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  1. wrxhoon1

    NAV Lights

    If you have a tester with a incandescent globe ( not LED globe) test the wires that the led is connected to. If you have sealed LED lights %%%%% the two cables that connect to your LED's if your tester lights up ( switch on of course) then you need to replace the sealed LED's. . If you are not getting power ( tester not illuminating) then go back to the switch . Test before the switch and after the switch. If you have power before the switch and not after then you know the problem. Corroded wires can have an on and off effect, if thats the case replace the wires with tinned wire.
  2. Not sure if it is classed as a PWC because when they first appeared in the market there wasn't any Jetskis or what they later called PWC's. Ah well if it is a PWC then you need a licence, the last one cost me almost $1000 for 10 years. 3 year is $415.00 and PWC rego is $342 per year.
  3. It's not clear in the rules if it is a PWC or not. You will find when these were around in the 1980's and 90's WPC's were called Jet skis, one person stand up. It wasn't until very late 80's that Yamaha released the first sit down Jetski called wavejammer. I think you will have to contact waterways to clarify.
  4. It won't work when on the plane, she will just suck air. The way to fix it, take the strainer off and screw a PVC tube with a 90 degree elbow . Make sure the pipe drops bellow the transom and cut ir on a 45 degree angle the longer bit to the rear . That will work with the pump and without when on the plane. This is what the Yanks use on their boats . They put a hole on the bottom of the boat and fix it with sika , the nut holds it in place then you get a pump that screws on the threaded tube. The seacock is there just in case something fails then you shut it so the boat doesn't flood.
  5. I fly Qantas when ever I can because it is the safest airline on the planet and it is Australian owned, I should say majority Australian owned..
  6. It was arranged from Australia , you can fly to either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. We flew out of mascot Monday morning and returned Saturday morning. Most people go to KL then drive to Kuala Rompin or get a bus there. We flew to Singapore because Qantas doesn't fly to KL and I don't like Malaysian airlines . We then got a car with driver to drive us to Pekan ( about 80 km further north from Rompin) . Pecan is closer to the fishing grounds than Rompin and more places on the way out to get livies. The drive from Singapore to Pekan, about 300 km, was about 4.5 hours including some delay in border crossing. Our driver was a Malaysian woman in her 30's and she had a Toyota SUV. She picked us up at Changi airport and took us to our hotel then picked us up from our hotel and took us to the airport. She arranged and paid for the border toll. We fished 3 days and stayed in our hotel 4 nights. The charter was great on a 34' F/G boat with tween 150 4 stroke Yammies, captain , deckie and the organiser ( a Swidish guy, Jonas, he moved there 35 years ago) Only 2 of us fishing myself and my son, the boat will take up to 4. The charter is for 10 hour days port to port and they pick you up at your hotel in the morning and take you back in the arvo. The boat is Malaysian built ( all of them are) seemed strong but finished rough, equipped with a basic fishfinder and a portable GPS but you only fish in about 20-25 mtrs. She has plenty deck space and some cover for the sun. The weather was great the first day and very good the other 2 days . You don't get big swells there . The boat was pretty flat bottom and was cruising at 3500-3800 RPM at 20-23 knots, about 75 minutes to the fishing grounds . He stops on the way on some fads to catch the livies, sardines, mackerel, yakkas and some others. Once you get to the grounds you cruise along and when you spot the fish you drop the livies in ( 2-3 rods). It doesn't take long to hook up , as soon as you hook up the fish starts the acrobatics , other rods in, engines on and the skipper backs on or drives away depending on where the fish goes. You are busy winding to keep the line tight or holding on whilst the fish runs. They are super fast , jump a lot and strip a lot of line on spinning gear, spit the hooks, some runs 200 mtrs and the fish are not huge. They use 5/0 circle hooks so fish are hooked on the side of the mouth and all fish are released at the boat, deckie takes the hook off . Cost for the 2 of us all up excluding flight to Singapore was under $5000.au Car+driver from Sing to Pecan $300 au each way. Boat charter per day was $760 US so about $3300 au for 3 days. Hotel Ancasa Royale Pekan was about $90 per room per night ( very cheap) including breakfast so all up $360 . This is the best hotel in Pekan.. http://www.ancasahotels.com.my/ The rest was for dinners and drinks., lunch and drinks was supplied on the boat was included in the price . Flights from Sydney to Sing depends on the airline, cabin class and time you want to fly. This is the one we went with, check it on their website. Jonas will take photos for you and he will email them included in the price. http://www.malaysia-fishing.com/pekan-sailfish-fishing-32381410DEAL If you don't mind flying Malaysian airlines you can fly to KL and take another flight to Kuantan very close to Pekan or rent a car in KL and drive your self , they drive on the left like us and petrol is very cheap about 70-80 cents per lt for 95 ron. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with . $76 bb 20% less than usual
  7. We fished 3 days last week in Kuala Rompin Malaysia for sails. These are superfast and they put up excellent acrobatics . Fishing with spinning gear , great fun . Not huge fish all around the 25-40 kg mark. All fish released to fight another day and only 2 fish brought on the boat for photos ( one each angler)
  8. wrxhoon1

    Members Boats.

    I just checked your trailer specs : Tare 210 kg and GVM 1000 kg so you need brakes . I don't know why you don't need safety inspection. See how you go this year in December. RMS stuff up at times. My car was 5 years old last September and I didn't need a safety inspection my other car same age I did . Normally you need the first inspection on the 5th birthday.
  9. wrxhoon1

    Members Boats.

    5 years on new cars , unsure how it works on light trailers , mine was inspection from year one but it's 3500 kg.
  10. wrxhoon1

    Members Boats.

    What does the plate say?
  11. wrxhoon1

    Members Boats.

    You don't need brakes if the ATM is up to 750 kg and that maybe the case with your rig. I would think anything close to 5 mt boat will be over 750kg all up . 250kg for trailer and more than 500 for boat/motor and gear. Check the plate on the trailer it should have the tare weight and gross ( fully loaded).
  12. wrxhoon1

    Members Boats.

    Nice tiny and she should get along with 115 hp. If you don't have brakes and the trailer is under 250 kg you don't need annual safety check and the ATM will be 750 kg max. If she weighs over 250 or if you have brakes you need annual safety check in NSW. I can tell you if she was over 6 mt you would have a dual axle trailer and in some cases 4 wheel brakes and break-away if over 2000 kg loaded. Most boat trailers are overloaded .
  13. I switch mine off with the isolator switch. Only my bilge pumps and high water alarm bypass the switch. Looks like you have two fuses there that are permanently powered , bypassing the switch, i'm guessing one is bilge pump , the other?
  14. They are not really made for fishing they are more like family boats . If you going to trailer it you have the over width problem as well, they are 2.59 mtrs wide .