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  1. Is this the one and only D-MAC , good to see you still know how to catch them and its great to see you getting the girl out there with you .Don't go giving out too many of my secrets or I will call that brother of yours and have a talk with him .
  2. Tony It was good to have some banter on the radio , there is even more here atm as Wyatt is still getting it from Trav , luckly the rooster beat the eels and now he is giving it back . We will be there again next year , did you get any more after i left ?
  3. My boy got biggest junior Whiting in the pirtek , one happy boy for easter

  4. Just checked out the winners and Travis got biggest Whiting for a junior , looks like he is getting a new scooter and im going to BCF , hope other raiders did well.
  5. Headed down to the bay on sunday with the youngest, my best mate and his daughter . We were to fish till 11am then the wife was bringing lunch and the eldest to fish in the arvo. We started in the shallows at kurnell and the young fellow gets a 36 cm whiting in the first 10 minutes . Looking good i say to the mate as he YELLS GET THE NET GET THE NET .Gone , he lifts the head of a good flathead and he bites him off .Over the next hour we get around 15 bream but all around the 27 cm mark , too small. Next the mates daughter finally has a fish on and it looks ok , she plays it and it keeps taking line .Finally it comes into the boat , a good size Tarwhine of 31 cm , try tell a 9yr old that its not a bream . We move around the bay for the next 2 hrs to only get more small bream until the tide starts flowing again. My mate snaps off a good bream again at the net , around the 38cm mark, hes having a bad day , mean while i finally get a good flattie 45 cm , that will do me for now .Matey gets a 28cm bream and his daughter a 27cm , so we are all on the board and off to brighton beach for lunch and a swim. After lunch we head out about 100 metres off the beach to start fishing again , the mates gone home and its just the wife and eldest need a fish . BANG within 5 minutes the eldest is on and the wife nets a 40cm whiting , now i dont have to fish no more dad are the first words to come out of his mouth . ( i have just spent the last 5 hrs trying to catch 1 ). Get the net the young fellow screams as his has casted in the same spot and hooked another whiting 36cm again . Far out , all i want is a whiting for the sacret prize and i cant get one .Fishing 4 people in 1 boat is madness and i cant keep an eye on my rod as it screams off , its a whiting , good runs and up with the best elbow slappers i caught .Gone , the mate has rubbed off on me i say to my self as i cast in again .Stuff me now the wife wants the net and i net her a good bream 34cm. Were finished she says , we all have a fish , lets go dad as she starts the boat . Wait i still have a line in the water i tell her as it screams off again . Another good fish is played and lost so i call it quits giving up on the big whiting . Hope everyone had a good day , cant wait till next year . P.S It was good to see you Tony , at least you got a whiting .
  6. Yeah my mate fished 6 am to 6pm on wed for no beakies , plenty of dollies but small . Friday his mate hooked 5 and lost 5 . Cheers
  7. Ha now i know who to follow when the pirtek is on in a few weeks , you may be rusty but it will be worth it .
  8. Mate , if your pb kgw is 58cm that trip was worth it , thats 1 big elbow slapper.
  9. All the same mate , fillet them and use for reds and flathead.
  10. Got them on bread under a float , all sea mullet or bully mullet , you can only catch them in summer in freshwater , they go to sea to spawn around april ( the mullet run ) and dont return till october , during this time they dont feed on anything except planton thats why you cant catch them in salt water .
  11. Took the kids down the river for a quick fish after school today , got some mullet for bait as im hoping to go outside Botany on sunday if the swell dies down .Enjoyed the arvo with the boys , it was a great way to spend the arvo.
  12. Hey Tony , where he got the fan-bellied jacket i have caught heaps , just on the turn of the tide ,when the run slows down.
  13. Mate thay are big fish , are they all that size , i want to take the kids up there next week , where bout you getting them
  14. Big Tony I have been missing your posts , 47.5 has pertek written all over it ,no fish spawning , just full of prawns , will try to get to the bay with you this year, its on the bucket list . Cheers
  15. Got the bream on chicken and caught all the whiting on prawns , when the prawns run the whiting inswansea wont even touch live worms or nippers .