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  1. Thanks @Berleyguts breaches of site rules will be watched here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Please don’t turn this into personal attack. mrsswordfisherman ( Community Manager)
  3. @Yowie yes I did hijack the thread and the pics were to highlight the drought we have going on in Australia. @DaveTheBoy sorry msg me if you want my post removed. Maybe a new thread on the issues out there in The Bar
  4. Try some trivia - this is still going after all these years
  5. Here are some of my pics of the dry river beds and just how drought stricken it is out there. Sorry to hijack the fishing report. Hope you got some fish today Dave
  6. Ahhhh @DaveTheBoy we just finished a lap. The fishing was a bit of a disappointment for us. The land is so dry and it was sad to see the dry river beds everywhere. We did a few charters one from Kakadu, Broome, Kalbarri and Exmouth were fruitful. Landbased was very hard. At 80 mile beach WA there were blokes there for several months that had only caught 1 fish off the beach! GRR was a bit dry on it too. We did a few water crossings but gorges did not hold much water. Litchfield was good Buley Rockhole and swam in Wangi Falls. Australia is a wonderful and hugeeeeee place. So glad we had the opportunity to see some of it. Your fish captures look fabbo. Great to fill the freezer with fresh fish for meals isn't it.
  8. BREAKING NEWS - PHGFC VESSEL “THE UNDERTAkER” has weighed a Tiger Shark for Small Fry Angler JAYDEN MILLAURO on 15kg that weighed 314kg. This fish is a Pending WORLD RECORD, AUSTRALIAN RECORD & NSW RECORD Capture beating the current WR by 2kg that has been held since 1997. Great effort to Capt. Ibby Dardas and crew and Jayden. More to come!!!! Courtesy of Port Hacking Game Fishing Club
  9. @JamoDamo they are expensive items arnt they. Maybe finish school and get yourself a job and a career first!! Enjoy the school holidays for now and get some fishing in
  10. 1 OCTOBER 2019 Multiple illegally moored boats lead to multiple dates in court A man who has repeatedly ignored official notices to remove boats which he has left illegally moored on Sydney Harbour, Lake Macquarie, Tuggerah Lakes, the Hunter River, and at Laurieton will have the matters referred to court this week. “Since May this year, the Lake Munmorah man has ignored eight different official ‘notices to remove’ a vessel which he has illegally left on a mooring or is blocking a waterway,” NSW Maritime A/ Executive Director Mark Hutchings said. “When you receive a notice to remove a vessel from the State boating regulator, it is not okay to ignore it in the hope it will go away. “Choosing to ignore a legal notice to remove a boat blocking a waterway is akin to choosing to ignore a parking fine. “NSW Maritime will argue that this person just leaves these boats which he acquires wherever he likes, including on emergency moorings or opportunistically on moorings belonging to other people. “What was originally a $250 fine for a vessel obstructing a mooring can reach up to $5500 once a matter is being considered by a court.” Mr Hutchings said two of the eight illegally moored vessels had sunk and led to navigation and potential pollution hazards, requiring intervention and salvaging by NSW Maritime at taxpayers’ expense. “We will be putting to the court how much he has cost the agency in terms of salvages,” he said. One matter is listed to be heard at Manly Local Court this afternoon (1 October), three matters at Port Macquarie on 17 October, two matters at Belmont on 23 October and one at Newcastle on 25 October.
  11. Welcome to fishraider You will find answers to most fishing questions here. Yell if you need anything and we look forward to your reports mrsswordie
  12. There is now a large bag full in my fridge (grrrrrrrr) Thanks all I did win the bet