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  1. I've noticed as well a huge drop in crabs over the last couple years, also the different types of species of fish through the channel. It could be the overfishing with the amount people that camp and fish there along the side of the lake or the increase in commercial licenses a couple years back It would be good to have it opened like in the old days to allow more water to flow through as well further investigation on what is really causing the drop in numbers. The picture in the article shows the deterioration from 2008 to 2016... also might provide some answers to why it might be happen
  2. Target: Flathead & Squid Got a brilliant idea I'll buy cooked prawns, I can use it as bait and if tough gets going I'll eat it. Practical thinking I got down south and the wind was whistling .. the water choppy and no squid, so I tried my luck to collect some prawns... no prawns except one in the middle the rocks as I was walking back. I told the prawn you're one lucky bugger cause I'm letting you live today! A few guys were fishing, I asked and they had caught nothing. So I changed my strategic idea from flatty to perhaps breams? Now I was getting hungry, but what is opened at 3:30am
  3. Nice catch!! that must have been sooo much fun sadly I'm yet to catch one on cabbage..
  4. I reckon if you put those pancakes on the line you would have cleaned up on the flatties
  5. Thanking you.. will try that
  6. I don't use the choke when its warmed up. Cheers
  7. YUM! that's some good eating! Nice catch!
  8. Hi Guys, I'm new to boating and trying to get my head around 2-stroke engines. I bought an old Johnson 10hp and had it serviced(it sat around for a couple of months as I needed to completed my boat lic to use it)... now time to start it. Firstly I had the wrong fuel line connector, so I bought a new tank with the correct fuel line. Now, I struggle to start it. Once it's started she runs good. The problem occurs when I stop and then start it or do a cold start.. From I have been told this is how to start it, please correct me if I'm doing something wrong... 1 - Make sure I have fresh premiu
  9. Nice catch mate! I've never managed to catch a garfish there.
  10. Personally I'd like the "Like" button! You've got me hooked...
  11. MannY


    Thanks guys, really appreciate it! Cheers, Manny
  12. Hi Raiders, New to squidding the last 7-8 squidding sessions were disappointing with only one caught in the net as it swam by. Fathers day got myself some nice Shimano gear and a early day at work meant a perfect evening to test out my new rods. I ran some new braid grab my jigs and head down for a session. As soon as the sun sets I feel a tug and reel my first squid on a green jig. Thinking I broke my bad luck strike I caught nothing for 30mins. It was time to change jig again and I was catching again. The three hours were fantastic with enough squid for feed and bait for my next one or t
  13. Hi Mate, I use a $2 plastic pasta strainer from one of those 2 dollar Asian shops. Works pretty good Cheers
  14. Nice catch! great looking squid !!
  15. MannY


    Hi Mate, Have a search through the forum... Here's one that should help you out: http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=68646&hl=%2Bhow+%2Bto+%2Bfind+%2Bgutter Cheers
  16. MannY


    The use of nets in the area I fish is prohibited, I use lines... Check the area you want to fish on dpi website before using nets(http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/info/closures/rec-sw-loc/central-coast-index/port-hacking) Generally we look for the area the tide slows down, I've also seen some guys scoop them up nets as they swim by on the run out. have a read of this article - > http://www.fishraider.com.au/fishing-articles/blue-swimmer-crabs.php. Hopefully it'll help you landing you some huge blue swimmers Cheers,
  17. MannY


    Got a last minute call, 'lets go fishing’. tired after a 20hr shift from work, said .. meh, what the .. lets go fishing,. I told my mate, there are no crabs… its too cold.. I’ll tag along.. thought might finally catch my first jew Headed down to the hacking, dirty water, thought crap, I ain't gonna catch a thing tonight!! Nevertheless, lines out to catch some yakka's. Set out some livies and now time to snooze, thought to myself, I might catch finally catch my first Jew! About an hr goes by and my line goes tap, pull, sap!. I call it a Jewy, get all excited and land my first blue 65.5cm cl
  18. Nice catch mate! looks like a really beautiful spot there..
  19. Looking to chase some bonnies of the rocks this weekend, has anyone had luck catching on to them? Cheers!
  20. MannY


    Thanks Cowan CowBoy I never thought about continuous wind in my formula... I definitely will be considering your points! Cheers
  21. MannY


    Thanks Flickn Mad, I've fished the same spot over 50times and can roughly tell the tide change at that spot. Its just that sometimes it doesn't turn and continues that way till the next tide change. Your right Krause really does my head in trying to predict it before going out to fish. So far have noticed it to be around the 1\2 moon period..
  22. MannY


    My question is in relation to tides. I've noticed that tide flushes very differently.. some low tides are lower than other low tides and some higher than other high tides, but this type of tide boggles me. On Thursday midnight I went fishing and notice the same thing. 6pm was supposed to be high tide and the tide did not turn until 10ish pm. 12:30ish am Friday was supposed to be low tide but the tide did not stop running out and continued to run out whilst filling up. I stayed fishing till about 6am and the tide was almost high and still running up whilst filling up. The perfect scenario wou
  23. Nice catch mate! what sort of plastics were you using?
  24. Target species Sambo's, everything else a by catch. Unpacked my backpack and loaded with the usual sambo rigs. Wife nagging be home early, why do you have leave so early.. and so on.. We gear up and left home early for a sunrise fish. Line out I was only catching snags.. It was difficult as I couldn't see the direction of my line.. While the current washing it on the rocks. As day broke it started to pick up and I caught a big fat bream.. Tide turned, wind calmed, waves flattened and leather jackets came in. My mate started with tailor and sambo, then questioned and said you're got the wron
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