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  1. DerekD

    Lure Novice

    What about the upcoming long weekend - the Monday maybe? Once daylight savings kicks in I head out frequently after work too during the week.
  2. DerekD

    Lure Novice

    Hi Slurm, A couple of the lads at my weekly pool comp were keen to learn about plastics so we went out on Sunday afternoon. The excessive wind took a bit of fun out of it but I enjoyed the company and figured if they can fish in that level of wind it will be so much easier in nice weather. For me it was all worth it to see the look on the face of one of them when he hooked and landed his first fish on plastics and to top it off it was a PB flathead of 58cm. It fed his whole family too. He is keen to head out again and will start saving for the light rod and associated gear. I think blackfish will be the next target species (but not on plastics). So any idea when your schedule clears up a little bit? Regards, Derek
  3. DerekD


    What Berleyguts said.... Be a shame to lose the momentum after all the hard work put in by so many people involved in fishing.
  4. DerekD

    Lure Novice

    You know me well @Anthman. You know me very well.
  5. DerekD

    Daiwa / Shimano service experience

    I used to work near the Shimano offices in Taren point and they looked after me brilliantly for years. I highly recommend them for servicing. Think the cost these days was $50 plus parts. From the few experiences I have had with the Daiwa department I was left feeling underwhelmed and I have heard the same from other people. The only reason I went through with buying a Daiwa (I do rate their products highly just not the after sales stuff) recently was that I found someone on the Northern beaches that services both brands. I've been happy with price and turnaround. Can't add anything about the magseal.
  6. DerekD

    Lure Novice

    Hi Slurm, I live in the Lane Cove area (but fish the Sydney harbour area). If you are in the area in the next few weekends maybe we can meet down at the water and go through some of the basics (gear and techniques). Like to see you getting the most out of the hard earned money rather than going through the longer learning curve that I did. If that works for you then don't buy anything until you understand the why. Regards, Derek
  7. DerekD

    Lure Novice

    Hi Slurm, Unless you are specifically chasing bigger species (kings, bonito) I recommend at looking at a different outfit. First thing to note most of the species you will pick up on lures (flathead, bream, snapper, trevally, flounder, whiting, salmon) will be eating small baitfish hence most people will use small lures. Small lures are light so you will struggle to get any reasonable casting distance on the gear you have. My go to in Soft plastics are 2" grubs, 3" and 4" minnows. I also use hard bodies and metal slices on the same gear. The beauty of the gear they have these days is the sensitivity. My suggestion would be a 2-4kg graphite (not fibrglass) rod 2 piece between 6 foot 6" and 7 foot 6", a 1500 to 2500 reel matched with 8lb mono backing and about 150 yards of 4lb braid for the sensitivity. I prefer a short butt on the rod because the longer butt doesn't fish comfortably with my normal technique. 4lb may sound light but the breaking strength is a fair bit higher and you can even land legal kings on this gear if you learn to play them properly and let the drag do its work. The rod I recommend to set the bar is the Shimano Raider Bream Finesse 762 (7 foot, 6 inches 2 piece) 2-4kg and 3 to 12 gram lure weight. For about $300 you can set up and rod, reel, line, leader, backing and assortment of lures and jig heads. I'd recommend you spend a little more but that is dependent on how deep you are planning on getting in to it. Once you understand the concepts it will help your overall fishing. See if you can get a mentor to show you the gear. I've seen people get steered in what I consider to be the wrong direction by the salesperson. One gentleman went out to get exactly the rod and gear I use and then mentioned to the guy in the shop he was chasing salmon. Next thing I find out is that it has come back spooled with 20lb braid thus missing the benefit of the lighter gear. Which suburb do you live in? Regards, Derek PS. Do some searches through the tackle talk and chat archives as this topic has come up a few times in the last few months.
  8. DerekD

    Central coast kingfish

    What surprised me about the kingfish was how fat they were. One more Mako photo...
  9. DerekD

