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  1. Look specifically for the 762 5 to 8kg. They do a few rods in that series and there are slight spec differences. I've got one I've used for a very long time and still going.
  2. Hi Mike, Generally for the boat you want a little shorter for ease of handling but enough length to bang it out there. I've been happy with stuff around the 7 foot as I also use the same gear shore based. Shimano Snapper Raider 762 (7 foot six inches 2 piece) 5-8kg 15-45 lure weight $100 to $130 or Atomic ArrowZ Offshore Spin AAS-270H 2 Piece 7' 14-30 lb Spinning 14 to 30lb 10 - 50gm lure weight $130 - $150 Shimano Sedona or better in the 4000 size. Will handle about 270m of 15lb or probably a skinny 20lb. $90 to $99 I'd spool it all the way with braid. For the mi
  3. The deliveries are starting to come in and a quick stop at my local tackle shop has rounded off the selection of flies for whiting. I'm mixing it up as much as I can. Some poppers, worms, crazy charlies (with red) and my favourite so far is the yabby imitation. The photos on the website (see below) for the yabbies looked a little better but the actual is close enough that I don't think the fish will care. Bring on the warmer weather and the whiting.... I also have a few bread flies so I will probably end up trying @noelm 's suggestion (thank you for that).
  4. Cracked and "The Craic" - double meaning and that is really clever. Thanks for sharing that one.
  5. I found this article on gear and retrieves for whiting: https://hookedonflies.com.au/hofblog/2016/03/08/target-whiting-poor-mans-bonefish/
  6. goldilocks. AU - gold. That is gold too - nice one Scottyboy.
  7. There is an expression that lures catch more fishers than fish... These are some of the ones I've picked up here and there for the sandflats fishing (with a few more on the way)... Top 3 on the left are a shrimp pattern. The green one is referred to as a baited breath. The upper 3 on the right are designed to imitate worms and the three lower ones on the right are a crazy Charlie. The one lowest on the left I've forgotten. I'm trying to find similar but with smaller hook sizes. Now to actually catch some fish with them this spring and summer season...
  8. One of a kind, definitely - like every other person on the planet though...
  9. Hi KC, Was that an F or a C?? (C) See (IM) I'm (10 C) tense works but I can't work it out F in this case...
  10. That is true regardless (with the heavy winds last weekend I didn't even get around to wetting a line but all was not lost as I went to a fishing shop instead). I live in the lower north shore and used to work in Kurnell. About 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes to an 1 hour and 15 in the the afternoons. These days I work in Matraville so it is 25 to 40 minutes each way depending on the traffic. Gives me something to do. One new number plate to the list every few days slowly adds up. Then there are the ones I've forgotten by the time I get to entering them.
  11. I used to spend a lot of time on the road and number plates gave me something to read. Back when all hire cars in Sydney only had three numbers (i.e. HC 123) I started ticking off a list from HC 000 to HC 999. I think I got about 70% of the number plates on the list until they changed to four numbers (i.e. HC 1234). I'd heard of someone who was working their way through number plates based on the numbers consecutively when the plate format was different. Find 000, then 001, then 002 and so on. These days I have a new game. I try and find number plates that are clever or make me laugh
  12. Hi MD, Matching the hatch.... but is it fly fishing??? Went fly fishing with a mate on Glenbawn dam for bass years ago and he hooked up on a nice bass then admitted he'd "matched the hatch" by getting one of the live grasshoppers we had swarming at that time of year and putting it on the end of his fly line instead of an artificial. It still makes me laugh.
  13. Thanks for that GH - this is the sort of information I was after. Did you run a floating or intermediate or sinking line? Tippet size? The other thing I've heard is look for water 4 feet or less in depth.
  14. I went on line the other day and purchased: Red worm flies Crazy charlies tied with some red in them A fly which looks very much like a saltwater yabbie (nipper) Some small baitfish profile flies I've already have some shrimp flies. There were one or two other flies (baited breath with small hooks) mentioned during my research which I have to track down. Going to be an interesting learning curve.
  15. Hi JD, For my 2" grubs I like a gamakatsu ball head 211 1/8oz with #1 or #2 hook For my 3" minnows as per picture below I use a TT 1/4 or 1/6 or 1/8 and preferably with a size 1H (I pick up the odd king on this so I prefer the Heavier hooks). I've worked out a retrieve which gets a sub surface walk the dog action which has been very effective on the pelagics in the past but I have to use the bullet head jig. I struggle to do it as effectively with the darter type jig heads. For my 4" minnows I prefer a 1/0H hook and most often with a 1/4oz. Hold the jigjhead alongside
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