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  1. dlvbw

    Kayak Snapper

    Great yak work mate. That is a solid snap!
  2. dlvbw

    Jb kings & snapper - 17 & 18/3/18

    What a day. Stars aligned. Well played.
  3. dlvbw

    Narrabeen Lagoon Does it Again!!!

    Great session mate. I love fishing at Narra Lake/lagoon. Cheers
  4. dlvbw

    Kings and Trags - double fun off Sydney

    Great work mate. PM me if you want company one day. I have a bit of time on my hands (including midweek) and always keen to chase kings. Cheers Duncan
  5. dlvbw

    Hawkesbury River Blue Swimmers

    Nice one. I love crabbing in the Hawkebury. Great fun.
  6. Headed out with Reelcrazy for a shallow water yak sesh on NYE. Got to the lake around 630 for a very civilised start. There was a little rain about but overcast conditions were going to be great for fishing. The plan was to troll some diving hard bodies in the skinny water for bream and flatties. Started from mid lake near the bridge and trolled south along the weed and sand banks. Got a nice little bream early which is always nice, on a red and black lively lure. Headed around the point towards the south and Ev started picking up regular bream to around 35cm. Fished the south for an hour or so but the weed was brutal and 95% of the time was spent deweeding lures (if anyone has a good solution for this please let me know). Time to move. Headed back to the north trying to get as close to the beds as possible. Around 930 Ev picks up a very nice 49cm lizard. I picked up a 52cm model around 30 mins later. Called it a day around 1030, chuffed we had delic tails for dinner. To top it off Ev picked up a little whiting on the troll home. All fish apart from the lizards released. The majority of Evs fish caught on a shiny gold halcro. Great morning on the lake. Can't wait to get back out there. Cheers
  7. dlvbw

    A few reds

    What a perfect day.
  8. dlvbw

    Botany Bay - Thursday

    Nice work. Defo not rats!!
  9. dlvbw

    March/April on the Harbour

    Great report AJ. I had heard from others there were plagues in middle harbour. Love the 99 model.
  10. dlvbw

    Easter botany flatys

    Sweeeeeet. Nice work mate.
  11. Yo. If anyone wants to join me tomorrow avo for a yak in middle harbour let me know. Plan is squid then kingfish.......hopefully. Launching at tunks or Fig tree. TBC. PM me if keen. Duncs
  12. dlvbw

    North Head yak sesh vs cobia

    Maaaaaaate. Freakin awesome. Well done.
  13. dlvbw

    Upgrade time

    Hey Damos, I love it. Good pump and relatively easy access. Pm me for supplier Cheers Duncan
  14. dlvbw

    Upgrade time

    Yo. I have a reload and LOVE IT. By far the best part is the removable tackle pod. It comes with the scupper for the fish finder transducer, room for two more rod holders, your battery and tackle. I also have the twin pod which includes a 100% fitted livey tank. It is super sweet. Lifts right out. Lets go for a fish and you can check it out!! Cheers
  15. dlvbw

    Hawksbury Crabs

    Love crabbing. Just trying to sort out a new process off the kayak. In the Hawkesbury I find high tide always better and crab on banks as shallow as 1m. Anyone who wants to kayak crab send me a message. Halving gear might be a good solution. Cheers