    Central coast kingfish

    Hi Raiders, Late last week I received a text message from Mat asking if I was up for another trip to Terrigal with Mark for kings. I responded with a very unexcited “YES, YES and YES!!”. A little bit more time to prepare so I didn’t bring my usual tackle shop with me but did pack some more knife jigs. The swell and wind reports while not perfect for Sunday were good enough that we made the trip up there. Now that we had a system the launch went very easily. Made the long 200m trip out to the bait grounds to find – nothing. On their last trip all the kings were caught on live bait so we were really keen to catch lots and hopefully bag out. Lots of burley in the water and a few location changes and still no live bait. There were a couple of locals fishing from kayaks so we motored over to where they were to ask for advice. As I was talking to them the sounder lit up and we looked down into the water to see lots of yellowtail. They were aggressive and big too. With no shortage of livebait bagging out was going to be a real possibility. On the way out we saw a big swirl on the surface. Turned out to be a dolphin. We saw some flocks of feeding seabirds and our best guess is that it was a school of salmon and as the target species was kings we didn’t stop to look. Out at the fishing location Mat and I drop livies and catch nothing. On next pass Mat loses his rig so there is something going on down there. After a few drifts it is not looking good so Mark gets out a knife jig and hooks up to a nice legal king (about 70cm). The kings were at least down there. Just for shore based kings I have recently acquired a 7 foot Daiwa Saltist Hyper 2 piece PE3/5 60-120gr lure weight matched with a Daiwa BG5000 reel and 300m of YKG 50lb braid. Had caught one squid on it so really wanted to christen it properly so out it comes and I grab a knife jig. I’m generally not a fan of multi-coloured braid but in this case the colour changes every 10m made it very easy to judge depths. Started jigging and hooked up pretty quickly. Unfortunately part of the way up the hook pulled. At least I know my jig selection is working. A few more jigging attempts and this time I hook into a pretty solid fish took my time and when boated it measured 79cm. Sent the jig down again and it didn’t come up – probably leatherjackets. Sent another one down and hooked up to a solid king. Took my time as I didn’t want to lose it. When it was netted and measured it came in at 81cm. A new PB by 1 whole centimetre. I lost another couple of jigs to what I am pretty sure were leatherjackets. Was feeling sweet and sour at the same time. At one stage I turned to the fishfinder to see a strange curve on the screen. It was longer than expected and looked like a fish had gone up in the water column and then changed its mind and started to go deeper. The other two were a little quicker on the uptake and called whale. Shortly after we had three surface within 50m of the boat. WOW!! Mark hooked into something of reasonable size but it didn’t fight like a king. In fact it planed its way up. When it got to the surface I was surprised to see a beautiful little Mako shark of a little under one metre long. Grabbed the line by the leader and was looking down its teeth into its throat trying to work out how to get the hook safely when it shook its head and broke the line. Problem solved. I was swapping between live baits and jigs. Mat wasn’t having much luck with either then he hooked up on a bait and Mark hooked up a good king on the jig. By the bend in the rod this was going to be the best king of the day. Mat gets his fish to the surface first but was disappointed to find out it was a Nannygai. Mark then calls out he has been sharked. Brings up the jig complete with kingfish head soon after and it was followed up by another Mako shark – this one closer to 2m long. It alternated between looking at the head of the kingfish and biting on the propeller. Such a beautiful shark. Mat got the attached photos. We had to call time soon after with three legal kings in the esky. A relaxed drive back to the ramp and then to Sydney. Mat posted the attached photo of the kingfish with the concern that if they keep getting bigger he is going to have to get a bigger chopping board. Shame we didn’t get more kings but the next day I was still grinning like an idiot and a little bit sore from all the jigging. I’m probably out of shape but to be fair pear-shaped is still a shape. I may also have to start referring to Mark as the Mako Whisperer.
  10. DerekD

