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  1. Lucky man, you'll be so much closer to amazing fishing.
  2. rockfisherman


    Pilchard under a float is ok ?
  3. Not bad is an understatement, great haul of fish.
  4. At it again yowie, I envy you, well done on the feed.
  5. Some sort of angler fish I was also thinking . I'd say those dangly bits on its might even illuminate.
  6. Good fish bud, well on the Pb,new mark to beat
  7. Another thing I will add is, in between sessions, after washing, back your drag right off, having it clamped down is not a good thing if you want your drag to be smooth
  8. The tackle stores I frequent managed and run by the owners, who know their clients and have built a relationship with them. And in that time I don't think iv seen anyone other than the owners apart from rare occasions. I would point you in the direction of the big stores that sell fishing gear, there's a couple around and that would get you amongst it.
  9. That's the truth right there,once you have all your gear, it dosnt cost much to get out there and have a go
  10. Yep, lucky they get spooled with 500m, allows for mishaps and line that gets lost to snags or scraped along the rocks.
  11. Iv found if I don't stay hydrated I'll have immense muscular pain the next day, in saying that, you know as well as I do, as you get older aches and pains come easier and takes their time going away
  12. Hey grant So much to say. Brett would be on the mark when saying you should just replace the mono with braid, it will save you money. If you get on a good king,I don't think those reels will handle it very well, the alivio 4000 has about 5kg worth of drag. I have a bunch of braid going at a good price, pm me if you're interested, there might be some other interest in it.
  13. I did have a great time mate, totally unscripted and all panned out ok in the end. Just hanging to get out again.