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  1. I went on a couple of Charters with him years ago. Such a nice and funny guy. When the fishing went quiet he would break out his guitar and jam. RIP fishing friend.
  2. Keep trying! Could try one size up on the hook and slightly bigger bait, sometimes works. Even try move out slightly deeper. You're doing it right to catch fish. Just have to luck the spot. I generally move a bit if I catch a heap of little ones as they seem to hang together. Good luck!
  3. Wow, nice one. Never done the freshwater fishing yet.
  4. Licenses, the "Cloud" and servers are not free to buy, build, run and host. I guess it makes sense!
  5. Flathead and Bream. Often schools of little Tailor too. Sometimes the Salmon come close!
  6. Best thing I find to do is face the oncoming wave and drop the throttle then just float over the top.
  7. TunaSickle


    I've trolled the harbour over the last few weeks and not seen any. Plenty of small Tailor. Previous years they have almost been a pest gulping lures.
  8. Hello A 5 cent coin has escaped my pocket and gone underneath the wooden flooring in a painted aluminium boat. I've removed the front wooden floor, but the coin has moved somewhere else. To take the main wooden flooring off will be a big piece of work. Will the coin cause an issue or corrosion if I just leave it there? Unsure where it has gone. thanks all. Ashley