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  1. Very nice video edit there and the music choice was perfect for the setting👍
  2. I guess you have to look at why you are collecting data. How relevant is it and is it high quality? In my other life I am a qualified health informatician and looked at health data in an effort to improve patient outcomes and digitise hospitals and clinical environments. It is a whole new ball game. My other half is a very technical angler and I asked him yesterday what sort of info he would like to have. He lives and breathes fishing and all aspects every day of his life. He came up with a whole lot of things that have not been mentioned yet. He uses that knowledge every time he fi
  3. Hope you feel better soon. The Deckee notes area is just a free text box. Swordie and I had a think tank here this afternoon and came up with many ideas/fields that could produce meaningful data for any angler who wishes to use it.
  4. I went a little further into the note area on DECKEE trip log You will see in the screenshot how I stepped through it I took the report link and added it into notes and saved it. There is an option to “make private”. So I can make my report into fishraider complete with photos of captures , video content and details of weather conditions, scientific data and add the link in DECKEE trip log notes. It would good to design an e-form with reportable ability in fishraider perhaps? We would not want to ruin the great fishing reports and anecdotal accounts. The form could be f
  5. @Little_Flatty good thread. This has been brought up a few times over the years. Some members used their fishing reports to track detail over the years. They are able to do a search on their reports from year to year to look at key info. Our fishing app called DECKEE has a trip log. For boaters it generates a map of the direction and start, finish, time taken, ave speed and distance. It allows the user to add notes and share with others. See the pic below. Jump in and have a look what is there so far @Little_Flatty. Keep the ideas coming on this thread.
  6. Big welcome to you @Bowler Bob Plenty of people up in Port Stephens and I am sure you will meet one of our mods @Scratchie Swordie and myself were bowlers but don't play anymore. I admin a page for that local club here in Sydney. We also have friends who are involved in Bowls Australia. Yell if you need any info. I am the Community Manager of fishraider. You will find this community holds a wealth of information and members are a friendly lot (no divas here) Enjoy and look forward to some fishing reports in the future. Nice choice of bowls
  7. Stewy’s pb pike is 1.5 kg. He is very jealous and I am packing his bag for a visit to Finland🤣🤣🤣 Loved this report. Well done and I love the fishraider hat in the pictures 🐟🐠🇳🇿
  8. Tony thanks for the response. I know your background is in risk management and appreciate your very sensible approach to trip preparation. My background is in healthcare and healthcare management. My comment was purely drawing on my medical expertise. I have organised many, many rings to be removed from fingers. I am sure you are aware they can have a tourniquet effect and cause serious damage. Add to that an infection that is raging around the body and situation becomes urgent. Good job your vet looks after things out there. So back to your adventure! We did a lap in 2019 and
  9. I am confused about this @savit I hope it isn't that you find the content "not entertaining"? Plenty to read on fishraider and everyone has different interests. @Pickles I have moved this one to Tackle Talk
  10. You were very lucky that you did not lose that finger. I can’t believe your wedding ring was that tight either!
  11. Wow beautiful pieces @frankS
  12. Well yes I suggested it but no-one wanted to. We have been a few times and Stewy has caught a few on other outings. Have you been yet Laurie?
  13. Sure they always stop us and they know the FISHRAIDER teal polycraft 😉
  14. All raiders should be aware of the equipment provided and carry it. Follow the rules and keep an eye on your expiry dates. Use your DECKEE APP to put in reminders for equipment expiry dates
  15. Deckee, the cloud platform for safer waterways, has today unveiled its innovative Search and Rescue solution for coastguard and emergency services organisations, designed to increase the number of boaters logging on with marine rescue and provide vital information about vessels and passengers that can help protect and save lives on the water. The end-to-end solution is seamlessly integrated with the award-winning Deckee mobile app, which is trusted and endorsed by government maritime agencies and industry associations. In a few simple taps, watercraft owners can easily submit
  16. https://fb.watch/5-B7ezwZ_O/
  17. Thanks @Ryder It was a really good way to start up business wasn’t it We had 2 Gold Class movies for free and a few breakfasts
  18. Keep those drops up @GordoRetired Amazing op isn’t it!
  19. Wow Starlink sats! I have been following this for a while. It will put all the ISP’s out of business. People here in Australia in rural and remote areas will really benefit. Some have it in Sydney but it is very expensive at the moment.
  20. Download DECKEE APP to get the map and look at the current navigational warnings etc
  21. https://www.bigw.com.au/brands/thermos/ BIG W?
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