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  1. Well done Chris and congratulations on landing a true trophy fish. Just Booked NZ but might have to book another to Tassie. Always a good feeling letting the big ones go too. Nice work. Paul On Strike
  2. Fisheries checked anglers at paddys on opening day. I think it was 30 anglers for one fish, Eucy was 60 + anglers for five fish. The fish run when the conditions are right and unfortunately or fortunately don't stick to the calendar. Paul On Strike
  3. On Strike

    The Ballast Heap. Port Hacking.

    I grew up fishing the area from the banks at low tide. Check google earth and you'll see a line of weed beds that go from Fisherman's Bay channel and run parallel to the shore behind the ballast heap. There were some pools amongst the weeds to fish. we got heaps of flathead on plastics and some old guys used to fish them with poddies. If you walk the area at low tide you will see flathead lies on the sand. Fish these areas at high tide. Paul On Strike
  4. On Strike

    Fly line

    Thien, I buy mine online from the Uk but that is to buy one particular line. It really depends on the type of line you want. Once you have a fly line you will have it for a long time if you look after it. It pays to buy a good quality line first time. Good luck. Paul On Strike.
  5. On Strike

    Kayakers missing off longy

    Hi all, Just a quick update on this one, the missing kayakers were actually clubby ski paddlers doing down wind training. Not in any trouble just training and came ashore at Fishermans Beach. Some of these guys even carry PLB's and flares which is great. Paul On Strike
  6. I used Sikaflex to stick a 5cm odd square piece of nylon/plastic cutting board roughed up prior to glueing it to the transom. When cured I screwed the bait tank pickup to the nylon board. Lasted four years until I sold my boat. Paul On Strike.
  7. Hi all, Fly fished the Eucumbene river for 4 fish over a day and a half. Only saw two other fish in the river. All fish caught on nymphs fished deep. River still up a little and the flow is quite quick. Best fish was a 3lb Rainbow. Lake fishing a little better. Saw a nice 6lb Brown caught at Portal on a soft plastic along with a few small rainbows. All fish were released. Paul On Strike.
  8. On Strike

    So who'sdoing what opening day?

    Just heard back from Eucy, coloured and high but still fishable yet the fish appeared to have dropped back. Not many fish caught. My mate got a good 3.5lb Brown but that was it. He saw a couple of rainbows landed but most fishos with donuts. Nothing from Thredbo yet but I expect it to be almost unfishable due to high water. Paul On Strike.
  9. On Strike

    So who'sdoing what opening day?

    Have friends fishing both Thredbo and Eucy. Waiting on reports. I'll wait for the madness to subside then head down Eucy next week. Lots of fish in the rivers and with the rain maybe some freshies too. Paul On Strike
  10. On Strike

    Quiet fishing at beecroft!

    Hi Don, It is early to fish for pelagics like tuna and the like but I know of big kings being hooked there during the cooler months. There are always big resident Kings around there. I would be targeting species that are around now like your snapper, drummer, groper and Blackfish. I know you can catch all these locally but if you haven't got a big bait or a live one sitting under a float your not in the game. Watch the water temp charts and when that warm water moves in down there get there as soon as you can. Don't forget Pike for live bait. There are heaps of them around there and the kings love them. We also spin a lot using half by quarter metals or slugs. Salmon, bonito, mack tuna , kings etc etc. I also used to fish Eves ravine at Beecroft out past the water tank at Currarong. Not sure if its within the boundary of the marine park down there now but definitely worth a look if its not. Access is a little tricky down the ravine but the warm currents and big fish sweep right past it. Beecroft is a great place with many different options. Keep at it and you'll crack it eventually. If your going back down on the weekend give the snapper a go at last light. unweighted half pillies will do the trick as long as you.ve used some burley towards the northern end. Paul On Strike
  11. On Strike

    Quiet fishing at beecroft!

    Hi Don, Mermaids is a great spot. I cut my teeth live baiting there many years ago. The biggest kings were always hooked at your feet and the size of them is incredible. Did you catch the slimies on site ?. Also try sending out a dead frigate ( when in season ) or even a dead slimie under a balloon. Hooked and have seen hooked the biggest marlin, tuna and kings on the dead baits for some reason. Good snapper off the northern end of the platform at last light on drifting pillies after berley. We used to catch the slimies and frigates on painted white barrel sinkers with a treble or single hook tied off the back. Also good black fish at times in the gutter at the northern end. Good to see a report from down south. Paul On Strike.
  12. On Strike

    Fishing in Pittwater NSW

    Hi Tintanic, Don,t loose faith in Pittwater. There is plenty of fish when you know how but it is coping a hiding from the netters and trappers. There are Kings ( although slow this time of the year ) around the barges on the western side of Scotland Island and also on the reef on the eastern side out from the Eastern wharf ( Public Wharf on Scotland Island. Reef is about 80m out but need a sounder to find it ). Live squid or yellowtail are the go. Saw a nice John Dory caught amongst the mooring at the Basin last week end and there are bream and trevally under West Head. Find the cement trig marker on the rocks, anchor where the sand meets the reef and berley with soaked chicken pellets. I use live nippers pumped from the sandy area at the Basin or up McCarrs Creek and drift them back with the current from the tide. If you like Blackfish there are also plenty of these around the wharves and rocks. The rocks under West head have plenty too. The key is lots of patients and berley. Just tucked in around the corner upstream on the left from Flint and Steel is a great spot to. Lots of bream but you need lead to keep the bait on the bottom when the tide is moving. Best advice though would be to invest in a pittwater charter and learn from it. Good luck. Paul On Strike
  13. On Strike

    Freshwater Kayaking?

    Hi Rich, As a kid I used to catch Ep, bass, bream and Jew right up the back of the Woronora River down the back on Engadine. I saw people paddle up from Woronora down the back of Sutherland. The water is brackish up the end and to get from the brackish to the fresh is a struggle as there is a shallow rocky area studded with trees and a small causeway. You may be able to drive down to the freshwater part from Lucas Height area. As Roberta said Google earth the area and you can see the causeway etc. Paul On Strike
  14. On Strike

    last minute fishing in jindabyne

    I'm with Windy, Been trying to catch one on a fly for many years. Thats a great capture. They don't come much bigger than that either. Congratulations on a terrific fish. Paul On Strike.
  15. On Strike


    Congratulations TeeDub, Blueachillies and Bikiefisho. Check your PM's. Enjoy the gear, look after it and fish safe. look forward to hearing from you. Thanks to the others for the replies and requests. Paul On Strike