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  1. Nice haul there - well done 👍🏼
  2. I use Northern Beaches Marine and have been happy with them. They are in Brookvale. I go there as I have a new suzuki motor and they are a Suzuki specialist. Jon who runs it is a good guy. Here is there website Bruce
  3. Thanks for the post Dave and the generous offer. I have a compost bin and have quite a few worms myself that I would be happy to sacrifice for a good fish! What are they like in the surf for whiting? The Rev
  4. The Rev

    First Jew

    Awesome catch and story. Looks like you will now have a son totally addicted to fishing!!
  5. Great catch - well done. Which water way system were you fishing? Land based or boat? The Rev
  6. Great story and report - welcome aboard. Where in the harbour are generally fishing? The Rev
  7. I'm an actual Rev - Senior Minister at St Matthews Manly on the Corso. Cheers
  8. I think from memory that the squid was still in the mouth attached to the hook when I got them in - but after getting the daily double I packed up and went home and through the used bait overboard!
  9. Hi there - the bust ups weren't that big that I saw. They were down towards the bridge - but that was last week so the schools have probably moved around. Just look for the bids working the area and you will find the fish. No busts up for these Kings though - I waited with the fresh squid baits set at about 12 metres depth at my new secret spot!
  10. I went out Friday morning on Sydney Harbour to both chase the schools of Salmon that were meant to be around plus put a few more hours on the new Suzuki 50 4 stroke purchased at the Sydney Boat show. First stop was a trip to wreck off Quarantine Point to get some livies but could only manage small trevally - all thrown back in. Headed off to try my luck on squid and managed a PB Squid for Sydney Harbour. Drovd then up towards the bridge from the heads and located some schools of surface feeding fish, but with the wind up it was nigh impossible to cast to any of them. So off for a morning coffee at Chowder Bay before heading to try my luck on kings with the Squid. After driving to a spot I know I put down the Squid head on one rod and a large strip on the other and then waited. And waited. I threw some plastics. Slow jigged. And waited. Just I was about to pack up and head back to Manly the 10000 Saragosa went off with the rod bent over and the tip in the water. I reach down to pick it up and am struggling to hold it when the 8000 Baitrunner goes off on the other side of the boat. I manage to reach over, rod in one hand and turn the handle to click it into gear. It’s now hooked up solid. Back to fish no 1 - I manage to eventually get it to the boat and gaff it, lay the fish and rod down behind me , then pick up the other rod and bring in fish no2 which I also landed. Result... 1 PB Squid turned into 2 * PB 90cm kings! Happy with that, I drove back to Manly ramp one happy fisherman! The Rev
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I wash down post every trip - but perhaps need to do a bit more. What do you use for water blasting?