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  1. @Admis welcome to the forum It is usual etiquette to ease your way into a forum before asking direct questions of the members. It is quite different to Facebook where people join pages and post questions. First thing to do is use our search engine to research. Add an introduction to yourself at this thread below so we can get to know you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact my mods or myself. Cheers and look forward to your contributions/fishing reports. We are a great bunch here Donna (Community Manager)
  2. Hope everyone managed to get through last night. My people in Old Bar are OK but it is veryyyyy smoky and unpleasant. My Mum was a proud Australian and wrote many poems about our land. Here is one that is very relevant to the current events. MATESHIP’S WAY Back as far as history tells, mateship’s been our way Through fire and flood and cyclone, brave Australians saved the day Wherever, in this great south land, disaster raised its head An army of the people came where ‘ere the crisis led They came a hundred years ago from factory, mine and shop As men and women come today - to fight until they drop! They walked, and came on horseback, they came with ox and dray And mateship was the reason - no thought of thanks, or pay Today our gallant volunteers can stand with heads held high Beside those ghosts of yesteryear who came to do - or die But times have changed - we shake our heads as we hear the news each day How misery and hate abound, and violence holds sway And then - God lifts his mighty hand and shakes us to the core He makes us prove ourselves again, and our best comes to the fore As those heroes fight the bushfire’s blaze - that furnace straight from hell Australians know within their heart, mateship’s live and well! Author: Fay Barton
  3. Use this thread to send best wishes or post pics. Stay safe all raiders and families and friends during this time.
  4. Oh Jim I remember that shop so well. I used to go in there and get little jars of vegemite, peanut butter, bread and marg for toast when I lived in. Maybe you even served me! Small world.
  5. A very big thanks to any of our fishraiders who have been out fighting fires over the last few weeks. The pictures and videos shown on TV and social media depict the ferocity and relentlessness of the fires. Absolutely frightening vision. I have been listening to the Emergency channels Mid North Coast and am blown away by the comms management. Professional and so well managed. We have family members in Old Bar, Taree, Tuncurry and Forster. The work of the firies saved swordies sister’s house today at Old Bar/Wallabi Point. Thanks and take a well earned rest fellas and gals.
  6. Thank you isn’t enough @scottyboy A damn fine job much appreciated. RFS blokes saved our family member’s home in Old Bar/Wallabi Point today.
  7. Hey @jot1975 I was a student nurse there at PHH and lived in. We called it the Nurses Beach and we all sunbaked, drank and did lots of stuff there when off duty. Here is a pic of the nurses accom and beach views.
  8. This is a very interesting thread thanks @big Neil Just thought I could jump in and hijack this cod season thread with some drought affected areas in Australia. We just did a lap of Australia and swordie was looking forward to fishing. We ended up having to do a few offshore charters to get some fishing done. It was heartbreaking to see the dry river beds. I have posted these elsewhere on fr but thought I would add here. See pics of the Fitzroy River at Fitzroy Crossing WA and a few other rivers we crossed. Fitzroy Crossing experienced its lowest rainfall on record this wet season.
  9. Thanks @dmck The presenter does a great job showing us how to use flares. In an emergency let’s hope raiders will think back to what they learned in the video. Hope your hand heals up quickly.
  10. @frankS thanks Frank I was very impressed also. I did not realise how dangerous they could be if not handled safely either. This should be watched by all. Here is the link for where to hand in your the expired flares.
  11. This video was taken with permission of RMS Educator Ray Lonsdale during a boating safety presentation to the Campbelltown Catholic Club fishing group. It is an excellent presentation by Ray who showed us just what actually happens when you activate flares. Thank you RMS for providing the teams that give us presentations on boating safety. The addition of the flare demonstration was very well received by the group and a new feature that should be done for boaters/anglers wherever possible. Donna aka mrsswordfisherman (Community Manager)
  12. I am in the process of uploading a video of how to do this right now. It will be in Boating and I will pin it.