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  1. DerekD

    Fishing goal this summer

    Kingfish on stickbait 1m plus king (ideally on stick bait).... My golden trifecta is a 1m plus king, from the kayak and on a fly rod. After reading one of the fish raider posts I am also thinking of whiting on fly rod. Last years goal was to teach myself to shore jig with a flutter jig. Has resulted in 3 of my 11 kings so far this year. If it turns out to be a proper season I think my king count will go up nicely.
  2. DerekD

    Southern calamari

    Hi Kingfish Beast, If you find these GPS coordinates then please share with the rest of us. Slightly more seriously, I've been chasing squid for about 15 years and I think I am pretty competent at it. I find squid move around so what might fish well one day might not the next day. There are areas which produce squid more consistently and some of us have put in a lot of time to find these. I went to one of mine in Pittwater today and with three of us and limited time we didn't produce - if I desperately needed some then with a few more hours I think we would have been successful but this would have involved covering far more ground. I've had people ask me before where I caught some of my squid but advising them that technique is far more important than X marks the spot hasn't gone down well. There are some good squiding articles on Fishraider. They (and myself) will tell you to look for areas with a combination of seaweed, sand and maybe small baitfish. A good example of this are a lot of the shorelines in Sydney. If casting towards these then mentally count down the squid jig over the drop offs. I prefer to cast parallel to the shore as it helps me cover distance. Good luck in your hunt. Regards, Derek
  3. DerekD

    28kg kingfish stickbait

    Hi All, There I was trying to explain why I spent $70 on a stick bait (without hooks) and how it works to my mother when I decided to do a Youtube search. Found this link to someone else's report and the sound of the drag going off on the first run is music to my ears and way too good not to share. For those that have not achieved the metre plus king (me included) this is the sound to look forward to (in the immortal words of Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Turn it up!"): Now I'm seriously contemplating a heavier rod to match up with a Saragossa SW20000.... That looks like way too much fun.
  4. DerekD

    Thank you.

    Hi Neil, Was an absolute pleasure having your company for the day and I'd be more than happy to do it again the next time you make it up here. I think we covered enough on the theory that we should spend more time on the practical next time. Awesome result on the squid with you putting six in the bag. Shame the kings were not playing in the shore based locations we tried but as we head towards the end of the year we should see them in far greater numbers. Another month and a bit and I am looking forward to your Murray Cod photos and adventures. Regards, Derek
  5. DerekD

    Finding it hard to see why lighter trace works

    Hi Andrew, That really is lateral thinking (in more ways than one). Never thought about it from that perspective before. Regards, Derek
  6. DerekD

    Finding it hard to see why lighter trace works

    Hi NutsAboutFishing, At a brief glance the maths looks pretty good. One thing I have noticed is that a thicker leader can affect the movement of a lure. Someone I've worked with on soft plastics before was struggling with a retrieve I was demonstrating. The rod was the same as mine and when I tried my walk the dog technique it was pretty lifeless. I switched the lure on to my rod and it worked properly. Looking further at his rig I think his leader was twice the rating (say 20lb) to my 10lb leader. In the 6 to 10lb range of the Nitlon fluorocarbon I normally use on the light gear I am of the opinion most of the fish don't care. Bream might be an exception but I don't fish tournament for them. Regards. Derek
  7. DerekD

    What are your favourite Bream lures?

    Ecogear ZX40. Less likely to get snagged than a lure with trebles and it surprises me how many different species hit it. Casts a fair way too so can cover ground. I wouldn't fish it in really snaggy area as it is a bottom lure. My best bream result was three bream in a row (not three casts in a row).
  8. DerekD

    Fishing Manly Dam

    Hi FWF, First thing is the parking inside the Manly dam area is now paid. You can park outside the gates and it is a few minutes longer to get in. When you get inside the area you will find a grassed area with a small Gazebo. You can fish a surface lure straight out from this point. Bouncing a plastic on the bottom may result in weed. From this point if you look to the right you will see the dam wall. The water level is up due to the recent rains so the spot I like to fish underneath the dam wall is not safely/readily accessible. You can fish the dam wall. You will also notice floating plants on the far side of the dam. You can work the lures along side this but you risk snagging up. BTW about halfway along the dam wall on the water side there is a pump on the bottom. From what I understand this is to ensure an good turnover of the water (haven't had anyone verify this). Just watch you don't snag up on this equipment. We picked up a redfin the other week on a surface lure. There are carp-a-plenty which you can catch on sweet corn and you will also find bass there. It is a pleasant walk around the edges of the dam but there are times you may have to follow the road way or tracks and then drop back down to the water. Good luck. Derek
  9. DerekD

