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  1. As GoingFishing says, you will get a lot of different answers here. In my game rods with Overhead reels, I like to use mono and use Platypus Pretest as it is pretested to break at or under the line class I am fishing. On my light outfit, I use a Shimano TLD2000 Charter Special and 6kg Pretest, although I could spool it with 10kg if necessary. I also fish 10kg and 15kg outfits with Pretest (10 and 15) on a Tyrnos 20 2 speed and a Tyrnos 30 2 speed respectively. For the fishing I do, I don’t feel I need to fish 24kg line class or heavier. I use mono because I predominantly troll and mono’s stretch can be a bit forgiving on the strike. Also, braid is expensive, especially pretested braid, if you can find it. I fish ANSA/IGFA line classes. On my threadline outfits, which I generally don’t troll with, I currently fish 20lb braid and I like Daiwa J Braid with the colour indicators. To fish under ANSA regs, I use a 50-100cm length of mono Pretest (in the line class I am fishing) as a breakaway line between the braid and the fluorocarbon leader. I may invest in a 30lb braid outfit this summer. I personally don’t feel the need to fish any heavier than 15kg class. Not sure I have the strength to fish 24kg or heavier! I once spent 3 1/2 hours on a huge yellowfin on 10kg, standing up in a 14ft Quinnie. I reckon if I’d tried to put the pressure on with 24, it would have pulled me in! If I was consistently targeting huge fish, I might consider 24 but 10 and 15 suits me fine and 5:1 and 10:1 captures are possible. 😉 Just my thoughts.
  2. Berleyguts

    Navigation lights

    I don’t like much light at night. It ruins my night vision. The removable telescopic pole on my starboard gunwhale serves me fine.
  3. I have no problem in Port Stephens with the ban on witches hat crab nets. I use up to my 2 round crab traps and my 4 hoop nets. The traps I might leave down while I fish outside or elsewhere and check when I get back. The hoop nets, you have to work a bit. So, I’ll set them and fish nearby for flathead etc. then check the nets every 20 or 30 minutes. The catch rate is about the same, although I mainly target blue swimmers. No by catch in the hoop nets but last summer I did catch 2 wobbegongs in the traps, duly released. You can invert your witches hats to work like a hoop net.
  4. Berleyguts

    Navigation lights

    My port and starboard lights would be fine. My stern/all round white light is on a removable telescopic pole on the starboard gunwhale forward of the rear starboard rod holder. I’m pretty sure it’s 120cm. I’m 165cm, so it’s higher than me and anything else when I’m standing (except on the casting deck). If I had the bimini on, it might be an issue but the bimini just gets in the way, so it just sits in the garage! Maybe I can’t allow tall crew members when night fishing! 😂
  5. Berleyguts

    Woronora River - Fresh Water Access?

    I’m not local anymore... it’s been several years since I’ve been down that way but if the weir is still there at Deadman’s Creek, that is a good place to start. I used to get a few bass there back in the day.
  6. Berleyguts

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Ha ha! Actually, I haven’t been out for a few months due to illness, trips away and jobs around the yard etc. very frustrating! But, when the battery’s not flat and the starter solenoid isn’t faulty, she starts first time every time in the driveway! I hardly ever use my chainsaw but I have about 1/2 litre of 40:1 2-stroke mix that would be a couple of years old. That chainsaw starts every time, too!
  7. Berleyguts

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    I should state that I always use fuel stabiliser in my boat fuel and in my power gardening equipment, whether 2 or 4 stroke. Fuel stabiliser is claimed to extend the life of fuel to up to 3 years, minimising octane drop and help combat moisture and ethanol related issues (not that I use E10). I use Stabil.
  8. Berleyguts

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Great stuff, guys!
  9. Berleyguts

    The role of a man

    Helicopter parenting and the, possibly, founded fear of the creeps that are out there in this world today, unfortunately. When I was a kid, we played in/on the street and in the bush down the road. The PlayStation was a tree by the creek. At age 8, I had my first pocket knife and used to camp out overnight in that bush down the end of the road. Before BMX/mountain biking was a sport, I used to ride my sister’s little 20” bike (I had a 24” road bike - too short for a 26/27 😂) along logs, off rock jumps and flat out down the hill to a dead end, grab a willow branch as I took air and swung out into the creek. We’d catch frogs and lizards and snakes, trap rabbits or try and shoot them with an air rifle - as long as we were careful near the golf course, the manager didn’t mind. We’d ride through the stormwater drains underground for miles, without incident because we paid attention to what the weather was doing. We’d get a few grazes, bruises and sprains and occasionally, a kid would break an arm or a leg but nobody sued anybody because we were just kids being kids. Nobody got into any serious trouble because if you did something really stupid, someone would tell your parents about it. In fact, a neighbourhood mum would probably clip you over the ear and your parents would thank them. There was community in those days. 😎 It’s just not like that anymore. 😢 I drank from the hose and survived! 😂
  10. Berleyguts

    The role of a man

    Sometimes, there’s not always a father around to pass these things on, I’m afraid. Split families can make this type of thing difficult. I’m not particularly handy but I’ll have a go at most things. Some things I know are beyond me and I’ll get someone in if necessary. Other things take time and I will do them - I just wish the missus would stop reminding me every six months! 🤬😂 I learnt a bit off my Dad (he wasn’t particularly handy but a good painter and now I’m equally as fussy about painting), more off my grandfather, a little more from neighbours and a bit more as I moved through life from work colleagues etc., also quite a lot from Scouts. Sometimes, kids are just waiting for someone to take them under their wing and teach them the things they haven’t had the opportunity to learn from their Dad. Just a thought. 😉 I’m more interested in seeing a young man who treats women with respect, speaks confidentally and respectfully to all people he encounters, has good manners, says “Excuse me”, “Please” and “”Thank you”, shakes your hand firmly, looks you in the eye, states their name when making and receiving phone calls, leaves a clear voice mail message if you can’t answer and apologises when necessary! Teach them that, by example, and I think the other stuff will follow.
  11. Berleyguts

    Trout near train station?

    Get some good quality topographical maps of the area. Peruse them, then see what Google Earth shows you for the same area. You can spend several days hiking in, starting from one station and finishing at another. If you are a seasoned bush walker and camper, it should be a great expedition but not for the faint hearted. I always wanted to do one of those fishing trips on horseback in the area - never got around to it.
  12. Berleyguts

    First Big Red

    Great effort!
  13. Berleyguts

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Nope. It’s a fuel topic, started so @mrsswordfisherman can merge in the off topic posts re fuel that we put in the thread on outboards. 😂 There was a lot of discussion on the different octane of petrol used. Shouldn’t matter if it’s a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke motor but feel free to state what motor it’s going in. I hadn’t factored in diesel, though! 😂
  14. Berleyguts

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    In my car, I definitely get better performance with 98 compared to 95. I haven’t used 91, so I can’t compare. On a highway trip, I get 100km more to the tank with 98, compared to 95 and it seems to have more get up and go. I will try and do some comparisons in the boat but sea conditions will probably impact on results. I tend to go everywhere flat out or as fast as conditions will allow except when trolling or approaching a spot. 😂