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  1. Gday guys been awhile since I've been on here glad to be back, question I have is, I'm going down to jindabyne next for work and will have he Thursday off to myself, I want take a rod but have never fished for trout. What gear would i need and what other species can I target ? Thanks in advance, hamerz.
  2. thanks for the info guys, ordered a vac seal machine but in the meantime im just using freezer bags with the zip lock seal. cheers hamerz.
  3. G'day guys can anyone give me some advice on what's the best way to store freshly caught squid for future trips if I'm not going to use them straight away? Thanks.
  4. congrats on your fish of a lifetime that was a great read, and i wouldnt want to catch my fish of a lifetime with anyone other than my old man aswell, good on you mate i still cant stop staring at your pics !! cracker fish !! cheers hamerz!!
  5. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/sydney-nsw/fisheries-hook-big-bag-of-poachers-around-nsw-coast-and-rivers/story-e6freuzi-1226302699774
  6. sure beats working me thinks ! dont worry it will all fall into place mate. good read aswell.
  7. great effort on not getting hammered and sleeping in like most of us lol great fish aswell mate. quick question ive been fishing the georges for years but never keep anything is te river as bad as its made out to be, eating wise ? cheers hamerz.
  8. hamerz84

    Fishing App

    sure you dont want it to catch the fish for you aswell
  9. mate great report i bet the joy u got teaching a new fella how to sucessfully catch fish would be just as enjoyfull as catching em yourself !! cheers hamerz.
  10. what a whopper good on u for releasing the dinosaur!!!
  11. great report lucky with the groper gonna taste great good work finding the reds !!
  12. awesome post mate nothing better than seeing the enjoyment fishing brings to some people good onya !!! cheers hamerz.
  13. hey guys it comes with great pain but i wont be able to attend the social on sunday thought i might let you know. hope you all have an awesome day and many fish get caught & released. looking forward to reading all the post's. cheers hamerz.
  14. congrats mate hope mum and bub are doing well, hope you already have a mini rod ready for our newest member. cheers hamerz.