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  1. Just love this report. Look at his little face, he is so proud of himself! Well done.
  2. @Brendan Monks sorry for delay here I have awarded the Black Marlin on bait badge For some reason the records for Lure black, striped and blue are completely missing from the list on here. I have a spreadsheet that tell me otherwise! The badge was awarded to member R_Zee for a 140kg striped marlin so yours would not have been a badge anyway. I will check this out and get to the bottom of it. Well done with those fish
  3. The 1ST mark to beat is 130cm Black Marlin by @Brendan Monks https://www.fishraider.com.au/topic/92518-point-plomer-black-marlin-30-12-20/
  4. Thanks for the reminder @Berrero your badge has been awarded. Well deserved.
  5. Check out the search engine to read the posts on Hamilton Island while you wait for any members to answer Look forward to reading your reports
  6. I am not sure if the DPI Grants were even offered in 2021. There was a pause in 2020 with applications closing in Oct 2020. I don't think they gave any out. @motiondave just an email to the local council will help your request.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Suggest you introduce yourself to the community on the thread below 😉 We have a great search engine that will allow you to read info on anything that has been posted. Here is one on Lord Howe Good luck and look forward to your report
  8. Welcome to the forum. We have a massive selection of posts and articles here. Please research by using the search engine that will link you to information. Take a look in the Land Based fishing section. You might also introduce yourself to the community on the thread below. No member here will be able to ensure your safety or “risk to your life”. Please make sure you prepare and look after your own safety. Good luck with your research.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/Illawarramerc/posts/10157828467206237
  10. Don’t be confused we have ALL the info on this forum. Use our search engine to find the info. Go into The Library area on here and check out Articles on how to catch squid in Sydney Harbour. There are dozens of things to read Good luck
  11. That is a great deal and thanks @Scratchie Give this tacklo a shout out on here please (approved by me). I think if raiders go into this shop and mention they are a fishraider and know you they might get some great deals!! We will definitely go there on our next visit to the area.
  12. Hint: Have a look in The Aquarium for fish ID
  13. My mother travelled around NSW and VIC with a dear friend years ago. They took lots of photos at lookouts and town memorials. We started caravanning a few years ago and I try to visit and recreate the photos with myself where she stood. I send the “back then and now” shots to local town fb groups where they are well received. Here is one at the Oxley Lookout at Tamworth.
  14. That is why I asked. I am on several groups that are similar for various areas around Sydney, NSW and around Australia. I was wanting to share it and needed the ID of who to credit it to 😉 Message me if you want any links. I love old photos too. There are marvellous groups on fb.
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