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  1. DerekD

    The trip away... a summary (part two)

    Hi Neil, In the past depending on weather, currents and a pinch of fairy dust I find the schools of pelagics (well the kings) start to move into the harbour in numbers between mid-October and mid-November and then stay across the Summer. The salmon are usually there in numbers a little earlier. If this season starts as I have seen in the past (last year was horrible for me in main harbour) then would suggest you aim to get back up here mid to late November. At that time of year they are hungry and not exactly lure/hook shy. Rat (undersized) kings are a lot of fun on the lighter gear. Regards, Derek
  2. DerekD

    Jew Fish Research Project

    PM sent.
  3. DerekD

    The trip away... a summary (part two)

    Hi Neil, It was a pleasure meeting you and Waza (and Frank, Savit, etc) and like most good things in life it was way too short. I'm looking forward to your next trip up and really hope you can make it in the summer months when the big schools of pelagics move into the harbour. Hooking them on light gear and hearing the drag screaming still has not lost its addiction for me even after all these years. I think Michael and I would be keen to head down your direction in the future to try for some of these not so little Murray cod you were telling us about. Regards, Derek
  4. DerekD

    Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Hi CJay, Someone I have recently corrupted is now looking at a slightly heavier spinning outfit. A fishing mate recommended the Demon Blood series so I found your review very interesting. What reel and line (brand, rating and length) did you match it up with? Regards, Derek
  5. DerekD

    UV glow squid jigs

    Hi Richard, You are correct but the ones I use usually glow green. They can even be charged with just a normal torch or light but charging them with a UV torch seems to charge them up quicker (say 15-30 seconds). I usually re-charge mine every time they are retrieved but I find the longer the fishing session with re-charges the longer they seem to hold their charge each time. On a side note some squid jigs will only have a few key parts which glow. On other jigs the whole body can glow. I prefer the later so chheck it in the store before you put the money down. Regards, Derek
  6. DerekD

    Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Cremorne wharf on Friday. Sweet. Means I'll try and pick up some fresh squid over the next few evenings and have a stash of squid in the freezer as a fallback. I'll also try and get some cabbage weed after work on Thursday.
  7. DerekD

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    Hi Frank, I really appreciate the invitation and have put my leave request in today for fishing this Friday but unfortunately due to work committments will not be able to take Thursday off too. Looking forward to meeting you on the Friday. Regards, Derek
  8. DerekD

    Slimy Mackerel, Squid and Yellowtail

    That is where the short sharp jab with the rod tip comes in to set the tines of the squid jig. My rig for chasing cuttlefish uses a small squid jig such as a 1.8 or a 1.6 which makes it easier to hook up.
  9. DerekD

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Hi All, I've received the following update from Anton: "Hey mate, have been discharged which is great. Opened and cleaned the wound out yesterday but have something called Cellulitis from the wound, it was contained in the foot and leg so I'm lucky it didn't reach the lymph node in the knee. Can't move my toes and will have crutches for a month and swelling and discolouration of foot about 3-6 months to clear and advised not to fly. Bit of a bugger but I'm happy to be out of there". The other friend that had an unfortunate encounter with a stingray looked to be in worse condition than Anton and recovered faster but now that I have seen what Anton has been through it is rather scary about how bad it could have been. Anton is/was scheduled to fly overseas tomorrow and I am not sure if he will go or not. On a positive note, if he doesn't fly then I have my fishing companion for the weekend. We were in bare feet at the time and looking back at the location of the strike (see photo below) I am of the opinion that footwear would not have prevented this so please take extra care when wading the sand flats. Regards, Derek
  10. DerekD

    Slimy Mackerel, Squid and Yellowtail

    Well done KevinC and I appreciate the update. If you can catch cuttlefish then you can catch squid. They have smaller tentacles (apart from the gigantic cuttlefish that I've seen turn up near the heads) than squid so it can be a little harder to jag them. I came up with a rig to specifically catch them as I think they make a great snack sized bait for the kings. Up in Pittwater I know a few people who prefer using cuttlefish over squid for chasing kings. Regards, Derek
  11. DerekD

