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  1. DerekD

    Is the www killing it for "oldies"?

    Hi @big Neil, An interesting topic you have raised and I have enjoyed reading the follow up conversations. When it comes to fishing I talk to a lot of people from beginners to experts in their field. I have had a few fishing friendships start with my opening line of "Can I make a suggestion...". Some of these people have spent a fair time on the internet learning new techniques and I am impressed at what they have learned and I suspect the person that put together the original how to video did an excellent job. What I have also found is that the WWW is the communication is often too one way (even if you contact the poster for additional information). You have seen my teaching style in action. While I could put a lot of it on video and help people get 80 to 90% of the way it would miss the little corrections I would make to compensate for people's learning style or background experience. The huge thing that is missing from WWW is the positive feedback loop. It is a great feeling to achieve what your mentor has been trying to help you learn and know that you have reached a standard they are happy with. The other thing to think about is that the beginner often doesn't know enough about the topic in question to start asking the right questions. Hope you have a great time with the grandkids and a lovely Christmas break. Regards, Derek
  2. DerekD

    Dangerous casting practice

    Thanks for making me laugh. Yep... Seen that too. There is a sail boat out there called "Occasional bad language" that owes me a trolling lure. Years ago was trolling a line behind the boat I was on and still a fair way outside the Sydney heads coming back in and with plenty of room and bugger all boats around us. The skipper of the above mentioned sailing boat for some reason felt the need to come within about 30m of our stern. Wonder if they found my lure when they did their annual slipping. Was fishing the breakwall at Port Stephens and a kayaker felt the need to follow the shoreline at a distance of about 15 - 20 odd meters off the wall. There were about 30 people fishing that morning and many of us had to pull in our line till he was clear. I genuinely wanted to have a chat with that kayaker to find out if he was clueless, inconsiderate or had a fear of straying too far from the shore. If he hadn't felt the need to follow the shoreline and kept his kayak another 30m or so further out everyone would have had a more pleasant morning. Come to think of it there are many times I have really wanted to understand people's way of thinking without getting into a fight. I know people don't always get my way of thinking till I explain it. I'm an engineer, odd goes with the job description. 😊
  3. DerekD

    Qns on squid and using soft plastics for kings

    Hi Poly, Search my past posts for a topic called kings in the moorings. It should give you a few things to think about when chasing kings. Short answer is short sharp eratic darting motion followed by brief pauses to give them a chance to hit the lure (about 80% hits on the pause). If you feel the bump and it doesn't hook up then rip it back as fast as you can to set off their chase impulse. I rarely see them eat a plastic or lure that is left in front of them. On the squidding topic read some of the pinned squidding posts or look for some of my posts on squidding. Short answer is that squid move around. Try a couple of different jigs, fan your casts out then try a new location. Look for a combination of sand and weed beds. Regards, Derek
  4. DerekD

    Squidding and kingfishing - live report

    Congratulations Donna, Be warned that they can be very addictive. Looking back at the time I have spent chasing them I love and hate them at the same time. I love catching them but I'd prefer if there was less time between catches. Thank you to you and Stewie for a fantastic 2018 on Fishraider. Hope you have a fun time heading into the Christmas festivities. Warm regards, Derek
  5. DerekD

    My Fishing Goal - 2019

    Hi Oscar, Welcome to Fishraider. Some nice goals there and I am looking forward to hearing your progress reports. Seeing how you have been fishing for the last few weeks I think we need to up that kingfish goal to 19 kings in 2019 and that can be followed by 20 kings in 2020. BTW Vlad hit 22 kings yesterday so I have some chasing to do before the end of the year. Considering as of 2 weeks ago he had never caught one he has done amazingly well. Mike, who you have met recently is on here under @Mike89 and Anthony from Saturday is listed under @anthman. Worth reading some of their pasts posts. Regards, Derek
  6. DerekD

