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  1. Jewdreamer

    Info on how to reduce wind knots

    Also make sure that your drag is not slipping on retrieve as this imparts twist onto the rewound line. These twists then cause heaps of wind knots Cheers Chris
  2. Jewdreamer

    Inkers in the mist

    Nice work mate!
  3. Jewdreamer

    Georges River Bream

    WHAT A RIPPA ! good work, they are rare beasts. Chris
  4. Jewdreamer

    There is a PLOT afoot!

  5. Jewdreamer

    There is a PLOT afoot!

    Pat's brother Ron, the school master was my best mate, been gone 10 years now I was the sound guy with the flaming red head girl hanging around The PA system had with painted horn throats. Grey nurse on fish raider was also in the crew Cheers Chris PS its also Steve Drummond, the drummers birthday today!
  6. Jewdreamer

    There is a PLOT afoot!

    I was Pat Drummond's sound guy for many years, about that!
  7. Jewdreamer

    New into Lure Fishing.

    Depends on the teeth and gill rakers of the target species. I use a loop knot on hardbodies or squid jigs where the weight of a coast lock would affect the action causing them to sit nose down. Otherwise small coast locks are great for changing mid to large plastics quickly when necessary. On the little plastics, uni knot or locked half blood straight to the jig. Just my 2 cents worth.... Chris
  8. Jewdreamer

    There is a PLOT afoot!

    My first time, should be really embarrsing! I thing neil has got it covered, I might need to bring gelignite
  9. Stand by for news to come Big Neil tells me there might be a cod about if we are really sneaky....... Stand by for news
  10. Jewdreamer

    a reconaisance trip to the river

    Watch out Neil, I am bringing Plastic FROGS!
  11. Jewdreamer

    New Badge For Members Who Adopt A Learner

    Do I deserve one?
  12. Jewdreamer

    Port Hacking Snapper

    WOW! Nice Reddie mate!
  13. Jewdreamer

    Squidgy Fish VS Squidgy Wriggler

    If it wiggles a Flatty will grab it! Caught my first decent flatty on a soft plastic IN THE EARLY 80s, it was an orange mr twister. Walked into a spot near some bridge pilots where there were a half dozen other guys belting the middle of the channel with big baits... Two casts into the downstream side of the nearest pylon, whack, I am on, land the fish and start to go home, you should have seen the reaction from the bait fishers! I was converted! Have not looked back since.... Cheers Chris
  14. Jewdreamer


    You know I was just thinking how cool that would be yesterday! Good work! Cheers Chris
  15. Jewdreamer

    Merry Christmas from the swordies

    Merry Christmas Stewie and Donna, sorry been absent a lot, wiill try to get some fishing in to talk about ASAP! Hope you have a great new year Cheers Chris