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  1. Thanks for the apology - accepted. I deleted that post. Leave it out of fishraider. I am tired of social media posts politicising the worst disaster in our country’s history. The posts and disgraceful comments today on twitter about Scott Morrison and his Dad were just awful. It is bullying in its extreme. Let’s focus on recovery. This will take years and affect us all in some way. Vote carefully next election Donna aka mrsswordie
  2. Thought of you guys @JonD Keep us informed and get out safe
  3. Thanks interesting comments and I could not understand why no jackets for a start!
  4. Here is another for you @NewbieBoatie These ramps were added a while ago so do more search on them if need be
  5. Have a look at our boat ramp section here on fishraider Go to BOATING ---- BOAT RAMPS Here is one close by
  6. Just got into air frying and did some very nice roast pork dinners out on the road. We also used it at Christmas to quickly do some meat and crispy roast potatoes. There are some great things you can do in it. I bought a Sunbeam Nutrioven. I joined a great fb group and they have wonderful files of recipies @wizza hope you get good results with the grill or bbq
  7. No we are on water restrictions. Lots of time with watering cans in the timeframe allowed, it is very hard work indeed. Those pics were taken before restriction but strangely the present lawn is doing very well and we have had a few nights and odd times of very good soaking water. Stewy mows every 2 days and goes to fish on other days. We just had kingfish for dinner actually!!! He caught this beauty yesterday on a poorman's downrigger slow trolling with a live squid at Molineux Point
  8. Great idea @flatheadluke - start a Show us your garden thread. Pretty sure every fisho has lots of different hobbies including gardens. I actually live with an excellent gardener and our garden is magnificent and the lawn looks like a bowling green. Not only is swordie a master angler he looks after our garden very well. Do a search on gardening forums Australia via google and there are tons of gardening groups on facebook Here are a few pics Thanks Luke
  9. Hi and welcome to fishraider. Have you checked our section on Safe Rock fishing. It is a dangerous type of fishing to do. We have several experienced rock fishermen who will give you information if you are a beginner. Check out the posts in the forum link below. I have also added the post link above on Julianne's Rock and land based map.