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  1. I also use Norman Speed Clips and Fly Clips. No lost fish to date and I have total faith in both types of clip. More recently I used Hawaiin Clips on a trip to Weipa. These worked very well on the bigger lures and fish. I also use clips 'cos I hate tying knots.
  2. G'day Joe Go into your the settings for Tapatalk and you'll find "Image Upload". Change it to "full size". Took me till the second upload of my pic before I sorted it out. I'm still trying to fully understand the app. Some things seem to contradict themselves i.e. logging in and out without the password after the first time is a bit suss to me. Would like the option to log in with password each time, not just tap Fishraider and I'm in???? Hope that helps. cheers Hooky edit: I don't think emoticons work either??? Emoticons work when I use safari though. Anyone know how to get the emoticons to work in Tapatalk? Editing a post isn't as easy as in safari either. This sentence is supposed to be a new paragraph but for some reason it starts at the finish of the previous (first) edit. Tapatalk also says that my post count is about 300 less than it should be!
  3. Seems to work ok. Might see more of me as I use my iPhone more than the laptop nowadays.
  4. Thanks fella's. Cheers to you all. Thanks to Stewy, mate, always good to talk with ya. cheers Hooky
  5. Hooky.


    I would really like to get some heavy duty Gamakatsu jig head hooks at a reasonable price and stocked on the shelf of a tackle shop so I can pick and choose what I want when I want, would be great. These are as rare as rockin' horse s**t when it comes to tackle shops stocking them. Plenty of Mustads available though but just too weak in the 2/0 to 7/0 sizes. I have plenty of moulds, just need some decent hooks in the large sizes of 1/4oz to 3/4oz. I'm not asking for much............
  6. I hear on a lot of fishing shows nowadays where they are quoting DPI as saying that the fight against carp is a losing battle and that it makes no difference whether you toss 'em back or kill 'em. Not sure where they get their info from but this is from DPI website and I quote: "Don’t return pest fish to the water – if you catch a pest fish, kill it humanely and dispose of it appropriately." I don't think there's a fine in NSW for throwing them back in the water, anyone know if there is and where it is written? cheers Hooky
  7. Looks like a baby bass to me. I can see the "sharp point" on the gill rakers. Well done either way and good to see you enjoyed yourself. cheers Hooky
  8. He also has muesli bars. You'll get to have a muesli bar but he seems to guard the Speculaas. Don't let him use the pull start if you have an engine with one and don't lean forward to put something in the side console when he's starting the motor. I've never gobbed out so much flemmy blood in my whole life. Deadset probably attracted sharks from Sydney Harbour to the Upper Georges River. Still got the unhealed nose bone, feck did that hurt or what! Other than that, Andrew would make a good partner for fishing teams events. BTW, 'bout time you bought a boat for us to do teams events in.
  9. The only thing I'd be concerned with is some nail polishes set too hard and become brittle and may only be a bandaid fix. Probably does the job though.
  10. Yep, Garry worked and owned the butcher shop. It was opposite the paper shop, Dumeresq Island turn off. I was in about 5th grade at Cundletown Primary, late 70s' I think. That was after going to Croki Public and then Ghinni Ghinni Public but before going to Chatham High.
  11. Small world. Your Uncle Garry was our local butcher and Wayne used to supply my dad with greyhounds and sometimes train them. At one stage we also lived next door to Waynes' inlaws.
  12. I had plans to, haven't missed the last three events in Taree. But, work has changed over the past four months and it looks like work will stand in the way of fishing and visiting family.
  13. Another good fishing day on the Georges. Thanks Andrew and hopefully Santa brings you an electric start motor and/or a bigger boat, my nose is still f$#&%*g sore. At least the bruising has gone. All the best to you all and good fishing over the holiday period and beyond. cheers Hooky
  14. Hooky.

    Tackle Hates

    Over priced jig heads give me the sh!ts. A dollar to 4 dollars each my butt. Bloody rip off merchants.
  15. Ya' should have came away for the weekend with me. 38 trout and 15 bass.