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  1. hmmm, could it be somekind of carpet shark then????
  2. Top work there Landlord! I would be hopeless at fishing for Jews or Kings because I would DEFINITELY eat all the squid rather than use for bait Nanook xoxo
  3. It's an Epaulette Shark
  4. Thanks for the report guys, Just reaffirms I won't be heading there anytime soon. How many other fisherman did you see there? Cheers, Nan
  5. LOL- I know just the place!!!!! Great fish Pete- you own that whole area!
  6. Good work Pete, Great to see you out in the cold. Hope they taste great!
  7. WOW Steve- what a good read and great photos, thanks so much for sharing. You are one lucky man! Cheers, Matt
  8. Oops Roberta, We spent a week at Booti Booti - it was blackfish heaven there!
  9. I was going to write a single monologue sentence report, with no punctuation and giving the impression that it was spoken by someone that has just had their dose of Stelazine increased – think Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys in the asylum when Brad Pitt is trying to bust him out…. BUT!............ Apologies first fellow Raiders – Entschuldigung for not being active of late, life, love and the “Boss” have been taking my time, and so have had to lay low for some time. I just spent a month travelling up the East Coast in an RV with my wife, fishing,relaxing and enjoying camping. She’s great at col
  10. Really good, report coming tomorrow I think Nibbles ( Carl ) won't sleep for a week!
  11. Oh I can hear that distant creek deep in the mountains calling me like a Medusa siren song!.......soon!

    1. kyuss


      You too? Name the day Nanook!

    2. annon19


      Mate it was nice meeting you yesterday. I've now signed onto the website. It certainly looks like a fairly well updated site and a lot more access upon signing up. Had the surgeon tonight, absolutely delish.

      Might see you around next weekend. Cheers.

      PS did you pick up anything else yesterday? And what about the guys with the container of chopped pilchards?

    3. ebber


      hi mate u heard anything about kanangra creek or jenolan

  12. Anyone wanting to go chase Blackies around the harbour or Northern Beaches tomorrow, and wants to meet up, then please PM me. I have loads of fresh cabbage and long string weed. Cheers, Nanook
  13. Waratah Bay is gonna be like the Apple Store on George St soon, when a "new" product is unveiled.
  14. GATE OPEN/CLOSE TIMES I haven't been down there at night for years, but you used to be able to drive through at any time of night.
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