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  1. I remember visiting Port Macquarie during the seventies, the white bait run had to be seen to believed, the bait was there and the tailor followed. It was case of picking up stranded bait and catching as many tailor and bream as you like. People see the big predators disappearing but its often the bottom of the food chain that being hit hard by the pros, just look at the massive comeback in Botany Bay once they stopped prawn trawling . Charles
  2. I wouldn't worry too much it doesn't react with rubber and has minimal effect on galvanizing, it's the same acid as you find in mag wheel clearer.
  3. There are quite a few jet kayaks overseas, they mostly use Subaru air cooled engines and are noisy as hell, I'm sure the cops would classify it as a PWC.
  4. The official worldwide commercial catch is over ten thousand tonnes, I doubt may amateur fishos will support a zero limit whist this is the case .As long as species seems to be in recovery I guess keep the limits the way they are, you can make the same argument for bream and jewfish as well. Anyway lets hope a boats are happy with one fish,that's plenty of meat for a group of fisherman.
  5. The Klampit good if you can afford it, trojan defender is reasonably constructed, fairly cheap, stops them removing the wheel nuts unlike the scissor type.
  6. I nearly purchased the sonar phone on Saturday so a big thanks to kiwicraig for mentioning the free promo, my freebie arrived today, you can add the sonar phone to your tablet and you can do live mapping in uncharted areas with the Navonics app, a lot cheaper than a Hummingbird ion at four grand plus.
  7. Can't say I've done any good in Little River,you can drive right across it on the road to Gibraltar Rocks if you have a 4WD,should be able to find a few vids on Youtube , people used to drive to the end of Black Range Rd and walk down to the Cox maybe the locals have moved out but it was a risky area to leave your car.
  8. There are streams in Victoria where people can fish for natives or redfin but have to release any trout caught in the closed season, I'm not sure how well that system works but its certainly possible to run things that way. NSW Fisheries were looking at opening some of the current trout streams during winter but it seems to have been put into the too hard basket for the moment, winter fishing is a very divisive issue amongst trout fishers. Charles
  9. Sometimes the fish will be hooked on the outside of the head and the hook pulls easily, not a lot you can do, another thing is big flathead will sometimes not be hooked but simply biting down hard on the lure, they swim a bit then open up their mouth and be gone.
  10. zook2001

    Moorebank Marina

    Some people launch there and head out to Botany Bay, it's a long way but at least the ramp doesn't get crowded,a mariner will fix that. The jet skiers are all meant to move to Chipping Norton Lakes, can't see it myself, the residents will freak about the noise.
  11. Some of the carp fishing comps they catch hundreds of them and it's just not practical to throw em up the bank so the ACT carp fishers lobbied to allow them to be released, a very controversial decision to be sure. The Singapore carp found in many eastern flowing waters are relatively benign however the German carp in the Murray Darling system are a scourge on the environment and need to be destroyed whenever possible.
  12. I have a home made version of the "liberator transducer mount", these work well as one bolt allows it to pivot back if you hit anything and the other you can deploy it up or down when launching.
  13. Downstream of Maldon is fine as all the weirs have fishladders so bass are throughout the river, gotta keep trying, the keen fishos are normally on the water early, I never had much luck late on the water. Douglass Park is good as you can head up or downstream easily though it gets a bit shallow in sections heading downstream. Charles
  14. Been awhile but there used to be ramp at Belgenny reserve on the other side of the river , Douglas Park is OK ,other than that a bit of carry is needed a most spots.
  15. Lost a couple of minnow lures recently trolling SW arm, on for a second then the line came back bitten off with a curl on the end, didn't look like a tailer bite, don't know what's going on but some very toothy critters about at the moment. Regards Charles