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  1. Great job by the young fella !
  2. Have a look at the River2sea Baby rover 50. Around $12-13. Cheers Blood Knot
  3. Will sometimes mix it up with a few of the little River to Sea poppers and they double up for bream etc Cheers
  4. rickmarlin and scratchie are all over this - I have caught some cracker flathead near the anchorage resort over the years - wouldn't get to carried away with soft plastics though, trying throwing a few blades around in spots near weed beds. You will cover more water and the flatties are not that fussy what they chew on.
  5. Goodonya Sam for helping out - real concern here is that people like this end up hurtling out through the heads with a couple of unsuspecting friends or relos on board and really get themselves in trouble. Cheers Blood Knot
  6. Great set up with the tackle bag and rod holder & nice Flatties too! Cheers Blood Knot