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  1. Hey guys , just thought I'd let everyone know what happened this afternoon down at berowra boat ramp . Got back to the ramp at about 4:45 pulled my boat out and was packing up when a bloke walked past my mum and said that his trailer had been stolen off the back of his car which was pad locked on. The car was driven into the car spot so made it easier for the scum bags to bolt cut the pad lock off and wheel the trailer away. The trailer was to suit around a 5.5m boat . Make sure you lock up your trailers with coupling locks not just a pad lock and reverse into the spot make it harder for these low life's to steal
  2. Bring on the comp for the weekend!!!!!!

  3. is over this weather!!!!!!

  4. That fog was insane!!!!! put in at Patonga and could hardly see the moored boats off the ramp.snuck round to umina to get out of it.
  5. Set out from ramp at 6:30 with my brother and another mates tinnie. Threw some pots in on the way out to our spot hoping for some crabs if we didn't do well with the fish.Hit our spot at around 7:00, fisrt bait everyone hooked up small jewy,bream ,small flathead and legal flathead that spat the hook at the boat much to the frustration of our mate. Second bait two jewy's ,cat fish and another legal flatty that also spat the hook same mate,the f'n this and f'n that started flying around much to my brother and my delite and the trash talk started. The change of tide had started and our mate was sick of the spot so went for a drift just as he was about 30meters away I got hit hard, called it for a small jewy but then it started running and peeling line fast after a few hard runs boated a 45cm bream a pb for me. By 9:00 used two large bags of prawns headed to brooklyn for more bait. Next stop was the rail bridge anchored next to a pylon just off the eddie. Over the next hour bagged three legal flatties and a heap of small jewy's,put out a live yakka but no takers. It was getting late and my brothers phoned up and needed to get picked up from work so headed back to the first spot we were at it was closer to the ramp.Only had about 10 minutes we could fish for so baits in and got hit legal flatty and a couple of small jewy's. last bait was called and our mate uped anchor and started back, just as he left got hit hard and line started peeling thought may be another horse of a bream, landed a 66cm flathead. We knew our mate would be kicking himself so we rubbed it in big time ,went to pick up the pots nothing in the first ,picked up the second and a massive muddy was snapping at us the icing on the cake. The best day of fishing i've had in a while and a great dinner!!!!!!
  6. Well done mate !! Sure cure fix for that hang over
  7. Nice work!!!!!!! Hopefully they will be hanging around on the weekend .