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  1. My boat trailer and motor was stolen from my front yard. It really dosn't matter what you do. If they want it they will get it. As for insurance if it is less than 1 year old you will get full replacement. Any older and the insurance company will only pay you for a percentage of the loss and they might even charge you an excess fee. The insurance company will pay you but first they will investigate you so if you got the money just go and buy a new one. And they will eventually get around to paying you.
  2. Citypainter

    Boat Thief Caught

    It is good news John. But we still have the problem of the loop holes in Queensland law that allow crims to rebirth boats from NSW and other states without proper inspection. There is little to stop potential and current thieves taking the chance of easy money.
  3. Citypainter

    Boat Thief Caught

    The word now is that an unrelated thief has also been arrested. He is from Campbelltown way and he was arrested by Macquarrie fields police. This guy is a bigger target and has been officially refused bail. There have been over 40 charges brought up on him and I am told by Police he is facing 8 years for boat theft and other charges. He nowlives in Silverwater and hopefully he will soon be moving into the BAY This is the guy that Police think stole my boat. So some real satisfaction in it for me. He is charged with stealing another boat from Milperra and they have him on CCTV so there is no wriggling out.
  4. Citypainter

    Boat Theives At It Again

    Please keep an eye out for this Bayliner. Thanks
  5. Citypainter

    Beware - New Thiefs

    Stacer 560 sorry to hear about the attempted theft of your boat. Motor car thefts and security has got so strong that thieves are stealing boats much more. In fact boat theft is up 500% according to Club Marine Boat thieves are selfish These selfish people couldn't care who they hurt and whether they are pro's or ametures is neither here nor there. They are still thieves and deserve to be in Gaol. I have been throufgh all this as my Trailcraft 540 sportscab with a 90 e-tech on a felk dual axle trailer was stolen from my front yard by profenionals. They stpole my cpoup[ling lock which apparently is useless against a pro. I think we need to make the registration of boats a national thing. State by state we have difernt rules and eak links in the chain. Some boats have data dot technology some don't. Some states record HIN numbers and check other states others don't. When on the road Police can scan your number plate and know if you are registered, who the owner is, what the license number of the owner is and so on. Boats need a similar technology. It needs to carry from the trailer, to the hull to the engine and be connected to the license holder. Queensland has the weakest rules of all with crims aiming to rebirth boats there because they are so far behind. Club Marine are starting to push for a National HIN number recording and checking system . There is a write up in their current magazine. But it needs to go further. I don't know the answers, as every soloution presents a new problem
  6. Citypainter

    Boat Thief Caught

    Hi I was made aware that a boat thief was caught in Canly Vale with 2 stolen boats in his property. My boat was stolen as was some other raiders boats. Mine has not been recovered but apparently 2 have been recovered from this low lifes house. Here is a link below My link
  7. Citypainter

    Off Shore Trawling Plus Browns Mountain Today

    Gooday Chris. Great to hear that Gems are in numbers. I think the bag limit is too low on them. Anyway I also think they are great eating. Well done
  8. Citypainter

    Fishing Sunday The 25Th Of July

    Well it rained all night and we got lucky as it stopped raing in the morning we boarded the charter at 5.30 am and went to Stanwell tops area. We hit the reefs in search of Snapper and they didn't disapoint. The fish were slow coming on board but it was good quality. Here are some pics.
  9. Citypainter

    Fishing Sunday The 25Th Of July

    Your not wrong johnno. I may have had a couple too many that night. It was great to put a name to a face. I would have met heaps of Raiders on the Soft plastics day at Revesby beach but my boat got stolen just before that day. We should catch again. Cheers
  10. Citypainter

    Stolen Boat- Please Help If You Can!

    Mate this is terrible. I really feel for you and your brother. I will keep an eye out. I keep saying it. There is not enough legislation in to protect boat owners against rebirthing. Its election time. Bombard the pollies to stop with the green zones and start with changing the laws that allow people to register boats without proving that they bought them.
  11. Citypainter

    Fishing Sunday The 25Th Of July

    Thanks Jeff and Johnno. Thats a real nice offer Cunjee George. I am insured with Club Marine and I have never made a claim before. I would be happier to get my boat back than a cheque It seems futile that I will ever see it again thou gh The boat was taken from Milperra and that would have been my boat that was discussed at the paint shop as I am a regulaer customer at both the Sutho and Padstow shops. Any way I will wet a line tomorrow as a passenger instead os as a skipper. I might just have a brew too.
  12. Citypainter

    Fishing Sunday The 25Th Of July

    My boat got stolen on the 19th of June It was my only toy and obviously my favourite toy. I have not been able to bring myself to post about it as I have been so cranky for so long. Any way 5 weeks have passed and that has been the longest spell off the water for me since I was a kid. So now I am off on a charter tomorrow to unleash some havoc on some poor unsuspecting fish. I will try to get back and post some pics.
  13. Citypainter

    Caught At Browns

    Thats fantastic. Infrared vision
  14. Citypainter

    Caught At Browns

    G'day mate. I never heard of Ray's Bream before. I guess that you were bottom bouncing but just in case. Was it on the Bottom or the surface? Were you chasing BLue eye? Looks like a cross between a John dory and a sweep.
  15. Citypainter

    Boat Stolen - Please Keep An Eye Out

    This site is all about helping people and it shows. Just an idea what do you think,but would it be worth while if this site dedicated a page to stolen boats. And put all the pivtures up on a page. Also maybe people could post on how to prevent theft.