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  1. Transport: A friend asked me to get some photographs of his lovingly customised Vespa... Taken with Canon EOS 80D and 18 to 135mm lens. The challenge was trying to keep my image out of the mirror like reflective surfaces (unsuccessfully, if you look carefully at the photos).
  2. Please do. You've posted some cracking ones so far and if you have others in the garage like these then it would be a shame not to share them.
  3. Hot dang!! @kingie chaser Those food shots are fantastic. I had a sugar rush just looking at the last photo. Who prepared the food in your photos? If it was you I vote we have a BBQ at yours once Covid restrictions ease.
  4. Wildlife: White faced heron. Was lucky enough to catch this bird feeding. The meal was less lucky. Canon EOS 80D. This rainbow lorikeet came up to say hello while I had my 80D with me. I bought a 150mm-600mm lens for some wildlife photography a few months back. This cropped photo of the crab was taken from about 3m away. With the Canon 80D having a cropped sensor it did help with the magnification a bit.
  5. Trees: This tree growing on a tree was a surprise
  6. Topic: Close up (or angles) Was teaching my cousin the basics of photography. One thing I was trying to impress on her is change your perspective or elevation or angle to get the impact. Using what I said she took this one of a very famous iconic Sydney building (I wish I'd taken it) on my Canon EOS 350D. It is the Sydney Opera house.
  7. Hi Zoran. Luv it!! Especially how the sense of movement comes through in the photograph. Your daughter did really well there. Please keep them coming. D.
  8. Hi All, Most of us have easy access to a camera. It might be a simple as your mobile phone or a high end kit. I started the following challenge for work during Covid but never followed through on it but I thought it would be a good topic for Fishraider. The challenge is to put together a set of images in whichever suggested topic(s) below appeal to you. If you head out for your outdoor recreation bring your camera. I've also included topics that can be done inside the home. Get creative. Play around with the angles that you take them from. Consider the light. This is not a competition as such but it is a chance to share images which give us a bit more insight into the people on this forum. If you can, include some details about the photo such as where, when, the camera or phone. A loved one Action Angles Beach Black and White Boating Close to the heart Close ups Clouds Dusk and Dawn Fireworks Flowers Food Homes Landscape Macro (thanks @Green Hornet) Nightlife Polarising lens impact (the most dramatic changes you have using a circular polarising filter) Portrait Reflections (thanks @kingie chaser) Roads Sculpture Silhouette Stone Textures Transport Trees View from my window (e.g. home, office, car) Water Weddings Wildlife Some examples for action photos: The first two were taken at the ski park near Wiseman's ferry when one of the boat owners was kind enough to take me out on their boat. The challenge was keeping the focus sharp as the gentlemen was working the wake hard. I then realised that since he was on a ski rope he was always going to be the same distance from the tie off point on the boat. I just got the sharpness right once then turned off the autofocus. The second was taken at Curl Curl south when we had some pretty big waves. If you have photos taken previously which fit into the categories then feel free to recycle them. Those beautiful photos you have sitting on storage will bring far more joy if you can share them around to a larger audience. I'm also open to suggestions for other topics. Happy snapping. Regards, Derek
  9. Savage Gear or Shimano? The only Bream Raiders I know are made by Shimano. I highly recommend the Shimano Bream raiders and they are still in my top five for bream rods based on configuration (length and short butt) and bang for buck. It is what I teach people on when introducing them to plastics. A number of people I have helped have bought them. The weight is a tad heavy but you only really notice it if you have switched from a lighter rod. I'd probably be looking at the Bream Raider 762 (7 foot 6 inches 2 piece) as it has a 3 to 12gm rating. The 1 to 4 has a slightly lighter lure rating. If you can go a little more then I'd be looking at the ArrowZ range in 7 foot. Just a touch lighter.