    Dangerous casting practice

    Hi all, Just wanted other people's thoughts on how to deal with dangerous casting practices... Last few days I have been fishing a shared use area with broad age range (12-60+) of people. As there were a few bust ups in the area (no, I won't be saying where) it got a little exciting at times. As a group we tried to keep our gear as closely packed as possible and be as considerate as we could of the pedestrians passing by. When I teach people I keep hammering home to watch and be careful with the back cast. I have only ever hooked one person and that was myself with a fly rod - I never ever want to see a bystander hooked (or myself again). Someone not part of the group moved into the area with big wide brimmed hat and sunglasses on (limited peripheral vision) and started casting plastics. His casting technique was to face straight forward and square to the water and without looking behind him put the rod straight back over his right shoulder to the horizontal and then punch overhead and forwards. Essentially it meant that anyone passing two metres behind him was at risk of being hooked and pretty viciously. When seeing him doing this multiple times and being concerned about other people passing by I had a polite word with him about what I consider to be a dangerous practice. He noted the comment and then went straight back to doing it. Moving along the walkway he continued to do so regardless of when people were walking by. I'd put him in the 50 to 60 age bracket and the probably too old to listen or care category (fortunately don't come across those too often). He came back to our area and started doing it again so I had some more words with him about it and his response was that he did look back. Not that any of us could see him turning his head or he had better peripheral vision and hearing than a kindergarten teacher. Turns out one of my friends had come across him before when he almost hit my mate's young son with the back cast and when confronted about it he argued that the son should not have been passing behind him. As someone that is fishing I believe I need to take responsibility for the sharp hooks and knives that are the tools of my pastime. I suspect I'll run across this rather nasty piece of work again and would like a viable suggestion of how to effectively deal with this which doesn't involve an AVO or damage of property fine. Yes I can turn a blind eye to it and walk away but I would never forgive myself if a young kid walking past lost an eye or ended up with a serious enough injury to end up in hospital because of my inaction. I really hope he wasn't a Fishraider and if he is and sees this that he modifies his technique. Please note that I work in an industry in which a lack of attention could end up killing someone. The duty of care I feel in the workplace carries over into personal time and it is one of the reasons this has fired me up so much. Your thoughts, Derek PS. The thought had crossed my mind that he is someone that is not playing with a full deck.
  7. Hi Mate, It has been a while. Glad to see you are dispensing squidding advice these days. Sounds like you really have it worked out now. Shore based this time but we discussed taking the kayaks in there for a day and doing a really big session and exploring using the fishfinder on mine. Regards, Derek
  8. Over the last several months I have taken a young gentleman called Vlad under my tuition to help him improve his catch rate. It has been a lot of fun opening his eyes to the possibilities of lure fishing and the different species he has been catching. His first fish on a plastic was a 58cm flathead (which I have at times heard referred to as a croc). He picked up his first salmon yesterday and today we were chasing kings till the wind kicked in and ruined the fun. With only a few hours to spare the decision was made to head in to Manly dam which would hopefully provide some shelter. After seeing how easy it was to catch bass with the right lures several weeks ago he has been doing pretty well there. We started flicking around our go to lures which saw some missed strikes and Vlad picking up and releasing a small bass. Then on one of the retrieves near the end of the session Vlad landed this dinosaur.... I was in awe of the young lad and got down on my knees to worship him. PS. Can we get this added to the records and I should have checked what item we needed to include in the photo for catch of the month.
  9. DerekD

    Braid to Mono and the FG Knot

    Hi again, Hmmmmm..... Now I'm going to get a chocolate milk and retire to the computer room to do some serious thinking. The actual strengths through methodical testing is something I haven't factored into my calculations. I do factor in the behaviour of the lines from past experiences and do use the numbers on the box even though I expect there to be a fudge/safety factor. I'll get back to you on the other stuff when I have a little bit more spare time. Just a quick clarification now - when you are talking about the line snapping do you mean at the knot, in the main line or in the leader? I do agree with you about the lighter line theory and have had to point out to people that while I might lose more fish than them, if I am hooking more in the first place then I am usually ahead overall at the end of the session. Regards, Derek
  10. DerekD

    Braid to Mono and the FG Knot

    Hi @Hateanchors Excellent question. I want you to get yourself a beer or beverage of choice and head to the pool room or wherever you do your best thinking. You and I are probably coming at this from a totally different angle and they would each have their own merits. I will still do my best to convert you to my way of thinking. I'll use bream gear as a starting point. Line has weight and resistance through the air when you cast or fish in deep water. We are using some ultra-light lures too these days. Generally it is of benefit to go as light as possible on your mainline as it gives you extra casting distance. Fish a 1/8 oz lure on 10lb against me with 4lb and I suspect I will consistently cast further and I'd expect noticeably so. The advantage you have over me is chaff resistance against teeth or rocks. The way for me to get the best of both worlds is to have a short length of leader of say 8lb. A smooth and well set (not locked) drag allows me to protect the main line. That short length of heavier leader gives me a bit more control over the fish when it gets close. You will see the same sort of logic with wind on leaders offshore. When that tuna or marlin is close to the boat a couple of wraps on the reel of the long leader has just doubled the pressure you can put on the fish. If you are using leader as the weaker of the two what is your real benefit? What is your actual goal? If it is finer than your mainline then I think your main line is too heavy. If it is lighter than your main line then why not run leader material all the way through (loss of feel is one counter argument). So what main line would you use with the 8lb leader? A friend of mine tried your system one summer when the kings were playing and we saw a couple in the area we were fishing. I told him I'd hook one up for him with his rod and on the second cast I did and passed the rod over to him. He knew his main line well but had to factor his thinking to allow for the lighter leader. When I'd asked him why earlier he pointed out that it was sacrificial and would breakaway first. He was right and promptly lost the fish. If I'd hooked it on my lighter set-up, to this day I am still confident I would have landed that king (they were borderline legal). Most braid will over-test. That 4lb braid I used in my example is more likely to break at 9 or 10lb on the test bed. If we take actual breaking strain into account I am really fishing say 8lb all the way through. It has been shown time and time again that a knot in fishing lines reduces breaking strength. Your uni/blood knot/etc at the terminal end of the tackle has probably halved your breaking point of the leader so you have lost even more strength your system and for what advantage? If you argue that when you snag up it will breakaway then remember it was already likely to breakaway at that point already (unless you have dirt cheap braid). Having said that when fishing kings a few months ago in deep water I didn't want to lose the very heavy sinkers we were using so I ran down to the sinker then a swivel and had a sacrificial section below this which still had enough strength to fight the fish. In the event of a snag it was most likely to break at the loss of a hook and a bit of line. Up the other end of the scale with the tuna or marlin - the section of line which will cop the most abuse is the leader. It may rub up against the fishes body or mouth. It will likely come back chaffed or nicked. Again where is your advantage fishing a lighter leader? I'm looking forward to hearing your additional thoughts on this one. Regards, Derek
  11. DerekD

