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  1. Good on you Scratchie. Also - Out of interest and to learn what NOT to do... What caused their boat to sink? The Rev
  2. The Dolly season is just starting so now is the time to get out there πŸ™‚
  3. Hi Yowie - I realised later that night after I wrote the report what I think the marks were. My mate told me that when he caught his dolly 24hrs earlier, spearfisherman were spearing there and in hindsight the wounds look exactly what a spear wound would look like that either came out close the dorsal fin line which was one of the wounds... OR only partially penetrated the fish which is what the second wound felt like when I inspected it. Cheers, the rev
  4. Thanks Big Neil - I believe my mates are heading out Saturday to see if they can catch something by themselves! Hopefully they do well.
  5. Hi fellow Raiders, After a day on the water, here is a quick report. I often plan to write one but so often get caught up with other issues, but today I thought I must get it done!! Today, I took out the husband of one of my staff members, along with his neighbour who he fishes with on his neighbours boat in Sydney Harbour, but they never catch anything πŸ˜• The two wives keep waiting for dinner to come home and after many trips had almost given up hope! So with the holidays here, I promised to take them out and show them a few things. On a tip off from a friend, i decided we would
  6. Well done Bob - we only managed 5 Rat kings today including the smallest baby king that I’ve caught that went about 33cm! see you on the water tomorrow the rev (Bruce)
  7. We'll done Bob. No line & bait in the water = no fish!
  8. Nice idea but unfortunately don't have such a tool!
  9. Thanks for the reply and apologies for the late response. It's been a crazy busy year because of COVID19. I'm currently looking at my options πŸ™‚
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