  10. Hi Donna, Firstly, thanks for the "great content" badge. Came as a pleasant surprise. I spent some time trying to find what others had been created. Your post above clarified that a little further. I feel the new badges are a bit like the Easter eggs at the end of a Marvel film in that you feel you have received an extra reward for taking the time to hang in there. Regards, Derek
  11. Had a query several years ago about kings in the moorings. Read through some of the replies here: Curious why you are losing them. Are you landbased or on some sort of watercraft? If on a boat, even with light gear you should have a good chance of landing them.
  12. Hi Cooper, Welcome to Fishraider. Have a read through: We can then go through any questions you have afterwards. I know the Middle Harbour area very well and have fished it for a long time. I've messaged you my contact number. Regards, Derek
  13. I've done really well on the Ecogear ZX 30/35/40/43 series. The problem I've had with the traditional vibes is that the trebles are very snaggy and as I am fishing light gear it can sometimes get expensive. The ZX series does away with the trebles and uses two small but very strong assist hooks. I've landed quite a few different species on it including, flathead, bream, whiting, tarwhine, squid, peacock(red) gurnard, salmon, trevalley and even a kingfish. I like the 40 and now the 43 for the casting distance. Most of the time I bounce these along the bottom although I have had fish take them on the drop through the water column as well as when bringing them to the surface. These things can vibrate so aggressively that they are probably the equivalent of shouting underwater. Some people talk about using a slow roll or wind but I don't like this as you can't tell how far or quickly you are moving off the bottom hence the bouncing. The way I fish them is to cast as far as I can and look for the sag as it hits the bottom (I don't fish them in areas I know to be really snaggy). Wind the slack up and smoothly pull it to get it vibrating 3 or 4 times, pause briefly, then get it to vibrate another 3 or 4 times and then let it find the bottom. I want to cover ground slowly and give fish the time to make the decision to hit it. As the hooks are trailing that is an easy point for the fish to hit.
  14. @big Neil makes pottery. He reached out for help with the photography as he was struggling to take photos of his work which would give a good representation of the actual colours. There is an aspect of photography which can have a huge impact on photos called White Balance. Whites are not always white depending on the light they were taken in (something which has been a real eye opener for Neil). Under a tungsten light white can end up with a yellowish tinge. Fluorescent lights can give a blueish tinge. Sunny days, cloudy days, shade and flash can all have their own impacts. The Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 (DPP4) has a tab in which you can select each option for a RAW file and see the impact on the photo. As an example, the photo of the pottery below was taken in a light box. The material on which it is sitting is white but due to the lights it has ended up with a yellowish tinge. This is the actual photo off the camera. The only thing I have done is to crop it. Neil was kind enough to give me the RAW photo of the same piece. I have also cropped it. This time I have the chance to correct the white balance in DPP4 using one of several options. Knowing it was taken under a tungsten light I can select this option which will put in a blue tinge bringing out the white. Alternatively, I can tell the software to sample a section of the photograph which I know to be white and it will correct the photo. There is also a temperature function which will change the warmth of the photo (lower is colder, higher is warmer) but I’ll have to make the judgement on when I have reached the right correction. For this photo I told the software which part of the photo I knew to be white (the material on which the piece sits) and allowed it to make the correction. Big difference to the photo above. I found this excellent tutorial which explains the concept very well and demonstrates how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQWXOF-lsEU
  15. Hi Again, I do the odd wedding here and there. Got talking to the groom (Daniel) at one and fired up his passion for photography. We kept in contact as he progressed. He was the one who showed me what was possible with Lightroom and Photoshop and essentially drove my decision to get into the post processing. I'm good enough with the camera to keep a bride (and groom) happy with the wedding day photos but I want to get to the next level. Both photos below were taken of a good friend of mine at an impromptu photos session. The location and the subject matter was fantastic. Problem was that even though I was using the flash I was competing with the sun (she was backlit). I also didn't have a reflector with me. Daniel took the JPG into Lightroom and enhanced the highlights (brighter sections of the photo) and a few other changes and the photo went from "good" to "this could go in a magazine". I can get pretty close to the same results with the Canon software but at this stage I'm still playing and learning. Regards, Derek Original photo Photo touched up by Daniel to "Oh... Wow!!"
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