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  1. Thanks guys for your comments, a very strong tasting meat not sure if I would target them? But don't fancy trying to unhook and then trying to pick up to release with them big teeth snapping around. Like pickles said would bleed a lot.cheers
  2. Hi fished the spit last night on the boat and caught a large hairtail ,I thought they are a winter fish? Trying to add pictures
  4. Cheers will look it up now,
  5. Hi going to Greenwell point 22nd April taking 4.5 tinnie centre console . as anyone got any marks I could check out? set up with all the safety gear for outside on calm days. cheers
  6. Amazing don't fancy one of them in my tinnie,lol Well done
  7. Had a quick trip to the Sydney Fad and wave-rider this morning , heaps of small dollies and small King fish great fun but no keepers , one of the pro's hooked a marlin don't Know if they got him or not, Fantastic on the water just a little lumpy. beats working cheers
  8. always a great report from you, I look for it first, thanks
  9. Hi Guys I had a accident a couple of years back,lost my boat on long reef scared the s--t out of me and cost a fortune,I was lucky and caught my life jacket as it passed me,since then I'm back on the water in a 4.1 centre console tinnie,with areofloats on each side and wear my life jacket(slim one) all the time, and like car seat belts, feels strange not having it on, so wear one anyway and be safer,now i sometimes forget its on and start to drive home with it still on,
  10. how good is that dory on the plate, well done, feel sorry for the yakka, thought he got away with one life,only to get nailed again,sad
  11. Hi went out today at roseville, no sight of the bonnies so went to the heads and around the south side for 1 mactuna, bottom bashed for about ten small flathead, all fish released,went to north head for nothing then caught one yaka (foul hooked, but bait )went to wedding cakes and the yaka were all around the base hundreds but not interested in any bait I had,I put my only livey I had and bang a samon had it,tryed for more bait but gave up after about half an hour,(sick of being ignored by them,)great day on the water,can't wait for more,cheers
  12. Thanks for the offer,we are meeting at the lookout car park at long reef at 9 am hopefully we can recover the motor a heavy 90 honda thats at low tide, then the hull at high tide about 3 pm,need someone with a boat then,if you know anyone? thanks again Anthony.
  13. Hi Raiders Please take care around Long Reef, On Tue. 8-2-11 while passing Long Reef point about 50 meters wide I was trolling and hit into what sounded like a King or Big Bonnie? when I went in neutral for a split second to grab the rod, a wave from flat sea took my boat turned and ran me strait at the rocks,I still had time to put it in reverse but no chance of stopping.Then she turned and rolled me still in her,Smash bang water every where, screen hit my head and split second saw light and got out,floating with upturned boat, grabbed a seat that was there and my life jacket at the side
  14. Yea mate the one's near Watsons bay (doyles)
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