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  1. Hi Will, Short answer is yes - but that it didn't have FK written on the spool left me a little uncertain. The Snapper Raider 762 rod was a present to me over a decade ago from my mother so I wanted a nice reel for it and matched it with the Stradic 4000FI (which I still use and which still performs very well) and 15lb braid. A couple of years ago while putting the Stradic in for service when the kings were around I bought a Sedona with 15lb braid which I now use when I want to take the rod out on the kayak. If it gets wet a $90 reel is less painful to damage than a $200 plus reel. While in my local fishing store I saw and picked up the Stradic 4000 FK and thought why not. It is the least used of my 4000 reels but such a nice reel. The new FL looks really nice but I can't justify it (yet). On a related matter - how have you been going with the new rod and lures? Regards, Derek
  2. Two or so years ago Fishraider @HenryR on a trip with @krauseoutside of Sydney heads hooked up on a huge Cobia (1m plus). For those who missed the write up with photos: I've also heard some reports of Cobia being seen in Middle Harbour last summer.
  3. Pretty sure I could too but don't have a photo. Do have this one though, which I picked up on a SP while in a friendly competition with a mate. As it was caught/hooked (albeit foul) on a lure it counted towards my point score - note that the plastic is 3" (75mm) long.... Shortly after my mate hooked this one which under my rules counted towards his point score and left me laughing out loud.
  4. Good memory Waza, This was the one caught in Mosman bay. Left me doing a double take. Shame I didn't have a better camera with me but they are a beautiful fish. Regards, Derek
  5. Dang.... and I'd just found it on the Bunnings site. The 9mm ID by 25mm OD looked like a viable option. Back to the old drawing board. I have some whipping twine and needles from when I was making up some safety ropes for my game gear. This is one. I'll create the loop in a similar way. It comes up neatly. Will do a test run with that same method and the 8mm shock cord you suggested. If I'm going to do it I may as well put in that little bit of extra effort for a nice finish as I'll be using it for a long time. I love these little projects from time to time. I'll have about 7 of these handles to make up once I find a method I'm happy with.
  6. Thank you! I will also be researching some neoprene tube to slip over this. It is a very workable solution and meets my other criteria. Would you tie it or stitch and whip it? Just realised that even cable ties could work for the binding.
  7. Genius! Hadn't thought of that - do you mean in lieu of the rubber loops I was talking about and then still stitch the strap part or do you have something even more clever in mind? Even just the loop part solves a lot of my issues.
  8. Hi Berleyguts - will have to get some of my old knot books out to see if I can find one that is pleasing to the eye and simple too. During online research I found someone that had done it with woven parachute cord. These are the sort of ideas I'm looking for - thank you.
  9. Hadn't thought of that Savit - can see where it is going. Simple too. Further research on Bunnings.
  10. Hi All, I've been using Seahorse PVC rod tubes for years. With their oval shape I find they are pretty compact. Problem is that the handles are starting to play up on me. I also have a few PVC rod tubes that I have made up from Bunnings plastic components for some of my more expensive rods. I even stuck polyethelene foam in the caps to protect the rod ends from bumps. What I didn't do was make a strap or handle for these. I'm looking for ideas to make handles or straps for all my cases. Firstly, the before and after of the Seahorse rod tube handle. While probably easy to make, the ring part which circles the case is pretty thin and breaks after a while. Depending on the balance of the rod in the case I could slide the yellow handle along the tube till I reached a point where it was easy to carry. I could also grab three or so of these handles in one hand. I've got some ideas for replacement ones but I'm sure someone has come up with an excellent idea already and has a patent pending. My criteria for the handles. Relatively inexpensive (Seahorse rod tubes used to cost me about $28, the home made Bunnings ones cost less than $15). Does not put a catch point on the interior of the rod tube - was considering rivets but they could catch on the guides or scratch up the rods. Does not leave a sharp point to catch on the outside - was considering hose worm clamps but the screw mechanism has a sharp point. Ideally can slide it along to suit the balance of the outfit. Went to Bunnings today and found a $6.60 25mm x 4m tie down strap which is stitched. This is the material I'm thinking of using. Not quite as meaty as old handle but it is an option. Sufficient length that I could probably do all my rod cases. I could also run this strap through another material like a neoprene tube to give me that meaty feel I'd like. The two ideas I've had are: 1: Cut to length (say 300mm) and heat/melt the ends to prevent unravelling. Double 25mm of the end over to double the thickness and duct tape to rod tube. 2: Cut to length. Find some thick elastic (not pure rubber as it degrades) bands slightly smaller than the tube circumference and then stitch the ends of the strap into loops over the rubber. Essentially copying the old yellow handled design. What have other Fishraiders done? Regards, Derek
  11. Hi Jack, PM sent. Regards, Derek
  12. Hi SISB. This is a topic I've written up a few times for a number of mates. We still have a PM thread going in there somewhere. Can you PM me your email? Alternately look at the response I sent to @JamoDamo on this thread: Regards, Derek
  13. Hi Will, Firstly the spinning reels are usually the same design for both winding styles. That is, you can switch the handle from right to left or left to right to suit your preference. You don't need to specifically buy a right or left handed spinning reel. Some exceptions to this are bait casters and overhead reels which are predominantly right hand wind. I fish with a couple of Finnish guys. They are right handed and fish with the handle on the left hand - like most other Europeans I know that fish. We've had a friendly ongoing argument on the topic for about 4 years now. Short answer is there is a theoretical advantage but in practice I haven't found it to make much of a difference. Arguments for fishing right handed but with left hand wind. You are not swapping hands. You cast with your right and don't have to swap hands to wind. Some people feel they have better control twitching with the right hand. When fishing in snags with species that pounce on lures you have a better chance of reacting quickly to the strike rather than fiddling around swapping rod hands. I cast with my right, swap hands and reel with my right. In my case, when I cast I flip the bail arm and swap hands extremely quickly just as the lure hits the water. Not had problems missing strikes so far but I don't fish a lot of snags. I sometimes fish metal slices for which you need a very fast retrieve - I do this far easier and quicker with my right. Couple of people I fish with have been winding so long with the left hand that they can just match me for winding speed. When fighting the fish I prefer the dexterity I have with my right hand. I might do a couple of quick winds then use the right hand to assist the left pulling the rod up and then quickly switch back to winding as I'm dropping the rod. My counter question to the left hand wind business is "why are most baitcasters and overheads right hand wind". In the end if you want to switch it will take a while to get used to winding with the other hand. Regards, Derek
  14. It will be fine but personally I chase most of my flathead on my bream finesse. Was introducing a father and son to soft plastics on Sunday and the son picked up a nice 60cm flattie on a 2-4kg rod with 4lb braid. Your rod will kill it but it will be a challenge fishing the ultralight lures.