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  1. I always use those wide gape hooks on my paternoster rigs when drifting for flathead offshore. Usually get a nice clean hookup in the lip or corner of the mouth. Fish them like a circle. They are a lighter hook, though ... I have had a couple rushed by snapper.
  2. A tough decision but, I think, the right one. I note that Council’s “local residents only” sign is still up at Little Beach ramp anyway! 🤷‍♂️ So many variables at the moment. Mandatory masks for staff at my work started yesterday (Monday) and probably 80% of customers who enter the store have been wearing them. Before, people were far too complacent. Let’s hope we all remain vigilant without being paranoid. Stay safe, everyone.
  3. I might be a sick b...tard because I like to freak out the looky-loo tourists taking photos of the pelicans by throwing frames in their direction. 😂 I’ve had the odd fish taken by a pelican. It doesn’t really concern me but I’ve learnt to guard my catch better.
  4. How long does the battery last on a handheld? I leave my radio on all the time from when I leave the ramp until I return to the ramp. That way, I can hear alerts, weather reports, calls for help from nearby boats that I may be able to assist etc., plus chatter that might lead to fish. Can a handheld last that long?
  5. Only $50 or so more than a handheld, depending on the model. Plus antenna and installation, of course. Money well spent, in my opinion. Port Stephens FAD is about 12nm out - I want the power of a fixed unit. If the boat’s sinking, I want the EPIRB activated by then!
  6. The best I have found are goggles and a pair of Speedos. But only for very prized lures. In gin clear water. In summer. 😂
  7. I saw a nice 26 (I think) footer for sale at Soldiers Point marina today. Outboard - Yamaha maybe (it was covered). Think it had $70k on it. I saw a lot of nice boats at that marina... the wife said, “Don’t even think about it” 😂
  8. Now I don’t feel so bad I didn’t get out and stayed home in bed! 😂
  9. Berleyguts

    Laundry reno

    Looks the goods, Noel! Well done! Did you use Gyprock plasterboard/drywall or villa board for wet areas?
  10. Thanks Donna. Yes, I figured out how to customise and scroll ahead but see how you can only see 5 hours at a time? On my phone, I can only see 4. It’s all good! 😎
  11. Thanks Donna. I’ll check it more regularly and compare with Willy Weather and Fish Ranger, which I usually use. What I’d like to see with Deckee Weather is the ability to see a 5 day forecast for wind, swell and tides at a glance (like WW) and the ability to save locations as favourites. Currently, it seems it only suggests locations around my immediate location. I can type in Broughton Island but I have to do this each time... I can’t save it as a regular option. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. And, while I can scroll ahead on each option (wind, swell, tide etc.), I can only see 4 hours at a time, when I really want to see 5 days at a glance, then drill down for a more detailed view as required. If these “tweaks” could be added, I’m sure I’d use it more. 😎
  12. Thanks Donna. Guess where I was on 15 July... Yes. Salamander Bay Shopping Centre! 🥺 So annoyed! I was tested the week before due to a bit of a cough... 2nd time, both times negative. I still get the odd cough, so I have to go and get tested again as I was in that shopping centre on that day. 😡 I just get a slight cough from the cold air, when talking a lot at work, or by reaction to all the disinfectant and sanitiser. I’ve been wearing a mask at work as a precaution but more to keep customers away from me! 😂 I’m now on holidays and was planning on fishing Broughton tomorrow but now I’ve got to arrange another test, then isolate until my results are back, so I guess I’m not fishing again tomorrow, dammit! That’ll be the 3rd trip I’ve had to cancel because I was awaiting results of a COVID test! 😢 Everyone would be OK if they just stayed home when sick, maintained a minimum 1.5m distance, wear a mask when they can’t, cough/sneeze into their elbow, don’t lick their fingers when handling cash (I see it all the time) etc. and wash their damn hands frequently! Stay safe, Raiders!
  13. The first rod I ever built was on a Butterworth FMT72L. I built it when I was a teenager so it is now well over 40 years old. I have refurbished it twice in that time, with new guides and bindings. Before I put the new guides on, I masked up the grips and reel seat and sprayed the blank with a rattle can. The finish is OK. No bubbles. It gets some scratches from leaning it against things but otherwise it’s held up pretty good. I’d have no hesitation in spraying it again when the time comes for another rebuild. 😉
  14. Amazing effort! You certainly put in the miles! Well done! I think I’m getting too old for that kind of fishing... I’d need to fit in a “nanna nap”/poppy flop” there somehow! 😂
