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  1. I know that is why I put the pic of van 🤣 It was the only site left and it was the best! You were at the camp kitchen near the jumping pillow. It was a popular spot for swags! Windemere is 29.7% full. We were very disappointed. We tried everything. Nobody else was catching either. You did well. Copeton same. Had a few hits only. The dam is 16% full and clarity poor in places. Very glad to see you were lucky this week. Good report @Brendan Monks
  2. We just went there too and Copeton. 1000’s of casts over several days
  3. Hmmmm can you please pm me the links to those forums? We have a brag board for anyone that wants to post a pic with no report. We also have Australia’s largest repository of fish species with pics and detail of capture. We are never overloaded with topics, the more the merrier! We have always allowed pics. I am all ears if we can do it better here. Message me with ideas anytime please. We are a community.
  4. I will re read this and put my mind on it. Busy fishing right now Here is a pic!!
  5. Fantastic! Great contact. Easy to Google and post the link so raiders can read it. Msg me anytime if you can’t find it
  6. 24 NOVEMBER 2020 Community urged to keep clear of trawler salvage at Bermagui People are being urged to remain clear of a complex salvage operation involving an 18-metre timber fishing vessel Salvatore V which ran aground at Haywards Beach last Thursday. NSW Maritime Executive Director Mark Hutchings said the boat, which ran aground four kilometres north of Bermagui, is on track to be removed from the beach later this week, weather and sea conditions permitting. “NSW Maritime is leading the coordination of the salvage and working closely with the owner of the vessel, th
  7. https://milliondollarfish.com.au/news/fisho-counting-lucky-stars-after-hooking-red-tag
  8. Amazing story! Raiders rule and @FishyMcFishFace I think you are hooked
  9. @tangle please see the personal message I sent you There are some links to published historians and researchers of the area that you might benefit from contacting.
  10. Perhaps there is someone that can hazard a guess re this one?
  11. Great report there Dave! Shame the comp was cancelled. Looks like you and Amy have found a great spot to fish.
  12. Boaters advised of new speed limit at Ettalong 17 Nov 2020 Boaters are advised to slow down on Brisbane Water at Ettalong with a new speed limit to be introduced for the safety of all waterway users at the end of the month. NSW Maritime Executive Director Mark Hutchings said NSW Maritime had carried out a review of boater behaviour in the narrow waterway at the request of members of the community and NSW Maritime patrols. “Brisbane Water is a popular waterski and jetski location which has experienced an increase in recent years in general boating traffic and towing acti
  13. @Pickles you show all the attributes of being a perfect raider. You now have Gold Member status 😉and thank you.
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