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    Monday bluefin madness off Sydney

    Hi Guys, Long time reader first time scribe here, but I was out with the Reef Magicians Monday and thought they needed a wrap. Have nothing but respect for these boys, they are in it for the love of fishing and will do their best to find fish for you, sharing their knowledge along the way. The day started out a bit slow, I remember feeling no not today please let us have some action, but when we finally found the fish it was on. Triple hook-up reels zzzzzzzinging, about an hour or so we had lost one and pulled the other 2 in. Shotgun pulled the biggest which the experts called 70kg, but I couldn't lift it, you be the judge. The 200kg Mako didn't want to take it on so it was definitely a horse. Next up Mike yells "I've never seen anything like this on the sounder get the jigs out". So the knife jig goes down and the popper goes out, bang bang 2 more fish to 50kg. We ended up feeding them pilles off the back of the boat before we headed home. Amazing. 5 all up and on our way home by 3pm home in time to watch the Roosters blow another one. Very happy camper, BBQ at mine on the weekend. Good Luck boys Troy