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  1. Berleyguts

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Fair enough. When I did my new for old exchange at the local ramp in December, I asked the Maritime guys about the self-testing, showed them my records and was told that what I was doing was fine. The guys I’ve met from Maritime have always been cool with me! A couple of times in the Bay they’ve motored over to check me out, then seen that I was wearing my inflateable, waved, then moved onto the next boat. Never had a problem. The section on self-servicing in the link you provided is self-explanatory and if you maintain your records as stated and follow the self-service inspection checklist to the letter (not just ticking and flicking), you really can’t go wrong. I have stickers on my boat, where I mark the due service or replacement date for all my safety equipment (PFDs, flares, EPIRB). These are also on the wall of the garage so I notice them when I walk past. When the PFD check date falls due, it’s a simple matter to take the PFDs off their hooks in the garage and conduct the checks, e.g. check cylinder and weigh, test firing mechanism, inflate jacket and leave overnight to ensure it doesn’t go down etc. I find it a really simple process.
  2. Berleyguts

    3rd place snapper

    By 0.5cm... well done! I just realised, I could have been in 4th place with my 77cm model from WA!
  3. Berleyguts

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    All brands I’ve owned can be self serviced... and that is Burke, Axis and whatever brand is my latest. A service is recommended after 3 or 5 years but is not compulsory. I guess if a service was needed, I would probably just buy a new one (trade in at the ramp like my last one). If there is rust in a cylinder (never had it happen), then the owner could not be doing their checks correctly. It costs about $20 for a new cylinder and valve thingy. If I get 5 years use (or even 3) out of a $60 - $100 inflateable PFD, I’m happy enough with that. I wear it because I want to, I hardly know it’s there and because it makes sense in my boating situation... not because of the regulations.
  4. Berleyguts

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Yes, that’s right. I keep the receipt and the annual checklist at home. Photocopies of both go in the waterproof tube with the maritime charts, which is stored forward in my boat. You also need to record the annual inspection date on the PFD. I find this pretty easy to manage but I can see that it could be a hassle in a kayak, or even an open boat with no dry storage.
  5. Berleyguts

    Electric motor

    Never seen that method... but that should work. I reckon it’s about time you cleaned your rod and reel though! 😂
  6. Berleyguts

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    The higher the number, the higher the level of flotation. Level 100 or higher is required on open waters. Mine is a 150N and I bought it under the “new for old” exchange program at my local boat ramp. Here’s a link to the the PFD guidelines by RMS, although this won’t necessarily cover a local council initiative: Me? I’d wear a 150N as a minimum, regardless of where I am fishing.
  7. Berleyguts

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    AS4758? I’d just wear an inflateable belt PFD like this:
  8. Berleyguts

    Electric motor

    You would normally get a mounting plate welded on and trim the rail. There may be other options - Raiders are a creative lot.
  9. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    And @JonD, let us know when you’re coming up. Maybe we can all catch up, or even get out on the water together. 😎
  10. Berleyguts

    New Boat

    Congratulations on your new boat! Enjoy!
  11. Berleyguts

    Cork handles on rods - any maintenance needed?

    It’s not slippery?
  12. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Damn! I’ve got Monday and Tuesday off and 18 knot westerlies forecast. 🤬
  13. Berleyguts

    Is this a luderick? (Black Drummer/Rock Blackfish)

    Nice fish, Tash! Well done! They pull, don’t they? 😂
  14. Berleyguts

    Oh my cod

    Man, they’re a beautiful fish! Nice stuff, Rick!
  15. Berleyguts

    Beach Fishing Tackle

    Welcome to Raider, FF. There are lot of threads here on this topic, so try using the search function. 😉 I am biased towards Alvey sidecast reels for the beach and a suitable low mount rod. Alveys eat sand for breakfast and are virtually indestructible! I’m not up to speed on newer rod models but something similar to a Butterworth or Snyderglass MT8120 should fit the bill. That would come in at around 10ft long plus the sand spike. A 6in Alvey should be sufficient. Having said that, my first beach outfit was a threadline outfit on that MT8120 rod, with a medium winch mount, which is required for a threadline reel. A 6000 series reel would probably do the job. 12lb mono is all you need off the beach, IMO, and will handle the usual beach species, including mulloway. If you decide to start specifically targeting jew, you could step up in tackle and use, say, 20lb line. I’m sure you could use braid but I don’t bother. i hope this info helps as a start. Talk to your local tackle dealer. He’ll put a rod and reel in your hands and explain it all. Good luck! Incidentally, that 40 year old MT8120 threadline rod is still in use today, although I stripped it down and extended it with a longer timber butt and a gimbal mount, which made for a higher winch mount for an overhead reel and is used for high speed spinning off the rocks. “Is used” is perhaps not quite true as I mainly fish out of a boat these days. 😉