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  1. SPOILER: Well done to everyone who contributed. We don't have a list from the people that put together the drawing so I've compiled a list based on answers that fit the best. List is open for discussion but this is what it looks like to date. Eye of the tiger - Survivor 1982 Man sweeping and biting dust: Another one bites the dust – Queen 1980 Blue Monday – New Order 1986 Girl on drums: She bangs the drums – Stone Roses 1989 Guy dreaming: Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics 1983 Girl lying on boy: Probably “(I just) Died in your arms (tonight) – Cutting Crew 1986 or less likely “on his lap” : Jack and Diane – John Mellencamp 1982 Man jumping: Jump – Van Halen 1983 Two urns: Ashes (think the cricket trophy) to Ashes – David Bowie 1980 Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel 1986 Gold – Spandau Ballet 1983 Top with ME written on it: Spin me round – Dead or Alive 1984 3x ghosts in a city: Ghost town – The Specials 1981 The magician: Either Abracadabra –Steve Miller Band 1982 or Its a kind of magic – Queen 1986 or Its magic – The cars 1984 Video Killed the Radio star – The Buggles 1979 (release date) Road to nowhere – Talking heads 1985 Storm trooper with Superman symbol on chest: Super trouper – ABBA 1980 Radioactive symbol at Pond – Radioactive – The Firm 1985 Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits 1981 Bird crying: Doves Cry – Prince 1984 Raining on the African animals: Africa – Toto 1981 Walk like an Egyptian – Bangles 1986 The henge: Stonehenge – Spinal Tap 1984 99 Luft (or red) Balloons – Nena 1983 Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves 1983 Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi 1986 The whole of the moon - Mike Scott and the Waterboys 1985 Total eclipse of the heart – Bonnie Tyler 1983 Monkey goes to heaven – Pixies 1989 Heaven sitting on earth: Heaven is a place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle 1987 2nd and smaller heart - Higher love – Steve Winwood 1986 Another possibility: Bottom half of the earth: Down under – Men at work 1981
  2. Hi 61 Crusher. Well done. The whole of the moon is the best answer I've seen come up for that one. Higher love is the best answer for the second and smaller heart to date - also well done. The answer we are using for the larger heart is Total Eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler. I'll put up the full list as a spoiler as pretty well every song has been covered. Regards. Derek
  3. That was the one we agreed on. Well done on the Super Trouper. Still only a few to go such as the hearts (two songs there) and the moon (there is a better answer). I'll post the list we worked out a bit later. I don't want to provide the spoilers too early.
  4. You are knocking them over @Berleyguts. The Hammer was a pretty popular hit with a pretty clever and slightly weird video clip but aren't most of them. The Starwars character has a second popular culture reference on it. I was feeling really smug when I came up with an answer there. You might need to zoom in slightly for that aha moment. Not Ghost busters. It ties in with the buildings behind it. Excellent guess on Radioactive by the Firm. Not sure if it ever made it downunder - I had to google it. My first guess was dark side of the moon but I believe that was an album from 1973 and not actually a song. There is a better answer. Well done on Stonehenge. Abracadabra is probably the best fit but I came up with Its a kind of magic by Queen and someone else thought of Its magic by the Cars. I've put together a list of the best answers that also feel right which I'll post later. I thought we would have had a lot more guesses from other raiders.
  5. Hi Undy. Some nice thinking in there. There are some better answers for some of the ones you came up with. I have put together a list of the best answers to date and am including some good alternatives. Keep going. D.
  6. That is an excellent start. Keep going. I've had it a bit easier as I have a computer to check the image. There were a few false starts in the group I did it with before but I think I have the full list now. Some were outside my listening tastes so I had to look them up.
  7. Hi All, This was put up by one of my school friends for a bit of fun. Can you work out the 30x 80s songs referenced in this drawing... We think we've worked them out but to date we don't have an official list. Hope you enjoy it.
