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  1. Last time I was there it was getting smashed by divers at around low tide I used to fish there often but I no longer do. Good luck
  2. damn they look good so whats the recipe ?
  3. i spotted a 12ft 8-12kg rod reel plus fishing line combo from penn that i going to mention for 119 plus delivery online only because im going to recommend this to my work mate who is in need of another combo plus his gear outdated and a good fish will bust his plastic reel thus losing the fish most likey
  4. when last thurday 8am till 2pm hook a fish on a pillie but dropped it before colour saw no bonito caught by other anglers (about 10 anglers )
  5. should get a fish or two on the slugs
  6. Thanks for all the comments I'll post a pic of a fish on a lure when I find a taker on one
  7. hay raiders got bored as fishings been slow due to poor whether and family commitments so made a few lures up thought i whack up a pic or two the clear lures are made from un formed plastic bottles stainless thru wire (tig wire) coke can insert a sinker for rear weight stainless rings and just back to back hooks and hot glued thru the top they are not cut in half they weight from 70 to 85grams and ride just under with a bubble trail cast great too just gotta hook a fish on it and i should feel amazing knowing i made it and it works i have used the mother can one only travel th
  8. From what I remember most English man spool them up with 15lb mono but if I was to have one. I would try 20lb braid / mono depending on reel capacity. Rod just suit your chosen line class round 8 or 10kg it's up to you also if your lb or on a boat too
  9. i buy a 3 yr licence anyhow more importantly does this mean there gonna restock jewie fingerlings again and other fish could not find info to say they did last year also didn't they downsize with that move from cronulla cheers
  10. Hay It's Evinrude 3 cyl 70 hp vro 91 model I think it's a dark blue motor
  11. just wondering is it possible to start a outboard motor that requires fwd control with them not installed quite sure its in neutral as well and how do i do it thanks
  12. ive got a penn 560 live liner and i got 250m braid plus backing on mine its 30lb braid too
  13. hay raiders are penn squalls bait casters or just overheads im new to baiting got a 12ft rod rated to 3 ounces and need a reel to learn on they are lever drag and star drag just dont want to get the wrong reel but they nicely priced though
  14. just wondering what overhead you have pictured in the photo its a star drag of some sort just wondering
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