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  1. mrsswordfisherman

    Greenback Tailor Comp

    Welcome @Ah Me Ting thanks for the info and good luck with that comp We have lots of members from up that way
  2. mrsswordfisherman

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Welcome back Jim @fragmeister Ahhhh how important our mobility is eh - hope the recovery is swift and without too much pain At least you have fishraider to read and fish vicariously
  3. mrsswordfisherman


    This is a very nice post @rickmarlin62 and @BUG89 I love seeing raiders helping each other! We have a great community here don’t we
  4. mrsswordfisherman

    Bustin Bass at Lostock

    Healthy looking specimens!
  5. mrsswordfisherman

    Broken bay wide

    @mully wow great day out! Did you have a nice feed? That is THE best pic of missmully - one for the 21st for sure well done mrsmully on the PB
  6. mrsswordfisherman

    Boat I D

    Hmmmmm you were in an equally sexy blue poly ? Swordfisherman was lurking there this morning. Our boat has a biggggg FISHRAIDER sticker along the side. If anyone sees the boat yell and come and say hi!!!
  7. mrsswordfisherman


    Let us know - they might be around very soon
  8. mrsswordfisherman

    Sustainable Fishery Guide

    That is a very good resource that one thanks for sharing @Koalaboi
  9. Richard that is a pic of the list. You will need to do a search using ARTICLES and they will appear
  10. mrsswordfisherman

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    @Ojay Samson what a fantastic report!! I loved that video and your “deckie” Fabulous work!
  11. mrsswordfisherman

    Last 2 icefishing session on this winter.

    Great pics Jani
  12. mrsswordfisherman

    Fishin' Lake Mac - Land Based

    Thank you so much - this is excellent
  13. mrsswordfisherman

    Bream fish - ourimbah creek

    Good report boys. So very lucky to be able to fish close to home!
  14. mrsswordfisherman

    A day to remember

    Trav @T_Bert83 that is a great detailed report and the pics tell the story
  15. mrsswordfisherman

    Tuesday Dollie trip

    Fantastic haul @hookerbruce Looking forward to some Mahi Mahi tonight that swordie caught.