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  1. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    Hmmmm I might have Depends on a few things Yowie but would love to see more of Australia
  2. mrsswordfisherman

    Most stress free company to do boat licence

    @smc2010 Try Marine Rescue - here is info and list of dates get your Marine Rescue app for your phone too
  3. mrsswordfisherman

    weekend overnighter

    Nice work fishing with your lady Dave Great report
  4. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    True they do vary a lot. I have an app and usually check it to see where cheapest is. It also tell me where diesel is and if you can go there with a caravan in tow. The app is also handy if you need to see where the next petrol is.
  5. mrsswordfisherman

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    Good suggestion @Mike McKiernan
  6. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    We have the weights all sorted. I am on that forum too Yowie and several fb groups. Don't get started with best van and best tow vehicle debates hahahahah. Pass the popcorn stuff Lots of good info out there isn't there
  7. mrsswordfisherman

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    They do look nice don’t they. @shakey55 I don’t think there are anymore. Those that have them are lucky. Swordie and I did not buy one at the time
  8. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    @61 crusher did you use a boat loader and take a tinny? Some just hire boats and/or go on charters. Not sure if it is a pain in the butt or not.
  9. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    Yes have both electronic maps and book (hema), wikicamps.
  10. mrsswordfisherman


  11. mrsswordfisherman


    RAIDERS this was sent to us for comment. It is a large survey so put aside about 20 mins at least. Be honest on q 23 about how much you spend on fishing trips heh heh. Hi all, As key stakeholders and partners of the Centre for Maritime Safety’s programs and priorities, I wanted to let you know we are investing in new and improved boating infrastructure, and to do this, we need to better understand your needs. You and your respective group members have the chance to provide your input to help inform future maritime infrastructure investment decisions through an online survey. And anyone who completes the survey has the chance to win one of three $200 gift cards. The survey will take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Click here to complete the survey. It would be appreciated if you could please forward the above link through to your respective groups and promote it in your communication channels, and encourage as many people as possible to have their say about future boating infrastructure in NSW. *View our privacy policy for more information about how we protect privacy and manage personal information. Thank you for continued support. Kind Regards Eleanor Eleanor Hillard A/Communication and Engagement Manager Centre for Maritime Safety Transport for NSW M 0481 002 340 Level 4, 18 Lee Street Chippendale NSW 2008 This email is intended only for the addressee and may contain confidential information. If you receive this email in error please delete it and any attachments and notify the sender immediately by reply email. Transport for NSW takes all care to ensure that attachments are free from viruses or other defects. Transport for NSW assume no liability for any loss, damage or other consequences which may arise from opening or using an attachment. P Consider the environment. Please don't print this e-mail unless really necessary.
  12. mrsswordfisherman

    Friday flatties

    Love the convos Jim hahahah
  13. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    That is a given Noel. What is your experience with caravanning and what did you see that you enjoyed the most?
  14. mrsswordfisherman

    Friday 15th Feb 2019 - Sydney

    Very nice report Jim
  15. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    Anyone into caravanning and camping? Interested in people's experiences and where they went.