    Braid to Mono and the FG Knot

    Hi SSIB, Leader length - from past experience that is a contentious discussion. My short answer is less than 1m so the knot doesn't go through the guides. Now to explain the two reasons for doing so. When I started over a decade ago I heard the 2 to 3 times rod length guideline. Even with light lines I could feel the knot go through the runners. I was using and still use the double uni on my very light lines (these days with the braid doubled up which makes it stronger than the standard double uni) which is not as slim a profile as the FG knot. I use the FG knot on 10lb braid and heavier. If I can feel the bump it means there is an impact and this is repeated time and time again. A friend of mine was on a mother-ship Queensland fishing charter and was doing a lot of casting that week. He knows my theory on this but let the deckies tie a slim profile knot on a long leader which he used all week with no problem till the last day when one of the inserts in the guide popped out - coincidence? You decide. I met another guy that filed the arm for his bail arm runner because the bulky knot would catch on the way back in. I'm not taking a file to my lovely reels. Second reason. On the light gear, when I seriously snagged up due to the areas I was fishing more often than knot (pun intended) the line broke at the joiner knot. Oops, there goes 2 to 3 lengths of leader line. Which if you fish Fluorcarbon is not the cheapest of lines. I honestly think most fish don't care and I catch them with 10cm of leader when I am too lazy to change out and can get one more lure change out of the leader. @Ozzybassreally thoroughly covered the information you should think about but add to that that the braid is a fair bit thinner than the mono so it is already more difficult to see. BTW - it took me a while to find a method to tie the FG knot that I was actually happy with based on practicality and lack of line wastage. One of the Raiders posted a video where the gentleman gets the line tension required by pinching it between his fingers and then combined this with the Rozito (don't know how to spell it) finish as used by Brigsy of Morningtide fishing on Youtube. Here are the links: Now the finish of the knot can be found at a little after five minutes on this link: I struggle a bit on the really fine lines but with 10lb braid or heavier it comes up a treat. Generally my leaders are rated 50% to 100% heavier than my main line. I've PM'd you my number - call me if you want to discuss further. Regards, Derek
  12. DerekD

    Fishing goal this summer

    Kingfish on stickbait 1m plus king (ideally on stick bait).... My golden trifecta is a 1m plus king, from the kayak and on a fly rod. After reading one of the fish raider posts I am also thinking of whiting on fly rod. Last years goal was to teach myself to shore jig with a flutter jig. Has resulted in 3 of my 11 kings so far this year. If it turns out to be a proper season I think my king count will go up nicely.
  13. DerekD

    Southern calamari

    Hi Kingfish Beast, If you find these GPS coordinates then please share with the rest of us. Slightly more seriously, I've been chasing squid for about 15 years and I think I am pretty competent at it. I find squid move around so what might fish well one day might not the next day. There are areas which produce squid more consistently and some of us have put in a lot of time to find these. I went to one of mine in Pittwater today and with three of us and limited time we didn't produce - if I desperately needed some then with a few more hours I think we would have been successful but this would have involved covering far more ground. I've had people ask me before where I caught some of my squid but advising them that technique is far more important than X marks the spot hasn't gone down well. There are some good squiding articles on Fishraider. They (and myself) will tell you to look for areas with a combination of seaweed, sand and maybe small baitfish. A good example of this are a lot of the shorelines in Sydney. If casting towards these then mentally count down the squid jig over the drop offs. I prefer to cast parallel to the shore as it helps me cover distance. Good luck in your hunt. Regards, Derek
  14. DerekD

    28kg kingfish stickbait

    Hi All, There I was trying to explain why I spent $70 on a stick bait (without hooks) and how it works to my mother when I decided to do a Youtube search. Found this link to someone else's report and the sound of the drag going off on the first run is music to my ears and way too good not to share. For those that have not achieved the metre plus king (me included) this is the sound to look forward to (in the immortal words of Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Turn it up!"): Now I'm seriously contemplating a heavier rod to match up with a Saragossa SW20000.... That looks like way too much fun.
  15. DerekD

    Thank you.

    Hi Neil, Was an absolute pleasure having your company for the day and I'd be more than happy to do it again the next time you make it up here. I think we covered enough on the theory that we should spend more time on the practical next time. Awesome result on the squid with you putting six in the bag. Shame the kings were not playing in the shore based locations we tried but as we head towards the end of the year we should see them in far greater numbers. Another month and a bit and I am looking forward to your Murray Cod photos and adventures. Regards, Derek