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  1. beginner


    Ohh well Mate, that's why they call it fishing and not catching lol. At least you managed to get out on the water, by boat hasn't seen the water for 6 months lol cleaned the cobwebs off it yesterday and gave it a wash, surprisingly she kicked over after 3 pulls gotta love the old 2 strokes!!!! Regards, Nathan
  2. beginner

    Caravanning - anyone into this?

    My mrs has always wanted one but I would prefer a bigger boat personally. The problem is wifey always seems to get her way lol, I think I am getting soft!!
  3. beginner

    season starting to warm up

    Well done, sounds like a story that will never get old!! great effort on light gear to land such a quality fish that a lot of boatie anglers dream off well done to you!!! Regards, Nathan
  4. beginner

    Winter king

    Nice Kingy, way to clean the cobwebs, would have been damn cold this morning!!! Regards, Nathan
  5. beginner

    Hairtail in the Hawkesbury

    Me and my mates will be having a go at them this weekend too, I am hoping that they are around. Really looking forward to getting out fishing its been a while!!! Regards, Nathan
  6. beginner

    Recycling again.

    How cool is that well done fab love your work!! Regards, Nathan
  7. beginner


    Well Done Team FAB1, it was a perfect day for fishing yesterday, quite a productive day too by the looks of it. its great to be able to get out there with the family and get a few fish for the table while your at it!!! Regards, Nathan
  8. beginner

    Port Hacking

    Thanks for the info yowie!!! will post a report if I do manage to get out. Regards, Nathan
  9. beginner

    Port Hacking

    Nice work Yowie, I am hoping to get out over the break and would love to do as well as you did today!!! Regards, Nathan
  10. beginner


    This has made my day, I for one have no issues paying a fee as the wealth of information on this site has helped me immensely it has helped me improve my fishing and I have learnt a few DIY tips here and there also!!! Well done to everyone that has been contributing and I hope you continue to contribute and hopefully I will have some value to add in the future too. I am Looking forward to the future of Fishraider and Future social events. A very happy Easter to all of you and please be safe over the break and don't eat too many Easter eggs!!! Regards, Nathan
  11. beginner

    Port Hacking - mixed bag

    Well done yowie good work
  12. beginner

    Chippo Lakes

    Yes it was awesome to go out, I also could not believe how good the boat goes with just me aboard lol my little Tohatsu 15HP sure gets moving when there's not much weight!! Ill have to video it next time I am out!! Regards, Nathan
  13. beginner

    Chippo Lakes

    Hi Raiders, After about 3 months, I thought it was about time to get the boat out for a run. Not feeling like going too far, I decided to go for a run and maybe a fish in my local waters (Chippo Lakes) Decided on the ramp near the soccer fields as its usually very quiet, Was on the water by about 11am going solo and not knowing the ramp I had to think it through as the ramp had no pontoon or sandy area to beach the boat as I normally rope the boat off the trailer to the pontoon tie off etc. not to be deterred I decided to tie it to a tree secure it and park the trailer, the only issue I was yet to find out was how shallow it was as when I trimmed the motor down it hit the bottom... doh!!! anyway this was solved by pushing off with one of my oars, job done!!! boat started first go after 3 months Happy days and I was off. Gave it a very good run for at least 45 mins with the sounder on having a good look around at the structure and anything else that was of interest. Tried fishing a few spots south of the bridge that I believe is governor Macquarie Drive. Plenty of fish showing on the sounder and a few bites but unfortunately the jet-skiers kept coming past and spooking the fish, after several attempts at a few spots the sun got the better of me and I was starting to get a headache so I pulled the pin around 2pm. I was happy with the outing regardless as Its only a 20min drive and I gave the boat a very good run. Will be back to try it again as it looks quite promising maybe after a few weeks as the water was still quite filthy from the recent rain. Sorry raiders no pics and no fish caught but I just felt the need to share my outing with you all anyway. Hopefully my next outing is a little more productive, but we all say that !!!!! Tight lines, Regards, Nathan
  14. beginner

    Land based Jew - cracked my first meter!

    Thats a cracker Jew well done and to keep fishing after being out on the boat and go to the effort you did that's brilliant love your work!! Plus catching it in your undies that's Gold!!!! Regards, Nathan
  15. beginner

    Hawkesbury Weekend Out

    You're right, definitely in the hawkesbury pittwater area just can't remember exactly where never been to NZ but it's on my long list of things to do