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  1. Cheers Mack Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. Hi Guys Taking the family on a holiday and want to know if any of you could recommend a fishing Charter in Port Villa. Also is there opportunities to do any lame based fishing? Cheers Pat Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. Thanks guys. I will be fishing for whiting off the beach and flatheads in the lake....In the Clyde River I will be targeting flathead and maybe a Jewie if the wife lets me out after dark :-) I can't wait to get down there!
  4. Hey Raiders taking the family down to North Durras next weekend for a week and personally I can not wait:biggrin2: I will be taking the boat and my surf gear....I have never surf fished before or in this area can anyone give me advice and idea of what surf rig I should be using? Cheers Paddy
  5. Man this site rocks. Sound adfvise fishos! Pat
  6. Hey Raiders Been a member now for a few years and love this site because I have learnt so much form fellow raiders. However, there is one thing I am still yet to do and that is to get onto a king fish - I haven't even had the chance to lose one yet. I have my own boat and go out most weekends in Botany Bay. I have trawled, I have burlied I have even prayed :-) But I am yet to catch a king fish. If One of the mentors woukld be kind enough to help me out on a session - on my boat or theirs I would be happy to pay for bait fuel; etc....I just want to bring home a dream fish....or a rat at 65.5 cm. Thanks Raiders pat
  7. BigB you are a legend. Well done! What a monster. Cheers Pat --- I am here:,151.159733
  8. Thanks raiders! Stan you were right. I didn't even bother to read you post. HA! Mate we need to head out for a fish pretty soon. Maybe the first weekend in December? let me know how you are travelling. pat
  9. G'day Raiders, I have been fishing the bay for the last three years with not a great deal of luck. This summer I am keen to hit the Harbour...But Parking puts me off. Should I persist or try for better hunting grounds. Raiders, which is better Sydney Harbour or Botany Bay. I am determined to bag my first Kingie this year!!! pat
  10. well done mate, its good to get your first, your your hundredth..:-) great news. Keep going, god knows I am trying every weekend.
  11. Lovin the photo's Ray. As usual they are really enjoyable and well composed. I especially love the bottom one shot down low....great color in it. Thanks mate love glancing over your reports just for the pics Pat
  12. you are a lucky fella! what a great day to be on the water ....and you got a show and a feed. Nice work!
  13. Thanks Guys! Hey Obey1 that was us! He loves it. Now all he needs is a reel and some line for his rod!
  14. Great Stuff. I am heading out on Sunday morning for a session!
  15. Took my lil boy for a fish on the cooks this arvo. We didn't get a single bite. But I did capture this moment walking home.