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  1. Hi Guys Its about time, 2 newbie boats heading out of Port Kembla this weekend. (weather permitting) Really want to try targeting tuna. hoping to get all kinds of tips and even possibe areas to try. Plan is to head south, dragging a few lures, trying to find the right water temp break and hopefully hooking up on something (not the other boat) AND hoping our gear will suffice. So - if you have helpful tips and tricks - let us know - gotta start somewhere Thanks in advance Cheers Craig
  2. cc6264

    Tuna tips please

    I'm happy to hop on board as well. Maybe a charter could be good.... Learn a few tips.. And I could use your gear Brett Cheers Craig PS - Put some lures in by beach fish bag..
  3. cc6264

    Disposing old flares

    I just took mine to Port Kembla. Apparently you can only dispose of them at certain RMS centres. Cheers
  4. cc6264

    How useful

    I think it all depends on what, when, who & where.. For instance - If I am fishing locally with the son in law, he is the deckie and when we gat back we share a beer ( 1 each, not half a can) while cleaning the boat. A weekend away with the mates - I bring the boat and they pay for fuel & bait. When we get back - I wash the boat. If its just me and the wife, she backs the trailer and I do everything else - but having a wife that can back the trailer is great. And as was said earlier, enjoy the experience regardless.....
  5. cc6264

    cleaning vinyl seats

    I have used a product called gumption to get the worst of it off in the past. Found it worked quite well. Cheers Craig
  6. cc6264

    Port Kembla - Sat 12/10

    Thanks for all the comments. Wife is a keeper (after 30 years she should be) and could also back a caravan. Just wont tow anything. She is also not bad with the anchor. Will keep and try the trevally next time and did not notice the water temp or any blue bottles. Cannot wait to try again for more kingies! Cheers Craig
  7. cc6264

    Port Kembla - Sat 12/10

    First fishing report - so here goes... Headed out off Port Kembla around 7am with the wife (having a wife that can back a trailer is great!) and turned towards Coniston beach. Went for a drift and ended up with on 1 flatty over 40cm, threw a few 33 - 34 cm back and countless babies. Also a few small reddies were thrown back as well. Then headed towards flinders islet and we have a system on the boat - if you get 3 sergeant bakers in an area we move on. So we headed towards toothbrush ( I think it is) and got a 38cm trevally (bloody good fight) and it went back. Wife and I weren't sure if they are any good to eat. gat a few more bakers and wrasse then saw the birds bustin. Woo hoo I thought, my first kingy. Headed over to the bustup at a great rate of knots and the only rod with any sort of a lure on it was my 3kg - so threw it out and whollop - my first king. Wife was screaming with excitement, reel was screamin, I was screamin at the wife to move the boat as it took off under it. I wonder how big it is I thought. Then as I started to win the battle - snap - the tip of the rod - gone. Bugger I thought, better get this fish. Got it in the boat and only 48cm but a great fight and cant wait to catch my first legal size. First thing though - need to get a bigger rod.... Then our session was cut short by the wife's seasickness. At least she lasted 4 hours. Cheers Craig PS - sorry no photos.
  8. cc6264

    Lowrance Elite 7 Manual

    My manual was ruined when I bought my boat - so I downloaded the manual from Lowrance website. You can zoom in on the pages with the small print. Hope it helps as my eyes aren't what they used to be. Cheers Craig
  9. cc6264

    Removing carpet flooring (and glue)

    I am thinking of removing the carpet out of mine and replacing it with removable carpet. My previous boat had marine carpet with press studs holding it in place. Was really easy to wash out after each trip.
  10. cc6264

    Must see Tuna frenzy

    Absolutely fantastic!
  11. cc6264

    Haines Signature 520c.

    I have a HH 530 Classic and I love it. Upgraded from a HS 492F late last year and the stability at rest, ride and power is great. Regularly head off Port Kembla and handles the swell and chop just fine. Have not been out too far yet - but will soon. We usually have 2 or 3 on board - sometimes 4 in the lake but the fourth person usually gets to fish out of the hatch. Same as you - got permission from the wife to upgrade (actually her suggestion)but I did find the seats on the Signature more comfortable. Very small price to pay when you spend most of the time standing up reeling them in ( or hope to). Cheers Craig
  12. cc6264

    maritime officers at ramps

    I was at Sussex a few weeks back when there was a fisheries officer at the ramp. He was checking on peoples catch as they came in and licences as well. I thought it was great. We were all licenced - lucky as 2 mates are "once in a blue moon fishermen" and just got their licences that morning for a total cost of about $10.00. He told us the fine is $200.00 for unlicenced. Just as we were leaving the ramp he was having a right old barney with a couple of people who just came in. I say " Keep up the good work" Cheers
  13. cc6264

    10 Rules for a deckhand.

    Must put in towards fuel bill - and beers after - and be able to tow a trailer ;-)
  14. cc6264

    Livewell pump installation

    My previous boat had a live bait tank with a scoop so went you went along the bait tank would keep filling automatically - you didn't need to have the pump on. Only problem was it drained into the hull! Bit of a problem when I took it out for the first time without the bung in the live bait tank. It "flooded" the hull. Should not be a problem if it drains outside the hull though. :-) PS: Bought the boat that way - sold it that way.
  15. cc6264

    New boat advice

    I am also for taking the wife when buying your boat. Happy wife - happy life and happy boating. She doesn't whinge when you need to spend money on it as it was her choice ;-)