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  1. Here is a link to COVID-19 cases by local areas NSW 8pm 4/4/2020
  2. Jeff thanks for your story and concerns. Swordie and I were on a fishing trip towing a caravan with tinny on top of car we had planned for over a year. We got up to Lake Somerset in QLD as COVID-19 started taking hold. We felt ok during the week but as Friday approached hundreds of campers and caravanners arrived for the weekend. Large groups of people congregated at the grassy areas at the ramp. We suddenly felt very unsafe and happy that we were self sufficient with ensuite. The amenities blocks were unclean with all the traffic. As an RN I saw the signs. We packed up and left. Anyone who knows Stewy would know how disappointed he is to not be fishing. He is also immunosuppressed and we are both over 60. @Scratchie let’s hope Tyran gets to be at that birth and that you guys get a hold of that little one ASAP. My eldest daughter is 20 weeks pregnant with the 1st grandchild too. She and hubby live in the UK. We couldn’t celebrate and give them hugs with the announcement. I have return flights booked for Aug/Sept to be with her for the birth and after but that may not happen. My other daughter is a registered nurse at a major Sydney hospital oncology unit. She is looking after the cancer patients undergoing chemo. She came to visit a few days ago and sat up the end of our outdoor area and had a coffee. It was the first time I was unable to hug my child. Life has changed for all of us. Stay at home message needs to be heeded by us all. As global citizens we have a responsibility to work together to get through this. #stayathometillitsover
  3. Raiders please be patient. Posts are under approval before becoming visible. Thanks
  4. Judging by pics that people have been throwing up onto social media I suspect the fishing/boating privileges may be retracted. Many people boating and kayaking and congregating at ramps and on beaches. I think they were watching behaviour this weekend knowing next week is Easter (ugh)
  5. ahhhhh @Jocler is now the front runner in record time of 93 secs
  6. Raiders this room was opened in 2006! It might be fun to start playing some trivia while we wait to be fishing and boating once again Join up with a name - make it your raider name so we know who you are mrsswordfisherman
  7. While waiting for answers read this from one of our members. It’s a general post about glasses (not specifically night ones) @nutsaboutfishing have you got any answers
  8. That is great feedback - lots to read here @Joeyd
  9. -&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles
  10. @Joeyd have a look at our search engine - there are many, many posts and articles on catching kings and squidding in syd harbour. Perhaps a raider can help me with some links here? (very busy right now)
  11. Hi Raiders My mods and I have discussed the need for ensuring members have their say about COVID19. This post is the place to do that. This post will stay open unless it becomes inflammatory or not in the spirit of our fishraider community. It is very obvious by reading what is happening on social media channels that the fishing community is very divided in their views. It is the “stay at home” versus “I need to go fishing for my mental health and to feed my family” debate. Each state has different rules on fishing and boating that are changing daily in some cases. Please be mindful of that when posting any fishing reports. We have Site Rules here please re-read them particularly this first one 1. No abusive or threatening posts or private messages including posts/messages that reference abusive or threatening actions/behaviours. Personal attack or inciting arguments will not be tolerated. Finally thanks for behaving in a civil manner. Be kind to each other in whatever situation you are in right now. We are all in the same boat. mrsswordfisherman aka Donna (Fishraider Community Manager)
  12. I am aware of the need for everyone to be able to have a say. I will be opening a post so people can discuss. Please wait for that post. mrsswordie