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  1. DerekD

    Old days

    Waza, Bite your tongue!! 😊 I think you are looking at it wrongly. It is not a case of too much fishing gear but a case of insufficient storage space. Keep the memories coming. Regards, Derek
  2. DerekD

    Outdoors shop on Steroids

    Hi All, Cancelled pretty well all of my outdoors plans based on the weather reports from the Bureau Of Mis-information (one of my mates references). Spent a lot of the weekend behind the PC watching other people's fishing videos. I was talking to @wazatherfisherman the other week as he made his way back North after a trip to Sydney. He was lucky enough to drop in to a place claiming to be one of the biggest tackle stores in the Southern Hemisphere. Based on the way he described it to me it sounded like Disneyland for anglers. I'm very interested in going there one day for a looksee. The discussion also triggered some memories. Now our American Cousins often claim to do things bigger, faster better, etc. They have a range of outdoor shops called Bass Pro. It seems to be your one stop everything outdoor shop on Steroids. One of the programs I was watching at the time took me for a little virtual tour of the place and it left me with my jaw hanging down with thoughts of utter jealousy running through my head. Today I decided to send Waza some more information about this one particular shop that I now really want to visit and tracked down the following video tour: Hope you enjoy the tour - It is in Springfield, Missouri and I think the alligator pen is amazing. Regards, Derek
  3. DerekD

    Braid - Looking for specific

    Hi Spool, Sent you a PM several days ago in response to some queries you had. Do you not get a flag in your account? Regards, Derek
  4. DerekD

    Lures - Newbie Questions

    On a side note even between 15lb mono and 15lb braid there can be some impacts on the behaviour of the lure. Mono is generally thought to have about 10% stretch whereas braid is supposed to be about 1%. I find when using mono for lures it feels spongy and I don't get the feedback and response that I do with braid. Very few of my outfits have mono on them (game overheads and luderick fishing gear are two exceptions).
  5. DerekD

    Lures - Newbie Questions

    Hi Mate, Based on your list of species you should really be fishing two separate outfits to target them consistently. For flathead I use 1/8oz to 1/4oz (1/4oz when I want to cover more ground) lures most of the time. Similar sort of lures for bream. I am using a 2-4kg 7 foot 6 inch rod with a lure rating of 3-12gm. I've matched it with a 2500 reel and 4lb berkley X5 braid (which is actually rated to break about 11 pounds under the Japanese rating system). If the bonito are around I'll put a 10gm Halco twisty in silver on the same outfit and can land them pretty consistently. The bassday 70mm Sugapen is only about 4.5gm. You need a lightweight outfit with light line to get any range out of these. Some of the bream specialists will use way lighter lures than I use. For the kings I do rather well using a 6 inch Slapstix (matched with a 3/8 or 1/2oz head) or a 9 inch Slapstix (matched with a 1/2 to 5/8oz head). For these sized lures I am using a 5-8kg 7 foot 6 inch rod with a lure rating of 15-45gm matched with a 4000 reel and 15lb braid. Most of my jews have been on bait but I did pick up a 75cm specimen on plastics on this same gear. You will get some crossover with the gear (I hook and land kings on the light gear) but you are making life a bit more challenging for yourself trying to fish light lures on a medium outfit. Try the same lures on lighter gear and see how much further you can cast which means you will cover far more ground. Another observation is that the thicker line will have a noticeable impact on how the light lures move in the water. Regards. Derek
  6. DerekD

    How to cut up a Squid

    Hi Slawman, Some of my responses to this question earlier: Once you have some squid if you plan to use them as bait you can put them down as whole baits but I prefer to strip them. Run your hand behind the upper side of the head and into the hood and break the join with your finger. Pull the head out. Either a whole bait or cut in half lengthwise for two baits. The two wings can be separated from the body by working the join with your fingernails. Minimum of two baits there but I slice them in strips to get more. Find the feather inside the top of the hood and pinch out with fingernails and throw away. I run a knife along where it was and open the whole hood out so I can cut long strips. If you want to keep squid for eating they are prepared more or less the same way but you don't open up the hood and you clean the inside and outside of the hood. If you want to keep them for fishing buy a packet of sandwich sized ziplock bags and drop them in there and do not wash them in freshwater. Freeze them in the bag for your next fishing outing. I find they keep quite well and I can also use them whole when chasing jewfish. BTW - I leave the gut on the head and it should come out whole if you strip the squid the way I mention in the previous responses. The head is meaty enough it will stay on the hook (5/0 or 6/0 circle is what I prefer to use). Regards, Derek
  7. DerekD

