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  1. Hi guys, I'm wanting to go out for a fish in the hacking tomorrow I'm in the Miranda area, can any one tell me where they get their bait from in the shire ( shop). I used to go to the one on princes hey Sylvania but he's gone. Any suggestions?
  2. Hey dan Great to hear your having a ball overthrew. Was there in may, got married over there at kahala, there were a group of guys fishing around there, with some monster hauls, I hear that there is a great charter that goes out of north shore, I think halewia harbour. Do your self a favour take a drive mate good spots around there. If not and your staying in Waikiki, get you and the family down to the YARDHOUSE bar, it's on Lewers ave behind the Sheraton Waikiki, it's awesome. Have a great Xmas over there, it's like a second home to me......
  3. Gday raiders Was out for the very first time on the hacking today. Had plenty of hook ups with only 2 keepers (bream). Headed out around 0530 from grays, all good to see a nice small line up at the ramp. Headed around to the Lilly pilli settled up to target some holes, but so much rubbish and weed on the surface, up the anchor and moved around near Wallys wharf, had some fun there, plenty of small pinkys, and HEAPS OF RAYS. also to our amazement was a the resonable sized turtle interested in the anchor. Silly bugger!!! Left here and headed to gunamutta bay, had some good hook ups but was on real light gear, so a few snap offs. Landed the 2 keepers here, we're on the 26 and 28cm. Great to see that he hacking seems to be firing a little more compared to the wet summer, water was allot cleaner which is great. I borrowed my mates boat, so usually I am shore bound, unfortunately I have to say, the strike rate and action on boat vs land in the hacking is far better. Have a great weekend all. P.s: there's plenty of marine monitors out on the water, so do be careful and don't be silly. Shane
  4. Gday Guys Thnaks HEAPS for the replies, thats great and really appreciated. Reasonable price we are thinking on NEW exactly as you mentioned arounf the 7.5K up to 9K. On second hand we were looking arounf the 5K mark. Dead on the mark with the HP range we really would be comfortable with a 70Hp. It currently has a 40 on it, dont get me wrong it gets along but to go outside and be comforrable it does need a little extra. We will do some coast hugging as safety is our main priority. Thanks Guys, HABVE A GREAT XMAS AND NEW YEAR. I will be the poor bugger landbased around the hacking ha ha Shane
  5. Gday Raiders Me and a few mates are looking to re-power a 4.8 meter centre console Sea-Al. It has an old evinrude on the back (approx 20yr old) We have be looking around for second hand motors and also new, but cant really find many at this moment for a reasonable price. Does anyone know of any persons, dealers, service guys that sell second hand / new motors in the sydney area? if so would be great to hear some contacts. Hope everyone has a great XMAS and New year. Cheers
  6. Bream Nice catch mate, and great location to say the least, i have just moved to to the shire 12 months ago and love getting out and about, not having much luck at all. Was there 2 weeks ago down closer to the baths and a huge amount of bits but just could snag a good one. Might see you around the area, and congrats P.S: where can I find the video of catch ?
  7. MATE Great day out, I go land based arpund the LP area, never had any luck. Next time feel free to pick me up of the rock at the entry to the channel ha ha ha great to see some healthy fish in the hacking
  8. Mate looks great, i have never had any luck along here, I used to go off the end of the rock walls, without success. Just changed SP's recently to squidgy wrigglers, keep getting hit but not hooking so must be the little pests. keep it up.
  9. Shane76a

    Anglapro Boats

    Hey Raiders Juat wondering if anyone has an anglapro or have been out in one, keen to hear what they are like and full costs for set ups ? SHANE
  10. Hey all I was hoping spome raiders could help me. I am heading up to the Gold coast in august and then taking my time driving back to sydney over 3 weeks. I was hoping if possible an good spots down the coast that would be worth a visit, I dont expect to know you favorite exact spot bu hey close enough would be great. No boat, so will be all LB. Cheers Shane
  11. Gday All I was hoping anyone could help me, I am looking a buying a new fishing boat, but completely stuck. the real use os for fishing, thus the reason why I was looking at a side console Ally craft/quinnie/polycraft. My only concern is the protection from the weather (rain etc) with ther install of a bimini, it may help a little but not sure. If anyone has a similar sort of boat (with pics), could you share your thoughts, on how you find it etc. Shane