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  1. Ghost Town - by The Specials (a little obscure for me)
  2. Oh! Stonehenge by Spinal Tap.
  3. “Shock the monkey - Not quite. Song is from the Pixies.“ The Pixies, huh? A bit outside my listening genre... I was backpacking for 4-5 years during the 80s and didn’t get to hear much radio. Mostly just what was in my Walkman cassettes! After some googling, I’ll go for: Monkey Gone To Heaven which reinforces my other guess: Heaven Is A Place On Earth The Stone Roses is very obscure: She Bangs The Drums and I’ve thought of some more: Ashes To Ashes Abradabracadabra Can’t get the hammer reference yet. The image of the moon throws me. Dark Side of the Moon was 70s. The image of the ghosts seems a bit obscure for Ghostbusters. The shops have got me stumped. Im not sure about the Star Wars stormtrooper either, or the Stonehenge reference. A long shot, as I didn’t really know the song but does the roped off nuclear zone refer to Radioactive by The Firm?
  4. It’s a cantankerous issue, isn’t it? 🤔They say that “packing up your boat for a road trip and a half day fishing expedition is ... not in the spirit of the restrictions”. I tend to agree, looking at it this way: If you argue that fishing is your form of (passive) exercise, would it also be fair for someone to travel an hour or more to get some exercise in the sun in a park somewhere when they could do this 5 minutes from their home? If you did travel an hour or or more each way to fish for half a day and you were later to be diagnosed with COVID19, could you honestly 100% identify, in writing, every person you came into contact with on that trip and also over the last 14 days, including staff at service stations, retail outlets etc. and could you identify every surface (shop door, counter, railing, tap etc.) that you touched over those 14 days? Remember, it has been recommended that we should behave as if we do have COVID19. I’m going to set myself a challenge. I am required to continue working in retail (I am concerned about my risk of exposure but also eternally grateful that I still have a job). I am exposed to countless staff and customers daily, some insisting on paying with cash, despite numerous requests to pay by card and pay wave if possible. Numerous customers at my retail outlet continue to struggle with social distancing, basic hygiene (I watch how often they touch their face, sneeze or cough into their hands etc.) and continue to just browse around, clearly not looking to buy “essential” items, spending way too long inside the store, frequently stopping to chat at length with other customers. I do duck out to buy groceries and other essentials where necessary, usually on my way to or from work as I drive past but I am trying to keep these sojourns brief and to a minimum. My challenge is this: over the next 2 weeks, I am going to try to maintain a log, listing every location I visit, every person I come into contact with (who, when, where, for how long), every surface I may have touched etc. I think I am really going to struggle! How do you think you’d go? The decision whether or not to self isolate/social distance is, I guess, a personal one, sure, but it is a decision which has far reaching consequences. It is up to us to determine if those consequences will be good consequences or bad consequences. Note: I did not originally feel this way and it was only after much personal deliberation that I have come to this decision. You make your decision but whatever you decide to do, stay safe, stay well and keep smiling.
  5. This is hard on your phone but this is what I’ve found so far: When Doves Cry Livin’ On A Prayer Africa Walk Like An Egyptian 99 Red Balloons Road To Nowhere Romeo and Juliet Die In Your Arms Tonight Walking On Sunshine Total Eclipse of the Heart Another One Bites The Dust Sweet Dreams Jump Eye of the Tiger Video Killed the Radio Star Blue Monday
  6. Nah... it looks like one of those trolley sharks had a go at it! 🤪🤣
  7. Sorry, Rick. I don’t think that capture is eligible under ANSA or IGFA rules. It appears to have been damaged during the capture. There is definitely part of the body missing. 🤣
  8. Well, if I decide to make this, 250mm, same as Ron. Don’t know where I’d get it in Port Stephens.
  9. Thanks Ron. ANSA C&R mats are $16 from the ANSA National online shop. $5 postage. I ordered a few ANSA boat and car stickers as well. Total postage was $5. Might have to order another one and make up a tube, if I can find tube anywhere.
  10. Well, some lucky people, Jeff, seem to have inside knowledge of when these species are about to arrive on the scene and can place themselves in the right place at the right time to snare the bigger specimens, don’t they? 🤪😂
  11. Great stuff, Ron. I’m surprised you didn’t use an ANSA C&R mat, though. 😉 How would it work on deeper bodied fish, like snapper?
  12. The strict bag limits now being imposed may save them. We need to see the baseline data though.
  13. I don’t think I have ever missed a gaff shot. 🤪
  14. I haven’t seen signs of it. The ramp photos are courtesy of my local tackle store. I am not leaving home other than for essential reasons, such as this morning’s “hunting and gathering” session, where I captured a species that has long been on my bucket list (see my post in The Bar) 😂 and a lightning fast trip to Bunnings this afternoon to get some wintergrass killer and lawn grub killer, as I noticed both impacting on my new lawn.