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    Perfect. I fish Mosman. I'll send you a PM
  8. DerekD

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    Hi Again, My go to is the Slapstix as they have worked for me and a number of others I've shown. Since they worked consistently for over 3 fishing seasons (read extended summers) I bought them in bulk and use them more often. Problem is that with TT headlock jigheads I found they usually get ripped up when the king hits them. They used to last longer with the older TT jig head arrangement. The Z-man are slightly shorter and the material seems more tear resistant. The slightly shorter profile will probably give you a better chance at other species (like the flathead). I picked up a nice 70cm plus jewfish on one of these from the kayak on the Cook's river a year or so back and I think you'll do better on the flathead with the Z-man. The Z-mans seem to take a beating a lot better than the Slapstix. Depending on where I get them I find individually the slapstix are better bang for the buck. BTW I also use the 9" Slapstix and match them up with a 1/2oz TT bullet head jig and usually a 5/0 hook. Hold the head and hook up against the body to see if it looks right. Make a small nick in the body where the hook should come out. Not rigging plastics dead straight can really impact on how well it swims and how likely it will catch fish. The other is the Sugapen but it might be summer before they really come into their own. I was fishing the 70mm (4.3gm so on bream gear) on some sand flats about a month ago. I had three big surface strikes in less than three seconds and it was on the third it hooked up. I ended up landing a nice salmon which had engulfed the lure. For your set up look at the 120mm which I believe is 19gms so should cast well with your rod BTW - which part of Sydney are you in?
  9. DerekD

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    The following advice is based on what has worked for me and the people that I have taught over the years. I generally don't fish ultralight (think 1/32oz). I'm also basing it on the gear that you have. You are fishing 20lb so you will lose casting distance trying to fish 1/6oz. On my bream rod the lightest (there are exceptions) I will go is 1/8oz and I will go up to 1/4oz or even 9gm but my rod has a 3-12gm lure rating. I also own a daiwa wicked Weasel which has a 2-14gm lure rating. My snapper rod recommends lures of between 15 and 45gm. These ratings depends also on how you fish the gear but stick within them and you shouldn't be damaging gear. Your rod has a 28gm (1 oz) rating so work your lure selection around that. Based on that consider the 6" slapstix with a 3/8oz bullet head TT jig with a 3/0 to 4/0 hook. Whites and pinks work well. Don't buy the blue as the plastic tears a little more easily and it feels stiffer. Z man makes some nice 5inch minnows which work well with the TT bullet head headlock series. Careful storing different brands of plastics together as you can get chemical reaction leaving at least one of the brands worse for wear. Another lure which has been fun this season is the Bassday Sugapen. I own them in all four sizes and I've had some very nice fish on them this last season. Got a mate addicted to them but he has had so much fun with all the surface strikes that I think it is now one of his favourite lures. Youtube Sand flat fishing to see them in Australian conditions. I can point you at a number of different lures but the learning curve will probably hurt unless you find a mentor. I've had people tell me that plastics don't work but then after a 15 minute demonstration of the gear, the retrieve and hooking up a fish they turned around and said that they would give them another go.
  10. DerekD

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    Look up a couple of my past posts on chasing kings. In particular I did one for a gentleman called Michael which I think was kings in the moorings. Found it: The how rather than the what will be far more important when chasing them. A lot of what I covered there can be done shore based.
  11. DerekD

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    Hi again, We have a good starting point to work with. I couldn't find the Daiwa Aird X 6-9kg but I did find the 5-9kg 2 piece model with 7-28gm casting weight. I'll move forward on that basis. Firstly it should make a nice snapper/kingfish outfit. BTW I'm also going to give you and excuse to get another outfit (Christmas, birthday, long weekend, fill your own excuse in here). I fish with a group of people and we did pretty well on shore based rat kings over summer. They are fun on the light gear and we were getting lots of hook ups. The poppers did pick up a few around dawn but as a group they were not the best performing of the lures. My experience is that you will probably struggle with the Roosta at this time of year but I am happy hear from any other Fishraiders that do alright on poppers in Sydney in winter. While I do have a preference for some particular brands I think the style of lure is more important. As @anthman mentioned above the Slapstix/Sluggo style lures do pretty well. I match them up with a bullet type jighead (e.g. TT) rather than a wormhook which allows me to work the full water column. You can make these dart from side to side if you can get the rod tip bouncing during the retrieve. You have curly tail lures as well. You can work these through the water column and bounce along the bottom for flathead. For flathead the metal blades/vibes mentioned by @savit are worth a look at. Just avoid using them in really snaggy areas. I think your 20lb rig is a bit of overkill for most of the flathead you will hook. Also worth getting some 20-30gm silver slices (e.g. halco twistys) in the tackle box. They will allow you to cover some distance and with a fast wind it will resemble a fleeing baitfish. Longer term consider a rod in the 2-4kg range with 4-6lb braid and a 1500-2500 reel. 2" grubs, 3 & 4 inch minnows are very effective for the species you are chasing once you learn how to fish them well/properly. BTW the Rapala long cast will be more effective when the big schools are around. You should pick up the occasional tailor but it relies on you finding where the fish are schooling. Regards, Derek
  12. DerekD

