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  1. Stuck some witches hats out around bar point over the long weekend. 2 mediums sizes blue swimmers. Few weeks yet I reckon
  2. BrettP

    Texas reef

    Hi guys, has anyone been out to Texas reef lately? Tossing up whether to make the trek, or hang around Pittwater. The reports seem to say the kings are more inside at the moment
  3. Thanks guys. I might just do some experimenting this winter. They were thick in the Hawkesbury this summer. Hopefully still around
  4. I go crabbing a lot in summer, but have never really tried after Easter. Does anyone chase blue swimmers in winter?
  5. I went last Saturday between berowra and bar point. Had 6 witches hats and got 12 blue swimmers in about 3 hrs. I have given up mullet and now just using chicken legs with a punctured can of cat food. The cat food seems to make a difference, as by the third time aroun, the numbers decrease, I think the scent disappears from the cans. The chicken is much cleaner in the boat too.
  6. BrettP

    PB by catch

    I do have the video of her being released
  7. BrettP

    PB by catch

    We were in the Hawkesbury. Got 9 blue swimmers, also
  8. Went crabbing this arvo with my boys. Threw some fishing rods in to kill time between checking pots. We were using drumsticks in the pots, so cut a bit off not really expecting to do so well. After about 10 mins, I hooked up on what I thought was a ray. Got it to the side of the boat and was shocked to see a 90cm flathead. My 2 boys were pretty excited. Was released to fight another day
  9. No dramas mate. I think there’s plenty to go around at the moment. I was in the area circled, different spots each time, but I think you could go anywhere between the berowra ferry and Juno. I’ve heard from locals that they’re getting them in Berowra Waters
  10. I got plenty down berowra way. Didn’t see the red ones. What area were you in?
  11. Went out twice this week after blue swimmers in the Hawkesbury. Wednesday, we took frozen mullet and picked up 18. Went back on Saturday. Was a last minute decision, so didn’t have time to get any mullet. After a quick google search, we picked up some chicken legs. We also had 3 flatly frames. To my surprise, the chicken far outfished the flathead. We came home with another 16. Family gathering tomorrow and there will be some pretty happy family members getting chilli crab for lunch
  12. Hi guys, I have a trip to Weipa booked for 17th to 22nd March. It is pretty good value. Message me if interested for details. I have 2 places available
  13. Thanks Aaron for the detailed response. I was thinking live aboard, but nz is such a beautiful place, going back to shore each day is also not a bad option
  14. Hi guys, I want to go to NZ Next year to chase some xl kingfish. Has anyone been? What time of year is best and where?
  15. BrettP

    NT trip

    Hi raiders, I have booked a 3day Barra trip to remote NT. I've got 4 starters, but wouldn't mind a couple more. You would need to be at Darwin airport at 6am on Tuesday 5th April. We will be back in Darwin by 11am on the Friday. Pm me for details if you are interested. Cheers Brett