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  1. There is also a very good one at Arndell Park NSW They also have a shop there that sells boat parts and marine stuff "Our aim is to provide quality products, and service that is second to none. We were established in 1981 and are a small, family-owned business priding itself on offering the best service." PM me for details and mention you are a fishraider
  2. Stewy said is that the same pic you posted before? 😄
  3. We have lots of new members lately asking lots of questions. We could do with some help moderating. Requirements: Time - visit the site daily/frequently and read reports Knowledge of fishing and Departmental rules (know where to find the info) Knowledge of fishraider site rules and how they apply A sense of the ridiculous Social media use Some computer literacy - if you can navigate your way around fishraider that is all that is needed Help members with queries where you can and welcome newbies Generally I need help with people to read posts and moderate if needed. It is very easy to do now we can do from smartphones and tablets etc. It is a love job. If we all do a bit it helps keep our community the great place it is. You will get a few more tools to do the job. I can train you and it will take under an hour to show you around all the features and some new tools you will get. If you would like to have a chat please pm me. Donna
  4. Welcome to fishraider Make sure you do a search on your questions using our search engine. There are tons of discussions on tackle. Check the ARTICLES section as there are some excellent ones written by expert fishraiders in many subjects Post in Tackle Talk for a robust discussion on lures
  5. Thank you to @Little_Flatty and @bessell for the very kind comments If I was ever thinking of leaving the forum these comments make me feel needed
  6. @Restyle you are doing well You have 2 posts in this thread that are actually fishing reports. Can you copy and paste and put into fishing reports please. I could merge with a new post but it would be under my name. pm me if you want help
  7. Recreational Fishing Rule Changes 2021 - FAQs Permitting Crab Traps into Lake Macquarie on a trial basis October 2021 What are the changes? Crab traps are permitted in Lake Macquarie in waters where recreational nets (hoop nets, witches hats) are permitted, on a trial basis for two years. This includes implementation of a maximum trap entrance size of 32cm to mitigate the risk of turtle entanglement. Why are we making these changes? Previously Lake Macquarie was closed to any method involving the use of a trap, other than a bait trap. This longstanding crab trap closure from the 1970s is a legacy of commercial hauling activities to prevent haul nets becoming snagged on crab traps. Given Lake Macquarie is now a Recreational Fishing Haven, it is proposed for recreational fishers to be permitted to use crab traps in the Lake to enhance fishing opportunities. As part of a trial, there will be a requirement for the maximum entrance width of crab traps to not exceed 32cm. The entrances of wide mouth crab traps, such as collapsible rectangular traps, can be easily reduced using a cable tie, cord or similar. This will still enable crabs to enter the trap but will restrict entry of non-target species such as turtles. Where in Lake Macquarie can I set crab gear? Any part of Lake Macquarie or its tributaries other than certain areas that will remain closed to crab fishing including Whiteheads Lagoon, Upper Reaches/Mannering Bay, Muddy Lake and Lake Eraring, Lake Petite and Duck Hole Lagoon. How many traps and nets can fishers now use? · This trial permits fishers to use (and be in possession of) a maximum of 2 crab traps, in addition to 4 hoop net or witches hat, which is consistent to that permitted in other waterways across NSW. · What are the crab trap requirements? · A float/ buoy to be labelled with CT, initial and surname, year of birth (YOB) and postcode of the person who sets, uses or lifts the fishing gear. The minimum height of the float being at least 50mm above the water with all letters to be a minimum of 15mm and in a colour contrasting to the buoy. There must also be a 50 gram weight attached to the float/buoy line so that no line is floating on the surface of the water. · The float/ buoy must measure not less than 100mm in all dimensions. · Any fish caught (other than crabs) must be returned to the water. · Do not set gear in areas of high boat traffic or navigation channels. For more information on gear requirements, see here. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/fishing-rules-and-regs/yabby-traps-and-blue-swimmer-crab-faqs
  8. It must be fated. We also have heavy week of appointments and services!
  9. Raiders thanks for being model citizens of our community - a big thanks to all. Tomorrow do all your usual pre fishing checks and add masks and a check of restrictions for the area you live in. Have proof of vaccination available for inspection. We are all looking forward to reading some fishing reports with lots of pics of raiders with big grins displaying their captures.
  10. ENTRY IS FREE!!!! Categories 1. Historical Fishing Photos (Supported by Daiwa) Select and send as many of your favourite fishing photos from the past. It can be anything as long as its about fishing. 2. Golden Age Fishing Photos Select and send fishing photos from your grandparents era. Its always fascinating to look at how people fished decades ago. 3. Reaching out – Fishing With A Friend (Supported by Daiwa) Send photos or videos of a friend and yourself looking out for each others well-being while fishing. 4. Getting Out Send photos or videos of getting out of the house, going outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, combatting that cabin fever. 5. Personal Best (Supported by Daiwa) Send photos or videos of your personal best fishing experiences. 6. Kids Nature Hunt Send photos or videos of yourself with 1 long stick, 2 short sticks, 8 gumnuts, 4 feathers and 4 leaves. 7. Backyard Citizen Science Send photos or videos of yourself doing what you imagine citizen science is. 8. Backyard Casting Competiton or Trick Casting (Supported by Daiwa) Send a video of a casting competition or trick casting you have organised in your backyard, park or favourite fishing location. 9. Tackle Box Treasure Hunt Send photos or videos of yourself with 5 swivels, 3 sinkers, 3 hooks, a piece of fishing line, a landing net, 4 lures, 1 float and a fishing length measuring device. 10. Weirdest Lure Send photos or videos of the weirdest fishing lures you can find. 11. Oldest Lure Send photos or videos of the oldest fishing lure you can find. 12. Most Creative or Roughest Fishing Rig Send photos or videos of the most creative fishing rig you can think of or the roughest fishing rig you have ever seen. 13. Funniest Dress Up Fishing Outfit Send photos or videos of someone in their funniest or craziest dress up while fishing. 14. Diarize Your Fishing Day Send photos or videos throughout the day, sending us updates of what you have been up to and what you are doing and what you plan to do. 15. Share Your Fishing Photos Or Videos Send photos or videos that has anything to do with your fishing experiences. 16. Impersonate A Fishing Celebrity Or Personality Send photos or videos of someone impersonating a fishing celebrity or personality to make us laugh.
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