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  1. Thanks Leo. Can you remember how much it was? I can see a big range in price. Wondering if some might not be genuine.
  2. Hi guys, I have only ever bought department store camping headlights for squidding at night and find they are pretty useless to some i have seen worn and used by others. Any tips for brands or specifications or other features when I purchase please. For example, lumens is obviously brightness, but can you have too many lumens? do they need to be more of a spotlight or floodlight? The more information the better please. Many thanks, Slabslinger
  3. Thanks Alan. Looking forward to dinner. Entree consists of Medley of Common & Watson's Leaping Bonito Sashimi, with Ponzu sauce, wasabi & pickled ginger. will be pleased.
  4. Think I found it.... Watsons leaping Bonito Anyone able to confirm please?
  5. Hi guys, Recently have been targeting bonito and picked this up today. Thought it was a frigate, but not so sure. I'm sure they're quite common and one of you will know exactly what it is straight away. Either way it's now sliced up ready for some ponzu sauce and wasabi. Thanks, Slabslinger
  6. Got kitted up at Xmas time at the local for the same budget with a Symetre 2500 on a Shimano Raider 6101 SP rod, . Very happy. Went 15lb on the braid and handles it fine, mostly chucking around metal slices for bonnies and sambos off wharves.
  7. Thanks for all the replies fellas. Some differing replies there which is good to see. Of course now I want to I can't get into them. Oh well, I'll keep chasing. SS
  8. Great info guys. Much appreciated. Now I just gotta get out there and find em. -SS
  9. Just started getting into fishing with metal slices and managing a few bonito, tailor and salmon. Mostly catching and releasing, though occasionally hot smoking a tailor but wondering if bonito is any good for sashimi or in the smoker? Thanks in advance, SS
  10. Hi All, I'm heading to Coffs (Korora Bay) next week. Struggling to find much info about the fishing there and beach terrain. Any general info about conditions or experiences there would be appreciated. I'm picturing taking the kids for bream and flathead thru the day. Also collecting beach worms for evening Jew once the kids are in bed. If you think I'm a bit off the mark please let me know. Thanks in advance, Slabby
  11. my beach is a washing machine!!! Hope it settles a bit before tonight. Plan A is so much more appealing than Plan B.

  12. Some good catches everyone. Well done. Hope my end of cricket season trip doesn't coincide again next year. OOPSY about your live well Roberta. Just saw your signature Nathan...when did you get your boat?? Look out fish!! There'll be no stopping you now. Everytime I get a few $$ together something else takes priority, last week it was a new fridge. oh well, will keep squirrelling some away and get there sooner or later. Slabslinger
  13. Fair call!! I used to leave my thongs on the grass before going over the dunes of whatever beach I was fishing, that was until I came back one time and the straps were all but eaten through. Distinctive ratty teeth marks. Slabslinger
  14. Great to see your recovery is on track Donna. Take it easy and you'll be back bigger and brighter before you know it. Slabslinger
  15. G'day Zenman, I've got a thing for LR too. Got my one and only jew there last year. Lots of good sharks too as you say. Then if you want to lighten up, Bream Salmon Tailor etc as you want them. But I'm happy to stick out a livey or big slab and wait and wait. I'll get rewarded again one night. I joke that my first was a thousand hour fish. But in thinking about it, it was probably not far off. Number 2 is already a hundred hours easily. Mind you I think i've had 2 crackers lost in that time. As far as LR carpark goes. Last night was the first time I've parked in there. I live across the street so usually just walk over. I can understand your concern though. Always younguns hanging around, and sometimes by the busload. Drove over as I was returning from catching yakkas. Have observed some crazy stuff over the time. Clashes with police, police helicopters and lots more. If ur worried park up on Pittwater Road. Street lights provide pretty good security and all us residents are quite on to any action. Mind you only last week the surf club got busted into with extensive damage to premises and property including an IRB and other equipment. IRB was launched in the middle of the night and found in the water next morning. Might see you down there one day. Slabslinger