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  1. chemfish

    aluminium corrosion

    thanks heaps everybody. i thought as much but had to make sure
  2. chemfish

    aluminium corrosion

    Hi everyone. I have what might or might not be a problem and was wondering if anyone has any opinions. I recently bought a new quintrex dory hull and have used it a few times on sydney harbour. I have noticed the hull is no longer shiny and has started to develop a chalky/ dusty layer that looks like dried salt, I tried washing it off, and the chalkiness goes, but the hull still has those markings where the chalkiness was. Is this something to be worried about? Is it corrosion of some sort?
  3. chemfish

    Marlin report Sydney

    Good Day. Can we have the number of Damo / Mickey? Thanks
  4. chemfish

    This Morning's Effort

    yeah, the livies are fickle sometimes. i just move around till i find them.
  5. chemfish

    This Morning's Effort

    yeah, tried them on 20lb and an ugly stik the thickness of my thumb. way more fun on the breamstick. mind you i haven't yet caught a real hoodlum yet so the ugly stik hasn't been put away completely...
  6. chemfish

    This Morning's Effort

    went for a quickie this morning on the bay and caught this fella. Live yakka, 6lb fireline, 14lb vanish leader, bream rod. 67cm. took close to 100m of line on its first run. good fun
  7. chemfish

    Botany Bay 18/11/07

    Went for a quick troll outside the heads with live yakkas and cd9s for nothing. Passenger got a little green so went back inside to the oil wharf. Got 2 40cmish trevs and saw some blokes in a big trailcraft pull up a legal kingie on a weighted handline using fresh squid. Action was too slow so decided to move to the wall to see if there was anything....very slow so we got to fishing for sweep (my dad loves them deep fried whole), then my dad's mate pulls this lost visitor in. awesome pull on his little rod. caught on a tiny piece of pilchard and a no.10 hook.
  8. chemfish

    Aussie Day Fishing Report

    Headed to botany bay for 2 kingies, both on yakkas, both 59cm, both released. One was caught while anchored, the other while on the troll. As we were coming back into the ramp saw a school of tailor. Approached and cut the engine 100m away to get the lures ready when 2 nobs in a bowrider decide to drive straight through the school and proceeded to cast their blobs of frozen squid on their game rods. When kindly and quietly advised how they should've approached, we were met with "nah mate! we know how to fish" wanted to knock some sense into them but decided it was against the spirit of Australia Day. so turned around and went home
  9. chemfish

    Botany 10/12

    kikila, tried getting the yakkas around molineux point as the sounder was filled, then moved over to hwo, then back to mp, then around into the bay behind mp where we finally got some small yakkas, by which time it was already too late as the sun was high in the sky. did see some surface action on the way back into the ramp but it was gone just as fast as it appeared.
  10. chemfish

    Botany 10/12

    in short - got zip after nearly forgetting the bungs, we managed to get into the bay by 5:30am and started looking for livies. sounded up a screenfull, but they just would not play. very frustrating. spent 2 hours and could not get 1 yakka. Moved around about a zillion times and when we finally got onto a patch that would take baits it was too late. got surprised by a small school of horse slimies which was good fun on bait catching gear but that was about it. 4 blokes in a tinny behind us had the right idea and came pre-loaded with livies. first cast and they caught an undersized kingy. Saw two blokes in a 12footer braining blackfish left right and centre. a fish a cast. Saw 3 young blokes in another tinny lift up a size kingy. Oh well, at least somebody caught something.
  11. chemfish

    Botany Bay This Morning

    Hi folks, Brother and father were keen to hit the bay early this morning so hit it we did. Launched by 5:30am and off towards Molineux point to try for some livies. On the way out past the runway, we saw some birds working so thought we'd mosy on over for a look. Sounded some bait and blobs on the sounder but couldnt get a hit so proceeded to MP as planned. Found a bait ball, dropped the anchor and out went the little live bait fishing rigs. After a bout 5 mins, my dad caught us our first livey, which was prompty hooked onto our old ABU9000 and dispatched out the back of the boat. Meanwhile I had a ganged pilly on my little ABU6000. While my dad was trying to catch more yakkas the little ABU goes off. As is always the case, everyone on board was too busy trying to catch livies and not paying attention to the rods. Fish 1 Anglers 0. Two minutes later, the bigger ABU with the live yakka goes off. The rod tip almost touches the water from its holder. This time my brother is prepared and he gives it a good yank and is on. Its a good one he says, holding on while the drag sings. And sings. And sings. He goes to turn on the pump and wind and manages about 10 meters of line and the drag sings again. He gives it another couple of pumps. I turn to get the net ready. Then Snap. Fish 2 Anglers 0. The 30lb line parted. My brother reckons on a reef but i dont know. I didn't realise MP had a reef there? Definitely reckons it was a good king. Damn and triple damn. By now my dad has the livie catching thing sussed and we have 5 or 6 good-sized yakkas in the well. Another couple goes out the back. 10 or so minutes later and my brother is on again. No missing this time he says and a good steady pump and wind ensues. Not as good as the last bite. Not as strong. after a couple of minutes a good sambo of about 60cm hits the deck. 5 minutes later my livie gets hit. I strike but miss, and leave the bait there just in case. Sure enough the fish came back and i was on. Followed by about 4 of his mates. Again, nice short pulls, but not the blistering first run and i call it for another sambo. Sambo it is, this time just over 50cm. 15 minutes later my brother gets another hit on the ABU9000. Some early acrobatics assured us it was no king and after 5 minutes i net his second sambo of 60cm. After this short half hour period all goes quiet so we revert back to fishing for livies. My brother again hooks up on but it doesnt feel like a yakka. I called it for a trevor and up comes a nice little trevor of about 40cm. At about 7:30 the wind picks up and my dad looks behind us to see the front coming. Upped anchor and shimmied back to ramp. Home by 8:15am. So final tally for the morning: 3 sambos @ ~50-60cm, 1 nice trev. 1or2 missed kings? Our best day on the bay so far since i got the boat.
  12. chemfish

    First Bream On Sp

    yeah, i couldn't believe it myself. Was hoping for flatties, but never caught any. Just the bream
  13. chemfish

    First Bream On Sp

    thanks guys. biggest bream i've caught in syd. have got them to about 45cm in vic on bait but never on lure.
  14. Hi folks, I dont often get a chance to post on the site as i don't often catch fish. But on Saturday I broke my duck and caught my first ever bream (in fact first ever real fish) on a placcy. It went 40cm and took a 10cm squidgy shad. I caught it in the middle of the day on Botany bay. I can't believe how a fish on a placcy can turn a grown man into a little boy but i was hollering and hooting so loud i think the whole bay would've heard me. I wouldn't have believed that a bream can chew on such a large lure but after seeing the gob on this sucker i am now convinced. I wanted to take a pic but it was put straight onto the bbq at my old folks place and demolished before i got out of the shower. Finally, all the money spent on sp's, jigheads, rods, videos and a new secondhand boat has been justified.
  15. chemfish

    Fishing Off Maroubra

    saw some gulls working the slop on sat arvo out there but by the time we got there all the action had died. trolled a slice and got a hit but it came off. this must've been just before you came back through the heads (about 3:30pm)...