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  1. fyshfood

    Sydney Kings

    Nice work. What a season your having Out of interest Have you come across any that have tasted mushy when cooked
  2. fyshfood

    Middle harbour King mushy

    We fished an area of heavy reef against the headland and on that first Wednesday we got smoked on the reef after about 6 seconds after being hit several times It was mayhem. Ironically my best king from that spot was 8 kg on 21 lb many years ago. But I think I got somewhat lucky cause I struggled to land them there since.
  3. fyshfood

    Middle harbour King mushy

    Upon some googling research it afffects Jews dollies and even flounder. Apparently the way to test it is to press on the skin of the fish after it has been dead for a hour or so and if it returns it's ok and if it remains indented to discard. I also thought it may have been one of those farmed escapies from Poort Stephens ( being artificially fed and enclosed that their flesh may be different) . But the parasite info seems accurate. Is a shame for all the effort to bring home a nice fish after two trips and end up with that result. What do u do!
  4. fyshfood

    Middle harbour King mushy

    Went out two Wednesdays ago loaded up on lives and got busted off 6 times outside the heads difting yakkas off the bottom. Did manage to boat and release 4 at 60ish all on 60lb gear. Very exiting day only managed a large bonnie and a good flathead to take home . So last Wednesday the call was made to up the antie to 80lb ,so loaded up on lives and back outside the heads we went managed to pick up 3 squid as well so hopes were high. Done the same thing but no takers this time at the heads so went to another spot and was greated by a fur seal which stole our livies and made it unfishable. Call was made to get some flathead and come back after an hour or so. Got 6 nice blue spots and went back and our mate was still there. Into middle harbour we went , had a visit from two fisheries officers and with the all clear given we anchored up. And put our our baits. Oddly our squid strips we be taken without any obvious nibbles and it was down to our last squid head when it went off and a 70 cm king came on board . Bled and into the iced esky .However cooking it up last night it appears it may have hade the Kudo parasite as flesh seem perfect , cooked well held together ok but kind of dissolved in the mouth , flavour seemed ok but mushy. Has anyone else noticed this of late? Maybe a result of catching it from hotter waters inside? cheers
  5. fyshfood

    PB hawkesbury bream, jews and a missed king

    How long is the walk and what type of terrain is it
  6. fyshfood

    Yellowfin Tuna in Pittwater - on a Bait Jig

    Back in the 60s May grandad caught 3 ,40 pounders from west head on live slimies. On a handline wraped around a square piece of cork. That corner used to be infested with slimies back then. Where r they now...
  7. fyshfood

    Yep Snapper season has started. Now with Video..

    Really enjoyed your video guys . Make anyone smile. Do u anchor or drift the areas u fish and what sort of ground do u look for when chasing snapper on plastics?
  8. fyshfood

    Do you believe in happy endings? Think again...

    Mate if u cant swim wearing an inflatable pfd is a must.your life is too valuable. Also make yourself a checklist for cross reference before depature.Include everthing eg bungs,pfds,water, food, bait, fishing rods, tackle,knives,bucket, ice,sunnies, hat, wet weather gear, anchor , fuel, oil, first aid box,small emergency tool kit, map,torch, etc Purchase a small padlock for the trailer hitch,so u cant miss hitch(padlock wont fit if not alligned) Check trailer lights and wheel bearings!!!! And check the latest weather
  9. fyshfood

    Hawkesbury River Why

    3 ways to reduce catties 1 fish d smaller tides 2 keep out of d main current ie. fish the edges of the current but not in it. 3 try using cook gut 4 bait this should not only decrease your catfish capture but almost eliminate it. hopa this helps
  10. fyshfood

    Disturbing News...

    Well said 100% ditto
  11. fyshfood

    Sydney Fads

    mate same cycle happens every year. you wont hardly see a legal dollie till the end of the season,and then chances are the weather or the current or the water temp wont be in favour . And then their gone . The 20 km trip has simply become not worth it . Whats the point of fishing if u cant at least have the opportuinity of bringing home a feed. Your frustration is justified.
  12. fyshfood

    Botany Bay Today

    top table fish, thats whats its all about, you have got to be happy with that
  13. fyshfood

    Undersized Kingies-a Different Viewpoint?

    QLD 50cm and no bag limit VIC no min length , bag of 5 Commonwealth LFB fishing in the same nsw waters as us NO MIN LENGTH NSW rec anglers an unrealistic 65cm (15CM MORE THAN ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Got to say that i feel discriminated against. Also if the pros are netting these fish by the time they get them to the boat they are dead anyway ,they may as well take them to market . It would be a waste to throw them overboard dead. Id like to see rec fishing in NSW go they same way as VIC in that way maintaining a strict volume limit as the mainsay of our conservation, but also allowing rec anglers the opportunity to possibly bring home a feed if they so desire
  14. fyshfood

    Sydney Harbour 5th December

    Sounds like a great day. I kinda dont blame that other guy though. No one sould have to throw back a 60 cm king . Fisheries went to far with the new size limits. Bag and size limits shold be there to restrict a persons catch for us all to share , but they should not be so over regulated as to stop people from bring home a feed. Its the law that needsa changing. For all your efforts u came home with nothing thats dissaponting and unreasonable which means no essential omega 3 vitamins for u to devour. Back to 60cm and now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. fyshfood

    New Bag And Size Limits

    I am outragged i know these changes have been out for a while BUT THIS IS BECOMING OVERREGULATED. I have been fishing for kings since 1982 and their size has always been the same. the kings that school around the heads have always been rats and always will be ( yes u do get some big ones amounst them but their harder to catch and harder to stop).Yes i have caught the odd fish over 65cm but in all those years i could count them on my hands. There was no need to change the rules ,5 at 60cm was regulated enough. In fact even better you should be able to keep 7 with 2 under 60cm. WHATS WRONG WITH THAT ! It takes me an hour to get to the water and the whole purpose of fishing is to catch food for me and the family. I keep coming home empty handed not because i cant catch any kings its because i cant tell the over 65s to catch me! Fisheries is denying myself and my kids the vital nutrition they deserve. I am a good decent citizan always doing the wright thing. Yet now if i was to take a 60cm kingie home to feed my kids i would by defination be a criminal and prosacutable!!!!!!!!! Conservation is necessary dont get me wrong . But the fisheries have taken this issue too far. I support bag and size limits but not over regulation. There is nothing wrong with keeping a feed . Its time we were heard. Everyone ive spoken to agree's Id like to here what raiders think and maybe fisheries may take notice Happy fishing.