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  1. Great stuff, Jon! Glad you got amongst them!
  2. She may just have, Donna, but I did not choose “chores”. I got a surprise SMS from Scratchie at 9am on the Sunday for a 10am breakfast and we had already booked the restaurant for our long overdue brunch date together and we were about to head out. It is rare for us to get a day off together, so it was important to my wife that we made this happen. We also don’t like to cancel bookings on the small businesses we are trying to support. If I’d had earlier notice, I could have juggled things around. 🤷‍♂️ Sorry I missed seeing you but thanks for a great report! 😎
  3. Yes, a pontoon would be helpful... especially for those of us who launch and retrieve solo!
  4. If you’re going to put the boat on the lawn there’s not much point in having lawn there, is there?
  5. I had a similar problem at my old place in Sydney, although double garage. Very steep driveway that flattened out at the top. I used to drive up into the garage, then unhooked the trailer and push the trailer around onto the dirt. I eventually had a concrete slab poured off to the side, which made it a lot easier. It became harder when I upgraded to the bigger boat and I fitted a ratchet jockey wheel and moved it that way. An electric jockey wheel would be better but the ratchet wheel was manageable.
  6. I always stop for live baits first and that slows me down. Last trip out, I left the ramp before 5 but there was no moon or stars and it was sloppier than expected, so it too me a long time, solo without a second pair of eyes to watch for whales.
  7. Great fish! Well done! Know where I’m heading Thursday, if I get out! 😎 I’m still a bit wary of heading up in the dark on my own, though. 🤔
  8. Lift all the chain with anchor and lower it while leaning out a little. It shows this in some of the videos. On retrieval, same thing but in reverse.
  9. Thanks for that @kingie chaser. Food for thought (pun intended). I often come home with slimies still in good condition I the live bait tank. I usually salt and freeze them for bait. I’m definitely going to try cooking them next time. I’ve always meant to try smoking them but I never get around to it. I might try something on my new charcoal grill. 😋
  10. There is a local glass company in Port Stephens and the owners are obviously Irish as the Irish flag is painted on their van. The rego plate is CRAICD.
  11. Congratulations, Donna!
  12. I had an on-site van at Wisemans for about 4 years. Fishing was definitely better in the warmer months but it often depended on the salinity. An old rule of thumb was if the jellyfish were about it was salty enough. Having said that, my van was in a ski park and I didn’t ski, so I’d fish year round. Could usually manage bream and the odd flathead in winter and the occasional small jew. Too many catfish, though! Can’t help much re land based though as I fished from a boat except for the odd session off the jetty at the park. Fish the tide changes because the current really races along. Peeled p
  13. Great idea, Ron! I’m going to make one of these myself! 😎
  14. Poor Ron! He’s posted a tip for a home made tool in aluminium and the thread’s gone way off topic ad nauseum. I think you guys need to go fishing or at least watch Netflix and chill! 😂
  15. My son had ZZ22TU on his last Nissan Silvia (a S15 / 200SX). Apparently the sound the turbo makes on boost. He let the plates go when it was written off (not on the road - it rolled down the driveway 😂) and now he’s got another Silvia (this time a S14 / 180SX), he wishes he still had them. They were apparently snapped up and are now on a VL(?) Commodore.
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