  8. Hey Will, Just thinking out of the box here but are you only buying the rod to try fishing for Murray cod and Murray trout?? Is this something you plan to do a lot of? I suspect you are on a budget. The problem is that this is one situation where you should be spending the money to get a good entry level reel. Years ago I looked at the Shimano Chronarch and Curado and went the Curado as I couldn't justify the extra $100 for the frequency I'd use it. People who chase them regularly such as @big Neil please feel free to chime in on this train of thought. The advantages of the baitcaster is regularly stated as being the pinpoint accuracy (can thumb the spool to land the lure), their line rating for how compact they are (the spool is supported from both sides), the light weight if you are casting all day. From personal experience I will use my baitcaster for a sugapen lure as the shorter rod length (than my snapper raider) and the grip I use makes it real easy to get the walk the dog action I like. For most other stuff I go back to the spinning rod. Why not try it with your Snapper Raider first. It has a 5 to 8kg (you said you'd already put a 15lb braid on it) line rating and you can up your leader to say 40lb for abrasion resistance but use the FG joiner knot. You can cast lure weights to 45gm by rod rating and larger based on how you load the rod up when casting. By practice or feathering the line you should get pretty good at placing the lure. Yes you might lose a couple of fish but no assurance you would have landed them with the baitcaster either. If you find you love it then save the money for a decent set-up so you won't need to upgrade down the track. Regards, Derek
  9. DerekD

    Downloading photos.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.....!!! Luv your work Donna. Hope the caravanning has been going well.
  10. Well done. I'd say the learning about the reel's internals and the satisfaction of fixing it would far outweigh the $50 it would have cost to replace it. There might have been a burr or splinter on one of the gear teeth.
  11. Hi Will, Because of the drag system (metal and felt or carbon washers in the top of the spool) turning the spool by hand is probably not a good indication of your problem. Unless you have the drag totally locked down the spool should turn but the resistance will vary depending on how tight the drag is. That you can't turn the handle implies it is an internal issue with bearings or gears. When you say dunked are you talking completely submerged in water and more than once?? If that is a yes then I'd be pretty confident that is the root cause of the issue you are now seeing. Regards, Derek
  12. Hi Will, Considering the Siennas can be bought for $50 I wouldn't even bother about taking it in for service. Still worth taking it apart yourself as a learning exercise. If you repair it you've saved $50 if you stuff it up then you have learned something. Regards, Derek
  13. Hi Phil, Short answer is I don't think it matters at all from a saltwater fishes perspective. Longer answer - what are your science and math skills like. I raised this question from a theoretical worst case scenario and did the math a few years back. This was the resulting post: Try the numbers and then convert the pressure to inches or mm of water column. The daily tides and wakes we see in the water system would have a more noticeable impact than the pressure changes. I think you were in the right place at the right time. Regards, Derek
  14. Hi Will, We have been catching the redfin on bream gear. 1000 to 2500 reel with 1-3kg or personally I'd go a 2-4kg as you can use it for your other Sydney fishing and it will fill in the slot underneath your Raider Snapper. Also personally I'd go for a 7 foot to 7 foot 6 inches rod as the length translates to extra tip speed and casting distance. I'll PM you a link for a Shimano setup worth looking at. We bought 1x for @JahmonW and I was so impressed with it for the price point that I picked up another for a mate at work and then another 2x for my nephews. Match it with some 4lb Power Pro or 4lb Berkley X5 or super thin 6lb Daiwa J braid or 6lb Shimano Kairiki. Don't forget to put some mono (say 8lb) underneath to get the braid to fill the spool to the optimum level. If you get some nice clear mono (e.g. Platypus super 100) then you can use the rest of the spool as leader material. Regards, Derek
  15. Hi Jahmon. It has been an absolute pleasure showing you and Josiah some of the world class fishing that Sydney has to offer. The grin on your face when you catch a new species is contagious (of the good kind). We'll have to start concentrating on the mulloway (jewfish) soon as that might take a few outings. I can target them but I am nowhere near as proficient as some of the other people on this site. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the fishing checklist goes and now that you are likely to be in Sydney for a lot longer there will probably be a few other species that will get added to the list. Regards, Derek