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    I had to look really carefully - in the end the band aid gave it away.
  12. DerekD

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Unfortunately he wasn't shuffling at the time and I was only using a half shuffle so it could have just as easily been me. There was a chance they were going to operate on him this morning and as he has not responded to my recent text asking for an update I'd say he was put under anaesthetic.
  13. DerekD

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Some follow ups from Anton this evening: Hot water is number one priority type of water (bay/shore) is important Type of ray if you can identify it Furthermore, if the swelling increases on day 2 don't discount it. He is staying in for observation and waiting on news if they want to do some surgery on barb fragments and some necrotic skin (I'm going to have to look that up - just did - disturbing). On a positive note he has so much more respect for stingrays (I'm having a flashback to the Modern Family episode filmed in Oz) and he liked the Shimano Waxwings I showed him so much he has bought two of them. Wonder if I can convince Shimano to re-release that product line. Found them in a store recently and cleared 7 of them off the shelf. To those more observant people among us see if you can work out which foot was afflicted?
  14. Hi All, Several weeks ago I met Anton, a gentleman from the UK who was enjoying fishing and wanted to learn more about fishing Sydney. He has been a fun fishing companion and I have managed to convert him to the joy and sensitivity of using braid. He fortunately hasn’t blamed me for all the new fishing gear he has recently acquired. This Saturday’s expedition was to get Luderick (blackfish) and learn how to collect yabbies (nippers). We started off early at some sand flats while the tide was up to see if we could pick up a fish with lures. I scored a flathead but apart from that it was pretty quiet. We then swung past my favourite spot for cabbage weed but the swell was up and I didn’t consider it safe so cancelled that. Next stop was three fishing related shops to pick up a snapper rod, reel, braid and some additional lures which had been put aside. Time to get the yabbies down at Pittwater. On the way there we discussed the hazard of stingrays on the flats and what some people I know in Pittwater refer to as “The stingray shuffle”. Also told Anton about a Belgian friend of mine that was stung about 2.5 years ago at the back of the basin and had to swim back to the rangers hut. He was a paratrooper back in the day and built like Jean Claude van Damme and the effect the stingray venom had on him was obvious in that he went white and his body was shaking – he did retain his sense of humour. Steve Irwin came up in discussion too. I told Anton that we would also likely find soldier crabs on the flats and the thousands we found there made an impression on him. It took Anton a little while to get into the swing of yabby pumping but after a little while he started to get some results. Once he’d got it to the point I felt he understood the concept I took over to speed things up – experience does make a difference. Since we had the yabbies I made a call to use a few then and there so we got his rod out of the car and set it up for whiting. With the low tide we were pretty close to the drop off and as there is ribbon weed there I wanted to get the bait beyond that into the deeper water. Showed Anton how to rig up the yabby and he cast out with a rather pathetic and relaxed wind up (thought I’d taught him better). A few bites and no hook up. Next cast was along the top of the sand bank but all the whiting I’d seen were the small specimens. To get into the deeper water I decided we would move forward a few more meters. Then the stingray struck. Looking back on it now I’d like to think I was pretty calm and collected and I hope I was even stoic about it. I was pretty sure what it was. I knew how it was likely to play out but you never know until it happens to you. Anton was a little more excitable and to be really fair to the guy it was him and not me that stood on the ray. He said something had bitten him and when we got into the shallower water there was a cut of about 15mm long just forward of the ankle with blood happily pouring out (wondering if they have an anti-coagulant in their venom). That was the end of the fishing so I quickly released the yabbies and collected the gear to move back to the car. A couple of sharp guys on a nearby boat guessed what it was too and advised hot water, a trip to the medical centre and three types of antibiotics as it happened to one of their mates the week before. I called some friends in the area as I wanted to get to hot water asap but as they didn’t respond we headed straight