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  1. A legal luderick on fly fishing gear on your first outing. Welcome to the club Andrew - the first of what I hope are many more to come.
  2. For the group I fish them with they have been very effective. There are other brands out there such as Lunker City which make a similar style plastic but value for money the Slapstix (6 or 9 inch) seem to be the best. Our preference is the pink or the white at equal first with the clear/twinkle in third. Do not buy the blue ones - there is something about the material that they use which means it seems to tear open a bit more easily and especially when you insert a jig head. When I first started with them the preferred rigging method seemed to be with worm hooks. Very effective in their way but for me it made it difficult to work the water column effectively. I started using TT Tournament jig heads with the bullet head. I worked out a retrieve which allowed me to get a sub-surface walk the dog action which when mixed with pauses turned out to be very effective in firing up the kings.
  3. About 2 summers ago we had a whole lot of kings move into Middle Harbour. They were frequently hitting at least 2 bays I know off as there was a good school of bait fish in both of them. There were a group of us hitting those areas shore based whenever we had spare time. We found the tide didn't matter. We had a bit of action at the first dawn (sun starts sending light over the horizon) and then at the second dawn (when it got over the hills) and this would continue till about 11am. This was happening daily for several months so wasn't tide dependent. Word got out (damn the application fishbrain) and it started to get busier and busier. On one morning there were at least 10 of us on the wall alongside the water. As a group I think we were pulling in 20 to 40 kings daily (all shorebased). About 1/3 to 1/2 of the hook ups were on squid. Slapstix and 3" minnows probably picked up another 1/3 and the rest were on a combination of hardbodies and surface poppers.
  4. Are you talking about tides from an access point of view or from a fishing point of view. The kings move around. In middle harbour it has never seemed particularly dependent on the tides. Or to put it another way, the whole of middle harbour doesn't suddenly fire up at X minutes before or after high/low tide? If that was the case it would be easy and a few more of us would have cracked the code long ago. Where tides might make a difference is Spit bridge as it is a choke point where a lot of water will pass through in one direction or another. Just get out there - the method of floating strips under floats has been very effective for my group of fishing mates over the years (when the kings are around).
  5. My pleasure @Devon - you have been pretty effective that combo so far. Be interesting to see how it goes when we get some burley into the mix.
  6. Turns out that @Devon responds well to peer group pressure. He sent me this lovely photo today of a blackfish he caught on fly rod with a message confirming that the strike indicator I gave him to try worked a treat. Turns out that @Devon is also a bit competitive as well as being a bit of an over-achiever as he picked up this really odd looking (but legal) yellow/green/silveryfish on surface lure in the same session. Funny looking fly....
  7. Hi @SaltyGreek, If you are on a tight budget what is is stopping you using a spinning outfit for the time being? Gives you the chance to save up the money to get the outfit you really want if you decide to stick with it. Also means you don't need to use @JamoDamo's gear. I'm not trying to discourage you from getting a blackfish rod but open your eyes to another option/path which will allow you to catch them now with your own gear. For the cost of some 8 or 6lb mono (which you may already have) and some float stops at a minimum it is a very inexpensive way forward. 🙂 Regards, Derek
  8. Hi JamoDamo, I will probably have the blackfish purists shaking their head at me but if he is only planning on doing it intermittently then why does he need a blackfish rod? If that is all he wanted to chase then go for it but this doesn't seem to be the situation. I chase blackfish successfully (probably not as well as the specialists) but I get my fair share and can catch them when I want to. I use a 2-4kg spinning outfit (my finesse bream soft plastics rod with 2500 reel). I have a spare spool with 8lb mono, floatstop (which I leave on the mono), floats, sinkers, maybe a swivel so I can drop down a line size at the working end and Gamakatsu pan hooks (#6 or #8). The float stop arrangement allows me to set the depth of the hook as well as casting out through the runners. If you want more information I'm happy to put some more together. If he has a light rod set up for braid he could can also tie on about 4 to 5m of mono as the leader and then use the float stop arrangement. Derek
  9. Hi again, Went out again with @Mike89 last weekend to try for blackfish on fly again. While he was heading back to his car to get some items I saw my strike indicator get ripped under the water. I quickly lifted the rod to set the hook and felt some weight on. A few minutes later this one came to the surface. As I was feeling a little smug I took a photo to send to Mike while he was at the car with a text message of "this is what luderick look like on fly". I missed the moment as he came back before I could send it. Thought I'd share it with you instead. Legal but not worth measuring. Went back in the water. I had some chores so Mike persisted without me and came back at me with this lovely photo. Recently we also caught up with @Devon and with afternoons like this fishing mid-winter in Sydney it hits home how lucky we are to live near this wonderful harbour.
  10. DerekD

    Jaded Tackle ??

    Both the Squidgie and the Berkley minnows in your photo should be absolutely fine - I've probably got older and still usable. Just feel them and put a bend in them and if they don't crack or tear then you are right to use them. If you plan to fish the plastics then dump the mono for two reasons. Even if it hasn't been damaged by UV (stored so very unlikely) it can develop a memory and can be an absolute pain to use (the stretch will also make it feel spongy). The use of braid with plastic is highly recommended. It gives you extra casting distance and the sensitivity is what makes it so fun and effective to fish. You can feel bites 50 meters away. Braid overtests so something in the 4 (my preference) to 6lbs would work well with the plastics shown in your box. I fish lower North shore and if you can't find anyone of your group that fishes light soft plastics effectively then I might be able to give you an introduction to them. The plastics are best fished with the graphite rod. They have a very better sensitivity than the older fibreglass rods.
  11. If it is claimed. Check the lure records section:
  12. Just slots in to third place I think. Record is 47cm. Second place is 43cm (which I just equalled on fly the other week). The 3rd place was 41cm. Beautiful catch on SP. Think I've only ever had one on soft plastic (and one on a vibe) so I suspect it would have been a bit of a surprise.
  13. From my experience they will spin in circles if dropped. By keeping in contact with the lure on the way down (tight line) it then behaves like a pendulum and can only swim in one direction.
  14. Even the fight almost feels like you are hand lining it in as the strength of the rod certainly isn't in the top part of the rod. Also something about being able to land a lure less than the weight of a pinkie fingernail about 20 to 25m away when you load up the rod correctly and get the timing of your hauling right. I know it is more about accuracy than distance but I'd love to spend some time with someone who can get the whole length of fly line in the air.
  15. Hi Noel. You weren't kidding. That is a fat specimen. Pretty sure I've seen basketballs less round than your blackfish. 🙂