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  1. mrsswordfisherman

    Our ARTICLES section

    As of JUNE 2018 articles will be in a special new area/module of the forum called PAGES Mike the new owner of fishraider is adding the articles and it will be available in the next week. If any member would like to submit an article to be added please message me @mrsswordfisherman
  2. mrsswordfisherman

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    We have held many many raider days over the years. Frank you have attended some. Our sponsors always helped us pay for the legendary breakfasts and lunches. perhaps new owners have some plans in the pipeline. There is nothing to stop people regularly meeting up as suggested and meeting in public areas is best. Someone start one
  3. mrsswordfisherman

    Where can i fish for Flathead best!

    Yes the site was moved to different servers recently. There is a new add on called Pages and the articles will be posted in there by Mike. Msg me if you see any other things.
  4. mrsswordfisherman

    Haines Signature 575F built in 2017

    Members join and agree to abide by our site rules Omally. Nobody makes people stay it is everyone's choice. If you would like to msg me or a moderator to discuss site rules please do.
  5. mrsswordfisherman

    Haines Signature 575F built in 2017

    There are avenues to report faults and product problems. Companies/businesses can take legal action against people posting on the internet. NotGrumpyPete has the right idea. Give him a pm if you wish to solve “the mystery”
  6. mrsswordfisherman

    Narrabeen lake

    Oh god love him. He looks fantastic!
  7. mrsswordfisherman

    Haines Signature 575F built in 2017

    It is against site rules to post re issues. Pm notGrumpypete and have a chat about things Pretty sure there would be plenty of Facebook groups that would be appropriate to discuss these issues. Good luck with it
  8. mrsswordfisherman

    Narrabeen lake

    He won’t need a fishing licence - pensioners free. That is a wonderful thing to do for him bookwa. I was a Director of Nursing of an aged care facility and had a fisho who was very depressed. I took lots of fishing pics on an iPad to share with him and showed him lots of our raider pics. He loved it and became very excited to reminisce about his fishing days. I hope you can get him out for a fish and let us know the good news story
  9. mrsswordfisherman


    @Pickles can you message me with your old log in. I will check the problem for you.
  10. mrsswordfisherman

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    What a shame! Glad you met some Raiders and had a bit of a chat.
  11. mrsswordfisherman

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    Yes normally I would have removed the vid but you muted after the one magic word. Apologies to the ladies and young folk. I have had this problem many a time videoing raiders at work Look forward to more just be careful of the audio content
  12. mrsswordfisherman


    Awww Laurie I miss our fishraider hairtail weekends. good luck with it and hope you win Will you be in and around Jerusalem Bay in the usual spot? Ruth going?
  13. RUBBISH RETRIEVAL VESSEL TRANSFERRED FROM SYDNEY TO PORT STEPHENS FOR DAY SIX OF CONTAINER CLEAN UP Roads and Maritime Services deployed a 12 metre long harbour cleaning vessel into the water off Port Stephens today to join in the container clean up effort which has netted more than 30 skip bins of debris. Roads and Maritime Executive Director Maritime Angus Mitchell said the Environmental Services vessel, one of the fleet which normally operates on Sydney Harbour, was loaded on to the back of a truck last night and driven to the Mid North Coast. “Three of our Environmental Services Officers have also been relocated from Sydney to operate the vessel - joining in the water side contingent of boats and divers – to remove debris from the water using skimmers and other equipment,” Mr Mitchell said. “The shoreline clean up is continuing with the 100 strong team of workers doing such a good job that there are considerably reduced quantities of material now visible along the coastline between Seal Rocks and Anna Bay.” Mr Mitchell said it was fortunate there had not yet been any reported injuries to wildlife or vessel strikes since the 83 shipping containers full of goods entered the water off the NSW coast in the early hours of Friday morning. “With the official whale and dolphin migration season under way since the start of this month, it was timely that a pod of whales was sighted this morning when the YM Efficiency was making its way into Port Botany where it berthed at 9.36am today,” Mr Mitchell said. “Now the ship is at berth, she is the responsibility of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau who boarded the ship earlier today. “AMSA will be responsible for overseeing the discharge operation and the ATSB will investigate the actual incident involving the containers going overboard. “It is expected it will take many days to complete the safe offloading of the compromised containers and those remaining on board.” Mr Mitchell said the next stages of clean up are hard to predict, and will be dependent on weather and ocean conditions. “The possibility of the sunken containers breaking up could change the situation.” He reiterated all costs associated with the clean up effort are going to passed on to the YM Efficiency’s insurers.
  14. 5 June 2018 DIVERS AND BOATS JOIN OFFICIAL CLEAN UP OF CONTAINER DEBRIS ON MID NORTH COAST Up to 100 contracted workers and specialist machinery have joined the clean up effort along the coastline of the Mid North Coast today. Roads and Maritime Services Executive Director Maritime Angus Mitchell, who is also the Sate Marine Pollution Controller, today joined the crews at Broughton Island, Fingal Head, Seal Rocks, Treachery, Hawks Nest, Shark Island, Jimmys Beach and Birubi Beach. “Continuing bad weather is hampering efforts, but tomorrow the forecast is for the weather and visibility to improve slightly, so divers will be deployed to join the efforts to assess rubbish that may be sitting on the seabed in the vicinity of Jimmys and Hawks Nest,” Mr Mitchell said. “Boats and specialised beach cleaning equipment from MidCoast Council, are also being used to remove debris from the water close to shore in the Port Stephens area. “A mini dozer known as a Pozzi Track is also assisting the clean up effort on Jimmys Beach and will be redeployed as required.” Mr Mitchell said whilst we fully understand the communities desire to pitch in and assist, members of the public were not encouraged to join the clean up effort, partly for their own safety and partly as materials in the ocean are subject to Australian Customs and Quarantine regulations. “The waste is being disposed of by the contractor in accordance with Australian Quarantine and Customs regulations,” Mr Mitchell said. “We want to reassure the community that we have no intention of scaling down this clean up effort until we are satisfied that our waters and coastline are back to their pristine condition.” Roads and Maritime is leading the effort in close consultation with other government authorities in order to determine the area to prioritise the clean up, including National and Marine Parks, EPA, local councils, DPI Fisheries and the Australian Marine Safety Authority.
  15. mrsswordfisherman

    Hairtail hairtail hairtail

    Good to hear they are there now By the way pm me regarding your login problem - password reset no problem.