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  1. Reel Addiction

    Furuno Fcv-620

    I can recommend this sounder enough. It is the best sounder i have ever owned. I have made mine for just over a year now, i do mainly game fishing. My 620 picks up browns no worries at all. The deepest i have picked up is 360 fathoms will cubing. I great from finding bait in the bays and inshore reefs to marking kings on the 12 mile or marlin on bait balls over the shelf. Like i said i cant recommend it highly enough it is a great piece of equipment. I wish i had this unit from the start. Iain
  2. Reel Addiction

    Anybody Heading Out..

    Ross, Is Glenn fishing with a charter onboard or is it a private arrangement. Be very interested to hear the results.
  3. Reel Addiction

    Hervey Bay

    Good to hear that everyone is ok. Sorry to hear that you missed out on the fishing
  4. Reel Addiction


    There was a 94kg yellowfin caught off bermi a week and a half ago. Then there was a 75kg caught in the Canberra Yellowfin Tournament
  5. Reel Addiction

    Big Tuna Caught On Spicey Sardine Last Sunday

    Great fish congratulations to you and your crew
  6. Reel Addiction

    Mission Complete... My First Marlin.

    Congrats Sammy weel done mate The longer it takes to get it mate the sweeter it is. Some great photos there too mate A day you will never forget
  7. Reel Addiction

    Sydney Mako Comp

    90% sure it is Rose Bay mate
  8. Reel Addiction

    We Are On Too .....

    Cant see any pics mate
  9. Reel Addiction

    Best Fishing Movie Ever

    Top job Nath looks like you boys had a ball, thats what its all about. Some awsome fish to mate especially your cobe
  10. Reel Addiction

    Offshore Sydney

    Congrats on the good day fellas That would have been a great fight a marlin on a evet I was also out there mate the weather was magic, its always more enjoyable when you arent getting bashed around. We hit the FAD early and got some nice dollies prob to about 80cm. We where the first ones there before sunrise and got a few fish but over the follwing 30 mins about another 20-30 boats arrived. and the fish seemed to slow down and it got to hard with more and more boats arriving. So we put the spread out and headed for the shelf We headed south and found some good water with bait and 22.3 degrees we worked that area for a couple of hours for nothing then we headed in at abot lunch as we had prior commitments. Look very fishy though On the way in, in about 55 fathoms we ran over water that was 23.7 degrees. We where spewing Well done again
  11. Reel Addiction

    Back With A Vengance!

    Congrats mate look like a top rig See you out there
  12. Reel Addiction

    Broken Bay Wide

    I know a boat that went out a couple of days ago water temp was 20.6 and there was heaps or kings there between 30-50cm
  13. Reel Addiction

    Sea Surface Temperature

    Yea mate i think its worth a look
  14. Reel Addiction

    Sea Surface Temperature

    Thought that i would put up a current SST chart Looks the goods boys