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  1. Thanks for the informed info raiders. Much appreciated
  2. I have a 75ltr underfloor fuel tank and the fuel is over 3 months old. I will need to take out the old fuel and i would like to know what is the best method of doing so without ripping out the whole floor?(if possible)
  3. Hi folks, I was away on holidays for 6 months and when I came back recently my Boat Trailer ran out of rego. I went to the RTA yesterday and I was issued with a certificate to get s Blue Slip inspection done for the trailer. Due to work commitments I cannot find the time to take the trailer in for a inspection unless it is after hours. Does anyone know if there is a mobile mechanic who does blue slip inspections in the Canterbury area? Thanks
  4. Its a great spot which is also located in Newport. Bayview, Newport and Clareville breed cracker crocs and kings. Nice catch!
  5. The prawns are so big because there is no fish in the hacking to indulge on these prawns
  6. Raiders, This question has probably been asked 1000 times though after going through 20 pages on the boating section as well searching i cannot find what i am looking for. Would like some information on stores across Sydney who stock quality batteries at fair prices. Cant seem to find adequate stores searching in google. Recommendations on brands is more than welcome.
  7. Does the Kyeemagh boat ramp have taps to was down your boat/trailer?
  8. I will give it a go. Thanks!
  9. Raiders, I need help from someone who can read and write in the japanese language as i am after some egi's from Japan but there website is all in Japanese. Your help would be greatly appreciated
  10. And Spanish Mackarel and Wahoo
  11. If there is a snapper over 35cms in Botany, than there is YFT and Marlin in Botany Bay
  12. Hi Raiders, I am looking for a mob that deals with custom boat stickers! I am after a mob who delivers good quality, and info on the stickers would be greatly appreciated (vinyl, material thickness, UV ratings, etc etc)
  13. As we are awar there are numerous amount of knots for tying Braid to Mono. What are your preferred knots for tying Braid to Mono in the 10-20 pound range as well as the heavier lines? Does anyone use the GT Knot and if so what are your thoughts?