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  1. Neil I am right into British shows now. I love all those you mentioned. Who could forget Monty Python and The Goodies. Black Adder (the lovely Infanta)
  2. Here are a couple of old favs Hercules (who can sing the song) with Newton and Pan Then there was Lancelot Link Secret Chimp ......... My personal fav Phantom Agents My best buddy and I thought we were Phantar and Gina. We would watch this in school holidays then run single file up to the park to look for members of the Mocula!!! He became a noted neurosurgeon and we often talk about these shows even now for a laugh. Feel free to share some of your own favs
  3. Tons of ways to do it isn't there
  4. Look up Rock Fishing videos on youtube. There are many free ones that are informative
  5. I used to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager however it was not included in the later versions of Office I found an install for it and use it still if needed. FastStone Photo Resizer is easy to use and a free little program. Good if you have a large number of pics to do in a batch. Adding them on here is pretty easy. Use drag and drop if on your computer or laptop or choose files from where they are stored.
  6. Nothing wrong with that post Neil well done
  7. There is a link to a 2011 fishing report here on fishraider in that news article. Did any raider talk to a reporter and point them to that report?
  8. Just another way to get to it quickly if info needed. I don’t have a beacon but this would be how I would access the online check area. I added a shortcut icon to go straight to the registration check area. This is in my fishing folder on my iPhone I think most would carry a laminated print out on their boat as Zoran says.
  9. Interesting topic. Here is a link for others to look at. https://beacons.amsa.gov.au/registration/ https://www.beacons.amsa.gov.au/ this is the link mentioned below to check registration online It would be good if we could have it online like we have with all our licences and regos in the one place ie: Service NSW app Why do I need proof of beacon registration? Why does AMSA issue confirmation once a distress beacon is registered? Confirmation of beacon registration is issued by AMSA to provide distress beacon owners and authorities with proof of current registrat
  10. @swordfisherman and @nbdshroom often go fishing, here are two videos. shroom does excellent videos of his fishing adventures on his YouTube channel. He is also on facebook, instagram, twitter, TikTok Go and subscribe, follow, view etc on social media channels for his other videos Pete was a moderator for several years on fishraider and he is doing a great job educating and informing about aspects of catching fish on his channels.
  11. Thank you this is very good information. Maybe we need members to review our sub forum https://www.fishraider.com.au/forum/88-safe-rock-fishing-initiative-by-location/ Thanks @SquibblyDibbly for starting this conversation
  12. I hope it does too. Lets see what arrangements they have in place to be Covid safe
  13. The stickers are free but the postage is $12 and you will need to send to me otherwise it will become costly for me. They need to be posted in a small packing tube so they don't get folded. The tubes cost around $3 each and the postage is $8.95 You have posted as above or can pick up from us in the Campbelltown area. @Joeyd and @saad please send me a private message re how you want to get them
  14. I have removed a couple of posts with potentially damaging content. This incident would be under investigation. Please be mindful of what you post. Let’s get back to being glad people were saved and that a couple of our own were responsible for saving these guys. Thanks all 😉👍
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