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  1. damos

    Mowie off the rocks

    Nice catch. I'm with you on the Pike, they stink but taste very very nice. I'm not allowed to bring them in the house anymore though , a bait option only.
  2. damos

    Poor mans downrigger issues

    Very cool, like that guys Youtube vids as well
  3. damos

    Poor mans downrigger issues

    Thanks for the replies everyone, definitely got some pointers to work on.
  4. damos

    Poor mans downrigger issues

    Cheers thanks this reply Captain, very informative. I think I was dropping it down too quick which may be adding to the twist. I'll also check out the Ezi Rig.
  5. damos

    Poor mans downrigger issues

    Cheers thanks for the Paddy. By non offset hook, what do you mean? Currently I'm using octopus hooks.
  6. So after a few attempts I got a poor mans rig running and got a rat kingy (target species ) on the weekend. I did have some issues though and ended up with a huge tangle which I had to cut off. I'm using it off a kayak in about a 20 metres depth, trolling it around 10 metres. Here is the rig and I'm hoping someone may be able to point out why it kept on tangling up. I have a running snapper lead running to a swivel. The lead is also attached to some lighter line incase it gets snagged, it would come off before breaking the main line. I then had a trace of about 2 metres to a sliding snell and trolling squid strips. After the first pass, the trace was already a little tangled around the main line, as well as the sinker. Anyone else have this issue when slow trolling with this rig? I'm thinking I either need more weight, or have some additional fluorocarbon line before the sinker as maybe the braid is more easily tangled.
  7. damos

    Brissy waters weekend report

    Nice weekend there. Haha I also understand about adhering to the given timelines, best not to mess with it .
  8. damos

    Big shark Botany Bay

    Wow that footage was awesome. Nice report.
  9. damos

    Coal wall Port Macquarie

    Anyone know where the Coal Wall is at Port Macquarie? I'm up here atm and see it mentioned in a lot of reports. Cheers, Damian
  10. damos

    Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    I also got one after watching some clips from Sand Flats fishing on Youtube. I agree on the trebles, my hooks snapped after the first session but it's a great lure. I've got salmon, tailor and bream on it. Yet to get my intended species (flattie) on it though.
  11. damos

    First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Great writeup there and I can definitely relate to it all being a fellow kayaker. Glad you scored a PB on your first outing as well. Over time you may want to change to a lighter kayak. I was in the same situation earlier this year. Had a Ocean Kayak Prowler which I was finding too heavy to load / unload. Sold it and got a Viking Profish which is much lighter and makes the experience even better.
  12. damos


    Where I fish I get heaps of pile. They are great bait for snapper. Just fillet and remove skin and straight on the hook. I even brought a few home to cook once. Really nice to eat but my wife said never to bring them in the house again because of the smell . The smell actually goes once the skin is removed, but on this occasion I think the smell transferred to me .
  13. damos

    Yak session - yellow rock and long bay

    Nice report. I head out there often and you guys are doing better then me of late. Went out there yesterday for not one fish, usually get at least something. Was a nice paddle though out in the fog. How do you down-rig your's, poor mans or a real one?
  14. damos

    nelson bay drooling

    Yeah they have some big bruisers around there. Love taking the kids when they do the feeding at the marina.
  15. damos

    Snapper from rocks at North Maroubra

    Nice reddie there, good one for Sydney and off the rocks as well.