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  1. Berleyguts

    The kids are killing me

    Nice fish. Great shots. 👍🏼
  2. Berleyguts

    Tying FG Knot with DIY jig

    Thanks for posting this, Zoran! I just haven’t got my head around the FG knot yet! I bought the FG Wizz tool but I have struggled to maintain the tension - it doesn’t help that I’m sometimes all thumbs! I like the idea of the clamps to help with maintaining the tension. To stop the tool moving around in the rod holder you could use a gimbal butt, ensuring you had a gimbal rod holder, of course.
  3. Berleyguts

    Bream and Snapper sashimi?

    Interesting. I would have pegged snapper for being similar to bream. Maybe it depends on where they were caught.
  4. Berleyguts

    Sydney heads

    Where you cruising to, Rick? When we cruised into Port Vila (Vanuatu) I was just dying to drop a jig down into that beautiful harbour. Crystal clear and deep as. 😎 🎣
  5. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens- something different

    Great stuff, Jeff!
  6. Berleyguts

    More Pearlies

    You got that right! My son’s portable hard drive somehow fried itself. On it was the 100+ character password for his bitcoin account, which changes every couple of weeks. He lost about $4k worth of bitcoin (which he had bought early on at a low price!). Lesson learnt.
  7. Berleyguts


    Great stuff, John! I love albacore! Great eating - chicken of the sea! What weight did they go? I got some back in the 80s off Narooma. Haven’t caught one since (but haven’t targeted them either). I got one 12.5kg on 10kg line that was an ANSA national record briefly, until another club member got one next day that went 13.5. That has since been beaten, with the 10kg class gamefishing record at 25.990kg and the 10kg class sportfishing record at 18kg. Top fish all round and most of the records caught in the Narooma/Bermagui area. I guess I won’t see them up here at Port Stephens.
  8. Berleyguts

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    I thought if you remembered it, you weren’t really there!???🤪
  9. Nor me in the Outlaw, Rick! But I am hoping I can get a small black this season on the inshore grounds!
  10. I heard that it died in the fight so release wasn’t possible even if they wanted to. Absolute cracker of a fish! Only up at Hervey Bay, too... we might be in for a ripper of a season at Port Stephens! 🤔😎
  11. Berleyguts


    Geez, he won’t need to go to the gym after that! He wore him down, that’s for sure!
  12. Berleyguts

    Fiji fishing

    Some excellent fish there! Real arm stretchers! How many days did you fish? Kokomo Island looks amazing... and expensive!?
  13. Berleyguts

    Need help identifying a location ASAP

    I don’t know if it would be the Portland Ferry. I never usually fished that far up. I’d take a punt (pun intended) on it being the beach just round from the main Wisemans Ferry, in the middle of the attached pic. I’ve only ever seen people catch catfish there but I’m sure bream, flathead and jew can be caught. Also EPs.
  14. Berleyguts

    Need help identifying a location ASAP

    That’s the video I saw. Look for overhead wires, or maybe submarine cables, near a caravan park. It could possibly be the beach near the main ferry itself - a popular picnic area. Actually, I just had a look on Navionics. There are overhead cables in lots of stretches. The Navionics app can be useful in finding holes etc. for landbased fishing, not just boat fishing. 😉
  15. Berleyguts

    Need help identifying a location ASAP

    I can’t actually think of any place in the Wisemans Ferry area that has a sign in the water 200m out from shore! 🤔 However, I found a video on YouTube of a guy fighting a jew off a beach in the Hawkesbury. There was a yellow sign on the opposite shore. Those signs usually refer to submarine cables or overhead wires. There are overhead wires down at Laughtondale and also upstream above Del Rio caravan park, near Leets Vale. Most of the beaches in the area would have to be accessed through caravan parks.