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  1. Good work guys. That's a top bag to take home. Those trevors you got are the biggest I've seen(for that species).
  2. Don't bother with cubing, the peak has had its day, no more gamefish. You can jig if you find a decent sounding of fish on the bottom, otherwise bottom bashing is the way to go, the F***in leatherjackets are the problem . There is a fad to the south in the summer and dollies are around then, bit early now.
  3. Thats a BIG croc mate, congrats
  4. If in summer(thats only really when its worth it), there are usually dollies, you wont get meany but they would be decent size as they are roamers, you may come across schools of skipjack but there should be a fair bit of floatsm and jetsm around ands that what you are looking for, as there will be schools of the dollies hanging around.
  5. Thats what Ive been told but also been told rats can swim so that does no good
  6. Wow, and I thought sgt Bakers were ugly, boy was I wrong! All I can say is, you wouldn't see me holding that thing up! It doesnt even have eyes! Only a face a blind mother wouldnt even love!
  7. I have had the same problem and still do from time to time. I dont think a bigger boat helps, other than maybe for a bit of re-assurance and comfort when your spewing your guts up. I have a 21 foot southwind and I find the worst areas are around the headlands due to the mixture of the wind, currents and waves clashing with the cliffs, rebounding waves and out going tide. This causes a washing machine effect and does get very messy, let alone dangerous. Once you get past the heads and into open water, the sea calms down and you should be fine. Also later in the day doesnt seem as bad, this can be due to the body still waking up and acids build up in the body. Also the breakfast you have may also affect you, I have found tea to really affect me and usually go to sea with an empty stomach but as soon as I get hungry or feel unwell, I get stuck into some dry crackers and a coke or something sweet. But hey and eventually you will get used to it after a few years or months depending on how much time you spend on the water. If your travelling to wider grounds, ditch the wash trolling, go a bit wider of the heads and if you are confident, its calm and weather and currents are right in summer, you get out to the 50+m line and troll. Otherwise suck it up(well probably spew it out) and when anchored and feeling queizy, motor around for 5-10 mins.
  8. Hope so. May give the pier a try, there is structure and a food source there and was thinking there maybe a few witing and bream there on a high tide at night but now that you mention it, may have a bigger bait out for a jew, would certainly be easier and more comfortable to sit off the pier. Just wondering, do kings get this far upstream (baldface area)?
  9. Tried for a jew on friday night around the bridges in the georges. A fairly eventless night. Managed to anchor in a nice eddy around tom uglys but no action. Gave up after a few hours due to no cabin lights (running and anchor lights were working fine) and due to the crappy wind and current fighting eachother, leading to the boat sitting really weird. Would also like to inform you all on how i am to see the number of idiots on the water. At the time I was around the tom ugly's about 20 boats passed us all going 20+ knots. there were only 2 boats that did go 10- knots (a tinnie that could go no faster than 5 and a 38 footer which had no-one at the wheel and all at the back stuffing their faces and going through a wine cellar worth of piss) and if they had the chance would be going just as fast as the other nobs. One boat had a kegger on it and about 6 guys about my age or younger had decided to take daddys boat out for a ride. not only were these guys breaking the no wash zone but they were under age drinkers, already pissed, drink driving and probably had no licenses, as well as coming well within 30 meters of my vessel. Now what really anoys me is that this happened across from the water police station and the boat came from the mariners around the station. Jesus Tap dancing Christ! They also managed to throw a jug of beer at me, which fell short, as well as the guy that throw it almost going over. If these guys did have their lisences then how the hell did they get them? On a lighter note, when got back to my pier, the lights on the end(so i knew where home was) attracted quite a few squid and were able to bag a few bite size inkys, hopefully they will get converted into a nice knobby or jew. Will try again probably next week and will hopefully find some time to contact jewgaffer, who graciously sent me his number and im sure is a wealth of information. Due to a change of scencery, i am willing to trade some gps spots for snapper off botany heads, have had extensive time off long reef and sydney heads and am willing to trade some northern spots for southern. Sorry for the long post again.
  10. mr twister


    Thanks for the location info, did a quick sound around baldface last time i was out on the boat, a couple of good holes and channel drop offs. on this perticular outing saw a school of fish on the bottom was the middle of the day but wouldn't of hurt to of dropped a butterflyed pillie or big soft plastic down. I wonder if kings come this far upstream. Anyway, there is a peak in the tide tomorrow morning, so will probably try then, and will try to get some yakkas. Thanks for the help
  11. mr twister


    OK, thanks. sorry, its a long post but after what i have heard about jew fishing, everything has to be perfect.
  12. mr twister


    Hi, first post, hope i get some good answers. Just moved into a new house at Kangaroo Point. The main reason for the place was because it was cheap, on the water and had mooring facilities this means the boat is in the water 24/7 and allows me nw to fish whenever. Havent really done the estuary thing seriously due the pain of getting it out of an underground garage. gotta admit though, how we got it was shear genious, it was geting too hard and we tried to make everytime out count, so it was usually perfect weather days offshore(these days come 5 times a year). Anyway, want to get my first jew out of the way as soon as possible and am planning a evening/night session, tomorrow night. Here's a run down on what the plan is: Location: Am looking at Baldface Point(but would like hints on how to fish the bridges) Time/Tide: 6:30-10:00pm. Bottom of the tide is 8:24(so an hour or two before and after, as well as during slack) Bait: BIG pillies from the markets(if i liked them, i'd be eating them), squid(caught a couple of outings ago and frozen straight away), as well as some large prawns(for bream, will have lighter rods out as well) Gear: Penn Spinfisher 7500 and Abu Garcia Abassadeur 7000, both loaded with 15kg braid(have about 20m of 10kg mono topshot), both on ugly stick rods Tackle: 7/0's octupus circles, strait on the mainline with as little or no lead as possible. Will also be buleying with chook pellets and mashed pillies and squid soaked in tuna oil for bream Thats about it, please feel free to critisize and comment so I can tweek my gear and plan to suite, giving me the best chance of catching my first jew. PS. sorry for the long read and what is the story with pike eels in the georges river?(all eels freak the hell out of me!)