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    Botany Bay Kings

    Yes our boat is a Poly
  2. A new law that begins in NSW on 1 December 2016 makes it compulsory for anyone who is rock fishing anywhere in the Randwick local government area (including children), and anyone who is helping them rock fish, to wear a lifejacket.
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    I am interested in getting a drone. Any raiders into these? Looking for input before I start researching.
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    Fisheries and their role in locking Us out

    I found it very difficult to follow and question some of the claims.
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    If any screws have been screwed from the outside and have penetrated the inner hull they will all need to be Sikaflexed completely covered. Remove bungs and plates and Sikaflex underneath them and do same to screws. Any exterior pickups for live bait tanks should also be checked. (from swordie @deek)
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    @JA1990 not too old as I am still researching these Thanks for input
  7. Friday 11 January 2019 YOU WOULDN’T DRINK AND DRIVE, SO DON’T HAVE A BEER AND STEER Skippers are warned not to drink while operating a vessel, to wear lifejackets, and to check their equipment before every launch, ahead of a State-wide operation staring this weekend. Roads and Maritime Services Acting Executive Director NSW Maritime Roger Weeks said Operation Safer Water kicks off on Saturday 12 January with a week-long education component and will continue until sundown on Sunday 20 January. “All available Roads and Maritime Services Boating Safety Officers will be on waterways, rivers, and dams across the state from this Saturday, reminding skippers of their responsibilities when operating a vessel,” Mr Weeks said. “’You’re the skipper, you’re responsible’ is the message we are sending to vessel operators throughout the operation. “This safety and compliance operation is about making sure everyone can enjoy themselves on our waterways without fearing for their personal safety. “Our primary focus during the operation will be to ensure skippers and their passengers are wearing or have easy access to life jackets which are maintained and serviced regularly. “We make no apologies for fining skippers and operators who can’t follow rules which are in place to keep them and their passengers safe.” Mr Weeks said throughout the operation, Boating Education Officers and Boating Safety Officers will be educating skippers and passengers on the dangers of drinking before operating a vessel. “You wouldn’t drink and drive, so don’t have a beer and steer. It’s that simple”, Mr Weeks said. “Drinking before operating a vessel is a selfish act which puts you and all of your passengers at risk. It’s not worth it. “Random breath testing applies to all skippers and, if you are caught, heavy fines and potential loss of licence apply. The blood alcohol limit is the same on the water as it is on land – 0.05.” The operation begins with an educational component reminding boaters about personal responsibility and safety, and will be followed by a compliance operation starting on Saturday 19 January. For more information about boating safety, visit:
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    Rod stand

    Great work!
  9. mrsswordfisherman

    PB by catch

    You will get lots of likes on that one @BrettP
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    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi all, thought I would start up this thread for members to get to know each other a little. We have had so many new members in the last few months and its interesting to know where we all come from. I am mrsswordfisherman aka Donna and have the honour of being one of 2 female members on this site . I am a moderator on this site and visit daily to read about the experiences of members. I am pushing 50 ( but sometimes act like a 20 yr old ) and am the partner of swordfisherman aka Stewy. I am a mother of 2 beautiful and smart daughters. A Registered Nurse involved with Nurse Education/OH&S, I enjoy trivia, fishing, the arts, 10 pin bowling and online card tournament directing and competing (cribbage, canasta, euchre etc.) I have only been fishing for a year or two but I am learning real fast and have a great mentor in swordfisherman. My catches are not that notable but all caught on sp's. In fact I have never used live bait and have literally "grown up" on these plastic wonders. Best so far is a bass of 52 cms and a pb flattie of 56 cms. I enjoy reading the posts from members and learn something every day. We can be seen around the Sydney waterways in our teal coloured Polycraft boat, give us a wave if you see us. Don't forget to fill in your member profile and send a personal message at any time if any problems. Cheers mrsswordfisherman ADDIT: A few months after I posted the above in 2006 I became one of the 3 owners of fishraider. I am the only female owner of a fishing website in Australia I believe. Now, 12 months on, there are now many, many more then 2 female members, women who like to fish and join in with their hubbys, sons, dads etc.... are now regular contributors to this site. Our aim is to have the forum evolve into a place where women, young folk and men can share their fishing experiences from beginners to the more experienced. A website that is informative, educational and enjoyable with offline activity such as socials, workshops and lots more. Contribute to fishraider, don't be shy and enjoy it
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    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    Let it go. Not worth confrontation. Were they nice eating?
  12. mrsswordfisherman

    Seafood Paella

    Excellent thanks @connico for the recipe Let us know how it turns out @masterfisho7
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    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    What a low act. How many did you catch?
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    My Stress Free new to me Boat

    @antonywardle what a great job you have done there! Good on your wife for getting involved and helping you. You and the family will have some great times onboard.
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    Beakie Hunt 2019

    Can’t wait for this report 😁
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    Help! Struggling to find string weed south

    Hmmmmmm 😂😂 why is it always that way?
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    Brisbane Waters Trophy Flathead

    That’s a bewdy! I bet he was happy with that!
  18. mrsswordfisherman

    Help! Struggling to find string weed south

    Cmon raiders this member needs some weed
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    Avoca south info needed

    Check the info found on a search here while you wait for the members to answer Here is what I found
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    Doing my usual 6 monthly call for Moderators. Anyone interested message me please
  21. Our site is becoming very large and active. We are looking for moderators to help keep fishraider the great informative site it is. Requirements: Time - visit the site daily and read reports Knowledge of fishing and Departmental rules (or know where to find the info) Knowledge of fishraider site rules and how they apply A sense of the ridiculous Social media use Some computer literacy - if you can navigate your way around fishraider that is all that is needed Help members with queries where you can and welcome newbies The moderation team are a very trusted group of dedicated people. You will see they assist at socials and offline events also. They help members with queries and all sorts of things. Generally I need help with people to read posts and moderate if needed. It is very easy to do now we can do from smartphones and tablets etc. It is a love job. If we all do a bit it helps keep our community the great place it is. You will get a few more tools to do the job. I will train you and it will take about an hour to show you around all the features and new tools you will get. If you would like to have a chat please pm me. Donna
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    Coogee Beach any good for a night fish?

    zoid not sure how you searched but here is 13 pages of posts on Coogee Beach &search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy Try searching Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte, Maroubra, Bondi, etc
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    Prawning - Beginner Advice

    Welcome to fishraider @REDRUM While you wait for members to answer have a look at the search function Here is over 20 pages of prawning posts to research Good luck with it
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    Deployment of FADs 27 (Ulladulla), 28 (Batemans Bay) and 29 (Narooma) have now been done. (courtesy of EFA Euro Fishing Association)