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  1. 💕Last night we lost a beautiful soul 💕 Stewy’s Mum Grace passed away peacefully. We spent some time with her in the Palliative Care Unit at Manning Base Hospital over the last few days. There were some lovely moments and memories shared. It has been a very tough few weeks for Stewy and the family. His father passed away just 5 weeks ago. Normally Stewy would be able to go for a fish and reflect. Covid restrictions have not made that possible. Grace was a magnificent fisho. She often told the stories of the many fishing trips the family took. She assisted us at several of the fishraider socials. When she wasn’t fishing she worked behind the scenes making sandwiches and cups of tea and coffee for hungry raiders. ❤️You will be sadly missed by all your family Grace RIP ❤️
  2. Come join me once again on The Fishing Hub stream this evening 7:30PM AEDT 23/9! I'll be live in the chat just like last time where we had a blast! Theme is 'Tides' Catch it on YouTube @ Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures , Starlo's Fishotopia , Robbie Alexander Photography and Fishing and of course my channel Shroom ! https://www.youtube.com/c/ShroomFishing go to this channel and join the podcast at 7.30pm
  3. A welcome break from the frontline and thanks for what you do. Are you a healthcare worker? Seems to be lots of bass around.
  4. The Minister for Finance has not approved attractants or salts as yet The Zman plastic does not play well with others (melts). The plastisol in soft configuration is very elastic and does play well with other plastics Buoyancy to be tested but the jigs need to be attached The kits are available and very good but expensive. Swordie has grabbed his from other suppliers all over the world. No more to be spent on this until we can get in a boat and trial them!!!!
  5. Another 2 moulds for 2 inch grubs have appeared!! Today swordie made about 100 I looked up the cost of one packet of 8 grubs $10 - $12 OMG The pink one is the store bought one!
  6. All you kids are having lots of fun out fishing! Nice day for it
  7. Welcome back! Yes we are still going strong here It is 15 years since you first joined us .......... Look forward to some reports mrsswordie
  8. Guys it is so close to getting back to being able to fish and do all the stuff we have missed doing. Wherever we live we have all been involved in restrictions of some sort. Let’s just leave it there just saying …… all I want is a HAIRCUT !!!!!
  9. Look forward to the next report @rickmarlin62
  10. Fantastic pics I bet it was great to go fishing and a big well done to Amy
  11. There is an opportunity for a whole thread on the science around pandemic vs epidemic vs endemic🤔 Regional lockdowns will still occur when outbreaks happen. Maybe title “ In between lockdowns. - where will you fish first?” Noooooooooo Zoran noooooooooo 🤣🤣 Reading everyone’s plans has shown us just how much a part of life fishing really is. I am really looking forward to the fishing reports.
  12. Yes the uptake was almost overnight. Ensure you have a My Health Record too
  13. Raiders, here is an opportunity to have a say about your wants and needs in our digital health system of the future. There is a survey below if you wish to have a say. Where are we now? Digital information is the bedrock of high quality healthcare. The benefits for patients are significant and compelling: hospital admissions avoided, fewer adverse drug events, reduced duplication of tests, better coordination of care for people with chronic and complex conditions, and better informed treatment decisions. To achieve this, the National Digital Health Strategy is establishing the foundations for a sustainable health system that constantly improves. It underpins and coordinates work that is already happening between governments, healthcare providers, consumers, innovators and the technology industry. The outcomes you can expect to see are covered by seven high level strategic priorities or ‘pillars’ of digital health improvements detailed in the strategy. These outcomes will be delivered to all Australians by 2022, following the Framework for Action implementation plan. They will form part of a newly sustainable ecosystem of digital health technology well into the future. How was the National Digital Health Strategy formed? The National Digital Health Strategy was formed after detailed consultations with patients, consumers, carers, healthcare professionals, industry, organisations and innovators. It’s based on evidence of clinical and economic benefits identified from sources both in Australia and overseas. The Australian Digital Health Agency is custodian of the strategy, its role being to evolve national digital health capability by innovating, collaborating and leading. Your say is important Today, Australians have access to telehealth, electronic prescriptions, My Health Record and more. What comes next is up to you. The next digital health strategy will start in 2022 and covers a five-year time frame. Now’s your chance to influence the future of digital health in Australia by taking part in a short, 15 minute survey. Your valuable input will help the Australian Government continue to evolve one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Take the National Digital Health Survey
  14. It has been a very, very hard couple of years for every person on the planet. We have had fires, floods and of course the Covid-19 pandemic. In Australia we have gone through a very big "growing up" moment. Restrictions and vaccination to keep us and our families safe and in reasonable health have been the only way to go. If you see a nurse, doctor, paramedic and any other healthcare worker just say a thanks to them or get them a beer or a box of chocolates. Social media has been harsh and brought out the worst in some people. I am really pleased to say that fishraiders have behaved in a very responsible and positive way. There has been no aggression on here and that shows that our community is a great one and one I am proud to be a part of. Time to thank every single member who has supported the site even though we have been missing fishing reports and boating dreadfully. The stories, articles, posts on your lockdown activities, boat pimping, motor and boat maintenance and the list goes on have really meant a lot to us all. I am looking forward to hugeeeeeee amounts of fishing reports when the time comes. Fishraiders helping fishraiders and the tons of guests who view the site is what we are all about. It seems we see a light at the end of the restrictions tunnel and it leads to a boat ramp for many I think 🐟 So what are your hopes post pandemic? Where to fish first?? For swordie and I we hope to have a trip asap to the UK to meet the first grandchild who is 1 year old! We want to resume the fishing trip to the gulf in our caravan that we had to abandon and quickly return to the safety of home in March 2020. We also want to see our daughters one in UK and the other who sends pics of her face with pressure injuries on her cheeks and nose from wearing the PPE as she looks after very sick cancer patients to keep them safe. Hugs and chats over a meal with your kids can't be underestimated! Fishing - anywhere we can test the pretty 150 plus plastic lures that Swordie has made!!!!! Dying for a nice flathead for dinner really Over to you guys where will you fish when able?
  15. Hi All, Please post any political fishing related items in Fisheries News and Politics. There is a petition being widely distributed on social media at the moment. We have had a thread in fishraider on it for a few weeks now. Please visit it and have your say if you wish. I have deleted one and merged another this morning. Best to keep it all in one place. Thanks everyone
  16. I think I need to have a word with your wife @Yowie
  17. Dad looks very pleased with himself @Isaac Ct
  18. Shroom aka @nbdshroom is doing a live podcast at 7.30 pm tonight Grab a beverage and a snack and sit back for some fishing chat Go to YouTube and open an account if you don't already have one and subscribe to his page
  19. @Greg Foster hope your ultrasound gives your doctor the information required to give you some treatment options. Good luck for tomorrow. Some general points about managing your health : If anyone has concerns about their health their GP or specialist should be consulted. Ensure you see a clinician at your earliest convenience. Leaving that diagnosis too late may not have a good outcome. Always attend the annual check ups with your specialists. Everyone has different medical history, conditions, medications and treatments. Diagnosis and treatments are very individualised according to your health history. Someone else’s health experiences may not be applicable to you. Consult the healthcare professionals. Healthdirect This is a great government website that gives info on lots of conditions. There is a symptom checker or you can call and speak to a registered nurse about health concerns. The nurse can give you advice or may suggest that you to go to the GP or to hospital. Call 1800 022 222 the hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit the website or download the app for your mobile. https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/
  20. Thank Pete it was a good session. @SquidMarks I stood in line a while back to get a book signed by Rex for swordie.
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