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  1. Good on you for letting the big girl go :-) NIce catch and pictures, well done. Oh and welcome
  2. Nice read and nice pics Hodgy. Well done Rob, I take my hat off to you!! Rob is going to take after Dad for sure. From monster flatties and bass to cod! You are a fishing god my friend Cheers, Rob (the non fish catching one).
  3. How good were the conditions in Botany yesterday!! It was like glass at about 8.00am with the greatest number of watercraft I have ever seen in the bay at any one time! As we were taxiing out for departure to Hamilton Island, I could see some fish busting up on the surface in between the two main runways (no go zone), pretty smart place to be Boy was I dark with you lot. All of you enjoying the fishing and fantastic conditions, whilst I was at work . Shame on you Here is a shot from "Hamilton" in the office: Cheers Rob
  4. Thanks for the replies. My apologies if I upset anyone regarding my initial post, I was not aware of GregL's passing, sorry. Puts life's little annoyances into perspective. Would love to catch up with you all soon. Cheers
  5. Hi Crew, It has been a LONG time since I have ventured on here or even fishing for that matter With work that sees me travelling extensively and family/property taking up the rest of my time, I have not wet a line or used my boat in over 2 years! Often thinking about you all, Hodgey, Roberta, Mr and Mrs Swordfisherman, Iceman, GregL etc. Hoping you are all well? Those that know me personally, know that I am very particular with my gear and keeping it like new. All rods and reels where maintained and stored, the boat was garaged and removed every month to run the engine and clean it. I have decided to sell my boat though due lack of use and lack of interest from family, a pity. I also sold my Hobie Outback for the same reasons At this stage boat is at dealer on consignment, but they have not listed on web etc. I get long service this year, the plan was to drive up to NT and chase some barra, but with my wife now working full time and lack of LSL availability through work, that idea has been thrown out. Still want to fish Forster and come down again to Tuross, love Tuross and miss holidaying there. What else has been happening? Cheers Rob
  6. DWAG90, some VERY nice bass there! beautiful country and to think I have only just recently discovered it in our "backyard". I would love to know where a bouts ( I live in Picton ) and so far have had a small reccy with no luck. Looking forward to having a go with a yak as well! A great way to start the day. Tight lines. Rob
  7. Thanks for the update Hodgey! The ramp and jetty areas definitely need to be dredged, I have literally had to walk the boat out in the skinny water (like a dog on a lead) just to get some "deeper" water. It certainly changed after the lake was opened up. I can understand why the greenies etc wouldn't want it to be dredged, but if the council has spent all those $$$ on the ramp and jetty then they need to be maintained and useable at any tide level. I hope that the water temp improves soon, the opening of the lake obviously made a HUGE difference to the system, allowing the colder ocean water in, it needed to be opened, but has certainly changed the dynamics of the system, since we first visited. Cant wait to start seeing the big croc pictures again! Take care. Cheers Rob
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Just got back from a trip, so sorry have not been able to reply until now. It was nice to get out. The little bream put up a great fight on the light gear, trying to snap me off on the oysters It is amazing to see the number of good size fish swimming about to darting around the weed beds etc. Frustrating knowing they are there, but not being able to hook up. Iceman, yep about 12 months ago I tried recalling everything you told me, sp selection and position. Far from being as successful that you were that day, you are a fish magnet Will need to organise another session or 3, this time I will remember to bring my net Dory and Hodgey, glad you like the hat Not my normal fishing hat, for some reason my hat has gone missing, purchased that a few trip ago to you know where for my son. It works though, especially when you are follically challenged like me My trip to Tuross might not happen on my "days off" due to the "problems" the opposition are having, so have been asked to possibly work as needed will have to see. I really need to live closer to the water. Nothing worse than going to work at Botany heading off on a trip and seeing the water like glass and heaps of boats out Cheers Rob
  9. Not yet decided. I have been using power pro for a while and it has been good, very little wind knots. I do seem to get a LOT of guide wraps though, but that may be my retrieve style?? I would love to try the new Fuji "K" guides, but it would cost big $$$ to get the rods changed over If you are happy using your existing line, I probably would not go out and buy it. I needed to fill some spare spools so decided to give it a shot. It is VERY hard to tie with light leaders, almost always break Thank you for the replies. Cheers, Rob
  10. Well I finally had a few days off, with the first day getting everything out of storage, spools refilled and boat prepped for a 4.30 departure from home to be at the foreshore ramp by 6.00. Checked everything over twice before launching the boat, setup the rods with a popper, blade and soft plastic. Decided to drift between Kurnell and Tarren Pt. Got some new nanofil and decided to see how it cast's. Tied on my favourite Jackall Chubby. Cast (guide wrap) and ping, laters chubby. Last visual sighting heading towards the second runway Hooked up on a nice size flatty, got it to the side of the boat, headshake and gone. Oh well. Tied on an Ecogear Aquabream Prawn and managed to hook up this little bloke, after a quick pose with the hat and a photo, put him back in the water. They put up a good fight on light gear. The Ecogear Prawn are a VERY SOFT plastic, basically one fish and its put on a new one. Not as hardy as the GULP shrimp. Wind started to pick up so I decided to head around Woolaware Bay. Noticed a sand bar with rock bombies encrusted with oysters. Also noticed a lot of silver flashes of bream feeding on the incoming tide. Decided to flick the old Ecogear SX40 and came up with my VERY FIRST bream on lure: Again after a quick photo shoot, it was returned to the seas. Was sight casting to the silver flashes, cast the SX40 and this time lost the lure on the oysters Not bad after nearly 12 months of no fishing. Home by 1.00pm and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my gear and boat. I know they are only 2 fish and small ones at that, by I am stoked and will submit for COTM Cheers, Rob
  11. Awesome report and fish Hodgey! We can always rely on you to come up with the goods My next roster and a bit sees me very busy, but I have 9 days off in a row from the 5th November Will have to head down for a trip, been to long. Hopefully the water has warmed up and the bass are still firing! I still have that spinner you lent me Hopefully we can catch up for a Bundy or 3 Cheers Rob
  12. G'Day Musty! Yep I remember, hahaha. How are the combo's going? I still have a shimano 1-3kg rod and was thinking of either the 1000 biomaster or 2500 biomaster. The biomaster fb feels like a nice reel. I am hoping to do a LOT MORE fishing this year. Havent caught up with anyone on here or in the flesh for ages. All my gear has been stored ready for summer. Was actually thinking of selling everything including the boat, but I know if I do, will miss it. Thank you for all the replies, food for thought. I must say my other reel is a 2500. Cheers Rob
  13. G'Day Crew, Just wondering if it is worth getting a 1000 size reel and rod to chase bream, bass and flatties? Finesse fishing if you like. 1-3kg 6'6" or 7' rod to match. Any benefits over 2500 reels and 7'+ rods when casting plastics, hb's or blades? I look forward to your replies. Cheers, Rob
  14. As above, I would go the yammy 90 2 stroke, very reliable engine, proven and will last a lifetime if looked after. Relatively light (compared to the 4 strokes) and a 90 will get you up on the plane rather quickly. Yammy make a great engine. Etec never had one, so cannot comment. PM GregL he has them or used to, so could give you a better idea. In saying that, you hear mixed reports on them. Either way good luck and enjoy your purchase! Let us know what you end up getting and post some pics!
  15. G'Day Tinny1, Well done mate. Love the video. Yep old botany gets rough. Been in very similar situation in my small tinny, not very comfortable.........