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  1. Hi and welcome. Lots of clinicians in our community. Start by doing some research on the many topics inside the forum. The search engine is the best way to look for info first. The members will help along the way with queries. Good luck and look forward to your first posts.
  2. Kyle use the search engine and type in Laurieton - lots of posts Here is one from a few years ago
  3. @Kyle_9173 I will accept this if you submit it into the Records section In future please look at the rules and guidelines for submission of fish. Take a pic of the fish on a measuring mat. If you or any raider is claiming a record badge this is usually a must. mrsswordie
  4. The mark to beat for Luderick on fly is 43 cms taken by @DerekD report below The 2nd place for Luderick on fly is 32 cms taken by @luderick -angler report below
  5. Mark to beat on fly for Japanese Sea Bass by @Ben Hall is 113cm 27lb (March 2020). Caught on a 10wt fly rod using a BWC gold bomber fly.
  6. @yting very sorry for the late addition of this It is in first place with a guesstimate of 74 cms - badge awarded. Well done master yting
  7. One of our fishraider members nominated our well known moderator Scratchie to become a guest on a podcast. Jeff jumped at the chance to help others (as usual) and the episode was recorded last week and posted up this morning. The interviewer is Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall aquatic scientist and PhD and he was delighted to interview Jeff on Broughton Island Snapper Introducing The Australian Lure Fishing Podcast episodes ......... OBJECTIVES Find and interview a seriously talented Aussie lure fisherman about how to fish for a sport fishing species they’ve mastered Extract from each of our guests the essence of their success on that species and where they think other fishermen go wrong in their quest Provide a refreshing new way to get your fill of fishing info whilst you’re in the car, at the gym, on a plane, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts Doc did not have to look very far to find a seriously talented lure fisherman who has mastered snapper fishing. Here is a fantastic podcast from our own @Scratchie CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO SCRATCHIE'S INTERVIEW Thanks very much for 35 mins of your wisdom and the great shout out to fishraider at the end
  8. Welcome back (Luke?) Stewy remembers that charter on Reef Magic and says hi Look forward to reports mrsswordie Donna