    Serious kayak maintenance

    I get that kayak maintenance is important. I own a Hobie Revolution 13 which gets a wipe down every time it comes home. I service the mirage drive once a year at home including a grease change. After walking past a marina this afternoon I think my maintenance program is a little inadequate compared to whoever owns the kayak in the photo... I would have never thought of booking a slipway for an annual kayak service.
  10. DerekD

    Show us your Luderick floats

    Hi Waza. Nice collection of floats. You have said something about Alan which has me curious. You said he designed floats for every significant spot in Sydney. Just wondering how this works. Colours, stem lengths, materials, buoyancy? Could you provide a practical example(s) thereof. While I know there are many float designs, for blackfish I usually stick to the one rig. Regards, Derek
  11. DerekD

    Show us your Luderick floats

    Hi Green Hornet. Some beautiful craftsmanship there. Thank you for sharing.
  12. DerekD

    Anyone know this hardbody?

    Out of curiosity - why?? Is it your favourite lure and you want to stock pile? BTW any writing on it anywhere (bib, belly, back)?
  13. Hi again Frank, I started talking to @wazatherfisherman when Big Neil was coming to Sydney earlier this year and we were planning one of the day's out. Since then I chat to him at least once a week. Due to his limited mobility I think he enjoys hearing about any fishing going on and from my perspective the breadth and depth of knowledge he has is phenominal. Sometimes it is a verification of something I suspected but there are also plenty of gems of information to be learned from him. Surprisingly there is one thing I have been grateful for because of the the proposed Marine Parks. During the research and discussions I have met some fantastic people and it has really hit home how important fishing is within my life and for my well being. Regards, Derek
  14. Hi FrankS, Not sure how to say this without meaning to sound disrespectful so please take me at face value when I say I am genuinely curious about the Polynesian angle. To my knowledge it the Europeans and probably the Chinese had developed the instrumentation to check the barometric pressure but I wonder how the Polynesians would have done it. I expect they would be watching the weather very carefully but it would take a pretty high degree of sensitivity to detect small pressure changes. Regards, Derek
  15. Hi Belligero, Thanks for your input. It is a topic that has been on my mind for years. Just for clarification - how would you define crazy? One of my friends said he had one of his best sessions off the kayak when he was out and the weather turned. In his case it may have been all the pattering of rain on the water which set off the predatory fish (we had a lot of baitfish around at that time). I came across a nice article about this from a freshwater fisherman and he used the example of the barometer raising from 1016 mbar to 1018.2 mbar over a five hour period. When I did the numbers this worked out as a change of 6cm of water column. A fish at a stationary level in a stream might feel the difference but in a saltwater environment I wonder. Discussing this topic further with @wazatherfisherman I realised I hadn't factored waves/swell into my discussion. I am impressed that the fishfinder on my kayak can pick the up and down movements of the waves compared to the bottom of the harbour to a 10cm accuracy. Most waves will be bigger than this inside the harbour and then we start talking feet or metres outside the harbour. How would this feel to the fish. Waza pointed out that when the Southerly came through on one of their regular fishing spots that the bite came on. What I also understood from him was there was sometimes related colour change in the water when this wind came through but not always a barometric change. I'm just wondering if there are other factors which come into play to set off the fish during a storm. For example, the change in ambient light or maybe the thermocline turns over. It might be that smaller baitfish start to react and this then gets telegraphed to the other species in the area. @wazatherfisherman also related the topic back to mulloway in a way that made sense to me. My experience has been that I usually hook them fishing big baits on the bottom suggesting that they have a tendency staying at one level in the water column. If they are not moving up and down then changes in the water pressure are more likely to be noticed. Regards, Derek