉 Sometimes, though, I don’t want a cabin because then the missus might come out more and sometimes I really appreciate my time fishing on my own! 😂 I’ve been dreaming of a Formosa centre cabin for the walk around but then I’d also have to get a bigger tow vehicle! Probably never gonna happen!
  3. Berleyguts

    NAV Lights

    My port nav light failed earlier this year. The light itself was OK apparently. Took it to my local boat dealer where I get my outboard serviced and they replaced a fuse relay(?) under the console. A bit if corrosion in there.
  4. Actually, I’m pretty sure that every single threadline reel I’ve purchased for as long as I can remember has come new out of the box with the handle on the left hand side...
  5. Rex wasn’t my influence. My main influences were Dick Lewers (I still have his book “Understanding Fishing Tackke”), who advised lh wind for right-handed anglers with single handed spinning rods; and the legendary Vic McCristal.
  6. I’m right handed but I switched to left hand wind for single handed spinning rods as a young fella. The theory is that (a) there is no need to change hands after casting, and (b) your stronger hand holds the rod and does most of the work. For double handed rods, I wind with the right. On a single handed spinning rod, I hold the rod with the reel stem between the 2nd and 3rd fingers of my right hand. This is balanced for me and seems natural. On a double handed spinning rod, the balance is different (for me) and I hold the rod forward of the reel after casting. Baitcasters are held differently. A pistolgrip single handed baitcaster is held behind the reel with the index finger around the trigger for casting so you can thumb the spool to control overruns. Then, for some reason, you move the other hand forward of the reel and wind with the casting hand. On a larger overhead reel with no level wind mechanism, the left thumb would then be used to lay the line evenly on the spool. Alvey sidecast reels are different again. The rods are usually always longer and the mechanics of casting them just makes sense to hold the rod forward of the reel with the right hand and swivel the reel 90° with the left hand, clamping your thumb on the line until you need to release it in the cast. Then, switch hands to retrieve, so you can control the line with your left thumb and forefinger if needed. Strange, isn’t it? 😂 Fly rods are another story again! In the end, do what ever feels comfortable for YOU. 😉
  7. I reckon that salmon in the video was overcooked. That’s how my wife and mother-in-law like it but I like it pinker in the middle. Each to their own. Before I watched the video, I thought you were talking about salt dried fish. Having married into an Asian family, we eat a lot of “ikan bilis” - basically dried sprat or tiny whitebait that you fry up in the wok so they’re crunchy... a great accompaniment to many dishes... yum!
  8. I got a solid bonito trolling Little Island off Port Stephens on Monday. Water temp for me was only 17.8°. They should appear in numbers further south soon. I reckon they’re always about, just more active when it’s warmer. I’m looking forward to the FAD going in! 😎 A Sydney Sportfishing charter guide I follow is getting plenty of kings for his clients. He says they’re under the salmon. 😉
  9. Berleyguts

    Fish Heads

    I often see a guy looking for frames at Little Beach ramp (Port Stephens) for his crab traps. As the crabs pick up, I’ll save my frames for my traps, too (but first I’ve gotta catch some fish! 😂). My mother-in-law loves the meat in fish heads and reckons it’s the best part. She enjoys a fish head curry. I sometimes boil up the heads and frames to make fish stock, too.
  10. @wazatherfisherman Quote: “Another old method used by commercial fishers was to lower a light down to within a few metres of the sea floor and fish the baits close to/in the lit area. From the guys that did this method, you had to be anchored up and have your light onbefore dark so as to not spook the fish” That must have been a challenge with those kerosene lamps! 😂
  11. Great fish, Tyrone. Well done! I found it hard going today, too. At least you got a snapper and a good one at that! I only fished out the front today and made hundreds of casts for nothing. Did no good on a flathead drift either. Managed a good bonito on the troll to sort of salvage the day. I didn’t really mind as I was just so glad to have my boat back and motor working properly and to be in my happy place!
  12. Thanks Peter! I’ll keep that in mind. Planning on focussing around Little Island and Boondelbah but I must explore Fingal more!I’m just glad to be getting out! I haven’t fished for months! I think the last time was in June when I was net boy for Scratchie 😂 and when I did get out a few weeks back, I had motor trouble before I got to the bait grounds and was back at the ramp by 8am, grateful for the tow by the water police! My club has a length only comp where the longest combined length of snapper, flathead and salmon wins. I don’t think anyone entered all 3 species last year. There’s usually some big flathead entered (e.g. 900-1000mm plus) but I think only pan sized snapper. My target is to get one of each species as a start.
  13. Trailer’s hooked up. Gonna try out the front islands in the morning, rather than Broughton due to time restraints. Want to get a few flathead drifts in, too, and get a few bonnies and a salmon for my club length only comp. Hope it all comes together!
  14. Bluefish... are they the ones you get on Lord Howe Island?
  15. Great stuff, Jeff! 😎 Up Broughton way again? With school hols finishing, I’m hoping to get out soon but my windows of opportunity are limited. Might be able to manage a quick session on Monday morning just out the front before work, weather (and wife😂 permitting!). Gotta break the drought! 😂