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  1. I pretty much did what you did on Saturday. We hit all the fads, the canyon, the peak. Got zeros. Only the "flathead drift of shame" saved us.
  2. shaune

    Sea Anchors

    I have one of those $30 ones. It only slows my drift about 1km/h . (I have a 6m fibreglass boat)
  3. Well I know for a fact they go up least as far as Rockhampton. I caught one trolling the reefs off there. About 115cm from memory.
  4. I agree with you to a certain extent. If I were rockfishing on an ocean beach I would probably wear one but that should be up to me and my own "risk cause analysis". My gripe is , if I'm standing on yarra bay breakwall with the ocean as flat as a tack, with a fishing rod in my hand I can be fined. Some bloke standing next to me with nothing but speedos on will not be fined. What does it matter if I'm fishing or not? By the way , this thing is suppose to be a "1 year trial" yet they state fines will come into affect from december 2017. This suggests they already know it is permanent.
  5. So if I have a fishing rod in my hand ( and no life jacket) I will be breaking the law. If I am climbing over rocks collecting snails, or taking tourist photos, or even having a paddle in a rock pool I won't be required to wear a jacket. Absurd law.
  6. The reason for the change was so that large boats can turn around between the pontoons and not for any increase in efficiency. I dont think its an improvement for us small boat owners.
  7. Depends on the economy of your engine. If I were you I would get an idea of your range by using the trip meter on your gps on shorter trips. And remember that litres per km will vary significantly depending on your speed and water conditions. Even then you will want to have a massive safety factor. I always plan to arrive home with about 50 litres still left.
  8. It certainly looks the goods. Did you glue it down? and do you mind telling us the cost of it (per metre or sq metre)?
  9. shaune

    Free Lure

    We now know what the newsagents relatives are getting for xmas.
  10. heres a link
  11. I have a hds5.It cost me $1300 when I bought it , so its come down a bit now. I have not compared it with the garmin but from what I can gather Garmin make the better chart plotter and lowrance the better sounder. As a fisherman you're priority should be the sounder. Compare the pixel counts on the screen between the two.
  12. shaune

    Leader Knots

    I've noticed there are a lot of versions of the slim beauty but this is the original. (there is also a link to the history of it). I think the difference between this and what your doing is the 'double overhand loop" instead of the "2 wrap uni" on the mono. I'm not sure which is best , but I've always tied mine per the original (ie with the double o'hand loop). With the braid I do 8 wraps down , 4 back up and 3 more wraps through the loop.
  13. shaune

    Leader Knots

    I have had the Albright fail on me a few times. It came loose after lots of casting. Probably my fault but I don't use it anymore. I've had no failures with the Slim Beauty and I don't think its hard to tie at all.
  14. Thats a great photo ABC. Was that taken from the air?
  15. shaune

    Steering Woes

    Never used the steersman nut but I did replace the steering cable. To remove the cable from the tlit tube it was a relatively simple thing to do. A small peice of rod and a hammer was used to push the steering cable rod out of the tube. I'd imagine you'd be able to put your nut on then. Just be careful of what type of grease you are putting in the cable. Most greases will harden with age and contact with saltwater, thereby seizing your cable up. I think there is a special grease out there that doesnt but from what I've read about it its oil you should be squirting in there. EDIT- I've just read the instructions on the steersman website. The nut fits on the port side of the trim tube and there is no need to remove the cable. (so forget what I said above) If there is some threads of the trim tube still clear of the locking nut then the nut goes on there. If not it replaces the locking nut.