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  1. DerekD

    Kings off the stones

    PM sent.
  2. DerekD

    Kings off the stones

    Be warned Kingfish are addictive. My first was 61cm when the legal size was still 60cm. Got my second one about 30 minutes later which also came in at 61cm. Been addicted ever since but there are far worse addictions. You have some great opportunities inside Sydney harbour then to chase them shore based and at very little risk to your health. Can you catch squid? I've gotten them on both lures and squid but find squid to be an easier option. Can put the squid under a float from say one of the less used ferry wharfs or similar. Floating whole or strips of squid unweighted through the water column can also pay dividends. Takes patience but results are worth it.
  3. DerekD

    Kings off the stones

    Hi Ragnar, Out of curiosity what are you targeting and does it specifically have to be off the ocean rocks? Plenty of opportunities inside the harbour too with far less risks. My biggest fish has been a 104cm jewfish off the shore in Middle harbour. It may also be that ocean fishing is your thing. In that case Seabreeze is a good source of information for forecast swell. Regards, Derek
  4. DerekD

    Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Hi CJay, Was wondering where you had gotten to as you are usually pretty quick to respond. Welcome back. Thanks for the info on the Penn reel. Will have to look at that one too. I walked into a store and ended up picking up the Saltist Hyper 962XHS before you put up your comments about the Demonblood. Since it was to fill a gap in my fishing arsenal it should still do what I want it to. Regards, Derek
  5. DerekD

    Squidding at Malabar/La Perouse

    Hi SSIB, If I am seriously chasing squid for a weekend's fishing then I will hit up to about 5 landbased spots till I have success. You mentioned Bare island - did you also work along the nearby shores (watch out it can get a little shallow so you risk snagging up jigs). Work an area properly by fanning out your casts. Change jigs (maybe both a size and colour change) and then work the area again. Then change location and repeat the excercise. BTW I am assuming you have your own transport so location changes are not overly difficult. Over time you'll find areas which pay off slightly more consistently. My experience has been that squid move about. Any reponses you get to your question about one spot holding more squid than another won't necessarily help you. I'll keep pointing out that 15 minutes can make all the difference. It also works in your favour - I've even had squid swim past me while fishing soft plastics and then find out how well I can (or can't) switch to a squid jig under pressure and then cast in the direction they were heading - usually I do get them. General wisdom is that from 10am till 2pm they head into deeper water. I don't worry about that and work on the theory that while I have a jig in the water I have a chance. In one of my previous columns I have mentioned that I find I catch more in summer but they are bigger in winter. It is a numbers and time game. Regards, Derek
  6. DerekD

    Flathead fishing advice

    Sarcasm.... what is sarcasm?? 😊 Neil, I'd really like to catch up with you the next time you get to Sydney. I have a few days owing to me (actually my employer wants me to use a fair few more of the holidays I have accumulated) so will keep a few free for your trip up this way. Would like to see if we can get you both a squid and a king (ideally more than one of each). The kings usually start moving into Sydney harbour in October in numbers so that could align quite well.
  7. DerekD

    New to Squidding

    A little observation here - the numbers 2.2, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 correlates more to length (suspect inches) than pure weight. Yes they are heavier too which equates to better casting distance but it does not relate to sinking rate. That depends on density. I have three 2.2 jigs in the Yamashita Range-hunter series of jigs. The one with the blue eyes has a slow sinking rate, the one with the black eyes has what I consider a normal sinking rate and the one with the pink eyes (which I rarely use) has a fast sinking rate. Get up on slightly higher ground above the water with the rod tip pointed down in front of you and spend some time watching how the squid jig darts as you try different flicks.
  8. DerekD

    New to Squidding

    Hi Donna, It would - I think SlinkyMalinky did a really good write up from what I can remember. I might be able to add to it as I have done at least 10 detailed ones over the years depending on what some of the questions were at the time but I'd like to combine them into one before they could be uploaded.
  9. DerekD

    Nippers in Bayview Park?

    Hi Steven, Pumping for yabbies in Pittwater is fine but check the maritime websites for restrictions so that you are aware of the rules. On a side note there are a few locations in the Sydney harbour system where you can find them but in this case you area not allowed to collect them. Was pumping yabbies a few weeks ago in one of the bays a little further around. Was getting them but my best results were at the holes closest to the water at the dead low tide. Just be careful - this was where my mate Anton stepped on a stingray a little while back while I was introducing him to yabby pumping for his first time. I even did a report about it on Fishraider. I don't want to see anyone go through that experience again. Good luck, Derek
  10. DerekD

    New to Squidding

    Unless it is stupidly heavy and changes the sink rate I really wouldn't worry about the dynamics. Depending on the retrieve you are using you are trying to achieve short darting (even erratic) movements to get their attention. While I appreciate the tendency to understand as much of the theory as you can (I do the same) you have reached the point where you give it a go a few times and learn by trying. I'll do my best to answer any questions you have afterwards. Good luck and don't despair if you don't get any as they move around a bit. Did you find a few more of my past posts - still more details in them.
  11. DerekD

    3 G fishing

    Hi Jani, Here in Sydney, Australia I work with a few Finnish people that love (major understatement) their fishing and when I see some of the fishing opportunities you are generous enough to share with us I can understand where that passion comes from. Just wanted to thank you for sharing experiences and photos from the other side of the globe. Regards, Derek
  12. DerekD

    New to Squidding

    They would be a low turn over item and such wouldn't have big financial returns I suspect most companies wouldn't waste the effort putting them on their online catalogues. You can try contacting the site sponsor Dinga by email for assistance. I usually just walk into my local shops and browse the walls till I find them and pick up a few packets at a time. Generally costs me between $3 and $5 per pack of clips and about the same for the swivels depending on the country of manufacture for either. Generally about 10 in a pack. For me these are a consumable. Over time after repeated casting and use you will get metal fatigue in both clips and swivels. Just load them up by hand once in a while as a check. On a side note I used to use Yo-Zuri jigs but some of their product line had swivels already built in and I lost more jigs (actual quantity was pretty minor) to swivel fatigue than snags. It is why I look for a solid tow point on my squid jigs these days.
  13. DerekD

    New to Squidding

    BINGO!! That is the arrangement I was talking about. Swivel is a bit nicer than the ones I usually get but that is definitely the duoloc clip. There are a few companies that make the components. Seahorse makes a good value set of clips. There are also some variations of these clips with a really nice pear shape so you have can get some good movement of the attached lure. I use these on both my bream (4lb) and snapper (15lb) rods but in different sizes.
  14. DerekD

    New to Squidding

    I rarely tie the line straight to the jig and if I do I just use a uni-knot. To avoid retying and related line wastage I buy small swivels and duolock clips (I usually have to buy the swivels and clips separately) both with a better rating than the line I am using. I've used other clips but they have cost me more lures than I like. You can get away using just the clip without the swivel but I use the same system for halco twistys which is why I want the swivel in the set up. Allows me to very quickly change between squid jigs and other hard body lures without having to re-tie knots.
  15. DerekD

    Flathead fishing advice

    Genius!!! Please take me under your tutelage oh Great Guru Regan.