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  1. hmmm, could it be somekind of carpet shark then????
  2. Top work there Landlord! I would be hopeless at fishing for Jews or Kings because I would DEFINITELY eat all the squid rather than use for bait Nanook xoxo
  3. It's an Epaulette Shark
  4. Thanks for the report guys, Just reaffirms I won't be heading there anytime soon. How many other fisherman did you see there? Cheers, Nan
  5. LOL- I know just the place!!!!! Great fish Pete- you own that whole area!
  6. Good work Pete, Great to see you out in the cold. Hope they taste great!
  7. WOW Steve- what a good read and great photos, thanks so much for sharing. You are one lucky man! Cheers, Matt
  8. Oops Roberta, We spent a week at Booti Booti - it was blackfish heaven there!
  9. I was going to write a single monologue sentence report, with no punctuation and giving the impression that it was spoken by someone that has just had their dose of Stelazine increased – think Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys in the asylum when Brad Pitt is trying to bust him out…. BUT!............ Apologies first fellow Raiders – Entschuldigung for not being active of late, life, love and the “Boss” have been taking my time, and so have had to lay low for some time. I just spent a month travelling up the East Coast in an RV with my wife, fishing,relaxing and enjoying camping. She’s great at collecting yabbies’ in the mudflats!!!! ( sorry babe!). I’m heading into Kanangra ck for a 2 week solo trip at the end of July – solo cause I’m the only one that puts my love of fishing into the right priority, and no before you-awl wonder?- no it doesn’t involve having to watch the Notebook, be over enthusiastic about a Coach Handbag, or just “sitting there” whilst having to watch The Voice or Jersey Shore. Waking up in “crisp” morning conditions, to hearing the creek flowing, the birds singing etc is all I need. I’m like you – I check the site every day, scroll thru my fave parts – reports, fresh, salt, fish ID and apart from the odd report, there hasn’t been much to read?- Except 42 boats at Waratah Bay – WOW, won’t be going there anytime soon! Why is that? 18,000 Members!!!!. Please take a camera- take the time to take a dozen photos and spend 20 mins to put up a report – it’s what makes a good forum a GREAT forum. After putting out some burley on the forum for company to chase some Blackies, managed a few replies- thanks Squid Jig and my somewhat mentor Pete ( Luderick59), and also Nibbles ( Carl). Organized to take Carl out to the harbor on Saturday afternoon, so on Saturday morning I went down to the rocks at the beach near my place and collected some weed as there isn’t many places I know of around the harbor where you get good weed. After the huge seas of 2 weeks ago, most of the weed on the Northern Beaches has been totally annihilated, so I had to ferret out some spots, and found literally a patch of 1x 1 meter long patch of string weed. I even had to get my bucket and wash the area of sand to expose the long strands- lol seriously!. From my personal experience, the Luderick in the harbor prefer long weed as opposed to cabbage. The good long weed is few and far between – I know about half a dozen places to find “reliable” sources, and this was one of them. I generally use weed for bait, and cabbage to chop up for burley. Met Carl at around 130pm – yes it was a short afternoon interlude, he mooted something about a new work venture et al, however I could see that "scream for help” that the girlfriend had trapped him in some other deception, or maybe he was telling the truth????. We got to the spot, exchanged pleasantries and I showed him my way of rigging – which has always been to use the lightest possible rig for black fishing. This has been reinforced to me by Luderick59 – Pete being the purist, showed me ways of rigging, and always highlighted the rationale of going light. I’m totally sold. Everyone has their favorite method, but for me it involves light pencil floats, 4-6lb line, Gamakatsu Panfish hooks, and float stoppers instead of splitshot. I also tie pure snell knots, and am convinced they make a difference. Carl had some 4lb fluro – I think it was old and weathered, as the first cast I hooked onto a decent fish ( Carl couldn’t believe it was 1st cast – and I was happy too!), and then snap!. I use a 14ft custom Blackfish rod, and the line pinged with little fight. Then Carl cast – LOL, hook up too, then snap!. The next words out of my mouth were “ Ok 6-8lb is the go!”. We proceeded to hook,catch and land and lose a load of fish. The day was about as perfect as you could ask for- nice and warm, no wind and water clarity good. Unfortunately because of the timing we were fishing around low tide, and for me personally, I find the best time around the harbor is the rising tide. Nonetheless, it was productive. Carl was funny as he was so caught up in the moment that quite often as we were talking he missed good “downs” and I had to tell him to strike – hahahah pretty funny. We fished until about 5pm – until it was fairly dark. The tally for the 3 or so hours was 9 good size fish. 1 or 2 returned undersize, and at least 9-10 dropped. You win some you lose some!. We gutted the catch, I explained to Carl about bleeding them and removing the black lining etc, and gave him the entire catch. We ended the evening early – he had a party to go to , and I had the best Fish n Chips to go eat from my pals that own Kirribilli Seafoods. A good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, in a beautiful harbor, in a beautiful city. Carl was great company, and a very keen and astute fisherperson, and a pleasure to angle with. Next weekend it will be 3 of us, and hopefully the weather will be good. Might even get out the 5wt and do some fly “pussyfooting”……
  10. Really good, report coming tomorrow I think Nibbles ( Carl ) won't sleep for a week!
  11. Oh I can hear that distant creek deep in the mountains calling me like a Medusa siren song!.......soon!

    1. kyuss


      You too? Name the day Nanook!

    2. annon19


      Mate it was nice meeting you yesterday. I've now signed onto the website. It certainly looks like a fairly well updated site and a lot more access upon signing up. Had the surgeon tonight, absolutely delish.

      Might see you around next weekend. Cheers.

      PS did you pick up anything else yesterday? And what about the guys with the container of chopped pilchards?

    3. ebber


      hi mate u heard anything about kanangra creek or jenolan

  12. Anyone wanting to go chase Blackies around the harbour or Northern Beaches tomorrow, and wants to meet up, then please PM me. I have loads of fresh cabbage and long string weed. Cheers, Nanook
  13. Waratah Bay is gonna be like the Apple Store on George St soon, when a "new" product is unveiled.
  14. GATE OPEN/CLOSE TIMES I haven't been down there at night for years, but you used to be able to drive through at any time of night.