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  1. No we are on water restrictions. Lots of time with watering cans in the timeframe allowed, it is very hard work indeed. Those pics were taken before restriction but strangely the present lawn is doing very well and we have had a few nights and odd times of very good soaking water. Stewy mows every 2 days and goes to fish on other days. We just had kingfish for dinner actually!!! He caught this beauty yesterday on a poorman's downrigger slow trolling with a live squid at Molineux Point
  2. Great idea @flatheadluke - start a Show us your garden thread. Pretty sure every fisho has lots of different hobbies including gardens. I actually live with an excellent gardener and our garden is magnificent and the lawn looks like a bowling green. Not only is swordie a master angler he looks after our garden very well. Do a search on gardening forums Australia via google and there are tons of gardening groups on facebook Here are a few pics Thanks Luke
  3. Hi and welcome to fishraider. Have you checked our section on Safe Rock fishing. It is a dangerous type of fishing to do. We have several experienced rock fishermen who will give you information if you are a beginner. Check out the posts in the forum link below. I have also added the post link above on Julianne's Rock and land based map.
  4. The decision is basically mine - that is fabbo in my books and I will confer with the mod team.
  5. Thanks for that @JonD I wondered about the effects and that has explained it. Not a good outcome
  6. Any species it is a pity really. Seems to be more posts about this too.
  7. Oh Jon that is terrible. Do you have a link to that article? How will that affect the fishing down there at the moment?
  8. Nice to hear the enthusiasm James! No swearing is fabbo too
  9. Thanks @Rebel Here is the link about it 2020 is the 12th year the Pirtek Fishing Challenge has supported leading medical research organisations; the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and The Peter Duncan Neurosciences Research Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital. In Australia, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. In 2019, there were more than 19,500 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in Australia*, accounting for almost a quarter of all types of cancer diagnosed in men. Tragically, this resulted in 3300 deaths, or 12% of all cancer deaths in Australian men. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is a broad based community organisation and the peak national body for prostate cancer in Australia. It is dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, recognising the diversity of the Australian community. The Peter Duncan Neurosciences Research Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney has recently been lauded as the number one Neuroscience Research facility in Australia. The focus of the Unit is to study adult stem cells and their role in causing and exacerbating neurological diseases. The goal is to find and apply new neuroscience techniques for patients suffering from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s, and other neurological infections and stroke. Proceeds from the Pirtek Fishing Challenge will be split between these two leading medical research organisations.
  10. Fantastic report and pics. Love to see Dads and daughters fishing together :)
  11. Noosa River Plan - Council is calling for comments on a draft update/ deadline 13 Jan 2020 Link below to answer a survey of 5 questions
  12. Baz that is indeed very relevant still. It is fabulous and you are very clever. Can I share it on our fishraider facebook page and personal pages? @Berleyguts
  13. Thanks @SaltyGreek for this thread. We will help get your goals and that includes me making sure you and the other boys who are still school students don’t spend too much time here 😀😜 . Just joking ...... @big Neil very sorry to hear your wife is facing that battle. She has a wonderful man by her side to help her fight. # My family has a member with terminal cancer and support from us will be needed too. # The fires - how do we recover as a nation? The way we always do. We dust off and get stuck in. We will take our caravan to all the towns that have been affected by fire and drought and use services and buy items in their shops to help them rise up. Here is our Coat of Arms - the kangaroo and emu chosen because they can’t easily move backwards. Our nation goes forward! The wattle is one of the first plants to regenerate after bushfires. Bring on Spring and lots of rain
  14. @JonD I have been wondering how you guys got on down there. I hope you get the insurance sorted. I read that the insurance companies are being very helpful and speedy with assistance. Hopefully all your beautiful photography is in cloud or digital storage. Stay safe there and thanks for letting us know your situation Donna
  15. No you are very good with ID @Blackfish and you have helped many members over the years. Thank you very much Donna
  16. Thanks Derek another quality piece of work for our members This is now pinned
  17. We have a very big banner (with our old logo) Some flags for boats would be great