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  1. DerekD

    Good deals on a fly reel?

    Hi Aardvarking. You will notice differences in rods and gear. I own both a 7 weight (for freshwater) and 9 weight rod (for saltwater) made by the NZ company Composite developments which suit me. The 7 weight came with a reel and I picked up some reels made by Scientific Anglers for the 9 weight. One of my friends got a rod about a year ago and the difference is chalk and cheese. Can you go out with someone that has some gear? If you are in the lower North Shore we can take mine out for a play in a local field or sand flat and you can get a feel for the gear. PM me if interested. I in no way consider myself to be an expert but I can use the gear and have caught fish on them. On a side note - the reel is mostly a line holding system for the freshwater. As @rippinlips pointed out you will fight them by hand. Drag comes in to play a bit more when fighting the pelagics. Regards, Derek
  2. DerekD

    Information Gathering?

    Hi James. From one perspective that is a very eloquent question you asked. From another perspective I second @Scratchie's response of that being the million dollar question. I've been fishing for several decades and think I have a pretty broad knowledge for what I do but then talk to others on the FR forum and they frequently drop gems of information which I probably would never have come across through other sources. The information will almost certainly be on this site if you ask the right questions. Most of what you will learn about the species will be guidelines. The advice I frequently see from people I admire and who are at the top of their fishing game is that if something isn't working then mix it up. This is what makes your question so difficult to answer. We don't know what is going through their mind on that particular day - are they fixated on a certain food, is it water temperature or wind direction, is it even the taste of the water on that day. When you ask for scientific knowledge what do you mean. The DPI or the Australian Museum will give you fish data but how far will that go in helping you catch them? Their information will be more statistical (size, location, life) than behavioural. I'd modify your approach. Pick a species and then target it. It wasn't till I started teaching people that I realised how much I actually knew. For example, pick whiting in Sydney. Most likely to be on sandflats and beaches and especially where you have yabbies (think surf beaches, Pittwater, sections of Botany bay, Port hacking). 40 plus cm is a good fish so you use light gear such as 2-4kg bream rods. Will you use bait (yabbies or worms) or lures (poppers, walk the dog lures, blades)? Then start looking at conditions (tides, overcast, sunny). Once you have mastered (or at least can do it consistently) the catching of that species then pick another. Flathead are easier on plastics in my opinion than bait. I haven't caught a meter plus one so I won't say I've mastered it but I can catch them rather consistently. Blackfish is another that can be targetted. In fact most species can be targetted. Keep remembering that these are guidelines and what worked one day will not necessarily work the next. Fish move around or change their food preferences. You have a big learning curve ahaead of you but that is not a bad thing. I still find it fun and each year try to pick at least one new skillset to learn (a new lure, style of fishing, area, etc). Regards, Derek
  3. DerekD

    Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    Hi again, Agree with you about the guides. From what I understand the series 1 Raider rods came with Fuji guides and a rod bag. Series 2 (Mexican Fire) Raider rods came with a cheaper brand of guides and the rod bag. For series 3 Raiders (current series) they have gone back to the Fuji guides but dropped the rod bag. I have seen the Fuji guides have the same sort of cracking described above but they were not the stainless series. While my go to daily rods don't get physically abused they don't get cleaned down after each session either. For the price point that they are I'm not going to waste the time or effort. My rods (and reels) in the $200 - $350 range do get cleaned wiped down with Inox but it might be weeks between uses. Regards, Derek
  4. DerekD

    Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    Hi Kevin, I did but the 722 1-4kg has a 3-10gm lure rating and the 762 has a 3-12gm lure rating. The 2gms shouldn't make a difference in real terms but since I like to push the gear a little I try and stay within the manufacturers recommendations. For product references the model I believe you are talking about is RDR722BREAM as per Shimano Product website Both are fantastic rods in my opinion (for my style of soft plastics and squid fishing and I've landed a few kings on them over the years too). I've converted a few people to them over the years. I don't have Shimano sponsorship but I like their products and the Shimano team has looked after me with services and the few times I have had problems. Regards, Derek PS: When matching it to a reel just make sure there is no obvious play in the reel foot when mounted to the rod. PPS: I store a number of rods in my car in Seahorse rod tubes. These are flattened blue tube with yellow caps. The shortest one in the series (think it is 1.2m long) suits my raider perfectly. Suggest you look at these or something similar to protect your investment.
  5. DerekD

