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  1. Berleyguts

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Welcome back, Jim! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Nothing like a stainless steel screw or two in a limb! I remember the one in my AC joint (shoulder) from an Over 35s soccer game all too well! I was glad to get that screw out after 6 months and get some mobility back but the movement will never be the same! On a positive note... I wonder what you can bring through the metal detector at the airport??? 😂
  2. Berleyguts

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    I probably carry too much! When I fish outside solo in my 4.5m side console during the warmer months, I carry 8 outfits: a 6kg game rod, a 10kg game rod, a 15kg game rod, 3 threadline outfits rigged with 20lb braid but different line class mono breakaways for ANSA line class fishing (some for fishing lures, some for bait), an ultra light flick stick for having fun casting at bonito, salmon and tailor etc., and a light threadline outfit rigged with a Sabiki style bait jig. The theory is, I can get another line in the water immediately if I bust off during a hot bite. In winter, I usually won’t take the 10 and 15kg game outfits. Inside, I’ll generally take a light, medium and heavier outfit, although I don’t tend too fish too heavy inside, usually 2kg, 4kg and 6 or 8kg. and maybe a squid outfit. As I said, it’s probably overkill but I like being prepared for any eventuality and to always have line(s) in the water with no down time while rerigging. I wouldn’t be without my sounder and GPS and I like to make the effort to catch live bait whenever possible.
  3. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    I wouldn’t mind overnighting at Broughton. It would be pretty cold though, wouldn’t it?
  4. Berleyguts

    What's this fish?

    Pike. I don’t think there’s a minimum length but you’d have to check the regs. A bit smelly. Better fish to eat. Can make a good live bait.
  5. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Is there a moon phase or tide pattern you’re looking for? 15/16 looks a little better on the Maori charts.
  6. Berleyguts

    Sydney North FAD missing

    Hit by a container ship, maybe?
  7. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    8, 9 & 10 June is the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend and the Bluewater Country Music Festival here. So accommodation prices up and might be a bit crowded. And I might have a gig (hoping anyway).
  8. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Yeah, it be good to catch up with you, too, Ron. The flathead whisperer.
  9. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    You’re not wrong. I was all set to fish tomorrow with a former work colleague of the missus. He came up to Port this morning and is sleeping on his boat with his 2 sons and wanted me to crew for him as they’re not too keen on fishing offshore. We were going to try the FAD. I was all rigged and set to go then my son comes in saying he has to pick up a car in Sydney tomorrow and guess who has to be the other driver? 🤔 Damn! The things we do for family! 😂 I tend to work every second weekend. If I get enough notice, I can try and swap with someone.
  10. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Who you calling a whale?! 😂 Sounds good! I suppose it will have to be on a weekend? I hope it will fit in around my roster! 🤔
  11. Berleyguts

    Off Sydney today

    Great stuff, Sam! Yeah, it appears that the marlin season has been a bit hit and miss this year. Good to see the dollies are still about!
  12. Berleyguts

    Nice reddies off cronulla

    Well done!
  13. Berleyguts

    Bustin Bass at Lostock

    Stonker bass! Well done!
  14. Berleyguts

    Fitting New Live Bait Tank Pump

    I tested it with the hose on full flow. The outlet seemed to handle it OK.
  15. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Or, if I’m available too, we can take a couple of boats and keep in touch via VHF. I don’t usually do weekends, though.