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  1. Me and 2 other raiders tried once after a mh trip. A lot of small bass and Redfin and I mean lot !! And after pedalling around the whole damn looking for carp finally worked them out turns out they were hanging in 2-3 m's of water on the eastern side of the damn right up against the shore. WARNING!!! Some of the massive ducks/ swans / birds will jump in your yak to grab a feed of bread and corn. They are not scared at all and can be pretty intimidating. Alan
  2. could be a big ray plenty of them around
  3. Thanks guys just woke up and have some sashimi cut and ready to eat . Spewwing I'll be busy this Friday but very flexible next week. Give me a buzz
  4. Made a last minute decision last night to head out early for a possible king or two. Arrived unpacked and unloaded the yak by 4am and ventured off to quickly to grab myself as many squid and lollipop yakkas as I could. Squid were hard to come by with only 3 but yakkas were plentiful. 6 am sun starting rising so I got to my spot and sent down a yakka on one rod and a squid on another. It was now 7:30 and still nothing has touched any of my baits and I was starting to get tired. VERY TIRED. I decided to chuck a metal on and have a shot at the occasional schools of fish busting up on the way back. Ended up having a very nice king chase my metal for 15 meters before taking it 2 meters in front of me with insanely explosive force. After a good 5 minute tug of war trying to get it away from structure the bastard ended up getting me around a pylon. The 20lb braid and 20lb leader was not looking good. I thought it was over until it started swimming back the right direction. Shortly after the fish was gaffed and landed. New pb fish going in at 92cm . Absolutely stoked and can't wait to get back out there after all this wind and rain buggers off. Tackle. Rod: nitro viper 6-8kg. Reel: sustain 4000 Braid: ygk wx8 20lb Leader: 20lb FC rock. Both the braid and leader were frayed badly very lucky to land the fish.
  5. If your only fishing inside I'll be getting the pa 12 or 14 for sure. If ur going to be heading to long reef I'd get the prowler Although people do head out in pa's I wouldn't recommend it. The 12 and 14 hav only 5 kg in weight difference but the 14 has a Tom more space up the front. They are really easy to rig up and I have gone on many fishing trips without even getting wet at all. Big advantage when fishing nights and winter. Alan
  6. Damn now I'm Spewwing I couldn't make it
  7. A.dawg

    Z-Man Grubz

    On the pack i think it says do not place with other lures . If u can get a litle box just for z mans it would be good or just leave em in their packets Alan
  8. Woohoo theres still a few kings in mh managed a few yesterday can't wait to get back

  9. Hey mark hav you already bought a kayak? That was quick hahaha What did u end up getting?
  10. Hey mate there's a lot of questions to ask when picking a kayak. New/second hand What type of fishing( off shore , fresh , estauries ,creeks/rivers) The length of the kayak. Longer = faster shorter = slower and more maneuverable Wider = more stable skinnier = faster From what I read you are looking for something in the fresh I presume it's for bassing? I would be looking for something on the smaller side so I can move around the snags rocks fallen trees and structure easier. The Viking nemo goes for about 700 $ Weighs 20kg 3.2m long 0.79 wide Viking opal is a sit inside. About 800$ 3 m long 21 kg and 0.8m wide Ocean kayak Frenzy about 600 2.74m long 0.76 wide 19.5 kg. These are the small kayaks which are listed in my kayak manual book. If you want a pedal kayak your best option would be the hobie mirage sport which is the smallest of the pedaling kayaks but very pricey compared to a non ppedal kayak. Keep an eye out for second hand kayaks you could snatch up a bargain. As for the soft roof racks I hav no experience more do I know anyone who owns a kayak who uses one your best option would be to get a set of roof racks Alan
  11. A.dawg


    Definitely an early season. Like last year season started I'm told in fed/ march i hope it doesnt end early. My last session last month managed to get a few nice fish with many many more lost. Still haven't got em all worked out with the hook up rate yet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. It's a jokes and they want to decrease recreational limits and increase size limits.
  13. First Jew Sesh in 2 n a half weeks bagged out 6 jewwies the joys of jew fishing

    1. mr.e.p.d


      Well done Allan . The Jewie king.

  14. Good work Zarn. You need to join us a bit more on the yak. Just remember to bring a net or gaff 1 jewwie last night sunk a hook in my leg and kept jumping around. The consequences of grilling the fish.