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  1. Hi @Fab1, The short answer is yes you can. My first ever fish on a soft plastic was a silver trevally on a small white grub with a 2-4kg fibreglass tipped rod and mono. The fish and I were both hooked but in different contexts. As I learned more about it I gradually switched to gear more suitable to it. What you will find is that there is flex in the rod, stretch in the line and you don't have the sensitivity. Furthermore, setting the hook takes a touch more effort. It will work but once you make the switch to modern gear you will likely find yourself cringing if you e
  2. Hi All, I work with a number of keen fishos with fishing connections over Australia. While we are good with our bread and butter species the occasional query comes up asking for the name of a species. Now in the past my go to Application has been a phone call or text message to @wazatherfisherman which has a really good success rate. Others are less fortunate and have to resort to a smart phone application. What application are people using for fish identification and would you recommend it? Specifically interested in Australian Species and NSW in particular. Regards,
  3. Hi Mike, That is a well thought out and comprehensive article. I took a lot of pleasure in reading it and will probably re-read it several times and refer others to it. I'm impressed at how much your fishing technique has grown since I "dumped over your gear and casting technique" and started mentoring you. I now find I suffer pangs of envy when you text me your latest catches while I am at work. Beginner you may be but I think you are well on your way to becoming an expert in your niche field. Looking forward to more sessions with you. Regards, Derek
  4. Hi Kilp, Well written report and thank you for sharing. You did well putting all the information we went through on the day into practice leading to several luderick being landed and several more lost (you'll get them next time). It is often where I like to start people new to fishing as it is a very visual form of fishing and you can get some instant feedback when the fish are playing. It is also a lot of fun if you haven't fished for them before. Thanks for being such good company on the day and for the enthusiasm you had during the whole process. I'm confident you could
  5. Hi Pickles, Thank you for taking the time to put this together and I hope it ends up in the library as it will make a nice go to reference in the future. Regards, Derek
  6. Congratulations FmFF. When you sent the photo to my phone I realised it was a good fish. What I didn't realise was, was how good a fish it actually was. It took me years to crack the meter mark (102cm - you are nipping at my heels with 101cm) and you have done it in an impressively short time. The sessions out with @Pickles would have helped with the learning curve but you still had to put it all together to make it work. Looking forward to our next sessions out. May have to try and get you on a mulloway before the end of Summer. Regards, Derek
  7. Excellent report Mike. Looking forward to seeing more of them as the season progresses. "But anyway, later that weekend I spent a day with Derek who promptly dumped all over my technique and gear..." That sounds so harsh. Can we just call it "tough love" or "constructive criticism"? 😁
  8. Hi Lungfai. We are using the 70mm Sugapens and the belly treble and rear assist hook combo is a pain as the assist hooks catch up on the trebles often enough to cut into fishing time. On the 90mm sugapens the separation distance between the two hook points is sufficient that this is not a problem. There are also sufficient commercially made lures such as the Jackson Ebi panic prawn or the Ecogear PX55F shrimp with treble and assist hooks arrangement that it is easier to buy one of them than start mucking around with the smaller sugapens. The other reason I have for leaving them as is
  9. Head to the articles section in the Library of the Forum. Here is one to get you started:
  10. Well done mate. Those Ecogear type lures are pretty effective. Waiting to see how your species count goes over the summer.
  11. I'm a little at a loss for words ("as if", say those who know me pretty well). One of my philosophies in life is that it can be hard enough and even helping people in just a little way at the right time can make a world of difference. While not a formally trained teacher, I've had a tendency to say "can I make a suggestion" when I see people struggling with something that I may have mastered or am a few steps ahead of them on the learning curve. One of the joys of this site (thank you Donna and Stewy) is that you have a chance to help people wanting to improve their fishing know
  12. It was almost a case of make him or break him. I was also a little footsore after 12 hours of tuition. I did go fishing the next day though. FMFF has gotten a few of the various walk the dog retrieves nailed to the point I'm happy with it and I feel he can use them with confidence. A few other things still to get a little more consistent but his skill set is growing.
  13. Just stay away from the blue mackeral style Slapstix. They seem to use a different material for these which seems to tear relatively easily when jig head is inserted. The use of the weighted head makes it so much easier to work the full water column and helps keep the plastic subsurface when ripping it back for that reaction bite. BTW if you got to the 9" Slapstix then a 5/0 XS in older style or 7/0 or 8/0 in Headlocks seems to work pretty well. For these I'll use weights from 3/8 all the way up to 3/4 with my favourite being the 1/2oz.
  14. Firstly I use TT jig heads in the bullet head. I've worked out a retrieve which gets the plastic moving between 30 and 60cm side to side. Essentially I'm creating an over correction with each bounce of the rod tip. It works from 3 inch to 9 inch plastics. I struggle with darter type jig heads but it is magic with the bullet heads. TT does some older style tournament jig heads in the yellow packet. With these I go for a 3/0 extra strong hook. Weight of head between 3/8 and 1/2oz. These are getting harder to find. I can also use them with the TT Head lockz but the hook size seems to have ch
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