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  1. They are definitely good fun! Plentiful around Sydney this time of year off the rocks or at sea. Good luck.
  2. Awesome stuff mate. Norfolk and Lord Howe are on the list no doubt.
  3. Great conditions yesterday to take the boat on its maiden voyage up to Longie with @REELCRAZY. Headed out at first light looking for a few squid. The usual spot wasn't firing but luckily the livey spot had the usual schools of yakkas (and boats!). We filled the tank and was heading to longie by 9am. Thanks to kind seas we made quick time to Longie and had livies under the boat by around 930. Heaps of bait and lots of surface action (bonnies) on arrival and hence we started casting metals and bubble floated plastics at the bonnies whilst the livies soaked. Soon enough the livies went off and we had landed a rat and lost a much bigger specimen, mainly due to giving it way too much leeway on the drag (lesson learned). Fishing in 10-13m so not a lot of room to play. Nailed the next fish at 85cm and landed a couple of nice bonnies, Lost another king on an unmanned rod whilst we were battling a good king (which Ev gave serious grief to on his Saragosa) and I was landing a solid bonnie on 10lb. Didnt quite have time to get the bonnie in the rod holder and pick up the king. The bite went quietfor about 45 and then it all came around again. Bonnies and kings rampaging for about 15 mins. All up took two kings home at approx 85 cms and 3 nice bonnies. Lost 3 larger specimens to the reef (due to amateur hour and just pulling power). Put back a few rats. Heaps of yakkas in the burley trail the whole morning. Packed up at 1230 after a memorable session in glorious conditions. The ramp coming in was PACKED with boats coming in and also launching. Thankfully everyone was being respectful and helping out those who might have needed it. I had a good chat to a few guys whilst waiting and I think we were all just happy to be out on such a great day. A nice end to the day. Cheers Dunc
  4. Nice one mate. We got a rat in the moorings in Sunday. Good fun. Cheers
  5. Great little session today with some new crab traps. Couldn't get the high tide but the low paid dividends. Great conditions and empty ramp! Picked up a dozen keepers including a buck the size of a muddy. Sent home 2 stingrays, one shark, a few baby snaps and three heavily laden females. Great family day on the water. Cheers
  6. Headed out Sunday in the new 5m CC for its first fish. Very very excited. Wind was up but ramp was empty at 515am so a great start to the day. Fished with Reelcrazy and Pickles, both whom I met through Fishraider. Fished the harbour, collecting yakkas and squid for a couple of hours. Small jigs on the drift did the damage on the squid boating around 7 candy sized and one considerably bigger. Yakkas were plentiful. Cruised around the various drums/bouys/wedding cakes without much luck. Not a heap of bait present and no arches. Around 11am we were around sow and pigs and before we could blink had a large strip bait hammered by a good fish....then another bait.......then halfway through there fight, the third rod went off. Queue 20 minutes of mayhem........ then it shut off instantly. No more bites and a blank sounder. Outcome. 5 fish boated between 68 and 86cm. 2 lost at the rail, 2 smoked us, one likely sharked by something massive. Fisherman all home grins ear to ear. New boat well and truly christened. Cheers D
  7. Great stuff Ev. Annoyed I couldn't join you. Cheers
  8. Fishing from Wimbledon Ave south to Deep Creek. All the fish caught at different places along that route typically as close to the weed beds as possible. Cheers
  9. Beautiful morning on Narra Lagoon today. Arrived at 6am with Dean and launched the two green machines. No wind whatsoever. Pefectly still. Fished until 930 or so when the wind started to pick up. Dean was switching between plastics and hard bodies. I was exclusively using hard bodies, slow trolling two at a time, one micro mullet and one $4 jobbie from Decathlon. Had a great session picking up a 60cm, 59cm and 45cm flatties as well as a couple of throwbacks and the usual small super aggresive bream. Hard bodies did all the damage. Massive smiles all around. Flatties for dinner!! Cheers D.