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    Safty and First aid kits on boats

    I must agree with @dirvin21 outside the hospital setting it is about the quality chest compressions. I can tell you as a clinician and a cardiac arrest survivor it is the chest compressions that do the trick. Just yesterday it was 9 years since I had a cardiac arrest. Stewy saved my life as I stopped breathing and had no heart beat. He had the NSW Ambulance on the phone and they told him to commence 400 compressions and no breaths. Paramedics arrived and defibrillated me. Here is my trophy - one that no one wants to win really. Stewy saved my life - he is my hero.
  2. mrsswordfisherman

    Impromptu session

    Good on you Mike - never let a chance go by
  3. mrsswordfisherman

    Looking for Trout near Ebor, NSW

    Welcome to fishraider. While you wait use our search engine to find previous posts here is what I found. Hope you have a good trip @dirvin21 perhaps you can help here
  4. mrsswordfisherman

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Now THAT is a report. Thanks for all the detail Gordo. You got pretty close with your bag of 3!
  5. mrsswordfisherman

    Check your trip on the M5 cashback

    I will investigate yes and come back to you Dave They did check the photos and an investigation is underway. He has to take his boat to the gantry at the toll station to get it's height measured. They will then put an alert on it to ignore any vehicle Class change that appears in their system. It is all about the height of the boat
  6. mrsswordfisherman

    Check your trip on the M5 cashback

    A friend noted that they had been charged as a class B vehicle on some trips to go fishing. This was on the M5 and with a small boat in tow. There were some instances where the outgoing trip was charged as a Class B vehicle and the return as a Class A. The boat is well under the 2 metre height limit for Class A Just FYI to check your cash back statements.
  7. mrsswordfisherman

    Check your trip on the M5 cashback

    Indeed it does!
  8. mrsswordfisherman

    Check your trip on the M5 cashback

    Means you pay $14.23 each way instead of $4.74. It will also start taking a lot of bucks from your bank acct to auto top up the amt in credit!
  9. mrsswordfisherman

    Sunday Session - Barrenjoey and BB wide

    Good report and love the Poly - same colour as ours
  10. mrsswordfisherman


    11 March 2019 BOATERS ADVISED MACQUARIE RIVER CLOSED AT LH FORD BRIDGE FOR UPGRADE WORK Boaters are advised that an exclusion zone will be in place from Wednesday 13 March on either side of the river under LH Ford Bridge for the safe construction of two new concrete piers in the Macquarie River. Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading the LH Ford Bridge and the closure is necessary to manage the safety of the community and workers during work which is expected to take up to eight months. Waterway users will not be able to use the area directly under the bridge during work and will not have access through the area. An exclusion zone either side of the bridge will be clearly marked and will include buoys, flashing lights and signage. The bridge work will also involve upgrading the deck of the bridge. The work to build two new piers will provide better support to the bridge to accommodate additional heavy vehicle loads. Connecting the new piers to the bridge deck and adjusting the bridge barriers will require some changed traffic conditions. The community will be notified of any impacts to traffic in advance as work progresses. Work is expected to be completed by early 2020. For more information on other projects under way and being planned in and around Dubbo, please visit:
  11. mrsswordfisherman

    10 pound Flathead from Pittwater

    What a woman!!
  12. mrsswordfisherman

    Aussie bass at ourimbah creek

    Good work. Keep trying and do lots of reading of 1000’s of posts on here.
  13. mrsswordfisherman

    Stockton Beach

    Oh what a great report!! So nice to have a female onboard (it gets lonely here) You work night shift? A nurse perhaps?
  14. mrsswordfisherman

    Top End Advice - Broome>Darwin

    There you go @Yowie
  15. mrsswordfisherman

    Man missing on the Napean

    Yep still relevant and I am glad to see that lots of our newcomers are researching and reading all the wonderful posts and information here on fishraider.
  16. mrsswordfisherman

    Fishing Buddy preferably with Boat/Kayak

    Welcome to fishraider and Australia Mike. I am sure some raiders will be happy to have you join them
  17. mrsswordfisherman

    Man missing on the Napean

    Yes noel why do you ask? It was a news item in March 2012
  18. mrsswordfisherman

    Batemans Bay/Sth Durras GPS marks

    Yes I noticed that too. Go ahead always happy for input
  19. mrsswordfisherman

    Batemans Bay/Sth Durras GPS marks

    Dis you check our GPS Marks section?
  20. mrsswordfisherman

    first Port Stephens trip

    @Scratchie very good work Jeff. You really do so much to help others enjoy fishing. Thanks from all of us.
  21. mrsswordfisherman

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    This is from the Boat Ramps section - it is several years old. Can you perhaps update it for us when there Sam? Much appreciated.. Any other raiders are welcome to update any of the ramps and add more at anytime.
  22. Welcome to fishraider Andrew. Hopefully some of our members up there will be interested to help you on your quest.
  23. mrsswordfisherman

    Fishing Port Stephens

    Grab the Deckee app also - things about to happen to further this
  24. mrsswordfisherman

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    Anyone into caravanning and camping? Interested in people's experiences and where they went.