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  1. mrsswordfisherman

    Show us your fishing buggy

    Oh boy Frank that is insane! These workarounds are fantastic and for anyone with mobility probs it is the difference between fishing and no fishing.
  2. mrsswordfisherman

    Marina fuel price

    It has been moved thanks. In future do a “report post” or click on the black flag to bring to mod or admins attention.
  3. mrsswordfisherman

    Super easy fishing caddy

    Very inventive - good on you!
  4. mrsswordfisherman

    Solas prop

    Have fun often life is short Sam
  5. mrsswordfisherman

    Solas prop

    Just for fun I’ll add NO. 😎
  6. mrsswordfisherman

    Birthday perch

    Very nice catch young lady! Happy birthday. Good Dad spending time with your daughter and fishing is the way to go!
  7. mrsswordfisherman

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome @WinstonC look forward to reading your reports. post up this request in the Fishing Trips or Desperate and Boatless section as we have a few raiders up that way Enjoy our country.
  8. mrsswordfisherman


    @blaxland fishraider where we are right now IS a really big well organised facebook. The quality info sits here for many, many, many people over many years. I too am on tons of Facebook groups but they don’t give me the info I find on fishraider. Do a google search and usually a fishraider post comes up with the answer. By the way there is a fishraider page on Facebook You are free to start a fishing group on Facebook but it would not be an official page. We would be unable to commit to its moderation. Cheers mrsswordie
  9. mrsswordfisherman

    Another fishless day

    Ok enough folks. Lets be respectful of each other or I will send in the clowns ........ Back to the thread now
  10. mrsswordfisherman

    Where do you fish in the Hawkesbury?

    Good point @kingie chaser Use the search engine and Introduce yourself to the community. There is a thread in Fishing Chat Look forward to your contributions and fishing reports
  11. mrsswordfisherman

    Possible new bait Tarwhine record

    @smooth cruise VERY sorry that I missed this one You are an equal 1st place for the Tarwhine - well done
  12. mrsswordfisherman

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    OK guys I have merged the comments from the other post but they will not be in logical order. Lets keep the discussion in here - I can delete anything if needed
  13. mrsswordfisherman

    Another fishless day

    Hmmmm let me look into this
  14. mrsswordfisherman

    Another fishless day

    On phone - Ok top right 3 horizontal bars drop down the menu/list find “gallery” and select it Select “add images” green button and it will open up as below. Start creating your Galleries Raiders check out the over 500 galleries in there!
  15. mrsswordfisherman

    Another fishless day

    @JonD why not make a folder in your Gallery here on FR?