    Mosman Area/Middle Harbour

    Hi Blaxland, I found the other map with the description. This confirms what I stated above. Look at pages 8 and 9 in the following link. Regards. Derek
  6. DerekD

    Mosman Area/Middle Harbour

    Hi Blaxland, Worth double checking that as it should be more like a strip of water in that area. Technically from the map I looked at you should still be allowed to catch squid at say near Manly aquarium. In that strip of water you were talking about the rule was that you could fish for finned fish only with lines. This was one of the maps: One of the proposed changes in the area as part of the proposed (insert suitable swear words here) Marine parks was that squid fishing would be allowed. Regards, Derek
  7. DerekD

    Shark Encounters?

    I've been hearing reports of the professional fisherman (guides, media, etc) seeing a lot more sharks in Sydney this season. While I'd seen a few here and there over the years it wasn't a huge amount considering the time I spend on or by the water (on a side note, I'm not the most observant of people at the best of times). A few weeks ago however I saw a whaler on the flats, saw two whalers the next day on the same flats and then had a small hammerhead follow my bait up while on the kayak at another Sydney location. I half wanted to catch it and half didn't want to catch it as then I would have to deal with an unhappy hammerhead close to the kayak.
  8. DerekD

    Flying solo and life jackets

    Hi Mark, Actually I think it was more along the lines of "Wearing a lifejacket never ruined a day on the water". I would disagree with this (I'm being pedantic for the fun of it today - I really do believe in safety coming first). As per rules and safety I always had multiple life jackets on board the boat and was pulled up by Maritime shortly after the change to make wearing them compulsory when out on the water alone on a small boat. It was Middle harbour and my swimming abilities are such that the distance to any nearest shore was a comfortable swim. The Maritime were kind enough to advise me of the rule change and asked my to put on the life jackets. They were the rectangular type and while suitable for their purpose were not particular practical for fishing. In fact it annoyed me so much I got off the water and as such it did ruin a day on the water. I have a kayak life jacket which is far more erganomic but I only use that on the kayak. Since then I acquired an inflatible PFD which I use for solo sessions or rock fishing. Slightly more morbid - I believe a few years ago that a number of boat people died after wearing dodgy life jackets which were made with mattress foam which absorbed water rather than provided floatation. The people who ran this con must be seriously messed up. Regards, Derek
  9. DerekD

    Ice fishing

    Hi Jani, Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures. After being so used to the variety of fishing rods we use in Oz I always do a double take at the little plastic looking gear that is used for ice fishing in the Northern hemisphere. One of my Finnish workmates is returning to his homeland and bringing some of his gear with him. I'll have to see if I can convince him to post a photo of him ice fishing with the black magic gimbal belt set and a stand up overhead rod. Regards, Derek
  10. DerekD


    Hi BF, While a Shimano fan (really happy with the products and the after market service) I don't have an issue with the actual Daiwa products but have been left severely unimpressed with the Daiwa product service. This has stopped me from purchasing their gear in the past. Since I found a service person (ex Daiwa I believe) on the Northern beaches that has done an excellent job on servicing my Shimano reels with a pretty good turnaround time I was happy to take the plunge and buy a Daiwa reel (BG5000) for one of my all round medium heavy outfits. Having said that what sort of rod and braid are you looking at matching the reel up to? I use a 2-4kg rod with 4lb braid for the species you mention. Takes a little longer to land the rat kings but I am grinning all the way. I also have a Daiwa 2-6kg Wicked Weasel which I use as a kayak rod with 8lb braid as there is a chance of hooking into kings on the harbour. Unless the $400 is really burning a hole in your pocket you could drop down to between $100 and $200 and still pick up some pretty good reels. I picked up the Shimano Sedona 2500 for $80 not so long ago. It was that smooth for the price point I bought 2 more. This gives me 3 bodies (which I can store till I need them) and three spools (4lb braid, 6lb mono and 8lb braid). I just switch out the spool to suit my fishing for the day. I store the spools in baby socks (k-mart or target) to stop them bumping against each other. A mate of mine was looking at the smaller BG reels but considering it was twice the price of the Sedona he went the Sedona. If you want something a little more up market then the Stradic is a lovely reel. In answer to your question about the Daiwa Sol - I put together an outfit with this reel for a friend and as nice as it was I don't think it was $300-$400 nice (he liked the colour and had the money). Look around. Consider the weight and the balance on the rod you are looking at setting it up with. Check that the drag is smooth. Plenty of other options out there worth looking at. Regards. Derek
  11. DerekD

