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  1. Great stuff Bruce. I love slow trolling for flatties.
  2. Nice work Bob - kingfish sashimi for Mother's Day - winner winner!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I have heard a N-S current is preferable so will keep my eye on that. It was just nice to dust off the jigs as it had been a while and I love jigging. WRT tuna, I am currently considering the investment. I need a couple of new set ups to get this going. Nothing too crazy but with the line capacity to manage them. Might need to find some punters who want to share the fuel bill too! Cheers D
  4. Hey Raiders, Headed out to the Peak with @reel'em and @The Rev on Friday despite getting a report from @Pickles that there was not much going on out wide. It was the first trip to the Peak in my rig and with weather predictions unbelievable it seemed like a good idea anyway. Launched at Roseville around 645am and headed straight to collect some livies which didn't take too long. Rather than booting out to the Peak, we put in the deep divers and trolled from the heads straight out. Unfortunately no takers. Haven't done this much but was hoping we might pick something up. Got to the P
  5. Always a pleasure fishing with you Bob. Great day, great company.
  6. Gday Raiders, Thinking of heading to the Peak later this week. Just wondering if anyone has any intel in terms of how it has been fishing. Was planning on taking livies but also the jigging gear. If anyone has any intel please post or PM me. Cheers D
  7. Epic as always Jeff!
  8. Hey mate- defo find we get far less throwbacks out deeper. The last couple of times I have fished 25/30m it has been a procession of 25cm spikeys that do nothing but destroy your hands! These days I tend to go deep first and move from there. I haven't fished much deeper than 50m but definitely on the list, though more weight is generally less fun! Cheers
  9. It is super flat out there mate. 50m is around (and don't quote me) 10km straight out.
  10. Yeah, at least in autumn most of the pleasure boats have been put away!
  11. Great report. Good fun out there.
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