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  1. Any concerns with electrolysis?
  2. Thanks. Yours sounds like what I’m after do you have any pics? Also what metal is the scoop made out of?
  3. Hey Raiders, Recently purchased a boat (Formosa) which has a live bait tank although requires plumbing. Internal bilge looks a lot cleaner although I’m looking for some guidance: - any pros and cons of a through hull (scoop on the bottom of the hull vs elbow on the rear of the transom)? - any concerns using plastic parts considering the boat will be taken offshore? E.g could the scoop break and let water in. - are these safe with an isolator installed? Anyone had any bad experiences? If you do have a Leak how would you even know (before it’s too late)? Thanks in a
  4. Anyone had luck with kingfish inside the bay? I've only heard of the odd capture here and there. Seems unusual to me having fished the bay for many years now there's normally more kingfish action than this.
  5. Nice catch there mate! Yeah we got done by the jackets last week near kurnell. Lost 2 hard earned squid to them.
  6. I use a simpler, less appealing alternative. I have the bilge wiring rigged to a male cigarette adapter and clamp a female adapter to the battery. When in use I plug it in and pull it out to stop. All easily removable once finished.
  7. Well done Trung, looks like you've had a ball! Your mate must be appreciative for breaking his drought. Also I can see you're putting those Samurai Reaction rods to good use!
  8. nosliw


    That's a machine of a fish! Sydney kings are getting better and better.
  9. Hello, Just wanted to hear peoples thoughts regarding new reels and whether they should be oiled/greased in any particular places for preventative maintenance? If so, any advice would be much appreciated. I haven't had as much time to fish lately and as a result have purchased 3 new reels. I want to keep them in tip top shape and was curious about pre-use maintenance. Cheers,
  10. Is that a luvias rod? If so what model and how do you rate them ? Oh btw, nice king especially for botany
  11. Water temp at Mol point yesterday (anchored) was 22 but I did notice it as high as 24 towards the main channel when coming from kurnell side.
  12. Great report mate.. Congratualations on one fine sydney harbour jewie!
  13. Well done mate... I was out today today too and ended up with the same result.. a big fat 0. Peckers were around and baits didnt stand a chance. I tried drifting further away from the markers but still no luck. I guess this season is over for me
  14. Hey Greg, Can I ask what model you purchased? and how long you have owned it? $99 sounds like a great price. Cheers mate,
  15. Yes my boat is painted. So I'm presuming you use a hose to wash your boat? I just find that there's not enough pressure with a standard hose to thoroughly get the salt out. I just thought why pay $5 every time when I can just buy a gerni and save on costs long term.
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