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  1. esavkovic

    Bass And Ep Season Closure

    Legal or not, have a think about the chances of fish breeding when you disturb them during their mating season.
  2. esavkovic

    Blue Mountains fly fishing

    Cheers Caddis. It's a great fishery, might be heading up there on the weekend.
  3. esavkovic

    Blue Mountains fly fishing

    Hey guys, nice looking fish there. Just as a friendly notice, fishing from the dam wall at Thommos is illegal. The reason for this is that over the last few years a few people have had mishaps walking down the rocks with broken legs among the imjuries. This poses an insurance liability to Delta Electricity who own the dam and there has been much talk of Delta removing public access to the dam if there continue to be problems. I understand the lure of fishing from the wall as some great fish can be caught but if it means not being allowed to fish the dam anymore that would be a very high price to pay.
  4. esavkovic

    Thoughts On Proposed New Setup

    i concur with hodgey aswell. a 2-4kg rod is what i use for trout and i use the same rod for when i'm looking for the species you mentioned. 4lb line is fine as long as you have plenty on the spool because if you hook a decent flathead you'll need to be careful. but on the whole that outfit will give you the most fun, nothing like the feel of a good fish taking some line off you, feels like a challenge not a foregone conclusion. just my humble opinion.
  5. esavkovic

    Ecogear Sx40's

    i've had a 2.5kg+ rainbow on the end of my loomis 820s, i don't think there is a trout out there i wouldn't be confident tackling with my rod. whether i could bring it though is a completely different story!
  6. esavkovic

    Ecogear Sx40's

    i've got the same rod matched with a team daiwa 2500xi. i've not used the sx40s but have used kokoda wee whops and the like for bass which are quite small and light with 6lb braid, quite accurate to 15-20m, no problem at all. love the setup, lovely rod while the reel is getting older the larger spool can't be beaten for distance.
  7. esavkovic

    Spincast (closed Face) Reels

    i haven't used on but the ant pants of spincast is supposed to be zebco omega. i've read a few reviews online and it is apparently miles ahead of any other spincast reel on the market. i think part of the reason is that they don't make any other type of reel so all research goes into spincast.
  8. great report matt. my december fishing was about on par with yours although did better at TCD boxing day landing 2 nice rainbows around 2 pound and 1 brown close to 3 pounds on tassies. i'm just getting into fly casting and am looking forward to making some good progress this year.
  9. esavkovic

    Thompson Ck Dam 2009-01-03

    hi rizzo, unfortunately not. i was by myself and unless a mate is there to quickly take a shot i don't like to keep the fish out of the water for too long. hi hawk, unfortunately not.
  10. esavkovic

    How To Do It? Bass Fish!

    i hear that there is some great fly fishing for bass although i've not done it. i've just recently bought a trout fly setup which i think will fit well for some bass fly fishing too. we often go up the nepean past the narrows in the boat and cast hard bodies. when i get the hang of casting flies i'm thinking of taking the fly rod up there and cast from the boat.
  11. esavkovic

    South Coast Megabass

    thanks mate, appreciate the input. i'm a fan of the pflueger rods as i have one that i use to troll with for trout so i will definitely check out your recommendation.
  12. esavkovic

    South Coast Megabass

    that sure is one to brag about, great fish!! i was hoping you could help me out for a sec. i noticed in your pics you are using a baitcaster setup. i've recently bought myself a shimano core 101MG and matched it with a g-loomis 6' 6-12lb CR721C rod. i love the setup but i feel as though the rod is a little heavy for bass fishing. i would like something a little lighter but i'm not sure. what do you all think?
  13. decided yesterday morning to take a drive up to TCD. i've recently bought a fly outfit to supplement my spinning setup so i'm trying to spend a fair bit of time practicing. walked up to the dam and arrived at around 2pm, at this point i had the whole dam to myself. i wondered whether i had read the weather report incorrectly. it was cloudy but no rain and the pressure was favourable. why no people? it was blowing reasonably hard from the north east though but in my experience that is pretty much on par for TCD. the dam appears to still be leaking... i tried the left (eastern) bank first, casting tassie devils - golds and pinks. i didn't sight any fish and had no hits. after an hour or so i decided to trek across the wall to some of my more favoured spots. made it over to my first spot not far from the wall. by this time there were some sunny breaks starting to appear, the wind was still quite strong though. here i tried spinning some with similar coloured tassie devils. after a half hour of no action i was getting a bit bored so i pulled out the fly gear and setup. i'm not too familiar yet with fly names so please excuse my ignorance. i tried a black wholly bugger with a gold bead head (i know that one!) but could not spark any interest. i switched to what i think is a hare and copper but again no interest. with the wind there really were many air borne insects about so i wondered whether fly casting was worth it. at around 4:30pm i moved on to my favourite spot over near the old quarry. i went through a few lures here as i spent 2 to 2.5hrs here. i used gold, black & gold, green, , green & gold, burgundy, brown. it was very quite. i managed to land one rainbow at around 5:45pm that was 2.5lbs on a burgundy lure. it hit hard out in the deep and fought really well. other than that it was as though there were no fish in the dam. very strange as i thought the weather was favourable. any thoughts? after 6pm it was mainly blue skies. i notice that i managed to get some colour on my arms. i finished off by heading back to the second spot i was at and tried some of the same lures i had already used but to no avail. i was hoping the wind would die down towards sunset so and i intended to try the fly rod a little more very late but it didn't look like happening. so by 8pm i decided to pack it up and head home. not much in the way of fish but for me just being out there is reward enough.
  14. esavkovic

    How To Do It? Bass Fish!

    i've only started bass fishing the latter half of 08 and spent pretty much my whole time fishing the nepean above the narrows. i don't have a big selection of lures at all mainly kokodas in the wee waa shallow, the bat and also the bugger chug. i've caught on all of those lures. i go as light as i can for gear as it is more fun. the bass hang around submerged weed and structure like rocks and trees that have fallen in the water. i've heard that fishing the nepean for bass is more successful in the afternoon but i've actually caught more fish in the mornings, for what it's worth. bass fishing is great fun, i've always been mainly a trout fisherman but for something close to sydney you can't beat the nepean for bass. they aren't big but they hit hard and fight hard. almost like a poor man's barra fishing. good luck!