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  1. TBH im not exactly sure.. its a stessco 3.85m tinny.
  2. Awesome thanks for the replies guys.. yeah happy to invest time and effort as it was my dads boat and we have years of memories fishing it in. He passed 10 months ago so it means alot more sentimental value than $$$
  3. Hey All.. just pulled the floor up to do a big clean after inheriting the boat and have found some corrosion. Just looking for advice whether this is fixable and if so any advice appreciated, or whether its to far gone. TIA
  4. Hey All. Just wanting to know if my 3.85m deep hull stessl with a 15hp would be okay to cut across on a good day.. wouldnt risk it on an average day but aware conditions can worsen. Asking here as i didnt want to attempt anything stupid. Fished for years in hawkesbury but never jumped across. TIA
  5. Awesome catch Luke. Could I ask what lure you were using? Have never caught any of these little pelagics but would love to. Cheers
  6. Hey guys and girls Found this weird little fish washed up alive. Released after a few cautious pics. Any ideas? Was thinking juvi stonefish? Cheers
  7. Cant link the report becuase i caught this back in the days before i joined fishraider.. Details: Location: Lighthouse beach in Port Macquarie. Time: approx 7am morning 3 hrs before high. Bait: Freshly caught beach worms from previous day. Gear: Shimano solara and shimano stradic 2500 with 6lb fireline. Tackle: good old running sinker and 2/0 long shank whiting rig. Waded out to approx chest height in the surf as there was a semi submerged rock covered in cunjevoi and had caught a few bream earlier that day. cast as far as i could and it landed 6 inches from the rock.. I thought oh crap thats probably a bit close so i stated to take up the slack and move it in a little and saw my slack running hard left towards a visible rock. Then it dawned and me and pulled hard right while winding like a madman. The rod buckled over and the line started screaming off.. I managed to hold him off and he turned and ran straight towards the original submerged rock so i battled him back the other way. This happened backwards and forth for approx 5 mins with me making some gain then him tearing it all back off.. In fairness i would have released him but he took the long shank so far into his guts even after i cut the line to let him go he was lifeless so he became dinner.. Not a big fan of killing the breeders as he was older then me but no point leaving him dead in the water.
  8. Hey guys and girls, This is well overdue but only recently found the pic.. unfortunately i dont have a pic measured but i promise it was 48.5cm.. im 6.3 and that was right up to my chest. Hardest fight i have ever had on a whiting combo.. lol http://i1226.photobucket.com/albums/ee407/TUR71L/18032009110.jpg
  9. Hey Guys and Girls, This is a long shot but I went fishing down bobbin head yesterday arvo and caught a little hammerhead shark. I didn't have my camera on me and there was a young guy there who had his phone and I asked if he would take a pic and send it to me cos I was amazed at catching a hammerhead. Unfortunately for some reason I have not received this picture. In the chance he is a raider and may have got connection errors or wrong number could you please post it or PM me so I can give u details to send. Cheers
  10. Mate as far as the rat kingy goes im still yet to catch a bloody kingy.. im busting to catch a legal kingy either landbased or kayaking this summer. One day ill get my lucky session. In saying that apart from those pigs it was a beautiful morning.. berleyed up to see hundreds of mixed yakkas, drummers, and those little black and yellow stripped ones.. Even the baby black drummer pull hard.. love hooking them. Cheers guys
  11. Gday guys and girls. Had a day off so went up to snapper point to have a fish from the stones.. When i arrived i had a chat with 3 guys who had been there all night and caught one legal tailor and a few smaller kings etc. Continued around the corner to the point i decided to fish and had a good time for a few hours. Caught 1 legal black drummer and a few undersized mixed bag. When i packed up to walk back to the car i noticed all the guys had left and there was rubbish, line, maccas bags and general crap everywhere. I decided i couldn't leave it like that cos it would blow straight into the water so i spent a good 15 minutes cleaning up all the scattered rubbish. Cannot believe that people who clearly love the sport enough to put that much time into it would not give a stuff.. Would love to name and shame them but unfortunately do not know them.. If they were raiders you should be disgusted in yourselves. On a lighter note, have a merry xmas, safe travels and lots of tight lines. Cheers
  12. Mate thats a beast of a kingie.. Im looking at your brag mat wondering where the hell 100cm went to?? It looks like it jumps from 95 to 105 then 110.. Is it just my eyes?
  13. What are the mack tuna like on the table? Similar to the yellow and blue fin?
  14. Gday guys, Am i able to score any additional tips on where abouts on shelley you can catch the worms? Caught them for years up mid north coast but havent had much luck finding them down here. Thanx for any help. Cheers
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