for Mona Vale hospital. His foot had gone numb by the time we arrived so I had to help him in. There were a few people ahead of us in the emergency department and I really don’t like pushing in but the quicker we got the foot in hot water the quicker the venom could be broken down. After a quick assessment the nurse took him into the ward for treatment. I am a silver lining type person and now that the immediate danger was past I felt some shit stirring was in order. I sent him a message that if he hadn’t been casting so pathetically we wouldn’t had to take the few steps forwards and he wouldn’t have stood on the ray. His quick comeback was that he didn’t want to kill the yabby with his massive casting distance. He thought it would take a while as they would have to do an ultrasound and x-ray and suggested I head off for a fish. I countered that I didn’t want him to comment for years to come that I had left him at the hospital suffering while I went fishing (it was a tight decision though). At this stage a lovely nurse with a beautiful smile came into the waiting room to help one of the patients. I described her to him and he thought it was the nurse who had first treated him so I asked him what her name was and to put in a good word for his “caring and heroic mate”. He declined – blamed it on too much other stuff going on. He said the hottest water and the three kinds of painkillers had made a difference. To quote how he was feeling at the time “I have a pretty good pain tolerance but holy shit”. This is a person that used to play rugby and had broken bones before. They couldn’t find any barbs but he did throw up. He is normally a really upbeat person but I think the drugs were taking him to the next level. Another quote of his is “It’s awesome, I was literally feeling the venom moving up my leg as it becomes numb”. One of the nurses asked how long he had been in Oz. The reply was 8 years and the follow up was a question if it was too soon to mention Steve Irwin? He laughed. I was so happy to see him coming out of the ward doors that I gave him a handshake and then a hug. Back into the car and back to the lower north shore area. Metaphorically when you fall off a horse you are supposed to get back and try it again. I couldn’t find some sand flats but we did spool up his new snapper rod and he got some casting practice in. He hooked up a little tailor on a Shimano waxwing so the rod was christened before I took him home. Thinking about it later I think I have come out on the worst end of the deal for a number of reasons: All going well he should heal up pretty soon whereas I’ll have to deal with the guilt trip for a long time to come. Like a few Englishmen I’ve met his tolerance to Sydney’s brisk air temperature is sufficiently poor that I can accuse him of being a wuss. He has proved himself sufficiently macho that I can no longer use that statement. The three hours he was in the hospital is fishing time I'll never get back and it was such a lovely day too. I still have to clean the blood stains off my car’s trim. Now on a more serious note: Firstly, the staff at the Mona Vale hospital were both friendly and professional and it was a pleasure to see them at work and making a difference to people’s lives. Thank you!! Secondly, Anton has been suffering a bit more since the anaesthetic wore off and hasn’t been able to put weight on it. As of this evening he has lost feeling in his foot and the swelling has increased so he headed back in to hospital for some further check-ups (and the nurse’s name I hope). I’m hoping to provide a positive update sooner rather than later. Thirdly, Fishraider has as a pinned topic in Fishing Chat an advice column on stingray related injuries – if you haven’t then I highly recommend reading it. Regards, Derek
  15. DerekD

    Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Hi Waza, While I was thinking the Cremorne area in general I didn't put it forward (yet) as I didn't want to hijack what others had already put in motion. At least we have a few days to play with so we can do multiple locations. One of the things I like about the Cremorne suggestion is I have a number of spots in the surrounding area which should be pretty easy for us to get to (even with your current health issues) and I can get easy parking. I'll PM you with a few more ideas or probably call you for a chat over the next week. Saves me suffering from RSI from all the typing. The weed and sand for the blackfish I can organise the day before and I've got some pretty good squid stocks in the freezer for the kings. I'll probably do some squidding sessions before then and then we can also try on the day and introduce Neil to the techniques and bait preparation. Ryder and FrankS - what were your thoughts about locations which are convenient for us all to get to? Regards, Derek