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    Hi Josh, Lets start the other way - what gear are you using? While there is a degree of cross-over I use different lures for the bream gear than I would for the snapper gear. A lot of my kings this season have been on the bream gear as they were feeding on small minnows and the berkley powerbait in 3" and 4" does a nice job of matching the profile. Are you using a graphite rod or an older fibreglass rod? Are you fishing braid or mono? What test rating. There is a huge difference in the response between the two outfits. Fibreglass rod and mono can feel really spongy and you lose a lot of sensitivity. Regards, Derek
  13. DerekD

    Good deals on a fly reel?

    Hi Aardvarking. You will notice differences in rods and gear. I own both a 7 weight (for freshwater) and 9 weight rod (for saltwater) made by the NZ company Composite developments which suit me. The 7 weight came with a reel and I picked up some reels made by Scientific Anglers for the 9 weight. One of my friends got a rod about a year ago and the difference is chalk and cheese. Can you go out with someone that has some gear? If you are in the lower North Shore we can take mine out for a play in a local field or sand flat and you can get a feel for the gear. PM me if interested. I in no way consider myself to be an expert but I can use the gear and have caught fish on them. On a side note - the reel is mostly a line holding system for the freshwater. As @rippinlips pointed out you will fight them by hand. Drag comes in to play a bit more when fighting the pelagics. Regards, Derek
  14. DerekD

    Information Gathering?

    Hi James. From one perspective that is a very eloquent question you asked. From another perspective I second @Scratchie's response of that being the million dollar question. I've been fishing for several decades and think I have a pretty broad knowledge for what I do but then talk to others on the FR forum and they frequently drop gems of information which I probably would never have come across through other sources. The information will almost certainly be on this site if you ask the right questions. Most of what you will learn about the species will be guidelines. The advice I frequently see from people I admire and who are at the top of their fishing game is that if something isn't working then mix it up. This is what makes your question so difficult to answer. We don't know what is going through their mind on that particular day - are they fixated on a certain food, is it water temperature or wind direction, is it even the taste of the water on that day. When you ask for scientific knowledge what do you mean. The DPI or the Australian Museum will give you fish data but how far will that go in helping you catch them? Their information will be more statistical (size, location, life) than behavioural. I'd modify your approach. Pick a species and then target it. It wasn't till I started teaching people that I realised how much I actually knew. For example, pick whiting in Sydney. Most likely to be on sandflats and beaches and especially where you have yabbies (think surf beaches, Pittwater, sections of Botany bay, Port hacking). 40 plus cm is a good fish so you use light gear such as 2-4kg bream rods. Will you use bait (yabbies or worms) or lures (poppers, walk the dog lures, blades)? Then start looking at conditions (tides, overcast, sunny). Once you have mastered (or at least can do it consistently) the catching of that species then pick another. Flathead are easier on plastics in my opinion than bait. I haven't caught a meter plus one so I won't say I've mastered it but I can catch them rather consistently. Blackfish is another that can be targetted. In fact most species can be targetted. Keep remembering that these are guidelines and what worked one day will not necessarily work the next. Fish move around or change their food preferences. You have a big learning curve ahaead of you but that is not a bad thing. I still find it fun and each year try to pick at least one new skillset to learn (a new lure, style of fishing, area, etc). Regards, Derek
  15. DerekD

    Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    Hi again, Agree with you about the guides. From what I understand the series 1 Raider rods came with Fuji guides and a rod bag. Series 2 (Mexican Fire) Raider rods came with a cheaper brand of guides and the rod bag. For series 3 Raiders (current series) they have gone back to the Fuji guides but dropped the rod bag. I have seen the Fuji guides have the same sort of cracking described above but they were not the stainless series. While my go to daily rods don't get physically abused they don't get cleaned down after each session either. For the price point that they are I'm not going to waste the time or effort. My rods (and reels) in the $200 - $350 range do get cleaned wiped down with Inox but it might be weeks between uses. Regards, Derek