    Learning more about fishing

    Hi SaltyAs, The best advice I can give to start with is get yourself a mentor or ideally more than one. Listen and ask questions and really think about the why someone does something. Filter through the information and work what suits you. Some of us are a little set in our ways as we have developed a method or a system which works but that doesn't mean it can't be improved on. For example, when I teach soft plastics the first thing I ask the student to do is to cast. These are often people that have been casting for years but I find in about 80% of the cases I have to refine their technique. I also explain to them the why for each of the minor changes. I usually spend about 8 hours with them in the first session teaching them the stuff I have worked out over a decade. As others have said above there are years of learning ahead of you. I like your structured approach but answering all the questions you asked would probably take weeks (or more likely months) of fishing with different people to cover. One of the bigger mistakes (in my opinion) that people make when they start out is find the biggest (within reason) rod they can get. 10kg plus usually. Doesn't cast well. You get less bites and when you hook up you can just winch the fish in which for the small stuff isn't overly fun. You have mentioned you don't mind driving for some fishing but Sydney is a pretty big place - if you specify a more detailed location some of the members might invite you along. If you are close enough to water some of the after work sessions can be fun. Regards, Derek
  12. DerekD

    Camera orPhone

    Yes but the devil is in the detail. On that particular day did you decide to go with: The suicide, Circle, Octopus - circle, Long shank Pan fish Mutu J-hook, Etc. These details are important to the rest of us in deciding which hook isn't working in a particular location.
  13. DerekD

    Alternative to the FG knot for light rigs?

    Hi Berrero, One of the first joiner knots I learned was the double uni or uni to uni knot (8 turns braid 4 or 5 turns mono) as it was recommended on the packet of berkley braid I bought. I've been using it for over a decade and can tie it quickly but sometimes as I was testing the knot it would break. I think the braid would sometimes slip under the mono knot and then bite in. The knots that passed the load test were surprisingly strong. Over the last year I have been hearing about the double-double uni in which you double the braid over before tying it the same way but in this case you can drop the braid turns to say 6 turns. A mate uses the slim beauty and I decided to test my knot against his using the same leader and mono and head to head load. The double uni lost to the slim beauty. The slim beauty then lost to the double-double uni knot. I was happy as I didn't have to learn a new knot. For people that struggle with a joiner knot I teach them the 4 turn surgeons joiner knot as it is really easy to tie but I generally don't like the amount of line wastage it entails. Regards, Derek
  14. DerekD

    A Question on the 'Squid Strike'

    Hi SSiB, Believe we were discussing a squidding session one day. Offer is still open. Most of my squid fishing is done with braid on a 2-4kg rod so if I strike the shock is taken up by the rod tip. As one or two people have mentioned above when the squid grabs the jig because they don't really have any hard body parts you generally won't feel the strike. My usual retrieval technique is short sharp flicks to get their attention followed by a pause to allow them to grab it the next set of flicks will hook them up. If they are really skittish then for anything less than a short sharp jab they can let go before you hook up. The time between the flicks is dictated by the area I am fishing (snags) and the sink rate of the jig I am using. Within reason the longer you can leave it the better chance you have of getting them. Just remember to watch behind the jig as it comes in close to see if they are hesitent but still following and interested. You have to then use small movements to keep them interested and time your flick when they have grabbed the jig. Once in a while I notice the line straightening as the squid moves off with the jig and then the short sharp jab sets the jig. Currently with the exception of a few tubs of ice cream my freezer is packed with bags of squid from multiple sessions so to date it has worked for me. If you think you have been getting touches then check the tines for a very small ball of white from the cephlapod. Note that in some areas it may actually be cuttlefish grabbing the jig but with their smaller tentacles they are a little harder to hook up. Regards, Derek
  15. DerekD

    New king stick

    I ended up getting a similar rod from the Saltist hyper range (72MH 60-120g 7'2" 2pc PE 3-5 Spin) and mounted a Daiwa BG5000 on it (which you should find for $200). On that I put 300m (plus backing) of YKG 50lb jigging braid (RRP about $100) and the 10m colour changes with 5m white marker made it helpful for when we went offshore jigging in 140m deep water (biggest king went 81cm). Been really happy with the balance and weight of the outfit. I was also happy with the suppleness of the line when working large sluggo type lures and hard bodies.