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  1. My brother has just moved into a tidal waterfront, sand flats at low tide, a bit over a metre at high tide. Just wondering if you berley regularly at around the same tide everyday, if fish will start hanging around? permanently? Does anyone with waterfronts do this to attract fish for fishing purposes?
  2. cheers dwag, will go on a hunt for a spin stick then! will take some snaps when hopefully i get into a few, I'm moving to pemberton (near whistler) next week, the river fishing in the mountains up there is meant to be A grade.
  3. nice catch. i am currently in BC, canada and am planning on spinning some rivers and streams over summer. What is your setup? not really sure what weight line etc I should be fishing for river trout as i haven't really done it before. Do you think a light baitcaster setup would be an advantage compared to a spin setup for this style of fishing?
  4. emetic

    Hammerhead Shark

    how did the hammerhead go on the tooth?
  5. Hi all, Am currently living in British Columbia, Canada and am planning some freshwater fishing once the snow melts off a little. Just wondering how the success rates of spin fishing and fly fishing compare around these parts? I have never fly fished before, but am considering getting some lessons, otherwise I might just pick up a baitcaster combo and through some lures around. Being a newbie to fly fishing, would I be more successful sticking to spinning? or is the learning curve not too severe for me to be catching fish in a reasonable time frame?
  6. I reckon they are great on the tooth. cut into thick slabs / fillets roll in cajun spice on all sides of slab, sear edges of slab so that just the edge is cooked and the inside is raw. Then slice into thin sashimi style slices.
  7. emetic

    Sea Kittens?

    check out this vomit inducing psyco babble from PETA. they have no idea! http://www.peta.org/Sea_Kittens/index.asp
  8. emetic

    Scotty Dr

    the big clip is called a "shark clip" any decent boat or dive shop will have them
  9. emetic

    Yakkas Near The Hacking

    nice will have to keep it in mind!
  10. hi i have snorkelled there a few times in the last couple of weeks. once in the morning (around 8am), once in the early afternoon and once for a couple of hours on dusk. from what i saw there appeared to be alot more fish (especially flatties) on the time i went just before dusk. spotted around 8 good size flatties i one section between 2 rock walls in a half hour period. in the morning there were a few bream around when i first got in around 8am however they soon dissapeared, and only saw 1 flatty in 2 hours of swimming around. during the middle of the day was the least busy as far as fish life went. Both days were similar tide (high and dropping) so that could not be the variable. My thoughts were that the fish feel safer coming into the shallows in the dark, ie dawn and dusk and retreat to deeper waters during the day time. the other variable was that the dusk session was overcast and in a southerly, so the water was calm, and the other sessions were sunny with NE winds. any thoughts?
  11. emetic

    Yakkas Near The Hacking

    where'd you core the flatties scotty?
  12. emetic


    a mate offered to take me out in his boat to target some sharks. I always like to try and get a feed when i go fishing, although it doesn't happen as much as i would like does anyone have any info on what shark species go alright on the table if caught and what ones i should release to fight again. cheers
  13. emetic

    1st Real Day With Soft Plastics

    keep trying, the more you cast, the more you will catch .... i reckon i average about 1 fish for every 200 casts so far
  14. emetic

    My Pb Soft Plastic Flattie (1100mm)

    must be a few big ones around up on the mid north coast... was snorkelling along a weedy drop off in nambucca yesterday and saw 2 huge crocs resting within about 20 metres of each other. One dead set scared me it was so big. I would say at least 1.2m with about a 30cm span across it's head! the other would have been about 90-100cm and had a about a 30-40cm buddy hanging round it. also saw a fair few others hiding on the edge of the drop off around 40-50cm. this was at the inlet behind the "v-wall" where lots of kids and families swim in the river. I didn't have time to get the rod out and have a flick, but i had a handline handy, the plan was to snorkel out and dangle a SP in front of them to see if they'd take it, then swim in to shore (only 10m away) and wind it in. But i got tangled and scared them off splashing around so no success! haha. I was more interested in actually seeing how they swallow the lure than anything anyway. oh well.
  15. emetic

    Lake Jindabyne - 27/12

    just used the petrol engine, a 25 merc putting along at a speed that make the rod tips pulse from the action. lures were probly 15-20m back. you'd probably go better with an electric i'd say