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  1. The link is at the top of this page - BOM Oceanography Dave
  2. Sorry for the late notice, but can you add me to the social as well as parratrav + 2 others? Dave
  3. Hawcon

    Members Boats.

    Here's my girl. She's nothing special, but she gets me out fishing occasionally. It's a 5.2m Brooker equipped with an old 115hp Johnson fuel guzzler. I think my other girl is jealous of her. Dave
  4. Ross, How did Glenn & Emu go on Wednesday on Billfisher? Dave
  5. Yes, this is correct. I think the same applies if you have been in South Australia for more than three months and hold a NSW license. Don't hold me to this, but this is what I was told when I was in SA a couple of years ago. Dave
  6. Thanks for a great day out Ross. Me and Travis (Parratrav) only ever dreamed of catching a marlin, but yesterday turned into a reality. We are still aching from the experience. Thanks for all your advice as well as that from your deckie "Emu". We also met some new friends aboard Broadbill in Ray & Darren, and because they live local to us at Sackville, we will keep in touch. We cant wait to try the tuna fishing with you in June, and we will return again next year to have another crack at the marlin. Once more, thanks for the experience Ross. Dave
  7. Hi all, apart from Roberta are there any other Raiders amongst this group? Cheers Dave
  8. "Little Fella" I'd be happy with that mate' Dave