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  1. Thank you this is very good information. Maybe we need members to review our sub forum https://www.fishraider.com.au/forum/88-safe-rock-fishing-initiative-by-location/ Thanks @SquibblyDibbly for starting this conversation
  2. I hope it does too. Lets see what arrangements they have in place to be Covid safe
  3. The stickers are free but the postage is $12 and you will need to send to me otherwise it will become costly for me. They need to be posted in a small packing tube so they don't get folded. The tubes cost around $3 each and the postage is $8.95 You have posted as above or can pick up from us in the Campbelltown area. @Joeyd and @saad please send me a private message re how you want to get them
  4. I have removed a couple of posts with potentially damaging content. This incident would be under investigation. Please be mindful of what you post. Let’s get back to being glad people were saved and that a couple of our own were responsible for saving these guys. Thanks all 😉👍
  5. Swordie was stopped today by the Maritime and it seems they are out checking everyone. This is a very good thing they do!! Go to the Anaconda and BCF and get them for $59 c'mon its not hard Get your Deckee app and put reminders for ALL your safety equipment and licences
  6. Just a note on this guys. Swordie was out today and was stopped by the Maritime for equipment checks. Luckily we bought the 2 new ones last week.
  7. Members with iphones - open the video in iMovie app and save it and it will be saved in MP4 format Vids now on @Ragnar original post mrsswordie
  8. Median Release 21 Jan 2021 2:13 PM AEST - Exciting New BIA Boat Shows for 2021 Exciting New BIA Boat Shows for 2021 The Boating Industry A
  9. There are a few. Most have ID or lists of species with pics. Some we used when we did our lap. FishSmartNSW is the one made by DPI iDFish recfishwest is for W.A. SA fishing QLD fishing 2.0 Vic Fishing NT Fishing Mate Tasmanian Sea Fishing Guide
  10. Well done and I have moved that to the Articles section in The Library. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
  11. Sorta glad to hear that @dirvin21 we did dismally there too a month ago
  12. Good work Jeff @Scratchie and Adam @Spearer1 Those guys were very lucky. They did have all the most up to date safety gear onboard and deployed the Life cell as they went down.
  13. Yes we just bought 2 new ones anyway. I posted that a few shops had them at a cheap price - get them there!
  14. https://thehub.nrma.com.au/lifestyle/new-australian-standards-lifejackets-started-january-1-2021?mid=social_hub_facebook&fbclid=IwAR2TuBPnR2SZxJZRDpDmHhbwXkkuQ91daiA1QtV2z43NekinUM1vgVRJvoM
  15. Hi All Please see the attached PDF's regarding a Faulty flare recall and list of Expired Flare Collection points for Greater Sydney Region I have also linked the complete list for NSW Tweed to Eden Anaconda and BCF have very good discounts on Marlin Inflatable life jackets https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/safety-equipment/flare-disposal.html https://www.anacondastores.com/water-sports/life-jackets/fishing-life-jackets?q=marlin adult inflatable manual:relevance Faulty Flare Recall advertisement_1508.pdf NMA9987 - Flares Advert - April 2021
  16. Man you are killing us all with these magnificent posts @Brendan Monks It is the best fish to catch I reckon. Nothing beats the excitement by everyone onboard. The ooooo's and wowowows each time it jumps is exhilarating. Then of course the look in its eye We used to enjoy it very much with other raiders at Port Stephens. Thanks for the great posts. Are you submitting any marlin into records section?
  17. Dave runs a very good business and is a long time friend of fishraider. He sponsored the forum for a time. I would recommend him also
  18. Perfect article for future reference! Thanks gents this now resides in The Library- Articles section
  19. Do you want me to add the pics here?
  20. Here is one we bought “in the raw” secondhand. We tow our caravan and tinny on top of car via boat loader. Swordie worked some mods to make more comfy and bright. We were on our way to the gulf and Covid-19 hit and we had to run home Before is bottom left 2 pics others are after shots.
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