    Lock out

    Hi again, In that context it is a fair observation and I'd almost agree with you but we also come back to that expression "statistics and lies". Unfortunately this is where part of the problem (well at least one of the ones I have with the arguments for the Marine Parks) stems from - interpretation of the data. Those 1 million people fishing are spread across the whole of NSW and not fishing Monday through Friday as it is not their primary source of income. A lot are practicing catch and release and maybe keeping a few for the table. The load on the environment is spread across such a large area that it shouldn't require any recovery time thus the idea of a marine park becomes redundant. Purely academically lets look at the 1,000 commercial fisherman. How much would they have to catch each day to be commercially viable? Assume they are all using nets and pulling in 1 to 2m³ of fish (including by-catch) a day. Allow for body density and swim bladders can we take it they catch 1,000kg of fish each day out. Alternatively, lets even be conservative and say 400kg per trip but multiply that by 5 working days a week. By the end of the week they have caught 1,000 x 400kg x 5 = 2,000,000 kg of fish or two kg of fish per recreational fisherman (assuming every one of the million went fishing that weekend and did pretty well). There are catch quotas and a lot of data I don't have access to but if you start to play around with scenarios it can be a bit of an eye opener. Unless every one of the recreational fishos submitted a years worth of data I don't think it is a fair comparison. The above was a bit of a side discussion relating to your us versus them comment. I think it had more significance when we had commercial fishing inside Sydney harbour and I think you have a very valid point when you say it is not what we should be focussing on. I fish Sydney from the shore, off a kayak or a boat (at least when it is fixed). One of the places planned for full fishing lockout is Chowder bay and in to Clifton gardens with the pool structure/wharf being the exception. On the times I head past there on the kayak I'd be surprised if I see any more than 6 or 8 hard core bush walking people fishing down there. Not likely to put a heavy load on the aquatic system especially as they are probably chasing bread and butter species and not things like sea turtles or sea horses. I believe one of the other arguments I have heard is an intention to protect the sea grasses. I suspect some boat anchors (social or rec fishing) might cause some damage but I fail to see how a fishing line will achieve this. Regards, Derek
  11. DerekD

    Lock out

    Hi BuckWild. I agree with you about the articulate response but I'd also want to see each person send something in which is fit for their situation rather than a mass mail out of the same reply. It is why I'd like to compile a list of reasonable arguments so that people can pick and choose what suits them. As we have till the 27th of September I'm holding off for another week or so before sending my responses out so I have a chance of putting my best arguments forward based on discussions I've had with other like minded people. Regards, Derek
  12. DerekD

    Lock out

    Hi Kingfishbig, Just curious where you got your numbers from on the commercial versus recreational fishing takes. While I have found some (specifically Mulloway) I've been struggling to find concrete data. Is it data for a specific area or is it based on say the recreational anglers for the whole of NSW? I don't have the data but I fish a lot in my spare time and usually keep an eye on what other people are catching and keeping or releasing out of academic curiosity. When I am at the boat ramp packing up I also see people at the cleaning tables. Rarely do I see people with what I consider to be excessive quantities of fish. Multiply that by the same sort of numbers for people fishing from other locations in the region and I think it would still be less than a good catch from a vessel using nets. The people I fish with are mostly catch and release with one or two sometimes taken for the table. I think I'd keep maybe between 20 and 30 of the fish I catch each year. Last year I caught 17 kings and kept just one but to be fair 16 were very close but not quite legal. Regards, Derek
  13. DerekD

    Lock out

    Hi Again, Another point to raise with the parties pushing for the Marine parks - Fishing is a recreational activity which is easily accessable to all socio-economic and multi-cultural groups. I can head out with a $5 handline and a bit of bait just as easily as going fishing with the latest and greatest rod and reel and super-braid. As such it should be a social activity which should be encouraged not choked out as per current proposals. Berleyguts I empathise and agree with your feelings about some of the excessive and obnoxious comments on FB but can I respectfully request that you stay in the Stop the Lockouts till we at least see some sort of (hopefully positive) resolution. The administrators have been quite clear in their goals and it is one of the few places (including Fishraider) where information can be quickly shared on this one major issue. Unfortunately a vocal minority sounds like it has soured the experience for you but we can also say that about the people driving these Marine Park changes. Thinking about this over the last few days it has hit home about how important fishing is to me and if I look at most of my closest friends I have met them either first degree or second degree through fishing. Regards, Derek
  14. DerekD