  15. Maybe Scratchie could do a live Zoom session at Broughton Island and we could watch him in action! 😂
  16. To “download Zoom” to use on your phone (I have an iPhone), is the app ZOOM Cloud Meetings? I have no idea!
  17. We used to catch them at a decent size - 25-30cm and occasionally bigger. I haven’t seen one for years. They are possibly my favourite fish for Thai fish cakes. 😋
  18. 1. Iki jime - spike into the brain Google it); then 2. Bleed; then 3. Into a saltwater ice slurry (for saltwater fish). I don’t usually bleed snapper, flathead etc. but always bleed luderick, tailor, salmon, bonito, tuna etc. Thats just my preference. 🤷‍♂️
  19. Yes, I thought it was a lot cheaper through Marine Rescue. Whenever they’ve done one I’ve been working. They always seem to be on weekends. I’d prefer nights. 🤷‍♂️ Courses have been suspended due to COVID anyway. My first job out of school (a long time ago) I manned the radio base for an elevator company, so I was taught correct protocols, I learnt the phonetic alphabet and read up on procedures. It’s not hard but some people using the VHF or 27meg networks are just rude idiots. 🤷‍♂️
  20. Can you pick up Marine Rescue from your home? Fortunately I can and I just call them following the normal procedures on 16. E.g.: ”Marine Rescue Port Stephens, Marine Rescue Port Stephens, Marine Rescue Port Stephens. This is Sea Miner, Sea Miner, Sea Miner, requesting radio check. Over.” They’ll then respond and either ask me to go to another channel (usually 71) and give me the answer, hopefully “Reading you loud and clear on both channels”. If it’s a quiet day with not much traffic, they sometimes respond in full on 16. On your initial call, you should repeat the call sign of the boat or station you are calling 3 times and repeat your call sign 3 times.
  21. Good stuff, Rick! You slept in the boat?
  22. Great stuff, Jeff, Mick and Brandon! Good idea to get out before the big low hits. 🤔 I’d planned to fish yesterday or today but I’ve been pretty crook, so stayed home and I won’t be going to work on the weekend either by the looks of it. Had another COVID test yesterday and results quickly came back this morning - negative. We’re in for some big seas from Tuesday onwards, so it might fish OK after the big blow (and after school hols)! Spent an hour or so up on the roof making some repairs so I don’t get any more leaks when the weather hits - now I’m knackered and need a rest! 😂 Can’t wait to get out there again!
  23. Yes, that is why the charters prefer you to fish 24kg... lots of sharks! I remember I was trolling 15 and hooked a decent rat. Then the deckie said, “Get it in quick! There’s a Noah after it!” So I started cranking it in harder. Then the deckie called out, “No! Drop it back! There’s a bloody big king after it!” So I dropped it back. A huge king hit it and took off. I got reefed! 🤷‍♂️
  24. I have the Wilson Blackfish rod paired with an Alvey Blackfish reel. Both reasonably priced and they do the job. You could also put a spin reel on the rod but it is a sloppy rod - what you need for luderick.
  25. I can’t give you much advice on gear but I do advise you to check your baggage limits. When I fished LHI in 1990 there was a 15kg baggage limit on the aircraft (a DASH 8). I took as few clothes as I could in order to carry more fishing gear. I packed a Daiwa Sealine 400H loaded with 15kg mono and a 4500 Baitrunner from memory loaded with 6kg mono plus a spare spool of 4kg. I packed the 2 rods (built myself on a JS980 blank and a Super Barra blank) in a PVC tube. These days, I’d take a lever drag reel in 15 or 24kg class and something like one of my snapper outfits (20 or 30lb braid). You might want to go heavier, although the charter I fished on provided good gear in 24kg class, which is why I took lighter gear... I did have a lot of fun on smaller kings on the 4kg line and it served me in the lagoon on Trevally and bluefish. What I couldn’t fit in my suitcase, I posted ahead (lures mostly, about 5kg worth). Allow plenty of time for postage. I used to work for Australia Post and was heavily involved in mail issues to LHI. Unless you pay for Express Post, parcels go by road to Yamba, then by ship to the island. The ship only goes every 2 weeks, so allow at least 3 weeks ex Sydney but be aware that the ship goes into dry dock twice a year so it can be 6 weeks between journeys. Express Post and letters will be carried by air but there are weight and space restrictions, so it may not always get on the first flight. In low tourist seasons, there are less flights and who knows how COVID19 has affected mail carriage to LHI? My friends still with Post advise that parcel volumes (due to COVID) across Australia generally are unprecedented, heavier than Christmas volumes and they are really under the pump. Short answer, don’t post something you can’t afford to be without. Good luck and tight lines!