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  1. Thanks for that link, Donna. I really like the idea of that Life Cell but I’m not really sure where I could put it in my little boat without it getting in the way. Maybe on the face of my bow casting deck. 🤔
  2. Good on you, Jeff! I saw Marine Rescue’s report yesterday morning on FB and now I know you were in the nearby boat that picked them up and dropped them off at Esmerelda. I’ll be interested to hear why the boat went down, too.
  3. I’d give him his money back... show some empathy... his wife probably told him, “NO!!!” 😂
  4. I’ll grab 1 (or 2, 1 for each side?) from you, Jeff. When’s the best time to get them? I might need to dust the cobwebs off the boat, first! 😂
  5. I don’t know if you’ll find a gamefishing club that “goes out on charters” as such. Most gamefishing club members fish on private boats on a “chip in for fuel basis” to the best of my knowledge but I’m sure members may take a charter from time to time. For a gamefishing club in your area, have a look at the NSW Gamefishing Association’s website: https://www.nswgfa.com.au Or, why not look at an ANSA club (Australian National Sportfishing Association), which affiliates with the gamefishing associations. I grew up in Mortdale and Peakhurst and am still a member (even though I n
  6. Berleyguts


    I’ve never had to make a claim on my boat insurance, touch wood. Plenty of car insurance claims and 4 in 4 years on my home building policy, one due to burst pipes and 3 to storm events. NRMA has been pretty good to deal with, following up regularly to make sure the contractors completed the work to satisfaction. I’m pretty sure personal effects like cameras etc. are covered under your home contents policy up to a certain value but significant items like professional cameras etc. would need to be listed.
  7. I use the Crewfit auto inflateable PFDs, although I’ve also used Burke and Marlin. I find the Crewfit to be the most comfortable. I need auto ones as I mostly fish solo and if I knock my head on the way into the drink, I want to be sure it self inflates! I find them easy enough to self service/test if you follow the instructions. I keep the original testing sheets and purchase receipts at home, with copies with my nav charts in a waterproof chart tube in my forward storage locker. I always remove the jackets after a trip and hang them in the garage. I left one in the storage locker in my boat
  8. Merry Christmas to you, too, Donna and to Stewie. And to all Fishraiders! May you all have the best possible Christmas you can have under the circumstances and trust 2021 is a good year for all!
  9. Great stuff, Jeff! Look at the lump on the head of that big one! 😎 What length did he go??? PS. I’m not using the ‘C’ word! 😂
  10. Welcome back, Fab. I trust everyone is well now. Take care.
  11. @kingie chaserand @motiondave Maybe hay fever... I used to get it a lot when I was a kid. No air con at Bunnings but a lot of dust, chemicals and potting mix etc., I guess. I reckon a weather change brings it on, too. It doesn’t seem like hay fever. Usually starts with a sore throat which I put down to talking to customers too much (or singing and playing guitar) but then it goes straight to the chest and lays me up for quite a while. I have asthma inhalers (preventer and Ventolin) and have to use them a lot more lately. (Mild asthma came on very late in life - never diagnosed with it as a kid
  12. Last full check up would probably have been last year some time. Even before COVID it was a 2 week waiting period to see a GP. That’s how it seems to be here in the Bay. With COVID, they are doing phone only consults mostly. I enjoy going to work but I actually think something there is setting allergies off or something and that leads to a cough and chest infection. Probably the frequent use of hand sanitiser (every time someone pays with cash, that’s the SOP) and disinfectant (for the trolleys, baskets, EFTPOS terminals etc.)! 🤷‍♂️ Bloody annoying, because if I’m not laid up with a cough and
  13. Stay safe everyone! I’m in iso again until I get the results of my latest COVID swab today. 45 minute drive to Newcastle and 90 minutes in the drive through queue. 🤷‍♂️I feel pretty bleh and I’m sure it’s not the dreaded rona but it’s frustrating the hell out of me as to why I keep getting sick! Always seems to be when I go back to work after a few days off. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas!
  14. I just salt my slimies whole using pool salt from Bunnings in a polystyrene “prawn box”. Layer of salt, layer of slimies, layer of salt, repeat. After a day or 2, I then cryovac them, 3 or 4 to a pack. I mainly only use them for drifting for blue spot Flathead offshore and they seem to work OK. But I always seem to get fresh slimies each trip anyway, so...
  15. Thanks, Sam. I actually got out on Friday. I didn’t get anything worth reporting but it was so good to be out on the water after such a long hiatus - only my 3rd trip since COVID, I think. I’ll definitely have to make it happen a lot more often! This Thursday’s a slim chance... 🤷‍♂️. Again, a great report. I enjoy reading reports of other Raider’s efforts. 😎
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