    Lock out

    The administrators of the Stop the lockout page on FB have advised the following steps. The four main objectives of Stop The Lockout! is to bring together all recreational fisherman, recreational spear fisherman, celebrity fisherman and industry heads. Through the page and its members we are united and in one voice we will all work to achieve our objective of No Lockouts or Marine Parks as planned for the Marine Biodiversity in the Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion. To achieve our objectives members are asked to do the following: 1.Members need to complete the online survey 2. Members will be asked to complete a letter to be put to your local Member of NSW Parliament objecting to these Marine Parks. 3. Members will be invited to attend the Marine Parks Information Sessions in order to lodge their attendance and objection to the parks 4. Continue to invite new members to the page in order to grow our numbers The admins of the page are working hard behind the scenes and will continue to update members with information as it comes to hand as well as further ways in which we can continue to achieve our objectives Also read the suggestion that people mail Niall Blair the Minister for Primary Industries addressing same concerns.
  15. DerekD

    Lock out

    Hi All, For those that have not read it yet there is a proposal up for discussion which relates to the creation of 25 new Marine Parks along the NSW coast. Several of which are in Sydney (Barrenjoey Head, Narrabeen Head, Long reef, Cabbage Tree Bay, North Harbour, Camp Cove, Chowder Bay, Nielsen Park, Bronte-Coogee, Cape Banks, Towra Point, Boat Harbour). They are looking at three classes of parks - the worst option (where there are conflicting interests) from our perspective will not allow any fishing but will allow passive activities such as kayaking or Scuba diving. On a side note Jacques Cousteau invented the Scuba gear in 1942 with a mate so it has recreationally been around for less than 80 years. In context fishing and boating has been around for tens of thousands of years. I digress – anyway the full proposal can be found on the DPI website at: Specifically just under phase 3 look for Part 2 which is about 12.4 MB. There are more links on the site but this is a pretty good overview. They list the current situation and then put forward the proposed recommendation. I am interested in the well reasoned arguments against this proposal which can be used as applicable when people contact their local member or fill in the survey which must be completed before September the 27th. If you are feeling particularly creative see if you can come up with some arguments for Marine parks and then more importantly the counter-argument. Luderick-Fisherman submitted 9 excellent points (see post above) when he went through the process. In discussions with others the following have come up. With the current spread of anglers you get small numbers of fish taken from many areas which the fish population can easily cope with. By locking out so many areas you force more people to fish one area thus not giving the now heavily fished areas a chance of recovery. In my case I've owned a fishing kayak since October 2010 and launch from Mosman and range all the way from the Harbour bridge and up to North Head. If heading to North Head I pass by Chowder bay and hug the coastline to give the boats plenty of room in the channel for safety reasons (specifically mine). Not a lot of stowage room on a kayak and so what do I do with the gear if even passing through or stopping for a coffee at Clifton gardens. Most of what I chase in the summer each weekend are the pelagics that might stay in the Chowder bay area for half a day and then move on Sanctuary or no Sanctuary. What it sounds like they are trying to protect wouldn't be impacted by the way most people are fishing the area making the concept of a sanctuary redundant and upsetting a lot of people along the way. Due to the dioxins West of the bridge the authorities strongly advise against taking fish for the table (which is a reason why a lot of people go fishing in the first place). If they want to safely put fish on the table they have little chance to do so unless they head over to main harbour or the shore line which will now get even more crowded as access becomes reduced. I have been advised that a lot of the DPI knowledge related to fishing comes from recreational anglers – what will happen to this source of information if the DPI don’t step in with some reasonable supporting data? On a related matter what use will fishing licences be if the fees no longer go towards keeping areas open for fishing. What I have also found to be interesting reading is about one of the supporters of the Marine Parks proposal - Felicity Wilson MP Member for North Shore. She started a “Support a Marine park campaign” in May of 2018. On her campaign page she gives a nice little background of what she believes in and requested support for her campaign. While she has a right to have a personal opinion or preference, as a standing Member for North Shore she should at least be taking an open view on major issues. Unfortunately as per the webpage and the attached screen grab the only input you can contribute to that discussion is “YES” I support a Sydney marine park. This comes across as very biased. Here is the link – suggest you make a soft copy for future reference. See attached screen grab. Now for some further reading on Felicity putting a spin on information have a look at these nice little articles from the ABC and the SMH. I’m looking forward to some well thought out discussion points. BTW there will be information sessions at a number of locations across Sydney for the next several weekends relating to this proposal. If you can suggest you head down to one of these. Dates and locations can be found at: I'm looking forward to the one to be held at Clifton Gardens on the morning of Saturday the 22nd of February as Felicity will be one of the key speakers. Regards, Derek